Author: Sam Ambreen

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The P Word is racist and everyone knows it

Apparently somebody* repeatedly said the word paki on BBC Question Time last night and no one smacked her in the mouth or booted her off set. Of course what we (visibly Paki people) needed was for this to become a ‘debate’ in which white people talk over us and for us, in the manner to which they are accustomed.

Dave asks why it’s ok to say Brit and not Paki. Let’s see now Dave, did anyone ever call you a dirty Brit whilst stomping on your head? Did they ever use Brit as a prefix for the corner shop, or is it just a shop, as it is to the rest of us who do not speak in racialised terms? Is Brit a perjorative term for all White Europeans? Does it have a history steeped in racist divide and conquer? See, if there was a swastika with the word Brit next to it, it would mean something completely different to the same image with the P word.

The word Pakistan is an acronym for Punjab, Afghan, Kashmir, Indus and Sind. Stan means ‘land’. Many native Pakistanis believe it has another meaning, pak means pure, put together it becomes the land of the pure. Native Pakistanis aren’t as bothered by ‘paki’ because they haven’t had to live under the beady eye of fascistic white Britain, nor have they learnt to associate it with actual physical violence and marginalisation. Pakistanis never had the power to self determination though, not as the losers of the British empire. They have been subjugated by the west since ‘independence’, and their neighbours, with whom the conflict still rages on.

Paki reminds me of another term bastardised by white supremacist colonialists that affects me personally. If you’ve ever seen a Carry On film you’ve heard the term ‘khazi’, meaning toilet. In Pakistan there is a caste system of sorts though it is doesn’t carry as much weight or power as the Hindu one. If anything it is a legacy from a time when Hindus and Muslims lived together and adopted each others traditions. My paternal grandfather’s caste was Khazi. This meant that he was a scholar, a judge, an authority. It was only in my 30s, many years after I’d heard the label being misused so offensively that I learned my Mughal ancestors had changed their names to escape the genocide British soldiers had planned for them, forced into the mountains to escape the slaughter. They adopted the name Khazi instead of Mughal, a demotion but crucial if they were to survive. The British Army adopted the term no doubt to express their delight at taking a shit on us from a great height. This is what the British empire means to anyone not invested in its bloody violence and coercion, demoralising and degrading, brutish humiliation that has ensured generations of Pakistanis cannot hold their heads up high.

Paki, like khazi, and the N word and every other label thrown about by white supremacists to abuse others are rooted in domination and toxic masculinity. These labels have been used quite successfully to disempower and traumatise the people they are inflicted on. One word has the power to split open centuries old wounds encoded in our very DNA. Autoimmune conditions such as lupus affect people who come from nations colonised by white supremacists. It is as though the body is under such a sustained attack that it turns on itself, desperate to find the thing that is wrong and make it better. Every time a white person spits out the P word, we experience a spike in adrenalin, a fight or flight response and every last white person knows this. They KNOW IT. Raised cortisol levels eventually take their toll. People from African and Asian communities have been admonished for their health issues, being so many more times likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes, it has been suggested we simply do not know how to look after ourselves YET racism as a cause for mental and physical disability has not been researched enough.

Next time a white person ‘debates’ their right to use racial slurs, just call them a gammon. A salty, fatty gammon with a sizeable rind. It hurts them to be associated with such a poor cut, I’m sure many of them would rather be labelled bacon but lardon might be pushing it. They have the right to play devil’s advocate, we reserve the right to compare them to their favourite cold cuts. Don’t let them derail you with claims of classism, if they would rather identify with a bresaola, let them have it. It’s all pig.

It’s no longer a time for appeasement, where we roll with the punches and earnestly seek to educate the ignorant masses on how we are all equals in God’s eyes, no, it’s time to give as good as you get. Get creative, be a petty tit for tat queen.

*The person in question was Sikh and referring to herself being abused with the p word but the point still stands, what are the BBC doing broadcasting it from anyone’s mouth? Why isn’t it being challenged? BBC question time seems to push the boundaries back when it comes to the normalisation of racial slurs and polarisation of political views. It’s interesting that they let a Sikh person express their distress at being labelled with this slur and not a Pakistani, because there are Sikhs and Hindus who are desperate to set themselves apart from ‘true pakis’ because they have rejected us and still cannot appreciate we look exactly the same to whites.

I found it interesting to see Shappi Khorsandi so affected by it because she’s not even south Asian. This awful word is used to control an entire continent but don’t forget the Arabs, and the Brazilians, and even some southern Europeans. It is a deeply racist word associated with that beige-y brown skin tone and shouldn’t be spoken on national television. Shame on the BBC. Stop paying your tv license.

