Public funds are for those in need

If I were living in a country outside of the UK I would be perplexed at the many ways in which the British government is punishing the most vulnerable for the collective debt of the entire nation (though admittedly it is pretty frightening witnessing it all as a queer disabled poc on the inside too). From disabled people to children, hundreds of thousands if not millions are being systematically cut off from the support that ensures their survival. We are paying for the banks, those greedy corporations whose actions led us into austerity. Sickeningly the public are willing to lap up any excuse the richest in our society dream up and it’s always some poor disadvantaged ‘idiot’s’ fault for having everything when the common man has to go without. This jealousy is unfounded and exists in the minds of those who have been easily convinced we are lazy – for not putting on a brave face and getting on with it like the rest of them – when in fact it is those people who are guilty of the very thing they accuse us of. What could be lazier than choosing to let someone else think for you?

You’re born, you go to school, you’re taught to sit in a row on the floor with your arms crossed and your index finger poised over your lips to show how good you are at shutting the fuck up and being told what to do. I was good at all of these things, I won’t lie but I didn’t tick enough of the boxes to ensure my place at the table. I wasn’t like all the others but I wasn’t like them either, I HAD to start thinking for myself. You listened to the bands they said were cool, you styled yourself a certain way to fit in – unless you were too poor in which case you just got bullied – you had to ‘lose’ your virginity without being a slag about it and you got married at the appropriate age, or thoroughly freaked out if you didn’t. You had kids cos that’s just what you do, especially when your biological clock kept showing up in random conversations and trashy magazines. You go to your job that you hate cos it pays the bills and you pay your own way but you haven’t connected the dots between the effort you put in and the miserly payoff you’re killing yourself for (or the monkey cracking the whip). All for the privilege of lording it over others, at least you bring home your bacon (in a world where we are worthy for little more than the ability to accumulate – and piss about with – banknotes). You weren’t born knowing you had to do these things, you did them cos that’s just what you do (and the punishment for deviating from this path is cruel and unforgiving).

What if it wasn’t though? What if you could affect the world for better and change it because it is actually completely within your power to do so? It just requires motivation, honesty and integrity, which does sound like a lot of hard work doesn’t it? But only if you’re lazy. Only if you only have the time to work, eat, shit and sleep. Who wants to think when so much thinking is already done for you? There are people who would like to think but fear the unknown so that it becomes impossible to think of a better way. When you are consumed by fear your energy is focused on protecting yourself instead of working together and dismantling oppressive structures. If you speak out about these injustices you may find yourself embroiled in a conspiracy scandal, accused of doing the most terrible things like redistributing wealth to the needy, as supporters of and indeed Camila Batmanghelidjh herself discovered recently.

What kind of Britain do we find ourselves in when the government withholds support from a leading children’s charity working with some of those most disadvantaged and damaged children in society, especially considering the tories have just recently redefined the meaning of poverty so that a whole bunch of poor people are no longer poor, but only on paper? £3 milllion pounds worth of funding remains unallocated because the Tories want rid of a vocal critic of their work in child protection. Perhaps the embezzlement allegations were leaked by a Tory who thought Britain was suitably torified enough to denounce a woman for appropriating funds where they are most needed. “BUT IT’S PUBLIC MONEY” they insist, as though free money for poor people is the worst thing a society can experience and not say, the same power playing government repeatedly covering up the depravity and loathsomeness of their respected predecessors who probably raped and killed disadvantaged children.

This government does not care about our kids but then we already knew that. It doesn’t care for immigrants, a fact we were sure of when they let those displaced souls drown at sea. Governments have lied to and manipulated their people for centuries and we’ve let them, but now they are threatening to destroy the very fabric of our supposedly democratic and fair society; welfare being one of the pillars of civilisation. It’s managed to convince a whole bunch of lazy thinkers disabled people/foreigners have got it easy. I cannot understand the kind of person who thinks a reduced lifespan and chronic pain is somehow the easier option, or the kind of mind that begrudges people a few small mercies whilst those in power leech millions in maintenance and expenses. I do however believe we should protect and cherish those who publicly give a damn, even if some of their other policies are not 100% to our liking. In a world where our political wing is so dishearteningly disingenuous I’m going to extend my solidarity wherever I feel there is a heart involved and invested in a better future for us all, not just the ones who forget what they saw for money.

