Stream.me and BitChute cannot ignore us

Patreon have now banned Joshua Conner Moon (as you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk9bEhPQBEA) and his Kiwi Farms forum from using their platform to fund hate and violence, cyber-bullying vulnerable people and goading them to suicide.

Even Hatreon, which allowed funding for white supremacist hate groups, found Kiwi Farms too vile to allow on its website. PayPal, Uphold, Mastercard, and Visa banned Kiwi Farms from using their services for donations. Google banned Kiwi Farms from using its banner ads service. RedBubble banned Kiwi Farms from selling merchandise on the RedBubble website. Bitcoin mining syndicates banned Kiwi Farms from using their services to raise money.

YouTube is allowing Moon a platform despite the many reports we have filed. Why is YouTube so hesitant to take appropriate action? I reported another Kiwi Farms user, Jason Pullara, for making a an hour long video about me in which he discusses using an angle grinder in my vagina. No response from YouTube as yet.

Stream.me and BitChute have not responded at all.

This is the CEO of BitChute, Ray Vahey.

Ask him why he is allowing neo nazi white supremacist Joshua Conner Moon and his motley crew of rapists and paedophiles to use his platform for the purpose of white supremacist violence and bullying. Ask him why he would choose to ignore Kiwi Farms’ links to school shooter/terrorist murderer William Aitchison and their ‘kill count’, celebrating the deaths of those who’ve been pushed to suicide by their hateful actions.

Stream.me is dependent on PayPal which bans use of its services to promote hate speech. Paypal have previously taken a firm stance on this issue, something Stream.me should consider.

Here are some of Stream.me’s employees.

Ask them whether they are happy to work for an organisation that facilitates gendered and racialised abuse of vulnerable adults. Ask them whether they are happy to promote child sex abusers and bigots.

We live in times where we cannot afford to ignore hate. People have been killed and many more will die if we do not stand up and say we will not stand for this barbaric behaviour. Joshua Conner Moon and Kiwi Farms have expressed intent to wound and kill many women and children. They have described in detail the depraved acts they fantasise about. They have no place in a civilised society.

Industry giants exist because we put them there. We can take them down too.


YouTube (sounds like a slur)

If you haven’t already notified YouTube they are enabling neo nazi fascists, do it now.

Click ‘videos’ on https://www.youtube.com/c/KiwiFarms

When you report a video, there is a short paragraph advising you of the circumstances in which you can report a video and below that there is a link to ‘report channel’. You could report each video individually but be aware YouTube go on to reiterate that you must not use videos to report other problems or they may close your account. Personally I think the whole channel should be removed.

If you are struggling to describe the reasons for your report, copy and paste the text below.

This is a complaint about Joshua Conner Moon and Kiwi Farms operating a YouTube account at

https://www.youtube.com/c/KiwiFarms and https://www.stream.me/kiwifarms

for the sole purpose of Joshua Moon cyberbullying people already being bullied on his Kiwi Farms website.  Joshua Conner Moon is running a notorious neo-nazi, white supremacist hate group and cyberbullying website called Kiwi Farms, which targets minorities for cyberbullying.  Kiwi Farms bullied 4 people into committing suicide.

YouTube has a responsibility to civilised society and cannot allow savagery like this to go unnoticed and unpunished. Stop collaborating with nazis.

Updated dossier on Kiwi Farms


(I have not personally collated this information, it is a joint effort by those targeted by Kiwi Farms. If there are any irregularities please leave a comment and I will respond asap. All of the information presented is publicly available, we have just put it all in one place)

1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting is owned and operated by the most vile individual imaginable named Joshua Conner Moon.  He is using the money earned from 1776 Hosting to fund his cyberbullying website Kiwi Farms and promote pedophilia with Kiwi Farms and another website for child rape fantasy fiction.  When you support 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting, you are supporting the utmost in evil.  Don’t support 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting.  Any persons or companies that use 1776 Hosting will be targeted by victims of Kiwi Farms and added to this dossier.  It’s easy to determine who is using 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting.

