Which ‘True Religion’?

As an estranged Muslim and reluctant agnostic (I don’t have the confidence to say anything with certainty, least of all the absence of a higher power, though I often wish I had ) I am constantly searching for common threads that foster understanding through familiarity. Despite the insistence of right wingers the world over, we really aren’t that different in terms of spirituality and where we seek it, looking upwards towards the heavens with our hands usually splayed in front of us or else pressed together in supplication, even among the idolaters who focus their prayers towards an inanimate object, perhaps to make it less abstract and more accessible for people who view the world through a different lens.

Although I do not practice it, I was indoctrinated into the Muslim faith. As a star pupil, by the age of 10, I had read the Quran cover to cover 3 times and was set to memorise it, earning myself the title of Hafiz, the name given to those who know the Quran off by heart. I would have done too had it not been for the low key sexual assault I was subjected to from age 8 onwards. It was always over my clothes but it made me afraid, and frankly, disgusted by men, especially those who presented themselves as men of God, tasked with keeping the rest of us (mostly women) in line.

It was easy enough to join the existing chorus of opposition to the Muslim faith, I wanted to be considered English or British and opposed restrictions on what I could eat and drink and wear, which seemed to me a contradiction of my God given free will. I only really started to question my position as a budding atheist when my unbelieving peers expressed the sort of intolerance I’d previously concluded could only ever be inspired by religious zealotry. I came to realise religion wasn’t the problem, people were.

It is egotism that drives religious institutions and doctrines. Even within religions there are further factions, split along political allegiances and community lines. In all religions there is a right and a left wing, a spectrum of ideology that encompasses the best and worst of all faiths. The right wing of any religion places itself as the ultimate word in the expression of faith and condemns all other religions and peoples to the hellfire. You are either a Muslim or a ‘dozakhi’ (one for the hellfire) according to certain Islamist sects. This type of Muslim is widely recognised the world over as being the only kind of Muslim there is because western propaganda depends on this narrative in order to maintain its power. If Muslims were anything less than a threat to our way of life, they wouldn’t be so easy to target.

It bothers me that this narrative relies on the erasure or denial of extremism in other religions. We don’t seem to be condemning right wing Buddhists for the genocide enacted against the Rohingya or the fascist Hindutva for the murder squads they deployed in Kashmir.

More recently the Catholic church has condemned Pope Francis for making a statement in which he, to my understanding, promoted equality of faith and recognised we all pray to the same God, ultimately. His intention, I believe, was to humanise the church and establish ties with other faith groups in celebration of the ‘human fraternity’.

The right wing of the Catholic church has condemned this because it does not believe in the validity of any other religion or worship. It states that idol worship is satanic and a sin because it violates the first commandment and the Blessed Trinity, according to St Paul. By that token, literally every other religion in the world and even some sects in Christianity are reduced to devil worship by the egotistic followers of the ‘true religion’. This intolerance is unacceptable, especially when we are so intolerant of Muslims who claim they are the true believers of the one true religion and God. It is nothing less than racist to treat Islam (alone) as though it is a threat to the human race, and it is racism when the Catholic establishment is whiter than the driven snow and Muslims are mostly black and brown.

For 3000 years men have waged their wars, proselytising as they swallowed up whole nations in the name of the prophet of their choice. So much wealth hoarded by these humble and pious soldiers of God they could solve world hunger so many times over and yet they ignore the basic teachings of any religion, to feed the poor and love one another, choosing instead to assert their superior ways over others.

I condemn the condemners for their gargantuan male egos (the worst ego of all though you wouldn’t know it in a world that despises women) and for the hypocrisy that emanates from all right wing believers of a higher power.

Get over yourselves. God has.

Tim Walker MP Has Proved His Humanity

When Nigel Farage revealed his fascist party would not be challenging any of the Tory’s seats it was as though a line had been drawn in the sand, placing all of the fascists both in and out of parliament firmly on one side. This was an unwelcome development when I had laughed just days earlier at Boris Johnson’s response to Trump and Farage’s proposal they form a pact to push Brexit through. He said no, which was actually quite surprising but it seems as though Farage just won’t be deterred.

