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Blue Moon

I guess I spoke too soon.. I’m forced to share this exciting excerpt from Joshua Conner Moon’s own forum. Seems Josh is in a bit of a crisis now we’ve entered the nazis turning on each other phase. It took about as long as it did during the second world war but that was to be expected, some of us to do learn from history.

See, relationships borne out of hate and a mutual desire for destruction can’t be contained or depended upon. There is no respect or trust or mutual aid only paranoia and the promise of a comeuppance, with absolutely no way of determining who will come for your first, friend or foe?

Nazis turn on each other faster than a centrifuge. All those unchecked egos will eventually implode, their childish entitlement exposing the delinquency that informs their actions. Josh has no friends, even his supporters are an existential threat. To claw back some control he is willing to expunge his efforts from the internet, erasing his 7 year battle for white supremacy just so he can try and live a normal life.. er, do you really think it will be that easy Josh? We have a duty to inform all people of this self confessed violent paedophile’s intentions to procreate. We have a duty to inform local authorities of this violent paedophile’s intentions to settle down and start a family. I can’t imagine any person would lay down long enough for Moon to inject them with his devil spawn but you know his penchant for rape and blind hatred for other genders, so it is as much about protecting vulnerable adults as it is the twinkle in his eye.

It is far from over. There was a time I would have been happy with a takedown but that time is long passed. All good and decent people have a duty to the world and each other to protect ourselves and the less able from those who would seek to destroy that which is dear to us; our humanity. Tolerance is a peace treaty not a moral absolute. That means we undertake a covenant to be respectful of each other and mindful of compromise and inclusivity, in a society we all contribute taxes to from the minute we’re born. The state doesn’t get to decide whom among us is worthy of protection and who is not, free speech is not just a white privilege, whatever the nazis may have established the past decade.

I’ve always maintained the truth would eventually out, I just wasn’t sure if I’d be around to witness it. Love always trumps hate. Hate eventually eats itself. Cheers.

PS: If I have to say it a thousand times, I don’t care if you’re not Moon personally, I take it as read he is the many headed monster in this joint enterprise. Moon is accountable for every last sad sack he recruited to this site, and every last one of them is guilty of his crimes.

Posting under the name of a KF victim is a nice touch, Josh. How are you coming for me under lockdown, please do share.. and all the way from redneck, Ohio..

Bankrupting Fascism is my Favourite Pastime

It’s a day for good news, or it was on Friday but I have only just mustered up the motivation to update everyone.. Joshua Conner Moon has had his funding cut off, all $2000 a month, provided by NewProject2 LLC, a payment service operated by ‘low rent shock jock’ Dick Masterson (@LABasedComedian). A member of our group managed to get card services revoked to the entire company! I should have known really, when I received this butthurt message from Josh, that something exciting was afoot.

Josh was seen crying about his nonexistent employment prospects, seeing as he fucked his own reputation up the wall being a fascist who discussed collecting Jew fingers, threatening rape and mutilation to anyone who dared to fight back, even challenging entire countries to a pissing contest when he refused to hand over data regarding the New Zealand mosque terrorist (who’d posted his manifesto and recording of the attack on Kiwi Farms) and then refused to take it down despite the material contravening international terrorism laws.

In a further twist to this tale, Donald Trump may actually sound the death knell for Kiwi Farms and their peers. Due to an ongoing spat with Twitter, Trump has threatened to repeal section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, passing an executive order on 28th May to modify or revoke it. Effectively this means Kiwi Farms would have to scrap all the defamation on their site and start with a new platform! They would no longer have immunity from liability and each one of their victims could sue.

(You could also write to the Attorney General (Barr) and the president to push hard to revoke section 230.)

What delicious karma, that Josh should suffer destitution and ostracism when this is how he targeted his victims; to destablise and goad vulnerable people to suicide he targeted our families, friends, co-workers, bosses, in fact anyone with a conceivable link to his intended target. You have to face the consequences for your bad life choices Josh, nobody made you a paedophile, or said it was ok to proposition your own mother for sex, you did these things because you were carving out a name for yourself as the MOST deplorable. Most people shrink in fear at the sort of person who would do and say the above and with good reason, they are a menace to society and cannot be trusted to peacefully co-exist and do no harm. You have evaded justice for your multitude of crimes because there is a network of fascists operating in plain sight of the white supremacist state and those dots are slowly being connected too. It’s not long now Josh.

Wherever Josh picks up a funding stream, we won’t be far behind. We pledged to see this through and we will, law enforcement be damned. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting a job Josh, all we need is one uncorrupted copper to take us seriously and uphold the law and you’ll be going away for a very long time indeed. Hopefully to a wing where there are lots of Muslims and Mexicans and people who hate paedophiles.

History teaches us wherever fascism raises its ugly head about 15-20% of society sways it that way. These so called liberals made all the wrong choices over the course of the past decade and now they are suffering the consequences, with a rising death toll and the potential for total societal collapse. They are slowly seeing the errors of their self serving ways and will eventually lean backwards to the left.

We’ll make sure they never forget.