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A person like me

Sam Ambreen:

A reminder

Originally posted on Left at the Lights:

What is the point of social media for someone like me? When I say ‘me’ what exactly do I mean? I’m not under any illusions about my existence; I don’t see myself leading you all to revolution or winning a Nobel peace prize or anything. I haven’t the knack for self-promotion for a start. In order to do this I’d need an internal editor capable of presenting an image that fits easily in a white patriarchy; the kind that asks questions but lets you come to your own conclusions, no doubt confirming your own biases, whatever the message. No, there isn’t a place for someone like me, not when I spell it out for you that people like me are suffering, if not fighting for their lives.

I may have been heard if I hadn’t turned the spotlight around on the people mendaciously constructing a world that doesn’t reflect…

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Why the truth matters to me


Growing up a stranger in the place of your birth is disorientating. Asides from the challenges one might encounter when starting at a new school, like making friends, children with foreign parents have to overcome additional obstacles in order to fit in. They must learn another language sometimes, as I did, but language is one of those things small children master within a surprisingly short period of time. Other barriers to assimilation are not so easy to tackle and there are so many, it’s no surprise people from ethnic minorities suffer disproportionately with poor mental health.

When you are told you are, but also feel, a member of the underclass, you either buy into the narrative – especially when you’ve not been taught to think critically – or you seek to distance yourself from the perceptions others have of your people. You buy into their hate or your own, in a bid to survive, but to survive well. Self-love just isn’t an option. I was conscious of the lies I needed to tell if I had any hope of accessing the world I wanted to belong to as early as age 6 when I decided I wanted to be called Sam. Even for one so young and innocent I had an inkling Sam was a name they just couldn’t mess with. It was English for a start. I didn’t have to spell it out every time, or have people poke fun at it, whether my peers or teachers (who should have known better). Even at this age I knew I had to change who I was if I was to have a fighting chance in life.

Racism wasn’t the only thing that informed the shaping of an identity that sat at odds with who I was inside. In fact as time went on, it became less of a conscious thing and something I normalised, and believed everyone did. Of course I now know this isn’t true, that many people are born into their identities and have the freedom to express them without the judgmental white gaze waiting for them to slip up.  Or the limitations of a violent home, living your days in fear of attack, never knowing where the next hit was coming from, desperately trying to cover up the evil truth from outsiders, in case they confirmed you did actually deserve the abuse you endured.

I was bubbly and outgoing, smart and organised, my mouth permanently fixed in a smile. I was part of the school council, a class monitor, a straight A student, a member of the quiz team and captain for rounders, netball and cricket. We were the champions of it all. None of the teachers would have guessed the situation at home was escalating, that we were living in fear and self-harming. My personality was split early on, through necessity; I had to be two different people in order to survive. Entering the big wide world as a teen on the run, I had to invent another persona to fit in with all these interesting new London types from all over Europe and beyond. When I left school, I left my world, my friends, my life behind. I had to learn how to speak in a way that didn’t set southerners off in a fit of giggles at my dulcet Brummie drawl. I had to be flexible if I was going to make it, whatever it would take. I lapped up my token status as the one who wasn’t like all the others, as though this was a reflection of my amazingness and not a divisive and racist microagression used by white people to remind you of your place (not so worthy but not so bad either, a reminder to keep doing what it is you’re doing for cookies), and keep you from questioning their problematic views.

Of course I didn’t know then that I didn’t have to be so amenable. I was on the run from a culture I had rejected because of the ways in which it made me a target and was desperate to adopt new ways to help me blend in. I became so many different things to so many people; I forgot who I was and what I wanted. I lived a life where I was manipulated by people who identified this willingness to please and then exploited it. I was used and abused, scapegoated. I was called a liar for keeping secrets I was too afraid to share. A gestalt therapist I accessed through my work noted that I smiled when I spoke of negative things and asked me to consider the incongruence between my words and my body language. I had become so jumbled up in my thoughts I began to dissociate whenever I was afraid. There was drug abuse, promiscuity, domestic abuse in my intimate relationships whilst I struggled to hold down a job as an advocate fighting for victims of domestic abuse. I was my own best example of bad practice though it did have the bonus of making me non-judgmental, however hopeless a situation might have seemed, I believed it was essential they had access to the same support. Cops for eg are less likely to want to help repeat victims, especially those who may have been warned off from being a witness previously (cos it’s all about them and paperwork, not an infectious social disease).

