Blue Moon

I guess I spoke too soon.. I’m forced to share this exciting excerpt from Joshua Conner Moon’s own forum. Seems Josh is in a bit of a crisis now we’ve entered the nazis turning on each other phase. It took about as long as it did during the second world war but that was to be expected, some of us to do learn from history.

See, relationships borne out of hate and a mutual desire for destruction can’t be contained or depended upon. There is no respect or trust or mutual aid only paranoia and the promise of a comeuppance, with absolutely no way of determining who will come for your first, friend or foe?

Nazis turn on each other faster than a centrifuge. All those unchecked egos will eventually implode, their childish entitlement exposing the delinquency that informs their actions. Josh has no friends, even his supporters are an existential threat. To claw back some control he is willing to expunge his efforts from the internet, erasing his 7 year battle for white supremacy just so he can try and live a normal life.. er, do you really think it will be that easy Josh? We have a duty to inform all people of this self confessed violent paedophile’s intentions to procreate. We have a duty to inform local authorities of this violent paedophile’s intentions to settle down and start a family. I can’t imagine any person would lay down long enough for Moon to inject them with his devil spawn but you know his penchant for rape and blind hatred for other genders, so it is as much about protecting vulnerable adults as it is the twinkle in his eye.

It is far from over. There was a time I would have been happy with a takedown but that time is long passed. All good and decent people have a duty to the world and each other to protect ourselves and the less able from those who would seek to destroy that which is dear to us; our humanity. Tolerance is a peace treaty not a moral absolute. That means we undertake a covenant to be respectful of each other and mindful of compromise and inclusivity, in a society we all contribute taxes to from the minute we’re born. The state doesn’t get to decide whom among us is worthy of protection and who is not, free speech is not just a white privilege, whatever the nazis may have established the past decade.

I’ve always maintained the truth would eventually out, I just wasn’t sure if I’d be around to witness it. Love always trumps hate. Hate eventually eats itself. Cheers.

PS: If I have to say it a thousand times, I don’t care if you’re not Moon personally, I take it as read he is the many headed monster in this joint enterprise. Moon is accountable for every last sad sack he recruited to this site, and every last one of them is guilty of his crimes.

Posting under the name of a KF victim is a nice touch, Josh. How are you coming for me under lockdown, please do share.. and all the way from redneck, Ohio..

Checking In

I haven’t written in a while because the world is starting to do what it should have done all those years ago by standing up to injustice, even those who don’t really care but have to because it hits them in the pocket. I was under no illusions the world was as it was but there was a standard that dissipated under the Tories, though it very much started with Blair’s Labour. Injustice, indifference to suffering, lies, more lies, this is the world we are slowly emerging from. There are no guarantees it is sustainable, the revolution is dependent on us all having the energy to see it through but the early signs are promising.

Did you ever imagine golden girl JK Rowling facing such a backlash for her casual bigotry? Wonder why Daniel Radcliffe didn’t make a statement denouncing her sooner. Or Adil Ray standing up to white supremacy when his show Citizen Khan played up to lazy stereotypes (which he defended, saying he had not intended to offend but make people laugh) throwing any dissenters (me) to his loyal gammon fan base who proceeded to label us terrorists and the real racists? Wonder whether Adil is going to follow in the footsteps of Matt Lucas and David Walliams and apologise for his casually racist 1970s BBC styled show? Pigs ARE flying.

The media are starting to report the rise of white supremacy in the correct way, they are labeling them violent thugs and the home secretary has promised harsh measures against anyone who is caught breaking the law, racism being very much against the laws of this land. Only 10 years too late, only countless dead and traumatised, many others isolated and ostracised for daring to speak truth to power. Well they got what they wanted, didn’t they, the establishment? They held on to power and condemned millions to poverty and suffering, effectively killing the Labour party and hope for the future. What they weren’t banking on was the coronavirus or the many knock on effects it would have on our society.

You’d better believe we reconnected to the earth and each other when the daily grind was no longer an option. The time to sit and smell the roses, and the rapidly purifying air. The hole in the ozone layer has closed up. Within a week of lockdown lifting however, rainy fascist island is back to its freak weather events and the resulting impact on our mental and phsyical health is tangible.

The only reason George Floyd’s death had such an impact on the world where thousands of others didn’t is because of these unique circumstances, forcing us to face reality in a search for something that makes sense in these surreal times. We can’t lie now, it’s literally life threatening. The correct human response to seeing a life being slowly extinguished before our very eyes is revulsion, it is a threat to every last one of us, an assault on us all, and for no damn reason. It doesn’t make sense, much like the other horrors in the world, except we can do something about this, and that is why now and not then.