Joshua Conner Moon, son of John Moon and Candice Lynn Potter (a.k.a. Candy Potter), is running a notorious neo-Nazi, white supremacist hate group and cyberbullying website called Kiwi Farms. Kiwi Farms targets disabled people, particularly people with autism, gays, transgendered, Jews, Muslims, black people, Hispanics, vulnerable people, highly accomplished people, and other minorities. Kiwi Farms has ruined the lives of countless people with defamation and cyberbullying. Kiwi Farms had a forum called “Brown Town” in which they expressed their hatred for black people. Joshua Moon (a.k.a. Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon) called for the genocide of Muslims and solicited fingers of Jews for necklaces.


Kiwi Farms had about 200 webpages bullying a teenaged girl named Julie Terryberry and she committed suicide:

  • Julie Terryberry committed suicide after Kiwi Farms bullying


Now Kiwi Farms is proud of causing this suicide and brags about it.

  • A second Kiwi Farms victim named Chloe Sagal committed suicide after being relentlessly cyberbullied on Kiwi Farms:


Video Game Developer Dies After Setting Herself on Fire









  • Kiwi Farms caused an individual named Chance Carmichael to commit suicide by cyberbullying him. Kiwi Farms celebrated this suicide:


  • Kiwi Farms caused an individual named Nicholas McCrary to commit suicide. Kiwi Farms celebrated this suicide too:


After causing four suicides, Joshua Conner Moon proudly posted a kill count on his Kiwi Farms website, which indicates that Joshua Moon is trying to cause as many suicides as possible.

Kiwi Farms has also caused another suicide attempt:


Kiwi Farms user William Atchison committed a school shooting in which he shot two Hispanic kids and himself, as you can see here:


Kiwi Farms has been promoting violence against different minorities.

Even Hatreon, which allowed funding for white supremacist hate groups, found Kiwi Farms too vile to allow on its website. PayPal, Uphold, Mastercard, Visa, Patreon, and Hatreon banned Kiwi Farms from using their services for donations. Google banned Kiwi Farms from using its banner ads service. RedBubble banned Kiwi Farms from selling merchandise on the RedBubble website. Bitcoin mining syndicates banned Kiwi Farms from using their services to raise money.

Kiwi Farms is owned and operated by Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon. This is Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon, owner of 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting, in a nutshell:

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon runs and owns a neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying website that bullies over 1700 people.

– The cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon bullied Julie Terryberry into committing suicide with a 192 page thread on her.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon promoted violence against women, Jews and Muslims.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said Muslims need a “good genocide.”

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon asked for Jewish people’s fingers to be cut off.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon asked a Jewish man if he had spare fingers or toes for a necklace.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon denied the number of people killed in the Holocaust.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon hosted fantasy fiction on child rape.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon admitted a sexual interest in young boys.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon posted emails from a web hosting company saying it was terminating his service for hosting child pornography.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon defended bestiality.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said he wants to kill and rape as many people as he can.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said he would rape and mutilate a young girl and shoot her dad after she rejected him.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said he wants to kill his mother.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon publicly ridiculed his mother.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon used Nazi avatars.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon glorified Adolf Hitler.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon celebrated a terrorist attack against people protesting a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Joshua Moon once stated, “Muslims need a good genocide.”

This was archived at https://archive.fo/GZoas

Joshua Moon once stated, “Cut off Jew fingers.”

This was archived at https://archive.fo/Pbnlx

Joshua Moon once asked a Jewish reporter, “Sir, I don’t mean to be a bother, but would you happen to have any extra fingers left for my necklace? Toes maybe?”

This was archived at https://archive.fo/w9o5o

John Moon and Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) have not stopped their son, Joshua Moon (also known as Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon), from operating this hate group. Candy Potter allowed him to continue living with her while operating this cyberbullying group. When contacted about Joshua Conner Moon and Kiwi Farms by numerous people who were cyberbullied and defamed, Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) just hangs up.

Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) had her own profile on Kiwi Farms. After Crocels News reported on the profile of Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) at


Joshua Moon deleted the profile, but it was archived at


Other kiwi farmers include neo-Nazi white supremacist Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer aka Andrew Auernheimer as Weev, Matthew D. Craig as Dynastia and Fagnasty, Jason Pullara as LordKaT, Connor Evans aka Connor Evans-Martin as Lulzkiller, David Alfonzo Poole aka David Poole as GethN7, Jaime Cassidy as Jaimas and DarkJaimas, Luis Drayton as Curt Sibling, Roy Geiger as ReverieMagnetism, and Connor Bible.

