FYI: Kiwi Farms linked to at least 2 murders and 4 suicides

josh and candy weirdness

(Admin of Kiwi Farms, Joshua Conner Moon – now known as James Gabriel Potter according to some court documentation – with his mother Candy Potter who has supported her son despite him being a murderous paedophile nazi, and lost her job because of it)



Kiwi Farms user William Atchison committed school shootings in which he shot two Hispanic kids and himself, as you can see here:


Kiwi Farms user Lindsay Kanittha Souvannarath attempted a mass murder at a mall:

Kiwi Farms has been promoting violence against different minorities.


Kiwi Farms had about 200 webpages bullying a teenaged girl named Julie Terryberry and she committed suicide:

Julie Terryberry committed suicide after Kiwi Farms bullying

Now Kiwi Farms is proud of causing this suicide and brags about it.

A second Kiwi Farms victim named Chloe Sagal committed suicide after being relentlessly cyberbullied on Kiwi Farms:

UPDATE: Chance Carmichael’s death.

We reported that Chance Carmichael had committed suicide (in October 2018), as a result of cyberbullying by members of Kiwi Farms. While it’s true that Kiwi Farms members had been attempting to bully Chance and that they had also celebrated his death on the Kiwi Farms forum (I have removed the link out of respect for Chance’s family) I have since been contacted by a family member and advised that Chance actually died of natural causes and not, as Kiwi Farms were claiming, as a result of suicide. I’d like to express my regret and offer my sincerest apologies for any distress this misinformation might have caused Chance’s family and I hope this correction will help to make things better.

Kiwi Farms caused an individual named Nicholas McCrary to commit suicide. Kiwi Farms celebrated this suicide too:

After causing four suicides, Joshua Conner Moon (or James Gabriel Potter) proudly posted a kill count on his Kiwi Farms website, which indicates that Joshua Moon (James Potter) is trying to cause as many suicides as possible.

This is the latest dossier on Joshua Conner Moon/James Gabriel Potter and Kiwi Farms cyberbullies:

What good is law enforcement in the UK and US when a notorious neo nazi incel site is allowed to promote and enable such violent crimes, resulting in the deaths of vulnerable young people and adults, and yet still be allowed to continue to operate?

‘Thinspiration’ sites were condemned a few years back and taken off the internet when it appeared they were directly linked to the deaths of vulnerable teenagers. What is it about Kiwi Farms that protects them from the justice system? The fact that they are white men? Are the authorities hesitant to act because the ramifications of telling white men they cannot bully and threaten to kill or even kill minorities would have a knock on effect on the rest of society? Kiwi Farms is an extension of the white supremacist state, it would seem.

If the law says it is not possible (and I don’t believe it does), change the law.


  1. It’s hilarious how Joshua Assmoon admits to hating ALL furries, yet his site is used by furries and he doesn’t ban them.
    Also Neko = Furry.


  2. I think it’s ironic that they say “thank God” when they find out these people committed suicide. God wants his children to live. Suicide is what Satan would want, idiots!
    Seriously, Kill… Them… ALL.

    ~A proud hater of Kiwi Farms.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m a KF target. Have been for 3 years. This targeting was a mistake so huge it will serve as the nail in KF coffin. Joshua knows this.

    I have deep ties to people Joshua fears and if he is smart he will shut the site down completely and pray God has mercy on his soul.

    Liked by 1 person

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