Twitter Death Threats are Tasteful and Decent

Kill all men. 3 words that erased all the times I was raped, sexually assaulted and beaten by men. These 3 words justify the death threats against me. In saying these words, I have confirmed that I am just as bad as the entitled men and any report I make of abusive behaviour against me is invalid.

I have just finished speaking to the police who called to update me with regards numerous threats to kill and the reams of racist abuse I have been subjected to on Twitter. They advised that Twitter, being based in California refuse to provide British law enforcement officers with any information even in cases where there are threats to kill because their laws around taste and decency differ from ours. Apparently they only concede for serious crimes like murder (not threats to murder).

I want to know how the Metropolitan police were able to investigate the abuse aimed at Twitter activist Caroline Criado Perez (and Stella Creasy) and were able to convince Twitter that the words used to threaten her did breach taste and decency standards even though she is also in the UK (like me). I asked the officer who called me (from West Midlands Police) why this disparity between activists on Twitter when we’re all women receiving death threats and whether she could blame me for thinking it is rooted in structural racism? She maintained that she was just passing on the message from their techie guy and it had nothing to do with race, more that Twitter was refusing to comply. She was also confused because they said it was about protecting their users from opponents of free speech and that surely this protection should be extended to me too, also one of their users.

Why would it though? The internet is awash with rapists and their apologists, misogynists who fantasise about murdering and humiliating women (and probably do in their relationships) and the overall response has been amusing for them. Social networking sites like Facebook will delete an image of a woman breastfeeding a hungry baby because it breaches standards of taste and decency (and sets them apart as somehow enlightened – Darwin award please – among the mammals) yet raging racists like Britain First get a free pass. Murdering entitled scum from the states get a shrine devoted to worshiping male power. Twitter hasn’t responded to the two tickets I got from them acknowledging I’d made complaints regarding gendered abuse and DEATH THREATS but why would they?

In a world where 50 women have been murdered by men this year in this country alone, am I really surprised that gendered abuse is still being ignored by the men in power? The kind of world where the reaction to homicide perpetrated because male entitlement is one of praise and in support of male privilege, not condemnation of the kind of society that allows sick individuals like these to thrive. In a society where rape victims are asked what they did to provoke a rapist into raping them, am I surprised that the 3 words I have at my disposal to empower me when I’m feeling weak (but angry still) are considered equally harmful to the sexual abuse I have been subjected to my whole life (the experiences I have on twitter being an extension to a collage my brain has collated over the years)?

Of course I’m not. This doesn’t change the physiological effects of silencing and legitimisation of abuse has on me. I had a panic attack and had to cut the call short. This was after I explained that I would not be deleting my online profiles because I will not let them succeed in their campaigns to silence me. I won’t let them have the satisfaction and to insist I am complicit in abuse against me if I do not is victim blaming, nothing more or less. It’s not like I have a choice, I do the things I do so that the world is a safer place, one that I can be a part of. Unfortunately this whole incident has served to remind me that I can’t expect this and that attempts to change the status quo will be met with reinforcements from the oppressors.

I’ve advised the police I would like for this complaint to be escalated to their superiors and to find out how it was possible that 2 people were sent to prison for similar offences against a blonde woman.

I’ll let you know how that goes.



  1. Aggravating to say the least. I’m s sorry you are being harassed and threatened. Those people should be held accountable for their actions and removed from Twitter.


    1. Sam Ambreen @SamAmbreen
      Ok. I’m gonna apologise to @wmarybeard because I cannot find any evidence online of racism. I sent out a reactionary tweet and I apologise

      I am also sorry that Sam Ambreen is being harassed and threatened. But it is also true to say that she does make false accusations of racism against people, and this will provoke a reaction.
      This is the apology that she made to Mary Beard, after her false accusation of Mary’s racism, provoked a strong reaction on Twitter.
      I am glad that Mary Beard forgave Sam Ambreen. I will also forgive Sam for the false accusation that she hurled at me. But I think that if Sam does not want to receive abusive messages, she should stop making false accusations in the first place. Mary Beard was gracious and tolerant towards Sam Ambreen. Will Sam Ambreen learn from Mary Beard and be more gracious and tolerant in her attitude and stop making false accusations? I hope so.


  2. Reblogged this on incarnationalrelational and commented:
    Okay, so this is shit. I mean seriously – what the hell? How come some women like Caroline Criado-Perez actually have the people who threaten them taken to court but Sam Ambreen gets nothing? Of course this is about race. Solidarity x


    1. Sam Ambreen @SamAmbreen
      Ok. I’m gonna apologise to @wmarybeard because I cannot find any evidence online of racism. I sent out a reactionary tweet and I apologise

      Do you think this is a race issue? Or is it a case of “what goes around comes around” (an old Wicca saying). Above you will see Sam Ambreen’s apology to Mary Beard. Sam gave out a false accusation that Mary Beard is a racist, on twitter and she got a strong and angry reaction for doing such a horrible thing. Was that reaction about race? No. It was about basic right and wrong. Its wrong to drag a woman’s name through the mud for no reason and to accuse her of being a racist, with no evidence.
      Sam Ambreen did admit that she was wrong. And that’s good. But she continues to hurl out false accusations of racism… and there is going to be a reaction coming back at her for that. I’m similar in age to Mary Beard and so I can see that kindness and tolerance towards Sam is the way to go. But not everyone will feel like that.

      I’m still waiting for my apology, by the way. I got a false accusation of being a “White Supremacist”.. I’m not going to react to that lie by endless angry comments towards her. Whats the point? But I am going to continue to point out that there is no point in complaining about a fire, when you struck the match to light the flames in the first place. metaphorically speaking.


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