I never wanted to be a part of that world, where they said I was an attention seeker and not a very good writer, I was just a teenager when I first realised writing was not going to be easy and I probably didn’t want to be the person I had to be in order to succeed. For 10 years though these were the things said to silence me, and make it harder to be an activist and raise awareness of all the shit happening right on our doorstep when the virulently racist media were so keen to make it a foreign problem.

I don’t need to shout so hard anymore, I did my bit, so I might write less frequently now because I’m happy. Solidarity!

Bankrupting Fascism is my Favourite Pastime

It’s a day for good news, or it was on Friday but I have only just mustered up the motivation to update everyone.. Joshua Conner Moon has had his funding cut off, all $2000 a month, provided by NewProject2 LLC, a payment service operated by ‘low rent shock jock’ Dick Masterson (@LABasedComedian). A member of our group managed to get card services revoked to the entire company! I should have known really, when I received this butthurt message from Josh, that something exciting was afoot.

Josh was seen crying about his nonexistent employment prospects, seeing as he fucked his own reputation up the wall being a fascist who discussed collecting Jew fingers, threatening rape and mutilation to anyone who dared to fight back, even challenging entire countries to a pissing contest when he refused to hand over data regarding the New Zealand mosque terrorist (who’d posted his manifesto and recording of the attack on Kiwi Farms) and then refused to take it down despite the material contravening international terrorism laws.

In a further twist to this tale, Donald Trump may actually sound the death knell for Kiwi Farms and their ilk. Due to an ongoing spat with Twitter, Trump has threatened to repeal section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, passing an executive order on 28th May to modify or revoke it. Effectively this means Kiwi Farms would have to scrap all the defamation on their site and start with a new platform! They would no longer have immunity from liability and each one of their victims could sue.

(You could also write to the Attorney General (Barr) and the president to push hard to revoke section 230.)

What delicious karma, that Josh should suffer destitution and ostracism when this is how he targeted his victims; to destablise and goad vulnerable people to suicide he targeted our families, friends, co-workers, bosses, in fact anyone with a conceivable link to his intended target. You have to face the consequences for your bad life choices Josh, nobody made you a paedophile, or said it was ok to proposition your own mother for sex, you did these things because you were carving out a name for yourself as the MOST deplorable. Most people shrink in fear at the sort of person who would do and say the above and with good reason, they are a menace to society and cannot be trusted to peacefully co-exist and do no harm. You have evaded justice for your multitude of crimes because there is a network of fascists operating in plain sight of the white supremacist state and those dots are slowly being connected too. It’s not long now Josh.

Wherever Josh picks up a funding stream, we won’t be far behind. We pledged to see this through and we will, law enforcement be damned. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting a job Josh, all we need is one uncorrupted copper to take us seriously and uphold the law and you’ll be going away for a very long time indeed. Hopefully to a wing where there are lots of Muslims and Mexicans and people who hate paedophiles.

History teaches us wherever fascism raises its ugly head about 15-20% of society sways it that way. These so called liberals made all the wrong choices over the course of the past decade and now they are suffering the consequences, with a rising death toll and the potential for total societal collapse. They are slowly seeing the errors of their self serving ways and will eventually lean backwards to the left.

We’ll make sure they never forget.

Joshua Conner Moon’s bid to sabotage Coronavirus vaccine

Have you heard the latest? Joshua Conner Moon is doxxing WHO staff and others involved in the race to find a vaccine for Covid-19. Moon and his incel squad want to cause as much disruption as possible because they believe the virus is working in their best interests (Darwin Award nominee), disproportionately affecting people they believe to be ‘undesirables’. They are no longer just a threat to those minorities the majority doesn’t give a stuff about, they have made it personal for each and every last one of YOU.

When I received the email telling me about this latest spate of attacks, I informed the group I would no longer be wasting any more of my valuable time on this. No, I don’t know why we should be celebrating the news that Josh’s Twitter account was closed down last night, why is Josh on Twitter at all given he has been suspended a million times already? Why is he repeatedly given a platform by these white supremacy supporting billionaires I wonder..? How is it that the government has demonstrated the full reach of its power with the handling of Covid 19, for eg access to our telecoms records to track our whereabouts, or orders from the government to tech companies to put aside their own projects and direct efforts towards the pandemic and yet fails to enact basic measures in tackling white supremacist forums? Turn the website off, arrest those making threats to maim rape and kill, fine the enablers, compensate the victims, if they’re still alive that is. It’s simple no? Of course it is. They just didn’t do anything about it because they were always all on the same side.