**What is the BBC playing at, broadcasting a racial slur when they fired Tommy Sandhu for racism against ‘pakis’?


Bulgaria 1 – 0 England

I’ve been keeping an eye on the news regarding the investigation of racist Bulgarian football fans and how it has progressed quite swiftly compared to other areas of public life. In the past I have asked why the FA hasn’t done more to combat racism and judged fans for wanting to be part of something that is so tolerant of racist abuse, in particular the way John Terry was found not guilty of a racist offence even though he admitted saying “black fucking bastard”, among other things. The FA still chose to remove his captaincy, which suggests they took a harsher view than the courts but then the England manager Fabio Capello resigned in protest so it was all a bit of a confusing mess.

If it sounds as though I care about football, I don’t. Can’t stand it, can’t stand the hype and the way fans express themselves, or the fact that domestic abuse peaks when there’s a big match on. The entire culture breeds toxic masculinity, and it has always been my experience; whenever I’ve unwittingly walked into a train full of pissed up louts egging each other on to be even more obnoxious, I am renewed in my hatred for the shit show. I detest its power and how mired it is in capitalism, but that’s a grumble for another day. I have never been a football fan and I am proud of this.

Over the past week however, I have watched in awe at every little twist and turn in this saga, from the moment the match was halted to the statement given by the Bulgarian captain in which he expressed his embarrassment, and the resignations, notably the Bulgarian football chief Borislav Mihaylov who had dismissed England’s concerns over racist fans prior to the match as being “groundless” and “offensive” (as many of our own card carrying fascists have done this past decade). Following the match the Bulgarian prime minister called for his resignation and he obliged only days later. Compare the way this has been handled, not only in the football associations but as a nation, from the politicians to the men on the pitch and how woefully short Britain falls of this example. It’s a bit rich of England bosses to express concerns over racist Bulgarian fans whilst the entire nation waits with baited breath to learn of our post Brexit fates. It’s a stretch to position English fans and players as an authority on racism and to make demands of other nations to comply with a set of standards we struggle to achieve ourselves, in any section of society on rainy fascist island. Hypocrisy is something we excel at here.

I surprised myself with my reactions to the rolling news, at first I was understandably outraged and then resigned to this shitehole of a world but then the Bulgarian authorities responded in a way I had not anticipated. I can’t remember the last time a public figure was made to suffer consequences for their bigotry. Consider the apologism meted out in defence of Alan Sugar or Jeremy Clarkson. The numerous examples of serving members of parliament using actual racial slurs only to be excused for their ignorance because they “didn’t mean it in that way” never mind the piccaninnies, watermelon smiles and hijabs as letterboxes jibes from our current prime minister.

Never forget the torture inflicted on the very people who built this country up when it was on its knees following the war. They were always British citizens, descended from a British colony they were forced on to as slaves against their will, of course they didn’t need the paperwork to prove they belonged here. Their children, born on British soil, registered with British birth certificates couldn’t prove they had leave to remain either. So many deported to their deaths, because they were British not Jamaican and easily picked out in a crowd as a soft touch, presumed to be worth something hailing from Britain, mugged for the shirts on their backs, murdered in the scuffle. A Windrush child – a man easily in his 50s but possibly much older – told me recently so many of them had been disappeared, and who could begin to bring about justice for them? He said he was leaving it to his sister to apply for compensation, he couldn’t face it himself. Why isn’t Theresa May and the rest of her murdering cabinet rotting in their cells at The Hague? Why has the British media and government been allowed to construct a narrative that denies the daily racism visible minorities have to navigate as par the course, instead choosing to focus on the prejudice faced by one minority group, dominated by rich and privileged Europeans who claim black and brown people are being racist to them (and that’s why socialism is a bad idea)? You never see black and brown Jews in the mainstream media, why is that? Cos they exist, and need support too.

Football can do all it wants to stamp our racism in its ranks but it’s pointless if the rest of society resists. British football, British politics, British media should lead by example instead of waving fingers and micro-managing other nations. I would insert a quote here about being the change you wish to see in the world but it sprang from the mouth of a racist (be wary of minorities lauded by The West, there’s always a fucked up back story).

I have revised my demands of football; it can only exclude racists from matches but can’t really change the world, not when it hasn’t changed from within.

