Mediocre Asians in Media

It is at times like these I wish I had a Twitter account so I could summarise what I think of ‘The Real Nihal’ (never come across a fake one, or even another) without resorting to an entire blog post because it takes more energy than I’m willing to give.

(Nitin Sawney providing some crucial balance to the token coconut narrative)

The banal Nihal has form for coconuttery. When the narcissistic sociopath Priti Patel was made home secretary, many people of colour objected to the notion it was a win for the South Asian diaspora, but Nihal had other ideas. He ignored my twenty thousand tweets (that I can no longer share because I was maliciously suspended) because we lowlier plebs don’t register on their radar. I can’t say he was that different in person, I’ve sat at a table with Nihal and Bobby Friction, knocked back a shot bought in the same round yet barely exchanged a hello or glance because I am a nobody and struggle to whip up the requisite hero worship. That’s fine, I don’t need acknowledgement as you well know, but it’s always tickled me how they buy into their own hype and forget they are just human, and fallible, and patently self indulgent fence-sitting tools of white supremacy. I was suspended from Twitter because I said “as a left wing Asian I reject right wing Asians” as was my right in a supposed democracy. They spout love for supposedly British values but only when it applies to people like them.

Good job I get by on spite.

Nihal was apparently stunned by John Barnes’ suggestion to overthrow capitalism as one solution to end racism. I applaud John for his radical honesty and his exceptional analysis, for someone who did well under capitalism he is still willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. Not our Nihal though, he knows he’d be toast in a post capitalist world. There is only room for 1 Asian, 2 if you’re pushing it, in any mainstream media setting, newsroom or otherwise, I have personally witnessed this. Nihal has managed to sustain himself as a token poc in an increasingly hostile white supremacist country. Just why is that? I know I was pushed out of (public sector) jobs for objecting to casual racism and racialised misogyny, 2/3 of white people consider it a human right (free speech apparently).

As a second generation immigrant growing up in the 90s we were a shining example of multiculturalism so a lot of the division between black and brown sections of Twitter bewildered me, even more so when I learnt of the exceptional bonds forged between socialists of all colonised nations prior to 1940s-50s with McCarthyism slamming the book shut (for good so they thought). Look to Nihal if you are similarly confused then hang your head in shame and take the blows. Pitting him against a black man is peak divide and conquer.

100,000 lanats to you Nihal, for being a useless idiot.

(I am not linking any of the news articles because thus far all of the offerings are in the tone of the Daily Express, alluding to John’s ‘rant’ and ‘calm’ Nihal’s measured response).

As consumers we need to be more conscious of whom we put on to a pedestal.

Take it as read that any poc still thriving in a hostile environment is doing so at your expense.

Happy 10 year anniversary to me, I guess

“If you just tell the truth you have nothing to worry about”

“I might not like what you have to say but I defend your right to free speech”

“You can be anything you want if you put your mind to it”

I grew up believing these were British values and I was very lucky to have access to these things that should be a human right but aren’t because of totalitarian states, many of which we children of immigrants were told we were lucky to have escaped. I believed it, you know, that I was one of the lucky ones.

When I first started blogging on WordPress 10 years ago (a whole 1/4 of my life) white feminists like Caroline Criado Perez and Helen Lewis would read and share my work, calling it rousing and inspirational. I should have known it was performative, that I was being collected like a good little immigrant, and that my mediocre work appealed to their sense of superiority (I cringe when I read some of my earlier stuff because of how blatantly I toe the line), because it asked questions but stopped short of naming the problem. I had struggled with racism my entire life because of how it drained the life out of me, to acknowledge it, knowing it was a trap and would most certainly affect my prospects, however kind or gentle I was, and so I chose to bury my head in the sand, and they loved me for it. I was even recruited to their feminist party. Of course it was rescinded when I finally dared to question the bigots in our midst and they threw me to the wolves but at least I would no longer shy away from calling a racist a racist.

There are a helluva lot of racists on this tiny little rainy fascist island eh?

I told you they were the enablers of fascism didn’t I? I told you nazis were only emboldened by the mainstream liberal press. I told you it was more than half the country too. I said so didn’t I? Proof were it ever needed, with a white working class desperately voting against its own class interests just because they bought the government line that Brexit would ensure a paki exodus and when that didn’t transpire, at least they’re still kicking the Jamaicans out aye? Turfing the Poles and Romanians out was a right crack until we ran into supply chain issues. Who’s gonna drive your lorries now ya numpties? Ze Germans? Keeping my eye on the price of bacon since we decided to cull a bunch for no apparent reason other than the comeuppance for a fuckton of racism and undeserved entitlement. You don’t even deserve a bacon sandwich, ye of the gammon kind.