How do you fight nazis when the state supports them? You don’t. You wait for the two sides to fall out with each other, which is an inevitability, given the tenuous nature of their relationship, forged on the fallacy that is white supremacy. Sooner or later, the hired knuckleheads doing your dirty work are going to turn on you because let’s face it, they wouldn’t know a principle if it bit them on the peen. Your enemy’s enemy is your fast track enemy. Perhaps the events that are to follow will form the basis for future policy on the handling or mismanagement of terrorist elements and the lessons that must be learnt.

I haven’t wished Covid-19 on anyone yet, I even disgusted my friends and comrades by showing Boris Johnson empathy in his darkest moments and yet I cannot think of a more deserving candidate for this disease than Joshua Conner Moon. I’m guessing he’s low on vitamins, bed hopping from one basement to the next and his parents are probably related. He thinks black and ethnic minority people are disproportionately affected for any reason other than institutional racism. He forgot to look at the stats for Asia and Africa where black and brown people seem to be thriving compared to their European counterparts.

Whatever his bullshit reasoning, he is now an even bigger threat to public safety. Domestic abusers are getting much higher sentences for invoking coronavirus in their threats to kill, perhaps domestic extremists will be treated similarly. And when this is all over, and investigations are completed into how and why this was allowed to proliferate and for so long, heads of white supremacists will roll, all the way down that slippery slope.

God is a communist.

The first time my brain entertained the concept of a Godless world I spiraled into a deep depression. I’d excitedly announced I might be an atheist, following an acid trip made of existential nightmares, when I discovered the answers to the universe and beyond but as the reality of what it meant settled in, I lost the ability to feel anything, even the bad stuff. I found myself doing dangerous things just to feel something. I made people cry and felt good about it. I climbed the walls searching for my soul, and grieved for it, honestly believing I’d lost it forever. I existed like this for 6 months or so before my erratic behaviour landed me in a situation where I was forced to reconnect with my body and the outside world but that’s another story.

Religion came easy to me as a small child but on reflection much of that was performative. As soon as I was old and brave enough to choose my own labels, as a young teen, I rejected the faith ascribed to me at birth. It wasn’t just because of the sexual assault I was subjected to by my mosque teacher, or the consistently punitive elders who shoved Islam down my throat at every opportunity, the fire and brimstone kind at that, I just didn’t think it was very cool or conducive to a good life in Britain. I wanted to be like the natives. I searched high and low for a faith I could get on board with, all in, but always stopped short of committing to anything because in the end they all sound the same, secure in their superior worship, incapable of appreciating anyone else’s perspective.

The depression stemmed from the realisation that a world without God was a world without justice, and so it had been for the duration of my life. With every injustice my search for a benevolent God waned, until about a month ago, when the blasted coronavirus hit our shores. 10 years of austerity, of suffering and despair, thousands dead from preventable illnesses and neglect with the architects showing no signs of compassion or mercy until a virus, invisible to the naked eye, forced their hand into socialist action.

The most vulnerable in our society are being given packages of food and other essentials, dropped to their doorsteps, free of charge. I know because I have 2 disabled nieces and the government has been in touch. This is anarcho-communism, where we look after the most vulnerable and ensure their safety. We cannot expect them to go back to the old ‘normal’ when this is all over, these people cannot work, and even when all is well, they struggle to leave the house. Sure, the state only offered because it is first and foremost concerned with its own image, after its bid for herd immunity prompted calls for the resignation of ‘Boris the Butcher’ but for now it has been forced to do the right thing when it always said it was impossible. Let there never be another attempt to cut welfare for these people, there is no justification.

The NHS is slowly being afforded its dues too. Boris and pals spent a decade dismantling health services until God decided to show them up. In an about turn, politicians have been scrambling to secure PPE for staff and ensure that there are enough ventilators and oxygen. If we’d had a fully functioning NHS Tories might have slept better over the past month instead of facing the ire of the international community, relegated to the back of the queue following our sham exit from the European Union. 80 odd MPs have written to the government asking for the student debt of NHS nurses to be scrapped, particularly as they are risking their own lives on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19. This is just common sense to anyone with even an ounce of humanity, to show gratitude to those who go above and beyond. The British establishment has never been very good at compensating the helpers, whether Gurkhas or the Windrush generation, they take and they take, entitled as they are, and discard them without a look back. 19 frontline NHS staff have already sucuumbed to the virus and if the numbers keep on rising, our collective love and appreciation for the NHS will turn into anger. The government has no choice but to cherish the NHS and its army of workers.