Kiwi Farms spin-off 9chan takes credit for break in attempt at MP Jess Phillip’s house

I first reported Kiwi Farms and their ilk to the authorities in 2014 and was immediately shut down by West Midlands Police who told me to log off and ignore all the illegal racism and threats to rape and kill and to watch my language because my speech wasn’t free. I figured then they were in it together. I even appealed to Jess Phillips at one point, who also ignored me and various other female politicians in the spirit of feminist solidarity but nobody cared. I warned again and again that these weren’t your average nuisance trolls and if you ignored them they were only going to get nastier. I hoped people wouldn’t wait until they came for them but here we are.

9chan is the rebranding of Kiwi Farms, its owner Joshua Conner Moon no doubt reclaiming an identity from those who rejected him when 8chan banned him on the grounds he was too much of a nazi paedophile, even by their standards (which not so long ago had their entire forum taken off the internet). They have taken credit for an attempted break in at Jess Phillips’ house.

This is horrifying stuff. It’s in a thread where they are posting fake nudes of female leftist politicians. I’m no great fan of Jess’s, we’ve even clashed but nazi incels who just wanna rape everyone have become so emboldened as to target serving members of parliament in the real world.

I can’t help but wish Jess had empathised with me all those years ago, I know she went on Victoria Live to say she felt guilty she hadn’t done anything sooner and Vic let her off the hook but imagine how much safer we’d all feel now if all the people we have been begging for help had actually done something then. West Midlands Police are notoriously racist and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were an incel or 10 in their ranks, much like the rest of the force but will they be as dismissive of Jess I wonder and the threats of violence against the minors in her family.

I can only hope for all our sakes they take her seriously.

Joshua Conner Moon’s bid to sabotage Coronavirus vaccine

Have you heard the latest? Joshua Conner Moon is doxxing WHO staff and others involved in the race to find a vaccine for Covid-19. Moon and his incel squad want to cause as much disruption as possible because they believe the virus is working in their best interests (Darwin Award nominee), disproportionately affecting people they believe to be ‘undesirables’. They are no longer just a threat to those minorities the majority doesn’t give a stuff about, they have made it personal for each and every last one of YOU.

When I received the email telling me about this latest spate of attacks, I informed the group I would no longer be wasting any more of my valuable time on this. No, I don’t know why we should be celebrating the news that Josh’s Twitter account was closed down last night, why is Josh on Twitter at all given he has been suspended a million times already? Why is he repeatedly given a platform by these white supremacy supporting billionaires I wonder..? How is it that the government has demonstrated the full reach of its power with the handling of Covid 19, for eg access to our telecoms records to track our whereabouts, or orders from the government to tech companies to put aside their own projects and direct efforts towards the pandemic and yet fails to enact basic measures in tackling white supremacist forums? Turn the website off, arrest those making threats to maim rape and kill, fine the enablers, compensate the victims, if they’re still alive that is. It’s simple no? Of course it is. They just didn’t do anything about it because they were always all on the same side.

How do you fight nazis when the state supports them? You don’t. You wait for the two sides to fall out with each other, which is an inevitability, given the tenuous nature of their relationship, forged on the fallacy that is white supremacy. Sooner or later, the hired knuckleheads doing your dirty work are going to turn on you because let’s face it, they wouldn’t know a principle if it bit them on the peen. Your enemy’s enemy is your fast track enemy. Perhaps the events that are to follow will form the basis for future policy on the handling or mismanagement of terrorist elements and the lessons that must be learnt.

I haven’t wished Covid-19 on anyone yet, I even disgusted my friends and comrades by showing Boris Johnson empathy in his darkest moments and yet I cannot think of a more deserving candidate for this disease than Joshua Conner Moon. I’m guessing he’s low on vitamins, bed hopping from one basement to the next and his parents are probably related. He thinks black and ethnic minority people are disproportionately affected for any reason other than institutional racism. He forgot to look at the stats for Asia and Africa where black and brown people seem to be thriving compared to their European counterparts.

Whatever his bullshit reasoning, he is now an even bigger threat to public safety. Domestic abusers are getting much higher sentences for invoking coronavirus in their threats to kill, perhaps domestic extremists will be treated similarly. And when this is all over, and investigations are completed into how and why this was allowed to proliferate and for so long, heads of white supremacists will roll, all the way down that slippery slope.


(This piece is a collective statement from various victims and resistors of cyberbullies, stalkers and potential mass shooters Kiwi Farms and their cult leader Joshua Conner Moon. Further down there is a section on how you can help, whether you are directly impacted or not)

We call upon employees of Brave Software to cease employment with Brave Software and Brendan Eich and to tell Brave Software and Brendan Eich to stop enabling neo-Nazi white supremacist pedophile Joshua Conner Moon and his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying website Kiwi Farms via his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying podcast Mad at the Internet.  Brendan Eich and Brave Software have ignored many messages apprising them of the circumstances and have chosen to disregard the piles of evidence we have sent their way.

Mad at the Internet is a podcast of Kiwi Farms and Joshua Conner Moon.  Mad at the Internet bullies people being bullied on Kiwi Farms.

Mad at the Internet, Kiwi Farms, and Joshua Conner Moon are violating the terms of service for Brave Software by inciting violence.  Joshua Moon has made a mass killing and mass rape threat, promoted violence against women, Jews, and Muslims, and incited five people to commit suicide by cyberbullying them, then celebrating the suicides and assigning bonus points for each suicide.  On Kiwi Farms, Joshua Moon wrote that if he had an autistic son, “it” would be quickly dead.  However, Brave Software and Brendan Eich still haven’t cancelled the account for Mad at the Internet, the cyberbullying podcast of Joshua Conner Moon.