This is what sovereignty looks like does it? ROFL.

We immigrants are used to giving things up, whether we are priced out of essentials cos you’ve caught on to the latest fad, or having to chop and change our lives at a moment’s notice because we didn’t jump a hoop for you. We can get by on very little and we still understand community, and altruism, lost concepts for the average Briton.

The tory red wall are experiencing a long overdue lesson in this respect; RACISM NEVER PAYS.

That’s your racism tax, that £20 cut.

It’s been a hard decade but I like myself more than I ever have. I don’t frequently think about how I could have been better, what I could have said, or done so that injustice hadn’t won. Even when I lose materialistically I measure it against the weightiness of my heart and think about the steak Gopher describes in the Matrix and how no steak is ever worth the lie.

A white woman was stalked by cops?

When it happened to me, around 2013-14, white feminists pretended I didn’t exist, some even reasoned I deserved it. Serving police officers racially abused me and laughed at me on the internet for expecting protection against racialised threats to rape and kill me and nobody batted an eyelid did they? Easy enough to let your feminist ideals fall to shit than it is to acknowledge your white privilege. I said then if you let it happen to me, it WILL happen to you, such is the nature of a society in which precedence rules.

Imagine if the BBC had reported on the predatory stalking nature of the police force 10 years ago, when they were bullying women like me for calling out the inherent racism of a white supremacist country, whether we’d have even needed a vigil for Sarah Everard.

You (Tories) gave them power, coercive control, cut women’s services, safer taxis, increased the age at which you can claim full benefits, thereby ensuring women cannot leave abusers, all the while increasing police powers so they believe they are above the law. At one demo a copper sneered “spice is right” at me before he tried to kettle me in. I managed to escape but not before I oinked at the bastard, as is my right in a country where the law isn’t fit for purpose and we are forced to seek our own tiny wins.

In a white supremacist world though, my oink trumps his racialised quip, because I dared to fight back.

Couzens was a racist before he killed Sarah Everard. I wonder how many woc were denied justice by the racist cunt. I wonder how many woc have been beaten, raped, kidnapped, murdered, stalked and apprehended by serving police officers but it never makes it to the news.

If white women don’t start tackling these harsh truths they’re on their own, just as we were.

Can I sue the cops for exacerbating my pre-existing CPTSD? Can you help me do this?

What my heart did after I published this post. I usually have a resting rate 72-77.

Downton Abbey: My Review

As with any pop culture that posits the upper classes as the protagonists, I struggled to care about Downton Abbey, even at the height of its popularity. As a tween I had (thought I had) enjoyed House of Elliot and re-runs of Upstairs, Downstairs though I couldn’t tell you anything about them, apart from the fact they felt intensely familiar. There is something about the way the British upper classes conduct themselves that hails back to a golden age for the South Asian diaspora, at least in my community. We might not have the material wealth to show for it (seeing as it was looted an’ all) but we enjoy elaborate dinners, have no problem hunting for our food, and keep the wealth (and all our dirty secrets) in the family, much like the British establishment. Yet as an adult with a somewhat heightened class consciousness there was something utterly revolting about Downton in its opening sequence that prevented me from watching it. I had tried when it first aired, but the gusto with which my then white mother-in-law-to-be had for it put me off, not least because she was completely swept away by the entirely inappropriate ‘May-December’ love affair between Anna the lady’s maid and Bates, his lordship’s butler (I still cannot abide their scenes together, either gagging my way through or skipping them altogether. Many thanks to Netflix for providing a handy forward 10 secs button).

I made another attempt following a discussion with a middle class pal, who’d been upwardly mobile but even he didn’t have the stomach for it. Who could blame him? The fawning over of toffs by their inferiors is truly a wretched sight to behold, and serves only as propaganda to legitimise the idea some are more deserving, and that this is ascribed at birth, irrespective of virtuousness (coincidentally it was the British whom inflicted primogeniture on the Mughals in India, ensuring the first born as heir, regardless of deserving).