It was heartwarming then, to see Tim Walker the Liberal Democrat candidate for Canterbury announce he would be stepping aside because he did not want to split the Remain vote. Reassuring is also how I would describe it, because it seems as though he has an accurate grasp of the political climate and isn’t so arrogant to assume his party has any chance of competing with Labour. He has realised party politics is second to the potentially catastrophic effects of a fascist run brexit and his conscience is literally not letting him sleep at night. Ironically I want him to be an MP because he is not ruled by his ego but his humanity. He knows that Jeremy Corbyn is essentially a decent man and whilst he would not vote for him, he could live under his rule. He has chosen humanity over more of the same divisive and life threatening policies inflicted on the British people by the Tories and their radically entitled counterparts UKIP and co. He could not live under a fascist leadership and so took a stand. He chose love not hate and he will probably sleep more soundly for it. I wish him the sweetest and most pleasant of dreams and send my best to him and his loved ones.

Sadly we cannot trust the Liberal Democrats as a party. Following Tim’s news they released a statement suggesting they would field a candidate against Rosie Duffield because power is more important to these weasels. They actively want a hung parliament because they know they have no other chance of being voted in, it’s what they do best, pretending to stand for something, proving time and time again they’re just Tories who expect a thank you. Do people still not understand what is at stake here? I guess when you’re not personally affected by austerity or fascism, there’s no drive to prevent it.

How you vote in this election will define you for the rest of your life. it will have an effect on your children and your grandchildren; from healthcare to early years provision, consequences for tax dodging billionaires and free education for all, these policies will impact on each and every one of us. Aren’t you done with austerity and the deluge of hate that hasn’t let up at all?

Tell the Lib Dems you care for more than just Brexit, that’s just one of our many problems. What happens when they’ve achieved Remain, if they do at all with their shoddy election promises?

Vote for peace. Vote for equity and equality. Or instead vote for more death.

This decision DEFINES you.

(PS: It must be very comforting for people who have political theory to fall back on, and a comfortable job they got because of their elite education, which affords them the time to sit around reading books and judging people who have nothing, for daring to vote at all. If you can seriously hold on to your radical principles at a time when most people are mobilised and ready to vote because their very lives depend on it, I’d suggest you take a long hard look at your privilege and accept you’re just not desperate enough to do whatever it takes.)

Asian Grooming Gangs Were A Cover Up For Endemic Sex Abuse In The UK

Imagine if the mainstream media actually cared about sex abuse instead of using it to deflect attention away from white sex abusers. They might join the dots to give us an accurate assessment of the extent to which we are in trouble.

From releasing the most depraved of sex abusers (as though you can rehabilitate these monsters and so quickly) to the minimisation of crimes committed by people in authority, we are fighting a losing battle with coercive power.

George was sentenced for her part in the 2009 Plymouth grooming gang case.
Despite the damning evidence (see next image) this rapist was cleared of rape
If this isn’t evidence, then what is?

He’s not the only rapist with a get out of jail free card.

An honourable and disciplined man were it not for the 3000 images of toddler sex abuse.

Any decent person would balk at these comments. I don’t give a fuck if he’s polite and good at his job, he is aroused by violence against children! What a sick justice system we have, where all Asians can be held to account for a minority of perpetrators and yet white sex abusers of babies get a commendation from officials charged with upholding the law.

I wonder how this perp’s trial will go down.

Is it a condition for public office in some circles, to join a paedophile ring? There seems to be a heavy correlation between people drawn to political office and sex abuse of minors. See next image.
Faces the boot but nothing has been decided..

Like this Cambridge egghead, they’ll let him back in when everyone moves on to the next thing.

I dread to think this is happening all over the UK, where there appears to have been a resolution only for authorities to backtrack once enough time has passed.

This former Royal Ballet star obviously doesn’t have the connections you need to wriggle out of sex charges.

Nor this working class offender.

To clarify, I’m not sad they’ve been brought to justice, merely pointing out what sets these perps apart from the ones who walk away scot free

The chap below was given a 10 month jail term suspended for two years after he convinced the judge he’d suffered enough being estranged from his wife and two daughters. Must have friends in high places, with his £8 million family engineering business.

And this barrister, a 24 month community order for upskirting. A former government lawyer trusted to observe and uphold the law caught breaking it in such an appalling way, shouldn’t he have been made an example of? If he was black or brown you bet he would have been.

From lawyers to cops, the authorities are littered with men and women who violate the law with impunity. I can’t think of a worse time to be a female cop, when the MeToo movement is so prolific and yet conviction rates for sex abuse are at an all time low.

To be so brazen, so carefree, even in these times, is frankly frightening.

Sex abusers have ramped up the violence in recent years because they have witnessed the consequences i.e there are none (unless you’re Asian or in some other way marginalised as opposed to privileged).