Our previous appeals to Brendan Eich and Brave Software:

Brave or Enablers of Nazis?

Brave Software Cashing in on Our Misery

An Open Letter to Brendan Eich

Spotlight Newspaper

Why are employees of Brave Software working for garbage like Brendan Eich?

Most Recent Dossier on Kiwi Farms

Joshua Conner Moon, son of John Moon and Candice Lynn Potter (a.k.a. Candy Potter), is running a notorious neo-Nazi, white supremacist hate group and cyberbullying website called Kiwi Farms.  Kiwi Farms targets disabled people, especially people with autism, transgendered, Jews, Muslims, black people, Hispanics, vulnerable people, highly accomplished people, and other minorities.  Kiwi Farms has ruined the lives of countless people with defamation and cyberbullying.  Kiwi Farms had a forum called “Brown Town” in which they expressed their hatred for black people.  Joshua Moon (a.k.a. Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon) called for the genocide of Muslims and solicited fingers of Jews for necklaces.  Joshua Conner Moon uses BitChute, which is owned and operated by Ray Vahey, for Kiwi Farms videos to cyberbully people already being cyberbullied on his Kiwi Farms website.

Joshua Conner Moon lives with his grandparents Linda Cherry Potter and William Anthony Potter for free while cyberbullying people. 


Kiwi Farms user William Atchison committed school shootings in which he shot two Hispanic kids and himself.

Kiwi Farms user Lindsay Kanittha Souvannarath attempted a mass murder at a mall.

Kiwi Farms has been promoting violence against different minorities. 


Kiwi Farms had about 200 web pages bullying a teenage girl named Julie Terryberry and she committed suicide:

Julie Terryberry committed suicide after Kiwi Farms bullying

Now Kiwi Farms is proud of  causing this suicide and brags about it.

A second Kiwi Farms victim named Chloe Sagal committed suicide after being relentlessly cyberbullied on Kiwi Farms.

Transphobic Bullying of Chloe Sagal

Suicide following acts of cyber-bullying

Game Developer Takes Her Own Life

Self immolation of Chloe Sagal

Kiwi Farms caused an individual named Chance Carmichael to commit suicide by cyberbullying him.  Kiwi Farms celebrated this suicide.

Kiwi Farms caused an individual named Nicholas McCrary to commit suicide.  Kiwi Farms celebrated this suicide too.

After causing four suicides, Joshua Conner Moon proudly posted a kill count on his Kiwi Farms website, which suggests that Joshua Moon is trying to cause as many suicides as possible.

Kiwi Farms caused an individual named Desmond Amofah AKA Etika to commit suicide.

Kiwi Farms also caused a suicide attempt.


Report Moon and his forums/podcasts to the FBI, by filling out this form to file a criminal complaint against Moon for violating U.S. Code Section 2261, for information click here

For proof of threats Moon has made, you can attach this link. The authorities have made hundreds of arrests in recent weeks of potential shooters who have threatened mass violence. Why is Joshua Conner Moon any different? 

According to, Australia’s number one news website which reaches over 9.5 million Australians, “Before he founded Kiwi Farms, Moon was sacked as an administrator for 8chan for allegedly promoting paedophilia. He is notorious for his online stalking and harassment campaigns, which have featured threats to “rape, murder and dismember” his mainly female victims.  In 2016, Moon was linked to a series of online threats to harm children in Florida, where he shares a home with his mother, forcing dozens of schools into lockdown.”


See the following articles on Joshua Conner Moon and his promotion of the Christchurch terrorist attack:

Daily Mail

Even Hatreon, which allowed funding for white supremacist hate groups, found Kiwi Farms too vile to allow on its website.  PayPal, Uphold, Authorize.Net, Mastercard, Visa, Patreon, and Hatreon banned Kiwi Farms from using their services for donations. Google banned Kiwi Farms from using its banner ads service. RedBubble banned Kiwi Farms from selling merchandise on the RedBubble website. Bitcoin mining syndicates banned Kiwi Farms from using their services to raise money.  VK,,, and YouTube banned Kiwi Farms and Joshua Conner Moon from posting videos to cyberbully people already being cyberbullied on the Kiwi Farms website. Why should Brave Software be any different? Or BitChute for that matter? How are they above the law and standards on decency?

Kiwi Farms is owned and operated by Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon. This is Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon, owner of 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting, in a nutshell:

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon runs and owns a neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying website that bullies over 1800 people.

– Julie Terryberry committed suicide after being bullied with a 192 page thread on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Chloe Sagal committed suicide after being bullied on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Another victim attempted suicide after being bullied on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Chance Carmichael committed suicide after being bulled on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Nicholas McCrary committed suicide after being bulled on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– After causing four suicides, Joshua Conner Moon proudly posted a kill count on his Kiwi Farms website, which indicates that Joshua Moon is trying to cause as many suicides as possible.

– Desmond Amofah AKA Etika committed suicide after being bulled on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon promoted violence against women, Jews and Muslims.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said Muslims need a “good genocide.”