I couldn’t find my way out of my living hell. I couldn’t access the support to do so because then people would know my secret; that I was ugly and horrible, and undeserving of love and respect. That I should die. My adult relationships confirmed the self-hatred I had as a small child; nothing I did would ever change the fundamental flaw from within, my low social standing as the daughter of immigrants who never did escape the ghetto or the colonial mind-set (despite the straight As) and respect for hierarchy (within patriarchy). I was a slag before I had even kissed a boy, they must have known what I would grow into I reasoned.

A tragic incident in my personal life provided the catalyst for PTSD. All the feelings I’d ever suppressed bubbled to the surface and consumed me. I existed, and that’s all I can say for my consciousness over the period of a year except that I never want to go back there. With the right support, I was able to identify the pathways responsible for the ‘random’ panic attacks. I sorted the snapshots in my mind onto the correct collages and vowed to trace them back to the first triggers so that I could beat them. In order to do this, I have to be 100% honest with myself and everyone else or the carefully constructed administration of my mental health will fold in on itself.

A huge part of my recovery is about owning my genuine mistakes and experiencing them in a way that doesn’t cripple me with anxiety (the white commentariat can go to hell for the ways in which they hindered my progress, not forgetting the PoC who’ve perpetuated the lies about me).

Don’t lie to (or about) me; I will come at you with the rage of a woman who knows she is being gaslighted, because it triggers a collage of all the people who’ve knowingly put me in harm’s way, by minimising, denying and erasing my experience of things. I always feel a little crazy following a spat with people who lie because it hits me hard in a way you cannot appreciate. Sunny Hundal occupies the same brain space as the mosque teacher who molested me and continued to enjoy the kudos of being a holy man. Helen Lewis triggers the same feelings as the guy who molested me at 15 then said he’d heard I was a slag so thought he’d try his luck. That dude denies to this day that he ever put a finger on me.

If I say something and it seems dishonest to you, run your concerns by me, to my knowledge I am always telling the truth. I do however appreciate the arbitrary nature of most things so if you know better, do tell. I won’t lie and say it doesn’t help if you’re already a friend, coming at me with criticisms, however well intentioned, won’t end well if we’ve barely exchanged a RT, or even the bare minimum of support considering the shitehole the internet can be (and has been towards me).


OITNB and Islamophobia

It’s rare to find a piece of popular culture that isn’t hugely problematic in some way. The mainstream media caters for the mainstream, an audience that finds humour in human suffering. If this sounds a bit far-fetched, consider the ways in which comedians hit back at victims of abuse when we have asked them to stop giving rapists the green light with their rape ‘jokes’, those witty bantz where the punchline is like a blow to the stomach, knocking the wind from unsuspecting victims of abuse further victimised by those extracting joy from their pain and calling it comedy, and then some more, by defenders of free speech but only the sort of speech that maintains existing structures of power and control and hierarchy; hate speech most often espoused by the white middle class commentariat, framed as genuine concerns for the maintenance of society, for the betterment of us all, yet translates into violence against the most vulnerable; women of colour, trans people, Muslim people.. Those voices we never hear because they are so marginalised, the ones who cannot defend themselves against the charges made against them because the white middle class heteronormative media controls our perceptions on all.

This is why Orange is the New Black was such a resounding success. Women in prison as a genre is a sure fire way to pull in the viewing numbers; if you’re old enough to remember Prisoner Cell Block H (or have been watching Wentworth – a 21st century spin off based in the same Australian prison), this has been a winning formula in reaching a specific audience because they are so frequently overlooked; those working class women doing time for survival in a patriarchal world. There are the shoplifters; women criminalised for stealing food or nappies, serving disproportionate sentences when comparing with males because women are not supposed to commit crime and are therefore punished more harshly to serve as a deterrent, but there are also those women encumbered by their acts of resilience, those who finally snapped and stabbed their abuser to death. We may not have served time at her majesty’s convenience but we do know what it is to suffer a woman’s lot in life, and this exploration of hardship and injustice keeps us hooked.