Even more disturbing is the number of female offenders actually making the news. I’m yet to find one who isn’t white but I am actively looking.

Seems children aren’t safe anywhere. Not even in nursery.

The accused is male but most nursery staff are female and this isn’t the first time small children have been targeted in a pre school environment. Nowhere is safe until we start having a frank discussion about the profiling of sex offenders in the UK.

We need to acknowledge the entitlement that informs the actions of sex abusers and how we treat survivors. When MPs like Nigel Evans are acquitted despite testimonies from multiple victims it leaves me feeling hopeless for other victims in similar circumstances.

In a country where violence against animals is on the increase, we can only expect more violence against women and children.

You can judge a country for the way it treats its most vulnerable.

Do we have to seek our own justice? Reading this gave me a sense of peace.

Ditto this one.

Releasing sex abusers, when they cannot be rehabilitated, is like throwing a ticking time bomb into the community, it is only a matter of time before they offend again. This evil pos sexually assaulted a 5 year old girl in front of her shocked mother on the train home right after he was released.

He got 26 months for the latest assault so we’ll just have to wait and see what he does next time he’s released

We cannot trust the authorities, they have led us on a wild goose chase that has promoted violence against an ethnic group (and enabled further abuser of marginalised women and children) rather than admit the truth which is Britain is heaving with vile sex offenders, from Mountbatten to Prince Andrew and the media and political heavyweights. We can go along with this narrative and hope our own children are never targeted but there are no guarantees.

What we do now will have repercussions through history.

WordPress Censors Resistance Against Kiwi Farms

The Updated dossier on Kiwi Farms has been hidden from public view following a complaint. The irony of people who doxxed us complaining about being doxxed is never lost on me but social media platforms prove time and time again, they’ve picked a side.

If anyone can offer advice around website migration and hosting, please get in touch.

Vote for Your Lives

The announcement of an early election has hit me in waves of wildly differing emotions; apprehension, annoyance, excitement, fear, swinging from one end all the way over to the other as new things occur to me. This is a pivotal moment in British history and what happens now will define us for the rest of human existence, which sadly isn’t forever but might still be a fair while.

The country is at its most polarised and when all this has blown up and settled again, the ushers must be held to account. It seems as though whatever happens there will be blood, racial purists are too tightly wound to let it go. In all fairness it’s not like we haven’t had ample time to prepare minority communities or make the perpetrators aware of consequences, we just haven’t made the effort.

We are all complicit, for the times we turned a blind eye, and pretended it had nothing to do with us. I’m not a saint, I was almost 30 before I decided I could no longer play the game, and actively started to challenge inequality, even though I had been a community worker for years. To be a feminist, I had to ignore the class and racial divides that informed the framework under which we worked, the kyriarchy that places white women as saviours and white men as their co-conspirators, even in women’s services. I had to challenge the ‘friends’ or casual racists and misogynists who refused to accept they were part of the problem. It meant turning my back on school friends and even members of my family and starting again, making a promise to myself to be radically honest, especially when it is not in my best interests, because that is when we are most easily swayed.

It could have been so easy for me, I’m an ‘other’ but in the exotic, interesting, could be from anywhere sense, and presenting as ultra feminine, I’m not a threat. All I had to do was keep my head down and laugh at all their racist jokes, and I, personally, would have been ok. Except that’s only how it works in the small pockets of rainy fascist island where multiculturalism has won the day (in the doomed words of Scummy Bundle) and the rest of the UK is actually a hotbed of white fascist nationalism stuck in a time warp when Britons ruled the waves. They hate foreigners and they will prove it.

It’s no longer about being politically left or right, the spectrum is a hot mess. It comes down to voting for more racism, more misogyny, genocide even, or not. To vote Tory is to vote for social cleansing, nothing less. A vote for the Lib Dems isn’t much better, their current leader is more Tory than some of their card carrying members and anyone with a memory and a healthy grudge will not forget their fascist appeasing history, from their failed student fees pledges to their complicity in austerity measures.

A vote for any other party other than Labour is a final nail in the coffin for the poor, the disabled, the marginalised and oppressed. We are all one accident or illness away from disability, we cannot say for certain we will never seek asylum in this rapidly changing climate, and health care is an inalienable human right. The rich did not make their riches, they inherited them from tyrants and thieves who held the world to ransom, leaving rivers of blood in their wake. That wealth never trickled down, the chasm between the richest people in the UK and the poorest has never been wider. White supremacy has ensured the upper classes never get their comeuppance for their subjugation of white working classes, not whilst people of colour and other minorities act as a buffer between the two.