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon asked for Jewish people’s fingers to be cut off.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon asked a Jewish man if he had spare fingers or toes for a necklace.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moonn denied the number of people killed in the Holocaust.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon hosted fantasy fiction on child rape.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon admitted a sexual interest in young boys.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon posted emails from a web hosting company saying it was terminating his service for hosting child pornography.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon defended bestiality.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said he wants to kill and rape as many people as he can.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said he would rape and mutilate a young girl and shoot her dad after she rejected him.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said he wants to kill his mother.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon publicly ridiculed his mother.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon used Nazi avatars.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon glorified Adolf Hitler.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon celebrated a terrorist attack against people protesting a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

These are some evil quotes by Joshua Moon, owner of 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting:

Here is Joshua Conner Moon talking about viewing child porn:

8:58 AM - Joshua: God I feel so guilty about the CP
8:58 AM - Joshua: I wish it didn't turn me on to see that shit
8:59 AM - Joshua: It's not just regular child porn either, it's hurtcore now
8:59 AM - Joshua: I just like to see children suffer 😦
8:59 AM - Joshua: Oh well, no point in thinking about it too much
8:59 AM - Joshua: Time to find some more, lol!

Joshua Moon is an actual incel who said he wanted to mutilate Clara Lovett after being rejected by her.

Here a minor girl named Clara Lovett (userid Stocking) described Joshua Conner Moon’s reaction as follows after she refused to give him her address:  “I remember after he found out my last name, he said that he’d show up to my house while I was at school, shoot my dad, and wait for me to get home. Then he’d subdue me, cut off each individual digit with a knife heated in hot grease so that it’d cauterize as it cut and I wouldn’t bleed out. Then he’d cut off my clitoris and my labia, and then rape my ass until I shat myself. Then he’d just leave me to starve to death or something once all my appendages and my genitals were sliced off and he’d beaten me sufficiently.”

Here is Joshua Conner Moon saying he wants to rape and kill as many people as he can to Clara Lovett (userid Stocking)

4:52 AM – Joshua: I swear to god I want to kill and rape as many people as I can

4:52 AM – Joshua: before getting gunned down by SWAT

4:52 AM – Joshua: That needs to be my life aspiration

4:52 AM – Joshua: You stupid fucking cunts need to suffer

4:52 AM – Joshua: All living things with a vagina

Here is a conversation in which Joshua Moon expressed his pedophile tendencies:

(8:11 AM) Joshua:   Alright, time to jerk off to some neko shota.

(8:11 AM) Joshua:   Yeah, I’m fucked up. I know 😦

(8:11 AM) Joshua:   brb.

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   0-0

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   Wait

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   I thought you hated furries

(8:13 AM) Joshua:   Neko =/= Furry.

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   I just googled it

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   It was a half cat half boy

(8:14 AM) Joshua:   A single cat abindage is not equivilant to a dog with some human features.

(8:14 AM) Joshua:   And that’s not why I hate furries.

(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:

(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:   Also

(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:   They are all little boys 0-0

(8:14 AM) Joshua:   Hence the word Shota.

(8:15 AM) Colten v3.5:   Yes

(8:15 AM) Joshua:   You need to learn your lingo.

(8:15 AM) Colten v3.5:   But a boy jacking off to a boy?

(8:15 AM) Joshua:   Regular doesn’t cut it anymore.

(8:15 AM) Joshua:   I drench my sorrows in masturbation so often that it becomes too hard to get off to heterosexual intercoruse for the sole purpose of reproduction.

(8:15 AM) Joshua:   You need to expand your pornographic interests if you do it too often.

(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   Oh ok, so Ill go over to /me/ and start jerking off

(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   */men/

(8:16 AM) Joshua:   I’ve done iit

(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   0_0

Here is Joshua Conner Moon wishing death on a baby:

@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm

I fucking hate my friend’s sister’s baby.
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It’s a fucking cunt.
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It just sits there and glares at me
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It cries 24/7
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It’s woken me up every day since I got here
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
I hope it gets SIDS

Joshua Moon once stated, “Muslims need a good genocide.” 

This was archived at

Joshua Moon once stated, “Cut off Jew fingers.” 

This was archived at

Joshua Moon once asked a Jewish reporter, “Sir, I don’t mean to be a bother, but would you happen to have any extra fingers left for my necklace?  Toes maybe?” 

This was archived at

Joshua Conner Moon said Nazism is the best form of government.

Joshua Moon posted this disturbing statement on Kiwi Farms:

”I have begged my mother and my therapist to sleep with me out of desperation”

Here’s a podcast analyzing the pedophilia promotion of Joshua Conner Moon.

Despite mocking transgender people on Kiwi Farms, Joshua Conner Moon has a transgender romantic partner.