None of the characters were particularly endearing for a start, not even the service staff (especially not and perhaps deliberately so). Mr Carson, the head butler is the worst of class traitors, bowing and scraping like a well-kempt Herman Munster, betraying his basic humanity to elevate himself to the role of man servant, and gatekeeper to a better future for his subordinates. Any time one of the lowlier staff members tries to make a dash for it, he shames them for their ambition as if they have no right. We’ve all encountered his kind, at their core is a burning self hatred and submitting to their ‘betters’ is an act of self flagellation, through which they are purified. It is a shameful thing indeed.

I had a breakthrough a few years back (possibly because I’d run out of things to watch). I was tickled by Lady Mary’s accent, mainly because the actress who plays her, Michelle Dockery, as talented as she is, can morph herself into anyone from anywhere, and it sounded so natural for her that I was confused as to why she spoke in an estuary accent for her interviews. I find myself mimicking it perfectly whenever there is call for derision, tongue firmly in cheek. In fact, I am proofreading this post in it right now. It’s so condescending, I love it.

As versatile as she is, I was perhaps a bit annoyed at her for taking on the role of her oppressors. Hailing from Romford, the daughter of a care home assistant and lorry driver, she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth and must be aware of what dramas like Downton serve to protect, the entitlement of the ruling classes. She either believes in what she is portraying, or she is furthering her own lot in life regardless of what it means for society as a whole. Downton lowered Dockery in my esteem and for this I was sad. I had very much enjoyed her work in Good Behaviour and Godless and whilst her acting is exemplary in Dowtown (is it acting though?) it changed who I thought she was as a person. In fact it did so for all the characters, Dame Maggie Smith isn’t a harmless old British stalwart, anymore than Hugh Bonneville, they actively promote the worst of Britain’s landed gentry (ie those landowners who believe they rightfully rule the world, because they personally panned for all that gold, and didn’t steal it from my ancestors). She is on hand to spin the truth till it no longer resembles even a shell of it, bestowing upon her class traitor grandson in law titles to make him appear more palatable to the other snobs. She is a liar but who cares when she is so charming in her nudge winkery? This is what the British ruling classes exemplify, projecting a veneer of respectability when they are anything but behind the facade. Another shared attribute with the community I was raised in.

Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the scenes in which Lady Mary romps with the Turkish attache Mr Pemuk (son of one of the Sultan’s ministers). The blatant racism and gratuitous self aggrandising aside.. “a little hospitality in an English house may make all the difference to the outcome” (for an independent Albania) – puke.. covering up the sudden death of someone she had just bedded, lying about her chastity (these are their rules, remember, not mine), and involving her own mother in the execution of said cover up, should have been enough to destroy any idea of deserving this family had about themselves but they just brush it under the carpet, and pretend it never happened, even when it is brought up by the Turkish embassy. To have such power you can lie so convincingly, and to officials, to have your own working class staff bolster the lie, to protect the shaky honour of your family.. well, how Pakistani is that? I might not like the characters very much, heck I could say the same about my own family members, but I was hooked. Something about Downton spoke to my disordered brain, because they are not normal, and they do believe they are above the bounds of what is respectful and fair (as did my caregivers).

In the last series there is a discussion between Lady Rose and Lord and Lady Grantham in which they refer to the murder of Rosa Luxemburg. Lady Rose has invited Miss Bunting, a local socialist and potential romantic interest of the class traitor son in law Tom to supper as a thank you for all the work she has been doing with Daisy, the kitchen maid, much to the chagrin of her uncle, Lord Grantham, who refers to her as a ‘tinpot Rosa Luxemburg’. Lady Rose asks who she is and Cora explains that she was a communist who was shot and thrown into a river and quips that Lord Grantham wouldn’t wish such a fate on Miss Bunting to which he scoffs and grumbles like the idea isn’t so bad after all.. THIS is the true face of the British establishment. It makes a rare appearance in this televised propaganda, it is cushioned and nestled between sanctimonious airs and graces that betray the predatory and inconsequential criminality of those who believe they are superior. In my experience, the moment you profess to any kind of higher consciousness you are in fact revealing yourself to be less worthy than a can of spam with a broken key.