Information on Kiwi Farms co-administrator Andrew Auernheimer:

Why is a neo-Nazi and white supremacist like Andrew Auernheimer aka Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer buddies with and sharing an apartment with an admitted homosexual pedophile like Joshua Conner Moon? Joshua Moon even had a transsexual boyfriend. Joshua Moon said that he lives with Andrew Auernheimer now. Why would Andrew Auernheimer invite Joshua Moon to live with him? Andrew Auernheimer has native American and Jewish heritage, but is still a neo-Nazi white supremacist. Andrew Auernheimer has two adopted black brothers, but is still a neo-Nazi white supremacist. Andrew Auernheimer is a hypocrite. You can read about kiwi farmer Andrew Auernheimer here:






Andrew Auernheimer said, “If you don’t let us dissent peacefully, then our only option is to murder you. To kill your children. To kill your whole families. There is only one thing absent free speech that we can do to express our dissent and that’s to slaughter you like dogs, and you’re gonna have it coming and your children will deserve to die.”

Address of Andrew Auernheimer:

2038 W. Grace Street

Richmond VA 23220-2004


Andrew Auernheimer has an adopted black brother named Anthony Matisse Auernheimer. The Facebook profile of Anthony Matisse Auernheimer is at https://www.facebook.com/AnthonyAuernheimer

Andrew Auernheimer also has a relative named David W Auernheimer. The Facebook profile of David Auernheimer is at https://www.facebook.com/david.auernheimer.9

Andrew Auernheimer also has a relative named Marie Auernheimer. The Facebook profile of Marie Auernheimer is at https://www.facebook.com/marie.auernheimer

Andrew Auernheimer also has a relative named Wil Auernheimer. The Facebook profile of Wil Auernheimer is at https://www.facebook.com/wil.auernheimer

Kiwi Farms former co-administrator Dynastia and Fagnasty is Matthew D. Craig at 76 Wyong Road, Cremorne, New South Wales 2090, Australia.

The brother of Matthew Craig is James Craig at 76 Wyong Road, Cremorne, New South Wales 2090, Australia. The LinkedIn profile of James Craig is at https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-craig-961256

The father of Matthew Craig is David Craig at 76 Wyong Road, Cremorne, New South Wales 2090, Australia.

The mother of Matthew Craig is Cheryl Craig at 76 Wyong Road, Cremorne, New South Wales 2090, Australia.

This is the Craig family company:

Cogs Solutions Pty Ltd
Po Box 220
Cremorne, NSW 2090, Australia
Phone: 299531491

Cogs Solutions Pty Ltd is a privately held company in Cremorne, NSW and is a Single Location business.
Categorized under Computer Programming Services.
Cogs Solutions Pty Ltd
Phone: 299531491
Name: David Craig
Job Title: Director

Jason Pullara is a software engineer at TalkPoint, a PGi company. Jason Pullara lives in Staten Island, New York. Jason Pullara is a cyberbully on Kiwi Farms and a donor to Kiwi Farms. This is indicated by his profile LordKaT being designated as a “true and honest fan.”

The LinkedIn profile of Jason Pullara is https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonpullara/

The Facebook account of Jason Pullara is https://www.facebook.com/lordkat

TalkPoint, a PGi company, is a bad company for employing someone as evil as Jason Pullara.

Contact Jason Pullara’s employer at info@talkpoint.com

Here is a biography of Jason Pullara from https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3975759/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm

Jason Pullara was born on June 16, 1982 in Staten Island, New York, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Until We Win (2009), Atop the Fourth Wall (2008) and Kickassia (2010).

Here is personal information of David Alfonzo Poole from his Facebook account:

Amsterdam, Netherlands (current). Davis, California (past).

University of Amsterdam · Guest Researcher · October 2016 to present · Amsterdam, Netherlands

Co-op intern · January 2016 to July 2016 · South San Francisco, California

California Dept of Public Health · Research scientist · 14 April 2010 to 31 March 2016 · Richmond, California

California Dept. of Food and Ag · Scientific Aid · 10 October 2009 to 13 April 2010 · Sacramento, California

TJH2B · Lab Technician · June 2009 to September 2009 · Sacramento, California

Family members and relatives of Kiwi Farms cyberbully David Poole aka David Alfonzo Poole:

Mother: Andrea Warfield

Aunts: Audrey Hammons, Julie Goll

Uncle: Brian Goll

Cousins: Alecia Thompson, Emily Hammons, Georgia Hammons, Nicole Broch Alvarez, Samantha Goll

David Alfonzo Poole is a donor to Kiwi Farms. This is indicated by his profile GethN7 being designated as a “true and honest fan.”