Joshua Moon (a.k.a. Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon), owner of 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting, and Candy Potter (a.k.a. Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) are the subjects of much scorn on the Internet.  Following are some articles fully or partially dealing with Joshua Moon (a.k.a. Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon), Candy Potter (a.k.a. Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter), and Kiwi Farms:

Rational Wiki

“Candice Lynn Potter found to be a member of Kiwi Farms”

Candice Lynn Potter found to be a member of Kiwi Farms

Candice Potter arrest record

“Candy Potter defends son from harassment victim”

“Meet the cyberbullies of Kiwi Farms”

Joshua Moon calls for genocide of Muslims and solicits fingers of Jews for necklace

“Kiwi Farms, the Web’s Biggest Community of Stalkers”

Julie Terryberry committed suicide after Kiwi Farms bullying

“Cyber-bullying website hit by Google AdSense ban“

“Cyberbullying platform’s PayPal account shutdown”

“KiwiFarms host ‘concealed contact information’”

“Joshua Conner Moon’s Kiwi Farms website shut down”

John Moon and Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) have not stopped their son, Joshua Moon (also known as Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon), from operating this hate group.  Candy Potter allowed him to continue living with her while operating this cyberbullying group.  When contacted about Joshua Conner Moon and Kiwi Farms by numerous people who were cyberbullied and defamed, Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) just hangs up.

Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) had her own profile on Kiwi Farms.  After Crocels News reported on the profile of Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) at

Candice Lynn Potter found to be a member of Kiwi Farms

Joshua Moon deleted the profile, but it was archived

Information on Kiwi Farms co-administrator Andrew Auernheimer:

Why is a neo-Nazi and white supremacist like Andrew Auernheimer aka Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer buddies with and sharing an apartment with an admitted homosexual pedophile like Joshua Conner Moon?   Joshua Moon even had a transsexual boyfriend.  Joshua Moon said that he lives with Andrew Auernheimer now.  Why would Andrew Auernheimer invite Joshua Moon to live with him?  Andrew Auernheimer has native American and Jewish heritage, but is still a neo-Nazi white supremacist.  .  Andrew Auernheimer is a hypocrite.  Andrew Auernheimer has two adopted black brothers, but is still a neo-Nazi white supremacist.  Andrew Auernheimer became a neo-nazi white supremacist after his parents adopted two black kids and Andrew Auernheimer felt neglected by his parents.  You can read about kiwi farmer Andrew Auernheimer here:

SPLC Centre


The Independent

The Atlantic


Andrew Auernheimer said, “If you don’t let us dissent peacefully, then our only option is to murder you. To kill your children. To kill your whole families. There is only one thing absent free speech that we can do to express our dissent and that’s to slaughter you like dogs, and you’re gonna have it coming and your children will deserve to die.”

Below are the employees of Brave Software.  Once again, we call upon employees of Brave Software to quit working for Brave Software and Brendan Eich and tell Brave Software and Brendan Eich to stop contributing money to neo-Nazi white supremacist pedophile Joshua Conner Moon and his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying website Kiwi Farms through his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying podcast Mad at the Internet. 

We noticed Brave Software had taken down the contacts page for its staff but they were too late. This tells us they are aware of the resistance to Kiwi Farms and have actually read all the correspondence they have failed to respond to.

Brendan Eich – Founder & CEO

Brian Bondy – Founder & CTO

Yan Zh – Chief Information Security Officer

Ben Livshit – Chief Scientist

David Temkin – Chief Product Officer

Brian Brown – Chief Business Officer

Brad Richter – Head of Design

Catherine Corre – Head of Communications

Holli Bohren – CFO

Johnny Ryan – Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer

Brian Johnson – Principal Engineer

Brian Clifton – Software Eng Manager

Anthony Tseng – Sr Software Engineer

Sriram Venkataram – QA and Customer Support

Marshall Rose – Principal Engineer

Jon Sampson – Sr Developer Relations

Sergey Zhukovsky – Sr Software Engineer

Ryan Watson – IT & Operations Manager

Cezar Augusto – Sr Software Engineer

Luke Mulks – Director (Business Development)

Alex Wykoff – Product Manager (Brave Rewards)

James Mudgett – Principal Product Designer (Mobile)

Nejc Zdovc – Sr Software Engineer

Joel Reis – Sr Software Engineer

Lauren Wagner – Software QA

Kamil Jozwiak – QA Lead

Jenn Rhim – Director of UX Design

Peter Snyder – Privacy Researcher

Tom Lowenthal – Privacy & Security Product Manager

Chris Nguyen – Technical Operations Coordinator

Jocelyn Liu – Sr Software Engineer

Kevin Lawler – Sr Software Engineer

Jimmy Secretan – VP of Services & Operations

Artem Samoilenko – Sr Software Engineer

Alexey Barabash – Sr Software Engineer

Geeta Sarvadnya – QA & Support

Asad Syed – IT Support Engineer

Matt Bacchi – Sr DevOps Engineer

Jennie – BAT Community Manager

AmirSaber Sharifi – Sr Software Engineer

Michael McLaughlin – Sr Software Engineer

Nick von Pentz – Sr Software Engineer

Michal Buczek – Sr iOS Engineer

Taylor Campbell – Tor Engineer

Aubrey Keus – Sr Software Engineer

Emerick Rogul – Sr Software Engineer

Bartlomiej Lechowski – QA Engineer

Jan Piotrowski – Business Development

Pranjal Jumde – Sr Security Engineer

Pete Miller – Sr Software Engineer

Dimitrios Athanasakis – Machine Learning Researcher

Jason Sadler – Sr Software Engineer

Matt Evangelista – User Support Engineer

Ryan Lanese – Sr Software Engineer

Mandar Shinde – BAT Ecosystem Product Lead

Ross Moody – Design System Lead

Rafael Ebron – Product Manager (Brave Browser)