If it seems like I have a problem with authority, let me be clear I do not. I crave legitimate authority, because it does not exist in this capitalist world and standards have slipped beyond my worst expectations. This is what happens when money talks and integrity falls by the wayside. In fact one such example features in Downton, that I somehow glazed over the first time I watched it, Lord Grantham discovers he has lost his wife’s immense fortune after the first world war, placing the future of Downton and his entire family at risk. He did this by taking a gamble, wrongly believing he’d be quids in and rolling in it. Imagine you are Robert Crawley, seeing your entire village packed off to war, knowing many of them would die in the worst possible ways and still having the greedy belly and narcissistic sociopathy of mind to invest in companies that profit from war, built upon the blown apart corpses of the working classes. He says all this like it isn’t morally repugnant and he didn’t get what he deserved, losing it all. Of course this is exactly the sort of reprehensible behaviour we are protesting to this very day, the fortune 500 trying to trick us into war every time there is conflict, because they relish it and all its spoils. They are sadistic and inhuman, why do we still put up with it?

Any working class character not in the employ of the Grantham family is instantly dislikeable, a chancer, an opportunist, driving home the point that to protest the grandeur of the immensely privileged is a question of one’s own inadequacies. They gloss over the facts, that it is the working classes who overwhelmingly suffer a country’s lot, be that war or recession. They focus on the woes of the officer class, convalescing in the grandest halls of Downton whilst any mention of the fate of the working classes is shadowed by tales of cowardice, from the execution of Mrs Patmore’s shell-shocked nephew to under butler Thomas’ self inflicted hand injury, just so he can escape the war before it is his time. For the aspirational ones, they can never shake off the constraints of generational poverty, the returning Gwen is humiliated by one of her former peers, insinuating she is a raconteur who has betrayed her roots, simply because she failed to reveal her former connections to the family, as a lowly chamber maid. Lady Mary reacts as though she were deceived, but it was easy enough for her to come to this conclusion, because they believe the working classes are untrustworthy and on some level, the ruling classes are counting on a comeuppance.

They never seem to address the looted wealth either, where it all came from, how they achieved their titles and lands, which is strange because it is all I can see whenever I watch a period piece. Compare and contrast depictions of pre Elizabethan Britain with the Regency era, such an explosion of wealth and good taste, seemingly out of thin air, much like their enlightenment. It is why I cannot watch The Crown, even though I’ve done at least a couple of runs of Downton now, there is a degree of make believe with the latter that cannot be said of the former. The scenes in Kenya had me poised to fling my laptop out the window, the smugness and unapologetic inhumanity, those values that caricaturise the British establishment, I just didn’t have the stomach for it. And it is gut churning. In what else do the British excel, if not hypocrisy and unabashed racism?

I’ve focused a little on psyops in my recent posts and this is yet another arm of that. What better way to control (sections of) the rising masses by triggering their genetic predisposition as the bearers of multiple injustices? We all know about the holocaust and the ways in which survivors of that genocide were compensated for their suffering. Who can say the same for the black and brown peoples who were similarly extinguished by cruel and unusual Europeans striving for racial purity and supremacy? Why do the Germans hang their heads in woe when the Belgians, British and French (for eg) laud themselves as keepers of our collective moral compass? They rule by inflicting anxiety and confusion on their historical victims. The horror on the faces of the Grantham lot when Lady Rose invites the black jazz musician Jack Ross and his band to perform for Lord Grantham on his birthday, as though they were to be imminently hung drawn and quartered for their stolen jewels, once again flipped my gut on its side, as it does any time I see that look befall any pale faced deceiver. How dare they? The oppressor is at once the oppressed, giving the outsider no choice but to pander to their every whim, to prove they are not as savage as they have been depicted. If we were so savage, how did they win?

“You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din” is said a number of times during the show. What better example of British duplicity and slyness than this dishonest statement? No doubt Gunga’s head was spinning from all the psyops, just like mine. For if we were to sit back and think about it for a minute, we shouldn’t care whether they say we are savage or not and treat them as we have been treated. You can’t appeal to their humanity, they have none.

Predictably, as with any other time the dreaded issue of slavery raises its ugly head we have a well meaning Englishman remind us it was the British who led the charge against it, conveniently erasing the lapsed Brits who took it to America with them. It’s quite amusing the way the UK and US distance themselves from each other when it suits. Mr Carson proudly quotes Lord Henley’s judgment of 1763, whitesplaining his way out of accountability: “If a man sets foot on English soil then he is free”.. tell that to the Windrush generation, why don’t you? I can’t say I’ve felt free at all since 9/11, my every move dissected for proof I am a terrorist. With the new AUKUS pact for military supremacy you could erase the words of any well meaning English speaking man of the last few hundred years, at least.