It should be easy to maintain focus on the inequalities women face without resorting to microagressions; however I was disappointed to find that my latest fave is threatening to be just as problematic as the rest. Before I begin to take it apart I feel it is relevant I make a full disclosure about my beliefs because I am frequently told I have only reacted in this way because I am a Muslim.

I am not a Muslim. I was once but I ran away as fast as I could. It took many years for me to come to the conclusion that I could not blame every last Muslim for the horrendous ways in which God was used by some of them to control me. It is not God who demands murder and rape, rather humans using the authority of God to justify their abusive practices. God, in any religion, acts for peace. It is with this fair conclusion I judge the writers of OITNB for being so disingenuous in their not so subtle reinforcement of the mind-set that Muslims are there for the ridiculing.

SPOILER ALERT – The prison is infested with bedbugs, all soft furnishings and books must be incinerated to prevent the pests from spreading further. A small gathering discusses the books that were burned, the Catholic nun character is on hand to correct Morello when she states all of the books were gone. “Not true” she asserts “there was one book they were afraid to burn” which Sister Ingalls immediately follows with a dramatic sigh as though she was suggesting that even she, as a Catholic – with all their pomp and ceremony – thinks it ridiculous to consider it a sacred text exempt from the rules to which we must all adhere. Morello responds “I stand corrected – there is a bug infested Quran.”

If this was the first mention of the Quran and a bonfire in western history you may be forgiven for thinking I am seeking issues where there are none, but you’d have had to been living on the moon to deny the continuity of this theme, especially when it’s a bunch of Americans alluding to it. Not a week goes by without another story of some Yankee yahoo threatening to buy up all the Qurans and burn them, a flagrant attempt at fanning the flames of bigotry, because those sorts of people actively seek war and know which buttons to press. Burn a bunch of poppies and see the calm Christians and even secularists fired up for vengeance because burning a book or a paper flower isn’t the random inconsequential act antagonists profess it to be.

Later on in the show, Vause is seen reading the Quran and makes an unnecessary statement about how she is probably forbidden from touching/reading the Quran but she washed her hands and figures an omniscient God would appreciate this. Just a suggestion but perhaps the show’s producers could have asked a Muslim queer for the lowdown on what is and isn’t permissible? They could even look into the positive things Islam does and encourages in its followers, for eg, recognising that trans people have a right to state funded surgery because Allah has made it our duty to save all people and treat them to good health if it is within our power to do so. This doesn’t fit western narratives though.

Yes, the Quran is a sacred book to its followers. Yes, it is given the respect one affords to a sacred artefact, it is kept in a safe place and one must be ritually cleansed in order to touch it. This is a fact. Similar could be said for the Bhagavad Gita or even the bible. That’s the thing about religious texts; they are sacred to their followers. Just because that Catholic nun thought it preposterous the Quran was given special treatment doesn’t mean there aren’t evangelical Christians who’d justify killing you for disrespecting their holy bible. Again, it is people who are fundamental in their interpretations of religion and like there are some Christian fanatics murdering abortionists yet failing to see the incongruence between their beliefs and their actions there are Muslims who will use God to justify misogyny and violence. There are also atheists demanding the culling of religious sorts because they allegedly cause war and stuff without an awareness of how ironic their solution to dehumanisation and depravity is to mirror those things we protest in extremists.

This is the crux of my ill feelings towards the framing of social narratives in the 3rd season of OITNB. The Quran and its followers have not only been posited as these people who consider themselves above the laws governing everyone else but also as the worst offender. Consider the makeover given to Pennsatucky. Be reminded that she was actually a homophobic bible bashing snitch who was employed by prison staff to rat out inmates suspected of lesbian activity. Suddenly she’s a reformed ally and lover of all things LGBTQIA, supporting Boo in her butchness? Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that Pennsatucky isn’t so violently racist and sexually shaming as she once was, I just object to the fact she’s elevated to a human position where she is capable of empathy and being part of a system even if it means completely demolishing her belief system and replacing it with an idea of what an acceptable human should be; the two are too far removed from each other for it to be a natural process, especially when they’re driving home the message that Islam is the one to watch. Instead I believe this to be an intentional move in which the writers, or whoever, get their childish jabs in at something they don’t understand or care for, in a bid to improve their ratings, reaching out to the mainstream they’re appealing to by confirming prejudices, showing solidarity to those on the same side (because Muslim queers don’t exist and therefore won’t be offended because they wouldn’t have seen the show cos it so full of sin or something).