Hamed Haddadi – Visiting Professor

Max Karolinskiy – Sr Software Engineer

Dan Lipeles – Software Engineer

Karen Liu – Sr Product Designer

Scott Locklin – Blockchain / Machine Learning

Des Martin – Business Development & Community

Panagiotis Papadopoulos – Security Researcher

Mark Pilgrim – Sr Software Engineer

Dr. Antonio Nappa – Security Researcher

Terry Mancey – Senior Developer

Andrius Aucinas – Performance Researcher

Mihai Plesa – DevOps

Adrian Legardy – IT Support Engineer

Cory McDonald – Software Engineer

Ben Kero – Senior Devops Engineer

George Dregalo – Senior Software Engineer

François Marier – Senior Security Engineer

Matteo Varvello – Performance Researcher

Jan Seidl – Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer

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There has to be at least one decent person among your ranks, someone with a conscience.

The Net is Closing In, and YouTube had better take notice

Joshua Conner Moon must be feeling the heat, in a week where dozens of potential shooters have been arrested before they can commit a crime, in the wake of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, victims of Moon and his Kiwi Farms forum have been advised to report their individual concerns to the FBI, in particular examples such as this one, which can be found here

Bizarrely, Moon says he has been accepted into the YouTube partner program which suggests he is being funded by them now. YouTube continues to ignore the growing tide of resistance to Nazi incels, particularly because of the known links between this type of offender and domestic abuse and terrorism. I personally reported Moon’s channels and videos for harassing me and encouraging violence against me, to no avail. Please report this channel to YouTube, if only so we have a ‘paper trail’ for the appropriate time.

At a time when other internet services are clamping down on this kind of criminal activity, for example here, Moon complains of search engines de-indexing him (thank you, DuckDuckGo ), it is mind boggling that YouTube would continue to support his brand of hateful violence. Moon is also being sued in the Supreme Court. Perhaps what we need is a class action lawsuit against YouTube?

Escambia County Police did a drive by of the house Moon used to live with his mother under cyber-stalking laws in violation of U.S. Code Section 2261 and found it empty with a key box out front as though the house were on sale. Moon himself purports to be hiding away in a basement in Russia but we think this is a blag. It is just a matter of time, as I said way back in 2014, when I first reported Moon and his ilk to the authorities for rape and death threats, and a question of finding non white supremacist law enforcers to uphold the law for justice to be done here. We’re closer than we’ve ever been and we’ve got the stamina and support to see this play out.

Someone owes us, big time. When the authorities do eventually catch up with him and there’s an audit, for all those who funded Moon, or gave him an out when big name vendors withdrew, there will be a bill, for the mental emotional and physical turmoil these Nazis and their sympathisers have inflicted on us. You carry on YouChoob, with your blatant disregard for laws protecting marginalised groups, you’ve the deepest pockets of them all.

UPDATE: Seems YouTube are doubling down on the white supremacist’s right to free speech over the lives of minorities. They have blood on their hands and must pay.

An Open Letter to Brendan Eich

I’m trying to understand the reasoning behind your decision to allow Joshua Conner Moon’s site MadAtTheInternet on your service, when you so graciously banned his Kiwi Farms account, after it was made plain to you that you were complicit in unlawful and violent undertakings on a site designed to bully and stalk vulnerable people.

You were made aware of the connection Joshua Conner Moon has with several terrorist attacks, in particular the NZ terrorist shooting of a mosque, an attack that was filmed by the perpetrator and subsequently hosted on Kiwi Farms, despite laws which prohibit the promotion/proliferation of terrorist materials. You were also made aware of the suicide count attributed to the bullying meted out by Joshua Conner Moon and his foot soldiers, a thing they’re proud of, convincing fragile people to end their lives, like they’re playing some sort of computer game only real people die.

Apparently a nazi’s right to free speech trumps the lives of minorities, am I correct in this assessment? Do you remember when you had me banned on Twitter for exercising my free speech? The offending tweet suggested piling trophy hunters into a cage so we could feed the animals, completely hyperbolic but enough to get me booted off. It was months old, you had to trawl through my timeline to find it because the tweets I had directed towards you wouldn’t cut it all for a suspension, so you employed a known nazi tactic where anything can be twisted to present as a threat.

It’s odd how free speech is a white privilege huh? I mean, if I wanted to use your service yet spent my days threatening violence against white people and celebrating every time one of them died, I think you’d be on top of it like a rash. I think you’d gladly hand my information over to the authorities to tackle any threat to white supremacy.

You don’t consider the victims of Kiwi Farms to be real people, with lives, and feelings, and needs for if you did you would respect our right to life and condemn those who would threaten it. I think you get some enjoyment from seeing people victimised by a white supremacist. I think you’re entirely sympathetic to his cause. You’ve been saying the right words and playing the game but occasionally you say something that sheds light on your inner workings and how this is all just a game to you.

Eich likes to maintain power at all times “play nicely or gtfo” regardless of the context.

More of a reflection on how you feel about yourself, bud.

If only it was so easy to silence us.

Eich knows what he is doing.