This election has the power to change entire nations and bring in a dawn to a new era. We could begin 2020 with a renewed sense of hope and love for this world we occupy together. With a leadership focused on humanity and what we have more in common than that which divides, we can really thrive. We can revive our beloved NHS, bring wages in line with the cost of living, make the tax dodging multi nationals pay or fuck off. We can start healing the rifts in communities, exploited by fascist governments and media conglomerates.

We can start healing the world by leading by example.

Facebook Censors Resistance to Nazis – Please Delete Your Account

It’s been at least 3 years since I deleted my facebook account. It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve never regretted it. I remember when facebook first came on the scene and how most people, including myself, readily bought into it. The majority of people saw it as a positive thing with a small proportion acknowledging it was evil but worth it. I came across maybe one or two people who’d flat out rejected it and recognised it for the data harvesting, face recognising privacy hackjob it was. Of course those people were mercilessly ripped for their paranoia and told they were losing it/out but I guess they won in the end.

I guess data wasn’t my biggest concern, being a nobody who had nothing. I hadn’t anticipated the racism or misogyny I now know informs the tiny minds of Silicon Valley tech bosses. I tried to tell people in 2013 the world of racist misogynist gamers from the chan networks was enhanced and supported by social media bosses and at that stage there really weren’t too many of them and we could do something if we put our heads together. I was convinced they were working with people at facebook and Twitter but was largely dismissed and mocked for it, because I was potentially taking attention away from the real issue. I had never felt so alone and crazy but as time has gone on I’ve felt less crazy and weird because I was right.

I reported this message to Facebook back then and was told it didn’t violate their community standards. It was the final straw and something I would never forgive. On numerous occasions members of my resistance group suggested I set up a fake facebook account to create a group to fight nazis, specifically Kiwi Farms, and I refused, because I detest facebook and its entire ethos, from banning the nipple to platforming fascists and repeatedly victimising marginalised users with their indifference to criminal behaviour. I knew they would not allow any resistance to fascism, given their pivotal role in the whole Cambridge Analytica facade and prominent support of fascists worldwide. Nonetheless a page was set up by a member of our group, because everyone is on facebook and the potential for information sharing is unparalleled.

Facebook responded by locking the creator of that group out of their personal account. They went in to their security details and changed the mobile number to one that is no longer active and so cannot receive security questions for authenticated login. This person has had to cancel their bank cards because they were associated with the account and if facebook is fucking about with security details then they are absolutely not to be trusted with any personal/banking information. There were over 4000 followers on the personal account, a following they’ve built through their journalistic work, all gone because facebook loves nazis, and doesn’t care that people have been murdered and pushed to suicide. There is no explanation, no recourse to dispute resolution, only a number for their London team that is permanently engaged.

Our resistance fighter has cut their losses and learnt a valuable lesson, in their own words:

“I think we need to accept that we can no longer rely on these platforms as they clearly have their own right wing agenda. Seems to me the best thing to do is to create our own platforms?”

You don’t need to tell me, I’ve been waiting impatiently for everyone to get with the program instead of wailing about it (as I did in 2013) like the doomed Cassandra I am.

Facebook and Twitter are platforms for white supremacists. Personally I’m banking on a doomsday glitch that wipes out the entire internet and forces us to reconnect with the earth and each other. Imagine how long these dorks and dweebs would last without security gates and crypto-currencies? In a survival of the fittest apocalypse scenario these popped collars aren’t gonna last every long.

Facebook isn’t passively disrupting our work, it is actively clamping down on resistance. It has picked a side and made an enemy of us too. Show victims of Kiwi Farms you care by deleting your account and possibly giving them a call – 0203 386 6000 – and registering your disgust, if you can get through to them that is. Solidarity, altruism, working together for the greater good, that terrifies the nazis and their sympathisers/enablers but there hasn’t been enough of it and yet it’s the only thing that will turn the tide.

We, the victims and resisters of Kiwi Farms desperately need your help.

The P Word is racist and everyone knows it

Apparently somebody* repeatedly said the word paki on BBC Question Time last night and no one smacked her in the mouth or booted her off set. Of course what we (visibly Paki people) needed was for this to become a ‘debate’ in which white people talk over us and for us, in the manner to which they are accustomed.