Within the NHS coronavirus is exposing the disparity in healthcare for minorities. A notable percentage of victims have been BME, and reasons given range from ineffective communication owing to language barriers to elder Muslims and Sikhs refusal to distance themselves from their places of worship. It’s much simpler than that, BME groups are not taken seriously for a start. From paramedics to receptionists, the gatekeepers are often white and decide whether or not you receive treatment and how quickly. In Birmingham people in the Asian community are afraid to go to Heartlands hospital because they believe they won’t come out again. My own father begged the paramedics not to take him to Heartlands the day before he died but they didn’t listen. My grandmother died in the same hospital. When my niece was diagnosed with a malignant condition a white doctor advised us to forego treatment and let her go so she wouldn’t suffer. We didn’t listen, and she’s still here, 12 years on. Medical care for non whites is like a lucky dip, you never know what you’re going to get and often you have to do all the research and find out what’s wrong with you before you can convince a doctor to run further tests. God is exposing racist rainy fascist island for what it is, no matter how much the natives bleat on about how it isn’t.

Today the home secretary Priti Patel launched a campaign to reassure domestic abuse victims they are not alone. In a similarly pointless exercise as the clap for the NHS (when they need equipment and funding not empty gestures) Preet asked for people to draw a heart on their palms and share their pictures. Apparently this will also show abusers people are watching and help is available. Actually, most abusers do not identify their actions as being abusive, my own dad was horribly violent but would share petitions regarding support for victims of domestic abuse demonstrating such empathy that there are still people in our extended family who don’t believe us. There is some hope for victims however; one perp was handed a sentence of 42 weeks for spitting in his wife’s face and saying he hoped she died from Coronavirus. In my experience you have to be on your 3rd or 4th domestic incident to receive such a lengthy sentence but Coronavirus affects us all so the authorities are actually taking it seriously (unlike domestic abuse in general).

Priti is throwing 2 million at women’s services in the hope they can slow the rising death toll from domestic homicide. It was the Tories who cut abuse services by 50% when they came into power. When I worked in DV 10 years ago, 2 women a week were being murdered by their intimate partners and now there are 5. Coronavirus has exposed the state for the many ways it falls short of its contract to protect and serve. This is just one of a growing number of issues that have been thrust into the spotlight on which the government is going to be forced to act.

The money grubbing universities are going to go bust if the government doesn’t rescue them. That’s what God thinks of your extortionate uni fees, Tories. There isn’t a day that goes by that doesn’t reveal one development or another as the sublime work of a higher being. The Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News UK, publications that vilified Jeremy Corbyn and polarised Britain’s Jews from the rest of the nation went bust just a couple of days ago, citing Coronavirus as the cause. God surely works in mysterious ways but sometimes it’s as clear as the nose on your face.

There’s something deliciously righteous about the British lockdown following the Brexit debacle. All those swooning about freedom and sovereignty must be going stir crazy and feeling completely and utterly helpless in their solitude. Some religious people believe this is a warning shot for those who have lied cheated and schemed, to humble themselves and acknowledge power is fleeting but I think it’s a helluva lot more than that. Most religious people will agree that we are all equal in God’s eyes and should be treated as such but in reality that is impossible in a white supremacist capitalist state and those disparities are never really questioned or understood. Coronavirus is forcing us all to pay attention. We all said Twitter was the great leveler but we replicated the same injustices online. We can carry on as we have been carrying on, arranging people into hierarchies of deserving but God isn’t going to stand for it. We are all susceptible to pandemics.

I cried once for the absence of a God and all the hardships I would endure, knowing there was no justice at the end but I’ve changed my mind and it’s suddenly crystal clear. Who knew 2020 would be so spiritually enriching? Ironically, I finally feel alive.

It’s my bday today (38) and I’m judging you all

It’s taken me about a decade to pull myself up from my breakdown. Or at least since I stopped trying to save the world. Solidarity still a little thin on the ground. Boycotting the left till they figure it out.

Keir f*ckin Starmer?