As I’m sure you are aware Cloudflare were forced to ban 8chan from their service recently, Matthew Prince did an about turn less than 24 hours after he said he would continue to support them despite the El Paso shooter’s connections to the forum. He continues to host Kiwi Farms because we haven’t pursued it just yet but we will. Like you he thinks doing the bare minimum to keep the investors/shareholders happy will save him but we’ll ask both of you how that’s going for you when we’re done.

To reiterate, withdraw your service from Joshua Conner Moon, whatever site he might be using. He has been excluded from many streams of revenue and relies almost solely on the funds he gets from the link you have provided. According to joint enterprise laws in the UK you can be held accountable for all the crimes committed by Moon because you could have done something to prevent it and you did not. All we need is one person who will listen, one law enforcement officer who isn’t a white supremacist and the rest will fall like dominoes.

We have the names of all your members of staff. We have the time and numbers to research each one and collate dossiers on their friends and family members. You said about me once that you didn’t understand how we were justified in doing to them what they have done to us, as though retaliation is the issue when we have never assumed to take the moral high ground, not when we are so violently compromised. I guess white supremacists of the past 500 years haven’t had much of a resistance to their bullshit and genuinely believe they are a class above the rest of, exempt from the laws that govern us all.

I was advised to publish the names of your staff with this post, because others are not so patient but I thought to remind you of what you’re dealing with first, lest you had forgotten.

We’re not here for the bantz remember, we’re fighting for our very lives.

Is it too little too late from Cloudflare?

Many of us woke up yesterday morning to the news there had been another couple of mass shootings in America, in Texas and Ohio. My first thought was whether or not the shooters had connections to any number of forums promoting white supremacist violence, notably Kiwi Farms, a notorious website that is already linked to at least 2 mass shootings and a number of suicides, much of which is documented on this very blog.

It transpired the shooter in the El Paso incident had used the forum 8chan to spread his hateful manifesto. 8chan is a spin off of 4chan and Kiwi Farms is the latest (to my knowledge) iteration for these hubs, each one mutating to include those who fall outside the parameters of permitted conduct. With each new chapter the nazi incels have become more brazen in their actions, and grotesque in their ideology and with it the threat of violence has grown exponentially. Joshua Moon of Kiwi Farms is detested by members of the various chan networks because he is a paedophile and even white supremacists draw the line somewhere.

We, the victims of nazi incel forums, have been highlighting the threats these monsters pose since 2014 (at least). We have reported them to the authorities and appealed to politicians and journalists alike to help us make the law work yet been given very little support. We are expected to believe that organisations like the FBI have had their hands tied and various police forces across the UK and US are limited in their respective jurisdictions. Consider the actions brought against members of Isis when they used social media to further their extremist agenda. Their accounts were deleted immediately, whereas Twitter and Facebook haven’t enacted the same zero tolerance policies towards their exact ideological opponents. Nazi incels should have been having it out with Isis instead of targeting moderates, many of them marginalised, and for the tech giants to support them in their ‘free speech’ endeavours (as though hate speech should be given any protection) it highlights the troubling links between privilege and white supremacy, how we have been fighting an uphill battle we could never win.

As of June last year, as far as we were aware, Cloudflare was also providing a service for Kiwi Farms. Given that Kiwi Farms is an extreme bastardisation of 8chan, with incumbents thus far rejected by channers of all previous chan networks, it would certainly be in their best interests to do the same here.

It’s odd that Cloudflare boss Matthew Prince had said he would continue to support 8chan despite the shooting because his company’s ‘policy was to remain neutral over the type of content’ his service protected but in an apparent u-turn, less than 24 hours later, Prince wrote in a blog post that “8chan has repeatedly proven itself to be a cesspool of hate” and “they have proven themselves to be lawless and that lawlessness has caused multiple tragic deaths”.

“Even if 8chan may not have violated the letter of the law in refusing to moderate their hate-filled community, they have created an environment that revels in violating its spirit.”

It has taken Cloudflare years to come to this conclusion, despite the many reports to the contrary from their many victims. I find it interesting that Matthew Prince alludes to the action of removing 8chan from their network as a short term fix that only takes the heat off them as an organisation and warns that 8chan will return, in cahoots with another company that has even less of a moral backbone than Cloudflare, something neo nazi site Daily Stormer did when Cloudflare withdrew their service from them. The Daily Stormer switched to their new provider because it promised not to respond to legal process, a move which is surely illegal in itself? To proudly assert you are above the law and will not in any circumstances observe it?

Prince carries on to say “it does nothing to address why hateful sites fester online. It does nothing to address why mass shootings occur. It does nothing to address why portions of the population feel so disenchanted they turn to hate”.. well, I can shed some light here for you Matt, hate sites fester online because white supremacists run the world and laws exist primarily to incarcerate marginalised groups who are not white. Mass shootings occur because of a gun culture that is promoted by toxic white patriarchy, a visceral hatred for anything that does not bend to its will, as we know historically, and the reason they feel disenchanted? This is possibly the first generation of white people to experience the backlash against white supremacist power and control from people of colour as a whole, something that went largely unchallenged for 500 years through divide and conquer. Dissenters were swiftly murdered and histories stifled until very recently. There is a crisis of white supremacy, where the proverbial dummy has been spat out of the pram and they escalate violence in the hopes it will put the fear of a white god into us. None of these are good reasons. None of these antagonists deserve our understanding or compassion. Like Isis they know only toxic male violence and it should not be legitimised by uppity tech dweebs who genuinely believe in the supremacy of white folk. This entire episode is proof that we can bankrupt fascism and it is this threat that will make them obey the rules that govern the rest of us, nothing more or less.