Dave asks why it’s ok to say Brit and not Paki. Let’s see now Dave, did anyone ever call you a dirty Brit whilst stomping on your head? Did they ever use Brit as a prefix for the corner shop, or is it just a shop, as it is to the rest of us who do not speak in racialised terms? Is Brit a perjorative term for all White Europeans? Does it have a history steeped in racist divide and conquer? See, if there was a swastika with the word Brit next to it, it would mean something completely different to the same image with the P word.

The word Pakistan is an acronym for Punjab, Afghan, Kashmir, Indus and Sind. Stan means ‘land’. Many native Pakistanis believe it has another meaning, pak means pure, put together it becomes the land of the pure. Native Pakistanis aren’t as bothered by ‘paki’ because they haven’t had to live under the beady eye of fascistic white Britain, nor have they learnt to associate it with actual physical violence and marginalisation. Pakistanis never had the power to self determination though, not as the losers of the British empire. They have been subjugated by the west since ‘independence’, and their neighbours, with whom the conflict still rages on.

Paki reminds me of another term bastardised by white supremacist colonialists that affects me personally. If you’ve ever seen a Carry On film you’ve heard the term ‘khazi’, meaning toilet. In Pakistan there is a caste system of sorts though it is doesn’t carry as much weight or power as the Hindu one. If anything it is a legacy from a time when Hindus and Muslims lived together and adopted each others traditions. My paternal grandfather’s caste was Khazi. This meant that he was a scholar, a judge, an authority. It was only in my 30s, many years after I’d heard the label being misused so offensively that I learned my Mughal ancestors had changed their names to escape the genocide British soldiers had planned for them, forced into the mountains to escape the slaughter. They adopted the name Khazi instead of Mughal, a demotion but crucial if they were to survive. The British Army adopted the term no doubt to express their delight at taking a shit on us from a great height. This is what the British empire means to anyone not invested in its bloody violence and coercion, demoralising and degrading, brutish humiliation that has ensured generations of Pakistanis cannot hold their heads up high.

Paki, like khazi, and the N word and every other label thrown about by white supremacists to abuse others are rooted in domination and toxic masculinity. These labels have been used quite successfully to disempower and traumatise the people they are inflicted on. One word has the power to split open centuries old wounds encoded in our very DNA. Autoimmune conditions such as lupus affect people who come from nations colonised by white supremacists. It is as though the body is under such a sustained attack that it turns on itself, desperate to find the thing that is wrong and make it better. Every time a white person spits out the P word, we experience a spike in adrenalin, a fight or flight response and every last white person knows this. They KNOW IT. Raised cortisol levels eventually take their toll. People from African and Asian communities have been admonished for their health issues, being so many more times likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes, it has been suggested we simply do not know how to look after ourselves YET racism as a cause for mental and physical disability has not been researched enough.

Next time a white person ‘debates’ their right to use racial slurs, just call them a gammon. A salty, fatty gammon with a sizeable rind. It hurts them to be associated with such a poor cut, I’m sure many of them would rather be labelled bacon but lardon might be pushing it. They have the right to play devil’s advocate, we reserve the right to compare them to their favourite cold cuts. Don’t let them derail you with claims of classism, if they would rather identify with a bresaola, let them have it. It’s all pig.

It’s no longer a time for appeasement, where we roll with the punches and earnestly seek to educate the ignorant masses on how we are all equals in God’s eyes, no, it’s time to give as good as you get. Get creative, be a petty tit for tat queen.

*The person in question was Sikh and referring to herself being abused with the p word but the point still stands, what are the BBC doing broadcasting it from anyone’s mouth? Why isn’t it being challenged? BBC question time seems to push the boundaries back when it comes to the normalisation of racial slurs and polarisation of political views. It’s interesting that they let a Sikh person express their distress at being labelled with this slur and not a Pakistani, because there are Sikhs and Hindus who are desperate to set themselves apart from ‘true pakis’ because they have rejected us and still cannot appreciate we look exactly the same to whites.

I found it interesting to see Shappi Khorsandi so affected by it because she’s not even south Asian. This awful word is used to control an entire continent but don’t forget the Arabs, and the Brazilians, and even some southern Europeans. It is a deeply racist word associated with that beige-y brown skin tone and shouldn’t be spoken on national television. Shame on the BBC. Stop paying your tv license.

**What is the BBC playing at, broadcasting a racial slur when they fired Tommy Sandhu for racism against ‘pakis’?