None of their pop culture propaganda stands up to scrutiny but who cares when so many Americans are swept away by Downton and keeping those royalty checks rolling in? The absence of people of colour for the most part is certainly why the yanks just can’t get enough, but this is another fallacy British film and tv makers seem happy to perpetuate, that Britain was whiter than white right up until after the second world war. Granted there weren’t the numbers there were today (and even those are greatly inflated) but given that the first curry house was established in 1810, period dramas serve as a propaganda for something that just isn’t historically true. They might have tried to erase every last black and brown body off the face of the earth but they missed some of us.

When the British decreed a genocide against my ancestors, the Mughals, they demanded an end to the Timurid line, chasing and killing everyone they could find. Clearly, some of us survived. I watched with curiosity how the Grantham family shared in the woes of the remaining exiled Romanoffs and how they shamed Tom for being a socialist and in support of “killing little girls in their beds”. How hypocritical it was to allude to the viceroy’s role in India at various points in the show, when they were guilty of much worse over there. It is this split from reality, this psychopathy? sociopathy? that humanises Europeans and demands empathy from even their victims when they are the architects of such destruction and inhumanity, and we, as their victims, can barely get out of bed some days for all the violence embedded in our DNA? My grandmothers were raped by serving British soldiers and left to fend for themselves after the British legally declared them whores because they were not upper class hindus. Where is the justice for that, eh Carson lad?

Downton is a fiction in more ways than one. It is not your “way of life” that is under attack, Lady Mary, but the narrative you have constructed to legitimise your greed. You took from the colonised the concept of good living, that should be a human right not solely reserved for the sociopathic class, and transferred all your worst traits over to us, for example family honour (which can often be found between a daughter’s legs). However we are fast approaching that time in history when the tables are turned. Not a day goes by without a white knight malfunctioning and turning on his very own charges, there is only so much whitewashing the British media can get away with before it becomes endemic, and it will if they carry on ignoring the problem, just like it did in my motherland.

We talk about a deserving and undeserving poor but never the entirely undeserving rich. Perhaps Downton will serve as an example of this when we finally get our revolution. I’d put it on the syllabus for sure.

Who will police the police? Not I

The Met police are urging the public to police plain clothes coppers in the wake of the full life sentence of Sarah Everard’s killer, Wayne Couzens. Given that almost 800 officers have been disciplined for sex related crimes, shall we just extend that to the entire force? This is pretty much what we leftists could hope for of a society in which public services are accountable to each and every one of us but how does this work when the cops have been allowed to act with impunity? You think an entitled copper is just gonna back tf down? Perhaps if he is apprehended by someone as large and white as he is but can you imagine the doubling down if I questioned a suspicious plain clothes cop? I’d be making myself a target, not just from the offending plod in question but all his pals too. Look at Wayne Couzens, he may have raped and murdered Sarah on his own but he had form for racism and misogyny within a wider group. When I reported rape and death threats to West Midlands police I was hounded by self identifying coppers on the internet who thought it was funny I expected protection.

The police are in fact a racist and sexist institution and they can do they own work to fix it, thanks.

If ever you needed to sum up Keir Starmer in a nutshell, this screenshot has it. Virtue signalling at its finest when what we need is tangible change. Who tf cares whether the British deep state has male or female operatives? Like the armed and police forces, they have a prevalence for misogyny and racism and to thrive in that environment you end up just like them. However, I would like it so that fewer women were dying preventable deaths. You could increase funding for women’s services. Do a(nother) review into the institutionally racist and sexist police force. Acknowledge the unchallenged violence of the Tories for eg Mark Field throttling an activist, Boris Johnson domestically abusing his partner, sending his neighbours on the run following death threats, doing away with the safer taxis scheme as soon as he was appointed London mayor.. that kind of thing.. enabling the kind of society we find ourselves in today.

You could sack Dame Cressida Dick.

Of course they won’t, cos they don’t really care.

3 Types of White People

In 2014 I came across a revolutionary chart (by Barnor Hesse) that explained the challenges we as poc face in a white man’s world. It was groundbreaking to see white people being discussed by poc, and not the other way around, as is the norm, and explained why sometimes we feel let down by our supposed allies, because there are degrees to which white people maintain the status quo, that which benefits them first and foremost. Our true allies possess the sort of qualities that rarely come together in ‘normal’ people (strength of character, mindfulness, pure love) especially not when you’ve been handed everything on a plate, and to reject it is to accept a lifetime of struggle, the overlords will make everything harder for those who deny the illusion of white supremacy.