Brent Laabs is buddies with Connor Evans aka Connor Evans-Martin and David Alfonzo Poole aka David Poole, despite being repeatedly told about their cyberbullying activities. He lets Connor Evans aka Connor Evans-Martin and David Alfonzo Poole aka David Poole moderate his All the Tropes website. Brent Laabs’ dad is Stephen Laabs and his mom is Taffy Walker.

Brent Laabs’ address, phone number, email addresses, and date of birth are as follows:

2844 Porter Lane
Ventura, CA 93003

phone: 805-701-1123 or 805-340-4734



DATE OF BIRTH: April 14, 1982

Jaime Cassidy

Jaime Cassidy (online aliases: Jaimas, DarkJaimas) is a moderator of Kiwi Farms and a friend of the cyberbully Joshua Conner Moon.


Brian F Cassidy
Bonnie J Cassidy
Deirdre Cassidy

Current address of Jaime Cassidy:

600 Park Ave Huntington New York 11743-3833

External links

White Pages

Contact information of Roy Geiger:

4217 E. Winchester Rd.

Las Cruces, NM

(575) 636-5548

Email: i.am.epic.da@gmail.com

Ethan Oliver Ralph aka Ethan Ralph is a convicted felon who assaulted a cop and is a supporter of Josh Moon aka Joshua Moon aka Joshua Conner Moon and Kiwi Farms. These are addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for Ethan Ralph:
532 Lois Marie Cove, West Memphis, AR, 72301-4108
1509 Bangle Drive, Richmond, VA 23224-6503
Cellphone: (501) 732-5103
Other: (870) 732-6657

Sandra Briggs Ralph aka Sandra Ralph is the mother of Ethan Oliver Ralph aka Ethan Ralph. Her phone number is (501) 733-1705 and her Facebook account is

Goa Labs in Singaraja, a town in northern Bali, Indonesia, is a client of Joshua Conner Moon’s company, 1776 Solutions, LLC, doing business as 1776 Hosting. Goa Labs designed LizAndReneWedding.com and this website is being hosted by Joshua Moon’s company, 1776 Solutions, LLC, doing business as 1776 Hosting. Don’t do business with Goa Labs in Singaraja, a town in northern Bali, Indonesia.

We call upon family members and relatives of cyberbullies on Kiwi Farms to take whatever actions they can to stop the cyberbullies on Kiwi Farms.

Reminder: Kiwi farms are nazi incels

Joshua Conner Moon has been quietly trying to make a comeback as a YouTuber and has set up a patreon. If you could all report him and make them aware of the kind of violence they are enabling (for a reminder click here):


Mainstream platforms such as Youtube and Patreon cannot be seen to condone or tolerate white supremacist violence, not forgetting the systematic targeting of vulnerable adults. We need to remind them of that.

Halal? Is it me you’re cooking for?

There are 2 billion Muslims in the world, the majority of them observing halal practices such as the slaughter of animals for food or redistribution of wealth (for example). Halal means permissible, whether this refers to consumption of food products or platonic interactions between the sexes or a bank account that does not accumulate interest, these conditions protect the rights of all human beings to a fair and healthy life.

Muslims, like Jews, and even some Christian factions do not consume pork which is deemed haraam, a sin. Contrary to popular myth it is not because it is a dirty animal but because pork is a perishable meat and prone to parasites like trichinella. From a health perspective it made sense to avoid it 1500-2000 years ago in the middle east but in these times of modern refrigeration and advances in microbiology this argument falls short for those of us who trust in science. God gave us the guidelines, sure, but he also gave us a brain. However, halal does not only refer to the animals that are permitted but the way in which they are slaughtered. There is nothing inherently haraam about a chicken but it is not halal until it is drained of blood in a specific way, whilst the butcher also recites a prayer. Chicken that is prepared for human consumption using western methods is referred to as ‘makruh’, a ‘disliked’ or ‘offensive’ act but in my personal experience, it is not so offensive to some Muslims. In places where halal food is not readily available, makruh is acceptable. The consumption of meat is sunnah; a tradition or way of doing things as the prophet did. There are guidelines for halal marriage and a sunnah to observe, the wedding party should be fed a meal of at least one sheep. Meat consumption is central to a Muslim’s way of life (although there are further hadiths – kinda like the gospels – warning of the dangers of consuming too much).

