End Kiwifarms Now

A few weeks back I was locked out of my Twitter account for suicidal ideation. I suspected this was the work of nazi incels who’d been monitoring my every move on social media and the resulting misery was compounded by the sense Twitter was using its safety guidelines to further victimise targets of far right extremists. It was happily enabling them, but to be fair, it always has.

Chloe Sagal, a young trans woman from Portland Oregon was hounded by the same people who doxed me. She had been stalked mercilessly, her life scrutinised and twisted beyond the pale, just like mine. Described as ‘brilliant but tortured’ by her friends she was an activist, a force for change but sadly the real life demons that haunted her succeeded in their campaign to kill her spirit and end her life. She wrote in her suicide note:

“My death cannot be silent. It has to be loud and political. My entire life, my experience, my education has led up to this moment. I can only expect trauma and death from my existence.”

This resonates. What must it take to feel so isolated, so alone and battered by the tide of unending misery the only solution is a violent death? It’s a thought that often keeps me awake. Yet even in the depths of my own despair I cannot fathom the level of anguish and sheer numbness that would lead me to self immolation.

Kiwifarms get off on the suffering of others. They target the people no one else cares about and that’s why they’ve been around since 2014, the year I had my first run in with them, and as it turns out Chloe did too. 4 years of nazi incels being allowed to network and organise, connecting fascists from the Americas to Australia. I reported them to the police in 2014 and regretted it. The cops didn’t care, they said I should log off and warned me for using a feminist slogan. How will they now answer for the murders and suicides committed by the same fascist rapists targeting me and Chloe and about another 1500 individuals, selected for their vulnerability to mental illness?

How many people need to die for these sadistic sons of bitches to be brought to heel? It was barely a week ago we heard about Rizzydraws, a stranger from Indonesia who was outed as gay by KF to the homophobic Indonesian authorities which led to him taking his own life. Kiwifarms were gleefully celebrating this all over Twitter. They blamed others for Rizzydraws suicide. Similarly in the wake of Chloe’s passing, kiwifarms were on Twitter apportioning blame to other trans women. It’s another one of their tactics, to pour salt into the wounds of grieving friends of their victims, like the sadistic savages they are. Julie Terryberry was just 18 and they cheered her death without a single paranoid thought that someone might take serious issue with it and come for them. They have acted with impunity and they’ve been allowed to. We tried to tell the authorities, we were victimised again. In those moments the cops and kiwifarms were on the same side.

They can’t afford to ignore it anymore, the death toll is rising. If only Chloe hadn’t felt so isolated, so alone and unheard she felt her most valid contribution would come from her dying. I wish I didn’t feel the same way.

Update: I’ve been informed Rizzy has recovered from their suicide attempt. Sending best wishes, sorry you were ever in that position.



  1. I am currently a target of a thread. I had to shut my Tumblr down because there was a huge influx of hate. I now have my twitter locked down and my FB completely on private and have to hope that they aren’t contacting people via my linked-in. I have been having boughts of suicidal ideation and depression since I came home from the hospital from surgery and they haven’t stopped, if anything they have doubled-down. I have no doubt they’ll post this, too. I’ve been stalked before, when a man hacked my Youtube account in 2010 and doxxed my personal information, my home phone was filled with threats. I still deal with the trauma. My mental health has been in the toilet and I’ve fought off constant self-harming thoughts. I don’t know if there’s a way out but I hope so, otherwise I’m not going to live much longer.


    1. I feel you. Please know they are sick and they need to be stopped and it’s not a reflection on you. You’re supposed to feel wretched when you are being stalked, that’s human. The net is closing in on Josh Moon and his sick little crew of monsters.

      You are not alone.

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      1. There are working groups trying to achieve exactly that. I’ve taken a step back for a bit, dealing with poor health but I’m happy to host any information you find.


      2. Wanted to let you know that I’m going straight in and challenging the law head on in court that protects KF and other sites. It’s the only way this madness will stop, if that law (47 U.S.C. 230 (C)(1)) comes down.

        Sorry for messaging you continuously. Most people I try to talk to about this don’t really want to listen because they don’t understand. But you and I seem pretty aligned with goals.

        Oh, and Merry Christmas!


      3. It’s really disgusting that that fat slob has 37 Patreons. Again, if you can send me a link or something that shows he was already banned from the site, I will reach out personally to Patreon with a phone call. I just need pre-existing documentation to show. 🙂


      4. I can’t remember where it is but it certainly exists. I’m gonna have a dig around. It’s a shame I’m suspended on Twitter, we targeted his enablers on there for a while.


      1. He knows he’s stalking us, he gets a kick out of it. This is the problem with white supremacy, it lets every pointless piece of shit think they’re entitled to something and they’ll keep pushing the line until someone gets hurt. The authorities would have done something about this sooner if it didn’t in some way benefit them.


      2. I agree with your earlier statement about inside jobs. A user on Facebook has managed to make themselves invisible to me and has managed to use the laughing emoji thing to harass and inundate me. I can’t block the person because he or she is using some sort of weird tech to be invisible and stalk me. It’s so weird.


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