As a white passing poc even I can attest to this.

In the 7 years since I sorted my friends and allies into their identities, a few things have become apparent; we are all human and fallible. We all mistakes, it is how we overcome them that sets us apart. Some of my most faithful allies, who’d stand shoulder to shoulder with me against nazis sometimes say stupid things because we all do, don’t we? It is how we respond to being corrected that should matter, with humility and deference. Of course repeat offenders are just taking the piss and you should cancel them very publicly.

In my experience one has to ascertain very quickly, especially in radical spaces, what kind of white person we are dealing with, friend, foe, or fake news?

In my experience there are 3 types of white people in the UK:

1) those who think of poc as human and worthy of all the same rights (regardless of the messages being pumped out by the state and media) who might sometimes fall short in their allyship because of their own woes

2) the monsters who’d run you over given half a chance (because they genuinely believe in their own superiority, however unfair and undeserved this might seem to the rest of us)

3) fairweather fans who’ll consume your culture, maybe even buy you a pint in times of economic prosperity, sleep with foreigners (cos life is about experiences eh?) to give the impression they are not racist whilst all the while believing profoundly in the idea they rule the world because they deserve it. They can’t say this out loud because it sounds racist. Ironically they think they the smartest of all, maintaining white supremacy and avoiding scrutiny for it, but they are the worst humanity has to offer, cowardly, duplicitous and not very smart after all, because we see them. I’ve encountered these people in all radical spaces, and even in my home; their white privilege seemingly erased because they are oppressed in another way. I was even engaged to one, once. I wouldn’t know what I know were it not for the ways he rubbed it in my face, that they say one thing but really mean something else altogether. They’ve cancelled me more times than I can remember. They’re at the forefront of antifascist organising and they legitimise the mainstream, pushing already marginalised people out further. They are the reason we are still in the shit today.

1 in every 3 white people in the UK is lying to you. Be sure you are not their only poc friend, whom they like to quote. Scarily, 2/3 of white people would sell you out for a hashtag but you can shame 1/3 of those, so watch them carefully, wait for them to slip up. On the flipside poc make up the shortfall somewhat, in a civil war it’d be tipped 60-40 in their favour, but at least 20% of them can be written off for their utter uselessness.

1/3 of white people have got your back. It doesn’t sound like a lot but historically it has been enough to affect change, because they can shame the fence sitting 1/3 into at least acting like human beings (because racism is a construct that doesn’t hold up well under scrutiny, for example your numbers 1,2,3 come from the Arabic system, just flip them on their sides). In fact the things the west loves most – alcohol, poker, chess etc – came from the east.

Only white people can change other white people, those who care more for posterity than they do their own privileges, and only 1/3 can be changed. That’s all we need to win.

Don’t let incels be misunderstood

Don’t let the British media convince you incels are just misunderstood, and with a little tender loving care and sex they can fuck the pain away.. white supremacy has raised an army of little soldiers who were taught from the earliest opportunity the world was their dominion and all lesser groups bowed to their superiority. The incel problem didn’t just erupt out of nowhere, this is not just a question of male entitlement or patriarchy, it is intertwined with the end of white imperialism and the denial of certain rights white men believed were theirs. They are missing out on what their parents and grandparents took for granted, the right to bully and harass people of colour (and women) and for their victims to take it quietly, and confirm white men are deservedly in charge of the rest of us.

Incels came to the fore around the same time the #MeToo project took off. They are a direct reaction to being told no. Previously these guys would have waited until someone was drunk and vulnerable before they negged their unsuspecting victim into giving it up. Suddenly the spotlight was on them and this criminal behaviour was no longer justifiable.

Incels multiplied with every modern campaign to make perpetrators accountable for their historical abuse. Incels are a reaction to not only #MeToo but #BlackLivesMatter, the sight of empowered black people has led to feelings of impotency, not only do they have the so called Chads of their own race to contend with but there is much more competition now. Men of colour have always been a threat to the white man, it is why they sought to break the bonds between brown and black men and women, to make them less attractive prospects. When Joshua Conner Moon and his merry band of incels targeted me on Twitter circa 2016 they bombarded me with images of black men tearing white women apart, which was ironic given they were promising to do the same to me. The idea of black and brown rapists out to brutalise us has given the white man a cover all for their own worst abuses, just like the tyranny of the taliban has been a convenient excuse for human rights abuses from Guantanamo to Afghanistan. The misogyny of black and brown men is legendary whereas the insidious sexual and domestic exploitation committed by white males was practically unheard of, until the past decade.