Congratulations to Tony Blair, for managing to hold on to the Labour Party even after Corbyn. Congratulations to Israel, and their army of trolls, to the centrists who’ve now ensured a people’s uprising and J K Rowling, now she’s got her red Tory party back. She can keep it, all 3 voting members. Felicitations to every oppressive regime on the planet, including India, America, and every other lying scheming white supremacist endeavour quaking in its boots at the prospect of a socialist movement that would have righted the wrongs of the past 500 years.

I’m never voting again. Not for Labour, or the Greens, or any other party with a vague leftist energy. Democracy is a lie, we discovered that with our own eyes and ears, in case there was ever any doubt. If you’re sick and tired of all the lies, and the slander, and the duplicitousness then you can rise up against it, you have the power.

One of the side effects of being under lockdown and feeling like you might die is a desensitisation to the threat of death. I should know, I felt less afraid of it with every run in. People who have nothing to lose, not even their own lives, make governments afraid. The Labour Party is dead, now it has turned its back on its most disenfranchised voters. The Tory Party is also dying, rapidly losing any cred it might have conjured with its policies to oppress, as a result of the policies to let our loved ones die so that the fittest might survive. Even fascists have grandparents.

The UK political system is in its death throes and the only thing for it is a revolution. We all have the power to create the kind of world we want to live in, we just have to stand up.

People will die if the government wants them to

“People will die if lock down is ignored” so say the latest government ads. Meanwhile the government continues to ignore the very real threat of homelessness and destitution as a result of said lockdown, which is forcing people to leave their homes.

We, the people, agree to be governed by the state in return for certain protections, public health being one of the most crucial. Never mind that the government has deliberately underfunded and even sold off sections of our national health service (and it is this systematic disassembling of our public health system that is the primary cause for any shortfall in care) or that Boris the Butcher publicly declared his intentions to let the weakest among us die in the interests of herd immunity, devoid of any feeling that these are our family members they are referring to, the state has resolved to blame us, you and me, for the rising death toll.

A few days ago a local friend told me they’d seen a news report suggesting shoppers were flouting social distancing guidelines by queuing right next to each other at a supermarket on Kings Heath High Street. My friend passed by on a bus shortly after the footage was filmed and everyone was standing an appropriate distance apart. It was projected from such an angle that it appeared to illustrate the point of the story, that members of the public are ignoring government advice, which may leave them no choice but to enact a full lockdown, otherwise known as martial law. This framing of the situation, and worryingly by Channel 4, as dishonest and sinister as it is, should give us all cause for concern.

The government is aware that the death toll is about to rise sharply, it is aware that it is to blame for the state of the NHS. Compared to other nations, Britain chose to dally on its public health advice, giving conflicting and incomplete guidelines on how best to manage the situation. Children should have been taken out of school a whole week earlier than they were, we did in my family, so long as we were aware that we were “choosing to remove the children in term time against government advice”. My sister and her husband reasoned it was worth risking a truancy court appearance, to keep the children alive. In Saudi all school kids were immediately quarantined but life did not cease to exist, they continued to learn from their homes, their teachers providing virtual classrooms for minimal disruption to their way of life. Public spaces got a deep clean, the Jeddah based Arab News (equivalent to the BBC) put a face mask on its logo. Government, media, and the rest of civil society are working together instead of at cross purposes. They are spoilt for choice in their supermarkets, and nobody is living in fear of financial ruin. Commentators are comparing Britons to refugees because of the panic buying and resultant price gouging, two pre-indicators of a mass humanitarian crisis. It’s like the state took a bad situation and decided to make the worst of it, they’re still on track to stripping us of our human rights, safe in the knowledge there is no authority in the world that can make them comply with universal basic human rights.

I could very well be wrong and I can’t always articulate why I have a hunch about things but a pattern seems to be emerging among the victims of Covid-19 that raises questions about the type of care patients are receiving. At first we were told it only really affected the elderly, those aged 70 and over, especially if they also have underlying health conditions but we’ve seen much younger victims, even teenagers. Almost all are from working class backgrounds, at least the ones I’ve read about in the papers. Contrast their experiences with that of the rich and famous and it throws up even more questions. Prince Charles, at 71 years of age, is out of isolation. George Alagiah, TERMINAL CANCER patient, survived the coronavirus that killed a 21 year old Spanish football coach who died an hour after testing positive for Covid-19 and leukaemia. It could well be that the privileged have healthier lifestyles and increased immunity, they have better access to nutritional food (some reports have suggested high doses of vitamin C might afford better protection) and even individually tailored private healthcare. However, we live in a society that proudly boasts a 2 tier system of deserving, reveling in its greed and disregard for those less fortunate. I would not put it past them to favour curative treatment for the privileged, keeping the rest of us in the dark. It’s just another tool for the state to weed out undesirables, it has been party policy ever since they were elected.