I loved OITNB for its portrayal on the diversity of women and sexuality. For every racist, sexist trope the show explored there was a positive character to speak out for that way of life but as time goes on the characters fall into lazy racial stereotyping; homophobic Latinas and white queers, as though queer women of colour do not exist in equal numbers. Trans women for eg found a beautiful representative in Laverne Cox, she gives as good as she gets (the transphobia doesn’t let up much, even in the 3rd season) making her a perfect role model for those seeking out idols. The same cannot be said for Muslim women, perhaps because in reality they’re immediately shipped off to Guantanamo without trial, whatever the offence.

Only four episodes in, but this new series is way worse so far. The points you mention seem symptomatic of it reaching out for some mainstream populism which is totally diluting what made it great. I find it quite bizarre that we’re supposed to want the prison stay open, and cheer when it survives due to privatisation! I don’t want the prison to stay open, I want a work strike which unites everyone against the authorities, or I want the place to burn.

Adam Ford

(Since writing this piece I have seen a little more of the 3rd season and it doesn’t get any better. Soso makes an entirely irrelevant reference to stoning women in Iran and various characters join in with antisemitic remarks, no doubt triggering for some considering the nature of the ‘jokes’, and later on we get a reference to a Somali pirate thrown in for good measure. The disparaging comments against Jews don’t let up either.)

White people do not have the right

*The panel actually had black people on it (there’s a first!)  However the point still stands that a discussion regarding the term poc shouldn’t be framed in this way by a publication that has effectively told its white readers that decent poc agree this is a bad phrase especially when they routinely silence and marginalise people of colour who do use it.

I’m going to leave this post up as it is because I live in a world where this is possible. I didn’t think to question it because why would I? Sounds like another day with a corrupt mainstream media. I couldn’t honestly care how people will react to this mistake because it doesn’t matter how I approach a thing, with honesty, good intentions, whatever, they always win, they alone have the power to frame it however they want. I am going to force myself to stay away for a bit. It’s not good to immerse myself in all this terrifying information, easy enough to cross lines when I get stuck in patterns.

I won’t be apologising either because I’m not sorry. I hate the Tory Guardian and its non existent middle class guilt. They’ve been guilty of far worse in recent times, like not doing what it is they’re supposed to for drowning immigrants and the like.

This is me being a big person and admitting I fucked up. This is not me grovelling for understanding or forgiveness because that’s a fools errand. If anyone’s got a problem with it they can always sue me.

**Four black people discussing terms BME, BAME and POC all fair and well but where are the other colours?

***Nothing Trevor Phillips asks is relevant to anyone other than white people.



Take a look at the people in these images. They are the self-appointed lefty spokespeople orating on behalf of us genuine lefties by birth, shackled by poverty and white supremacy. By assuming the lefty label they subscribe to the idea that they show “concern for those in society who are perceived as disadvantaged relative to others and a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished.” That would be people like me.

Do you think these people are lefties? I sure as hell don’t. Media Diversified tweeted that these people and their peers discussed whether the term person of colour has sinister undertones. So in the past few weeks we’ve had white people exert their systemic power and control to silence and demonise a woman of colour whose sole intention was to create a safe space in which BME and non-binary people could speak openly about the ways in which white people concern themselves with issues that have nothing to do with them, like for example whether a term coined by people of colour is in fact valid or not, and whether it is a thing to be feared. They’d prefer if we, the majority world called ourselves non-whites being as white is the default and we are the other. This is incredibly racist. What more could one expect from these individuals who have the white privilege to joke about racism, to control our lives with their international platforms and freeze peach?

There are sinister undertones to this whole affair but they do not emanate from the terms people of colour choose to identify with, rather those rich white powerful men and women with the influence to posit up as down, right as left and oppressor as oppressed.