You can’t fix that kind of entitlement. It’s the same as asking rapists not to rape or child sex abusers to find an age appropriate partner. It goes against the grain. You might fix one out of 8500, but it’s not enough. We have to make ourselves strong against the threat, instead of expecting it to roll over and play nicely, as though an oppressor ever did.

Try though they might with their cynical public relations stunts. Like the queen this past week, does anyone actually give a fuck about what she thinks, about anything? Apparently she supports Black Lives Matter though I cannot tell you anything beyond the clickbaity headline. She thought Raducanu was astounding, allegedly. So many fucking opinions for someone so genocidal and last century. Like die already, and take your shitty house of child sex abusers and race baiters to the grave with you.


Is this the same Muslim woman?

In 2013 I read about a Muslim woman whose body had been desecrated by the placing of pork products on her corpse whilst she lay in a hospital mortuary, having died from cancer aged 65. I don’t remember reading too far into it, just being utterly horrified and afraid for my loved ones in this nasty ass white supremacist hellhole. I was reminded of it when I wrote about the fate of British pigs earlier today and how they are weaponised by white supremacists then discarded, in much the same way their collaborators have been.

As I did my research I found myself turning round in circles, unsure of when the incident actually took place because, whilst the Independent article is dated 2013 and refers to January as if it were of the same year, the incident actually occurred in January 2003 and was widely reported in 2003-2004.. but the story was rehashed to make it appear current and relevant in 2013.. in the wake of the attack on Lee Rigby.. no doubt sparking outrage and triggering complex trauma in its intended targets.. what the actual fuck, Independent? The same hospital is reported to have desecrated corpses as far back as 1996. My brain is having trouble computing all of this.

Sparking a race war was it, Amol Rajan? Perhaps we should ask chief reporter Terry Kirby (Twitter @kirbylondon) wtf it was all about, apparently a lecturer at Goldsmiths now.

I thought about writing to them for clarification but like they actually give a fuck about facts or the truth.

70,000 pigs, 173 cats and dogs and 1 Geronimo

Writing this mostly to allay fears for anyone who thinks I might be losing the plot, cutting social media off etc (I’m still alive and bitter, no ideation) but also to have a dig at the usual suspects for their nonsensical bullshit, like what is the value of life on rainy fascist animal cruelty island?

70,000 pigs, 173 cats and dogs and 1 Geronimo. Do I need to say more? Didn’t think I would.

If there is a white middle class advocate it shoots up in value. Which is why I am SHOCKED for the ill fated piggies. Who will save their bacon? Where the fuck is Pen Farthing when he’s at home? At least they won’t be bundled into a van and executed gangland style, no, they’ll probably be herded into ‘humane’ gas chambers, snuffed out quietly then chucked onto a bonfire as they did with the foot and mouth cattle some years ago.

The pigs will know what’s coming, as Geronimo did. It is proven they have the intelligence of a 7 year old human child, they can play video games using a joystick. Of all of Britain’s animals, the pig sticks out in mind as one that has been weaponised in the war on non whites, I was once goaded by an Irish farmer, that they deliberately sprayed fruit and vegetables with pig shit so as to condemn their Muslim consumers to hell (as if it works that way) or at least get one over them, without their knowledge. In his words and actions he’d summed up the cowardly sociopathy of white supremacists so it wasn’t quite the win he’d hoped it was, confirming his own status as a shit heel. At some point into the early 2010s, there were a spate of attacks involving pork products, including the desecration of a deceased Muslim woman’s body in a morgue* (on inspection there is something seriously dodgy regarding this story, I have written on it further). The pig is the ultimate symbol of white supremacy for its single celled supporters and just like that, they turn their backs on it. I suppose they treat their imperialist collaborators in much the same way.

You can judge our rainy fascist island for the way it treats our animals, as worthless if you so wish, I cannot oppose the truth. How do we let them get away with these porkers, as supposed animal welfare experts, when they routinely betray their charges? How has this escaped the attention of all who came before us? Perhaps they were just better at silencing us for good in the past.

Incidentally if I suddenly die, because ‘I killed myself’, know that it is a lie.

I’ve never had more to live for, all these chickens flying home to roost.