The government had an opportunity to submit to the will of the people and work together as a society to protect each and every one of us. There is only one way to ensure we all make it through intact, through universal basic human rights that ensure we can continue living during this battle for our survival. It is absurd landlords can continue to demand rent from tenants who are not working and barely making ends meet.

People will die if the government continues to play games with our livelihoods.

People will die if the government does not step up and demand banks, landlords, employers etc back the fuck off the British public, allowing us to safely self quarantine without running the risk of destitution.

People have already died.


People have lost jobs, homes, incomes.

People are taking risks to provide for their families.

The government continues to give conflicting advice on who should and shouldn’t work.

If people die the government is to blame.

Here Rupert Read explains how the government always planned to just let a bunch of us die and is preparing to blame us for this eventuality.

Mental, like me

It was unnerving to realise that I feel at home in these times of Corona because it’s pretty much how I’ve spent the majority of my life, under someone’s control, surviving from one day to the next. I have obsessive compulsive disorder or I did until I got a grip on it but it’s serving me well right now. Sure, my hands are a little bit cracked from all the washing but I learnt to counteract the negative effects with some mindfulness and self care. I remember to moisturise and I use mild handwash. I never forget to wash my hands if I’ve been outside or touch my dog and I rarely touch my face unless I’m settled for the night and there’s no chance I could touch something riddled with germs. This could very easily spin out of control but I’ve got to hand it to my first therapist, she really fixed me. Or rather, I did with her help, and my controls are working.

Isolation isn’t out of the norm for me. Surely the last wave of solitude was brought on by nazis and the state, if you can tell the difference, but it’s not the exception rather my default position. Like a mouse I scurried out at points in my life determined to get away from who I was but I always retreated to the safety of my biblical/Platonic cave. Perhaps this is why I don’t seem to have aged very much, I’m not doing and seeing all the things you’d need to for a lived in birthday suit.

As a small child I wasn’t permitted a life, I never had sleepovers or holidays with my pals (or even my family), the first time I left the country I was legally an adult and had run away from home. All the way through my schooling, I left the house at 8am and returned by 4pm at the latest, effectively under lockdown. After school clubs were out, but I pushed against this and became the captain for the quiz team and various sports and only barely managed to get permission after I made the teachers impress upon my father that it would look good on my long term record. Everything was a battle, I couldn’t even get my hair cut though I would later chop off an inch a week and wear it up so granddad wouldn’t notice, but he eventually did and I, predictably, got a beating. I had reasoned in the end I was going to get abuse whatever I did so would make it worth my while. This is how it mostly went until I ran away aged 15 and spent more time in isolation, off school at a critical time, my entire future hanging in the balance, travelling to and from Birmingham daily from London to do my GCSEs. I passed and even got 4 As though might have done a lot better if I’d had any stability. I survived then like I’m surviving now.

Weirdly it feels like the world is on my level for the first time in my life. People understand what it feels like to be so disconnected from everything and grieving for a future we can’t say for certain exists anymore. People are feeling the pain of separation, from their friends and way of life. The sheer mind-numbing drudgery of staring at the same 4 walls day in day out with no escape. Let there never be any judgment of people who are forced to claim disability benefits with the reasoning they CHOOSE to sit at home and do nothing all day. Would you choose this? Oddly I’m having a better time now than I was before Corona, there are people at home and everyone is free to talk, no excuses like work or extracurricular activities to fall back on. It’s brought me closer to my family; I can spend 5 hours just calling each relative in turn and hearing about how bored they are. It’s great.

I, like many of the nations cats and dogs, am grateful for the extra attention and the way it has stripped away the labels we apply to ourselves. Some people (the government) haven’t quite caught on to this yet but as Jeremy Corbyn pointed out the other day, they’ve already proved we have the money and will to make things better for all of us.

It was always doable and now we must insist it is moving forward. No one should be expected to carry on as normal with their financial obligations when their income has been cut off in the best interests of society. Society must step in. People literally cannot afford to sit at home and risk their homes and businesses and if the government doesn’t rescue every last one there should be hell. It is madness that rents and mortgages haven’t been suspended as other countries have done. I can’t blame people for taking the risk if it means they’ll be left homeless or hungry as a result if they do nothing. If more people die it will not be the fault of workers but the government who failed to provide adequate measures.