It’s time white people with good intentions told them where to get off. They can’t hear us you see because they’ve used their influence to prevent our voices being heard because we are critical of the tactics they use to slander and control us, something many of us feel is an obstacle to justice and liberation. When the majority of these people are white, you cannot blame any of us for thinking of them as the most deceitful of racist white supremacists. Supremacists don’t hear oppressed minorities; we’re a non-entity to them. They’ll say we’re rude and incoherent, stupid and loathsome and the blinkered masses will just nod in unison.

White allies, you must fight back for us and use your positions to condemn these hypocrites, liars and cheats.

malcolm x


I stand with Bahar Mustafa – Reverse racism isn’t real

I was considering jumping straight into this post but when I did so on Twitter white people got unnecessarily agitated so I shall explain first. Goldsmiths University bme students have been hounded by the white left and right of the mainstream media and beyond, for demanding safe spaces for ethnic minorities. Bahar Mustafa, a student officer has been accused of racism, with white people everywhere chucking their newly acquired race cards in for their two pennies. This post will attempt to demonstrate how ludicrous these accusations of reverse racism are. Racism isn’t about fighting back at people who have structural power and control over you or initiating spaces within which it is safe to speak about the systematic targeting of people of colour by the state or indeed institutions like universities, it’s those people in power using their wealth and position to deny non-white people freedom in all things.

If reverse racism was real and PoC had any influence this is the world we would live in.


Edward Smith? What kind of name is that? It rhymes with dead bird shit! No seriously, look, it sounds exactly the same. Your parents obviously didn’t love you with a name like that.. Couldn’t they have given you something that sounded a bit more, well, Indian? Explains why you people don’t get very far, you’re not willing to muck in and work as hard as the rest of us. Why is that? You think you’re better than me? At least I don’t smell of bacon sarnies. At least my skin doesn’t look like I rubbed pigeon shite all over it. I don’t believe in some weirdo nailed to a cross, what kind of lost prophet allows himself to be crucified? What a weak God, must have been a paedophile. I suppose that’s the only way you people still exist, no standards y’see, just at it like rabbits, like a virus..

Hello there madam, please take your shoes off and open your bag, take off your coat, and your belt. Ahmed will search you now. What is the purpose of your visit? Why have you chosen to come to our country? You say you’re here visiting friends but why aren’t they here to pick you up from the airport? Are you lying? This name Churchill, who gave you this name? What is its significance? Oh, it’s just a name is it? Well I disagree. He put 3 million of our people to death, he was a tyrannical dictator. I think you’re hiding something. I think you want a cavity search.

Police have just arrived at the scene and are hoping to apprehend the assailant described as white with a thick west country accent following an incident in which dozens of young Asian girls were thought to have been drugged and plied with alcohol then raped whilst they lay passed out and vulnerable to other white predators. Every day we see a new case pop up, musicians, TV personalities we let into our country who repaid us by raping our daughters. When there is obviously such a huge cultural element to the exploitation of vulnerable children, is it any wonder we are in the crisis we are in today, when so many white people simply turn a blind eye and condone abuses like this? (Actually, this one is just too true)

So what do we have on our agenda today sisters? I know! Let’s demand better makeup artists on all Bollywood movie sets! It’s only right the likes of the Kapoors get only the best that capitalism has to offer. Erm, what? Why are you criticising me? Why do I care if white working class disabled people are gonna get all their benefits cut? They should have thought of that before they bothered rocking up to the Indian border with their bullshit asylum claims. Oh sure, the Irish are starving them, the Welsh have cut off their water supply, the Scots are bent on revenge.. why is any of this our problem? That’s the problem with white people, no solidarity. Only interested in themselves and now they dare try to oppress me.. I’ll show them. The gall of it all! A proper feminist doesn’t criticise other women or make it all about herself. She learns when to shut her mouth and stand quietly behind people who are smarter. Positive discrimination is for idiots who wouldn’t get through otherwise.

I see that you’re thinking up ever more elaborate excuses for not bothering to get out of bed. I don’t believe you’re depressed or in pain. I think you know exactly what an easy ride India is for scroungers like yourself and you’re playing the system. You say you’re not like all the others but you’re still leeching off the state which is paid for with MY taxes. I don’t want to bankroll you and your 13 kids. Typical whitey, with your stupid Marxist analysis. Bet he was a rapist too.