Joshua Moon has been reported to celebrate the shootings and has encouraged members of his forum to keep up the momentum. In light of this and Matt’s impassioned speech on laws and lawlessness and how it makes no difference to some but it does to him, he might want to consider withdrawing service to Kiwi Farms also, if he hasn’t already, or we might accuse him of lip service and consider suing this enabler of violent mass shootings.

Services like Cloudflare and Brave Software owe the victims of nazi incel forums. They have ignored the suffering these insolent wretches have inflicted on those of us who have objected to hate. Y’know, we too have been disenchanted except we never had the entitlement to act as we please. We have never felt the need for mindless violence or hated anything or anyone enough to destroy it. These people belong behind bars, if they haven’t the least bit of control over their violent impulses.

Perhaps Matthew Prince would like to consider this when he’s defending murderers on the internet, and how he personally enabled them.

RIP Desmond Amofah aka Etika

Desmond Amofah AKA Etika was a YouTube star famous for his gaming channel, with a whopping 800,000 subscribers. He was a pioneer of YouTube gaming and leaves many distraught fans in his wake. There is an online petition with almost half a million signatories, demanding the reinstatement of Desmond’s channel, which was taken down according to the petition “due to his misconduct of a few uploads” (sic). YouTube may have suspended Etika for breaching the guidelines but I for one am amazed at their efficiency when cyberbullies Kiwi Farms have used YouTube to continue abusing their victims cross platforms for years. Perhaps his fans are unaware of the circumstances leading to his untimely death and need to be told, there is more to this story than first meets the eye.

Desmond Amofah had not drawn attention to the thread Kiwi Farms had created to target him, probably because he was afraid. I know I wanted to run and hide until it was all over. I had suicidal ideation that I was able to work through. In this haunting clip, he discusses his own death in a disconcertingly chirpy manner, forcing a smile that cracks in the corners as his eyes tell another story.

He is imparting his final wishes, perhaps knowing the truth that the day would arrive much sooner, but you can’t really say that to people cos it upsets them. I did and I was saved. Maybe he really didn’t want to be.

Desmond is the 5th person to end their life as a result of harassment and stalking by nazi incels and bullies Kiwi Farms. The death toll continues to rise and the response from the authorities is meagre at best. NYPD found and reported the news of Desmond’s passing yet failed to mention Kiwi Farms as a possible motive. Perhaps they are unaware. Of course it’s not like me at all to give the cops the benefit of the doubt but I’m hoping they will at least look into it.

Brave Software Cashing in on Our Misery

For the past fortnight or so, victims of Kiwi Farms have been reaching out to Brendan Eich and staff at Brave to see if we could appeal to their humanity and make them understand, that a group of nazi incels who’ve targeted over 1700 people for the purpose of harassment and stalking – owing to their protected characteristics – is wrong and should not be enabled via their service. It has taken many months if not years to have Joshua Conner Moon and his merry band of fledgling terrorists removed from social media platforms, they’ve had free reign for so long.

We’re not stupid, we know there’s a high likelihood we are appealing to the very same people who set up and bankrolled the nazis. They’re all white men, from the same corners of the world, with the same chip on their shoulder about their alleged supremacy. They run Twitter and Facebook, as I found out this morning when I tried to log on and was met with this screen.


They reported these tweets, clearly hyperbolic, but they will argue their feelings were hurt and it gave them undue stress because if there is one thing white men are good at, it’s playing the victim. That second tweet it looks like I’m advocating for the killing of Muslims, that I’m targeting Muslims, but I was referring to Aung San Suu Kyi and how she will never kill all the Muslims, they will prevail. Imagine punishing *me* for attacking Muslims.. These tweets are old, nothing to do with them. That means someone went through my entire feed to try and find *something* to beat me with. They sure are rattled.

Brendan Eich referred to us as trolls and reported us for harassment, which is a fucking irony given that this is exactly what we have been subjected to for a number of years, abuses that Eich himself is extending by allowing Kiwi Farms the means by which to get funding. Eich wants to get rich off all the nazis, paedophiles and terrorist monsters the rest of the web have been forced to reject.


He’s found his niche, having invested $30 million of his own money into the business, Eich is neither ignorant to the pernicious nature of these forums nor does he care, he just wants to profit off them. It would seem as though Brendan Eich is building a business for the sole purpose of funding Nazis like Joshua Conner Moon when other streams run dry. Eich refuted the claims on Twitter saying:



Considering it’s on the front page of Yahoo News, I’d think about suing.

Brendan Eich and his ilk need to be reminded we live in a world where tolerance is a peace treaty; in a civilised society we have laws to remind us of our limits, otherwise the entire structure falls down. If we are attacked we have the right to self defence. If our friends and families are fair game, then so are theirs.

We refuse to be victimised anymore, we’re taking back that power. Anything else would mean admitting defeat and letting these cowards win.


(Well Brendan, if the world was actually working and rules mattered, and laws had been applied, you’d have a point. No justice, no peace)