It bothers me then, that so many white supremacist westerners see fit to take issue with the way other people conduct their faith. Halal rage is a tried and tested trick to whip fascists into a frenzy over faux concerns for animal welfare and Toblerone is the latest to face their ire. A halal certification does not mean a product contains halal ingredients necessarily, it just means it is not haraam. Air is halal. Water is halal. Breathe and drink to your heart’s content unless you are a white supremacist I guess.

It’s not animal welfare they’re concerned with though, if it were they’d start closer to home and consider all the horrific animal abuses Europeans are guilty of, and do something about it. Take Ortolan, the French ‘delicacy’ whereby the bird is placed in a dark cage where it reacts by gorging itself on grain. Once it is sufficiently stuffed it is thrown into a vat of Armagnac where it drowns and marinates. Diners place a napkin on their heads to hide their shame from God yet this practice evades the attention of rabid racists. The French are frogs except when they are white nationalists and allies to other white supremacists. It’s perfectly fine to force feed geese and ducks until their livers are so fatty and diseased they can be sold as a delicacy for exorbitant amounts.

The French are not alone in their barbaric butchery. In Spain lechon, or suckling pig is slaughtered between the ages of 2 and 6 weeks. The method of slaughter is harrowing, the squealing babies are impaled then thrown onto a heap of dying gurgling piglets. It is slow and torturous, from the moment they are torn from their mother’s teat – hence the name lechon, leche meaning milk – and slaughtered without a glance back to witness the suffering or even acknowledge it as such. With hellish conduct like this it is bizarre to consider the comparatively humane method of halal slaughter – and indeed kosher – as somehow more offensive to the genteel sensibilities of the enlightened European. Plucking newborn animals from their mothers maximizes suffering, whether lechon or veal, and it is forbidden in Islam.

No, the fascists don’t care much for the wellbeing of animals, they care only about white supremacy. The idea that there is a company going around, offering deals to manufacturers in exchange for favours, in this case halal certification, is not new. The fascists are afraid Muslims are doing to them what they did to the Muslim world (and beyond). They’re thinking about the East India Trading Company and all the sly manoeuvres they made, coming under the guise of merchants doing business, upending entire nations in the creation of white supremacist imperialism. Without the East India Trading Company there’d be no USA, no British empire, no divisions between the colonies they would subjugate and raze to the ground.

White supremacists don’t care if you kill animals for food, they want everyone to eat bacon sandwiches. Nope, they’re just afraid the chickens are coming home to roost.

More in common with Prince Harry

I’m not a fan or a royalist, I’m not writing this for any other reason than posterity. For this particular purpose we have more in common than that which divides us, if the news reports are anything to go by. A group of nazis on the internet have been tracked down and arrested for terror offences against the prince and his exotic bride. Members of the atomwaffen/sonnenkrieg division, an American neo nazi gaming site have made threats to kill Prince Harry for being a ‘race traitor’. A 17 year old from London, 18 year old from Portsmouth and 21 year old from Bath have been arrested although they deny the charges.

Atomwaffen, like the nazi site kiwi farms, is a forum for emotionally/developmentally stunted caucasian males (and the odd East Asian and Jew who’ve identified whiteness as the ultimate get out of jail card) who can’t get laid and live in their mum’s basement, spanking their marmoset furiously over a dream they’re going to genocide people of colour some day (as if that would give any meaning to their worthless amoebic lives). Atomwaffen, like the neo nazi site kiwi farms, is linked to the murders of multiple victims, including Blaze Bernstein, a 19 year old Jewish student who was brutally slain whilst visiting his parents. Samuel Woodward, a former classmate and member of atomwaffen was arrested and charged with murder.