Honkies out! Honkies out! Burn all bibles! No more churches or cathedrals here! We have the right to protect ourselves and our country from this whitey invasion. You can tell the atheists to fuck off home too, just cos they don’t believe in God doesn’t mean they’re not fanatics.

Oh God, not another white terrorist incident. When they so clearly want a war, why don’t we give it to them? Oh innocent people will die will they? What about the Amritsar Massacre eh? #neverforget Let’s call it collateral damage and speak no more. I don’t care what the international community, UN or anyone else has to say about human rights violations. If we take away their human rights, there’s nothing to violate.

They said fucking WHAT? White people have the right to express their faith and beliefs through their way of life? But their way of life is savage and not for the civilised. Is that what we want? A planet overrun by crusading Neanderthals? I say we exterminate them before they sully the purity of our supreme race. Who’s gonna tell us we can’t? The good Indian citizens of our fair and just land? No course not, they’d have to be a race traitor to even consider it and worthy of the gas chambers for even thinking it.

The Christians right *slurs* They’ve got these Christianity balls that are made out of glass and they chuck them at your head really fast like, and smash into millions of tiny little swastikas that then sprout legs and crawl under your skin and baptise you from the inside out. Their Godot is a bastard, he’s not after peace but revenge.


This is just a short example of a weird world none of us recognise. That’s because it doesn’t exist. If we reverse racism and behave as many white people do, we are perhaps no more than a hateful violent nuisance, as the white critics of Bahar Mustafa claim to be, but if we then also assign ourselves structural power and influence as journalists, academics, politicians who are white with the privileges of a national platform, well then the power imbalance is plain for all to see except hypocrites, liars and cheats. That’s racism; having the power and reach to claim you are being racially abused and people believe you, despite the everyday abuse actual marginalised people experience which you enable and nobody believes. Without power, racism is simply prejudice. In some cases prejudice is justified, for example if you’re a woman and you’re sick of men killing women or you’re non-white and tired of white supremacists killing non-whites.

When you are conditioned to fear something and you fight back, that’s not racism but radical and revolutionary.

reverse racism dictionary

reverse racism dictionary 2

Are we human?


In my mind I wonder about the sort of reaction I should have to the news of our dehumanisation. It’s not a case of just reacting to life as it comes anymore, within the parameters of acceptable behaviour and what it means to exist together peacefully. Freedom and respect are awarded to reflect economic success in a system which disproportionately favours white people and not the ways in which we nurture and develop each other and the world.

If you’re reading this and you voted Tory, before you start gloating about your win, think on this; you voted to keep the others out because you actually did fairly well under their last term, financially they were just the ticket to sort out YOUR money woes, and renewed YOUR prospects with all the flashy cash they’ve amassed from the selling of OUR public amenities, and whilst this is no doubt a brilliant thing for YOU and YOURS, you did this without batting an eyelid for those people who were not born with or have access to your privileges. It’s not like you didn’t know, we’ve only been banging on about intersectionality ever since the Tory filth were first elected.

It tells me that you saw the letter from the 100 disabled people pleading for compassion and scoffed at all our bleeding heart stories. You’re so cold you don’t even think of the disabled as properly human so mustering up any empathy for our plight is a bit of a stretch. You just want to end this something for nothing culture, you work so damn hard for your champagne and chips, you should have the prestige of being in the minority with the privilege to ponce about like it matters. Without hierarchy and nepotism, where in fact would you be? It helps to maintain this divided society if you let some of them believe they are God’s special little snowflakes sent from heave to bless us all with a protestant work ethic and to criticise them at all must mean we’re jealous we cannot magic money out of thin air. Each and every single one of you is an accident or sickness away from a similar fate. You might have savings cos you were taught to be money wise but the people will still think of you as subhuman scum.

Following the second world war in which six million people belonging to a single belief system were summarily executed all over Europe in a coordinated genocide, delegates from 50 nations convened to establish a charter in the hope that such brutally grim atrocities would never be committed again, their mission clearly stating

“We the peoples of the United Nations are determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind.”

They acknowledged the horrendous suffering human beings were capable of inflicting and vowed they would do all they could to promote peace and avoid conflict. The universal declaration of human rights followed 3 years later, highlighting the belief that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”.


