Death Threats (and the rest)

I’ve been tweeting at Twitter for more than 24hrs to remove the account in the first screenshot with no success.

This account has been functioning for quite some time and it is our belief it was set up to harass and intimidate one of our friends.

When I became aware of them I asked Twitter to suspend the account for transphobia. The person behind the account tweeted those words about me, taking advantage of a disagreement between me and a real life friend.

24 hours I’ve been tweeting, as have many of my supporters and nothing from Twitter.

The other tweets, the death threats, those were aimed at me for telling a friend that she could report the death threats leveled at her, to the police and if they were taken seriously, as was the case for Caroline Criado Perez, then they were looking at jail time. So how did they respond? As if they knew it didn’t matter.

I was surprised to see the most recent perpetrators were swiftly suspended yet the account that called me a Paki yesterday shows as an ‘internal server error’. This leads me to believe Twitter has not deleted the account, but the user has suspended to lay low perhaps?

Well, I’m doing what I am always advising others not to do because there clearly is no alternative; I have reported these threats to kill to the police.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Update: Wishing bigots would just die is not the same as white men routinely threatening to rape/kill me Cathy. But nice of you to clarify your position.





  1. Hay cosas en la vida que no se pueden acceptar. It’s not okay for people treat other people in such a way. I don’t know Ms. Ambreen, but those disgusting, hateful tweets against her have made me her ally imediatly. Also, if Cathy Brennen hates you, you must be doing something good.


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