The parallels between atomwaffen and kiwi farms are clear to see, not least of all the troubling body count. I find it hard to believe authorities would have allowed men of colour forums in which they described murder and sexual abuse of white women for even a short while, yet groups like kiwi farms and atomwaffen have been given the freedom to propagate sexual violence against women of colour and incitement to murder and even terrorism without so much as a ripple from those who have the power to make them stop. If West Midlands police had done something in 2014, when I reported stacks of racist rape and death threats against me by nazi gamers, perhaps they wouldn’t have proliferated so exponentially and been so emboldened as to threaten a prince. I mean, they really believe their own hype. To be fair, consequences have been a little thin on the ground, in that there have been none. Perhaps these fledgling nazis are so confident in the support they receive from the establishment, the justice system and media they actually believe they are more powerful than a prince who is 6th in line to the British throne. When you look at the ways in which the media presents Meghan Markle, how it portrays her as a thorn in Kate’s side, drip feeding unfavourable quotes from ‘sources close to the royal family’ (probably that golliwog wearing climber of kent or even that racist old fart in law, so many to choose), they are telling the world she is an outsider, and we know they mean cos she’s black.

When scores of teenagers were getting ill and dying as a result of thinspiration styled sites encouraging starvation and self harm, campaigners were able to get those sites banned. No free speech nazis demanding the right to be indoctrinated by harmful gurus and being validated and yet when we bring up the subject of nazi incel forums and how hate speech is not free speech, we get shut down because the people who have the power to change things are white men and they have more in common with pubescent nazis than they do with the women of colour they target.

Take for example the BBC’s decision to publish an image that Atomwaffen nazis made depicting Harry getting a shot to head with the caption ‘race traitor’. The image was taken down after a complaint from the royal household. It was argued that the BBC were giving unnecessary exposure to an item that could compromise the safety of the royal couple. I quite agree, those who persistently platform nazi propaganda are collaborators at the very least. The BBC have in the past allowed a member of the public to flaunt his swastika tattoo without challenge from the presenters. They have consistently favoured fascists like Farage, platforming him more times that the other party leaders combined in the run up to the last general election.

Harry has the power to do something and demand accountability. He’s come some way from the nazi armband wearing youth who perhaps regrets his past. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out and whether the powers that be are ready to admit they failed to do their jobs and all in the name of white supremacy.

White Supremacy Kills Jews

The police have launched an investigation into allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party, an extraordinary feat considering they are usually too frightened to do anything about other pressing societal issues like establishment child sex abuse (lest they upset the ethnics for their cultural practices) and tory electoral fraud, which is oh so politically sensitive (and might get them sacked). A dossier was handed to the police by an LBC journalist, those bastions of anti racist activism. I’ve tried to report racism to the cops before but been on the wrong end of a white supremacist agenda and somehow ended up being warned for my political beliefs, because I could kill all the men without batting an eyelid, obviously.

It’s been almost a week since I was suspended from Twitter for calling a white supremacist a dirty rat. I haven’t stopped thinking about the 11 Jewish elders brutally murdered by a white supremacist. Robert Bowers, a white American male reported to have an online presence demonstrating a “vitriolic hatred of Jewish people and other bigotry” has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his 11 victims and although we all know he did it, recovering as he is from the multiple gunshots he sustained in the showdown with Pittsburgh police, in which a couple of officers were also injured, Bowers most likely believes he can get away with it. In what world could a man of colour shoot 11 people to death and injure law enforcement but still escape with their life intact, free to claim up is down an blame someone else for his barbaric actions? Not in this white man’s world. But Bowers is going to have a go. His white privilege will protect him, it has so far.

The white supremacist establishment have made themselves clear; racism against black and brown people does not exist but antisemitism is criminal behaviour. This will hurt Jews ultimately but 84% do not care about that currently, so long as those socialist bastards don’t get in. I wonder if the 84% are willing to consider a white supremacist killed 11 Jews because he is white and Jews are a threat to white supremacy. No? Not even out of respect for memory? Or personal safety? Of the 84% of Jews afraid of Corbyn’s socialist vision for all ethnicities, how many would consider themselves white? How many are European? How many are white passing?

Surely an interesting study to undertake given the implications of such an investigation by the police? That the people who suffer most as a result of ethno-religious conflict in Britain today is its minority of white passing Jews? Just not Muslims. Or travellers. Or black people. What an unpredictable twist. And by that I mean predictably twisted and untrue.