This is a statement of fact enshrined by international law for over 65 years, which the population and political representatives of Great Britain have chosen to reject. Britons don’t believe in equality. Ask a human rights critic why they choose to dehumanise other humans and they’ll all spin you a tale about the cat and his rights to family life. Every. Single. Time. The home secretary really was making it up but the infinitely superior British public don’t need to seek the truth for themselves, they’re happy to believe everything they see and hear on the BBC. Like how the travellers are picking up £2k a week in rent, or the Muslims cancelling Xmas from way up high on their Trojan horse, or the trans people out to steal your gender from under your noses. These people with negative power, that is those who relinquish the little power they have in order to prove they’re not like all the others (in order to survive) are deemed such a threat they must be stripped of their human status so they can be whipped and deported in crates like cattle if they piss a white person off (at least that’s what Mr Smith misguidedly believes, ignorant to the fact he is also human). That is really all there is to it, this bloodlust among the natives of this land, to prove they have the structural power to hit us where it hurts, even now when we are pushing internationally for recognition of our humanity. Probably especially because of this.

I said YEARS ago Britain was full of racists and hypocrites. The hypervigilance I acquired in my violent childhood has left me always guessing what’s to come 10 steps ahead. In its early stages ethnic cleansing can be halted and reversed but the longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes. It’s a stark contrast with events in some parts of the world. At a time when our humanity is being deconstructed, chimpanzees are being recognised as having all of the rights we inherently afford humans. That’s because science has finally begun to prove that animals are sentient and capable of far more complex processes than we previously gave them credit for. Given that non-white humans were initially thought of as animals, it explains the arrogance and detachment from reality white supremacists demonstrate in their conquering and colonisation of the world’s resources and living creatures.  Science also recently figured out that babies do in fact feel pain in the same way that adults do. These scientists could have asked any one of the billions of parents out there. Instead we’ve had decades of children suffering and being told to shut up when they scream out in pain. The people in power treat the peoples they oppress in the same way.

I am a person but before that I was born a human. I had no choice over the location of my birth; it was an unfortunate accident at best. Had I any say over where I’d be birthed I wouldn’t have picked the UK. I’m sorry, what was that? I should be grateful I was born here and not in some mud hut where Akbar could slice off my nose?

You mean the UK where 3 women a week die at the hands of an intimate partner? Where 1 in 4 will experience rape and sexual violence (this is an official statistic and nowhere near the truth. I believe it is close to ¾ from my work as a domestic abuse and sexual violence worker). Where thousands of severely sick and disabled people are silently executed by the state for being too weak and feeble to get a job when 2 million of their able bodied peers are struggling to survive in a system that actually works for them (on paper)? A country the UN decided has a pervasive culture of sexism in which women are bombarded by unwanted sexual attention at home, at work, on the streets. A country that in fact denied the UN entry into a concentration camp because making those abuses public would foster condemnation from the international community. Perhaps we’d quite like our spot on the axis of evil? As a nation we are denying severely disabled people the dignity of an independent life by making them dependent on the state, institutionalising them if they really can’t cope alone or instead leaving them to die, destitute and alone. Really rich people get to opine on our life chances without ever asking us how it is for us and what we think would improve quality of life for all and they get away with it by pretending to be the labels we are born with. Don’t call yourself a socialist and piss away £100 on champagne in my presence, I will be tempted to bash you over the head with it. What are you, a lord? Let’s not even get started on the establishment and the way they have systematically tortured raped and murdered those children society forgot about but who cares if they were unwanted right, God is just happy they didn’t get aborted.

This is a mere skim of the surface on life in 21st century Great Britain. I am exhausted listing the things that make this rainy fascism island a living hell for all those dragged here by the empire. They came for the others these past few years and the people who were supposed to protect us (I’m looking at you Guardian readers) enabled it. They denied they were oppressing us by making out we were oppressing them. The resultant chaos is a right wing dystopia where they’ll deny it was ever their fault (in keeping with tradition). Not even when there are thousands more dead, which there will be now they’re taking away the very basic right to life. When you do not have this right in particular, you can be exterminated like vermin. It was the single most important article I used in my work to prevent women of colour being deported to their deaths.

Without the right to life states can kill people without acknowledging the loss of life.

Genocide just became a whole lot easier.