Sneaky Fascism is The Worst

On a walk recently with my dog I walked past some graffiti that made me stop and look back, because I felt like it had negative connotations, even though I could not remember exactly what. I took a picture and spent hours trawling through google, sending it to my friends, some of them seasoned anti-fascists. Nobody could place it and some even suggested it might be just a tag. I eventually found its origins and felt sick at what I discovered.

This symbol represents Wolfsangel SS, a division of the SS and it depicts a wolf trap. It was used by the Nazis in world war 2. It is not so easily recognised as the swastika and this is a tactic used by cowardly Nazis, to pick something so obscure so only they know its true meaning, whilst they operate in plain site.

On my next visit to the park I showed the image to as many dog walkers as I could, to inform them of its sinister roots. One person said they had no idea that it was so scary, they’d assumed it was just a 4 attached to a 7, and they’d seen it dotted around all over the area. I advised they carry a marker or similar with them on their visits, to cover it up and they agreed.

I was at the park again today, telling another regular about it when they asked me if I’d seen the news about the gun discovered in our park. Apparently it was a Luger, a German weapon used by the ‘German Empire’.. like, what the actual fuck. To make matters worse, it was loaded. A member of our community reported it. The West Midlands Police report seems to tie it in with regular gun crime, not far right white supremacist extremism, which leads me to question whether they’re being wilfully obtuse (they’re not exactly a shining example of race relations in the community) or just dense, having not connected the dots between Nazi paraphernalia and their apparent presence in the area.

I thought it would be enough to cover their symbols up in passive resistance but I’m not so sure now. We need an antifascist front actively manning the park and surrounding areas, an organised resistance, an antifa neighbourhood watch. The park lies on an area of land that is bordered by racially segregated communities, but also divided by class. On one side there is the white working class, or as locals call it ‘the co-op end’, on another, a fairly affluent white middle class, but there is also the ethnic side, Muslims, South Asians, Arabs and Irish.. if there were ever a race war, it would be quick and bloody, with little chance for escape.

I would like to ask all anti-fascists (or people opposed to fascism) to renew their local links and make themselves a force to be reckoned with. Nazis only bluster about for as long as we let them, they’re mostly cowards at heart who take their cues from fascists in the state and media, which is why they were silent for the most part during my childhood. I was born and raised here and asides from the NF making themselves a nuisance during the 80s, I was blissfully unaware of the contempt a significant number of white people have for other ethnicities in this country.

If things are this bleak in an area known for its progressive culture and community I dread to think what it must be like in the scarier parts of town. It makes me want to leave the house even less than I already do. We have to make ourselves safe, we cannot rely on the authorities or they’d have nipped the nazi problem in the bud when it was still masquerading as ethics in gaming.

What did the Muslims ever do for us?

In the course of human history empires are a relatively new phenomenon, spanning only the last 3000 years or so. From the ancients to modern day Britain, empires are born out of violence and domination, spurred on by greedy men with a desire to rule over the earth and all its inhabitants. Empires control resources and dictate cultures. It is for this reason we must acknowledge all empires, for the duration of their rule, if we are to gain an accurate assessment of human development, in the interests of provenance and posterity.

Take the Moors for example. Neglected in the history books for the most part, owing to the Europeans penning said tomes, their contribution to humanity has been effectively erased or minimised because it stands in direct contradiction to the white supremacist’s creed; that savages were to be civilised from the depths of their spiritual ignorance. They burned books, and monuments of cultural significance, much like Isis did in Palmyra, to the shock and dismay of enlightened Europeans who condemned this destruction of world heritage. I wonder whether the world had reacted to similarly to the barbarism of the conquistadors, or if it had in fact reveled in the bloodshed, as it does today whenever there is a terrorist attack committed against Muslims. I imagine they came out with the same excuses then as they did now “Europe for Europeans!” regardless of the rivers of blood trailing down from the bodies of innocents whose only crime was to pray to the one true God via their own cultural lens. The genocide of the Moors was as much about the colour of their skin, if not more, than it was about a Christian God, as we can see in the blackface festivals celebrated by prevaricating bigots from Spain and Britain to the Netherlands.

 The reins of their (Moors) horses were as fire, their faces black as pitch, their eyes shone like burning candles, their horses were swift as leopards and the riders fiercer than a wolf in a sheepfold at night . . . The noble Goths [the German rulers of Spain to whom Roderick belonged] were broken in an hour, quicker than tongue can tell. Oh luckless Spain!

Quoted in Edward Scobie, The Moors and Portugal’s Global Expansion, in Golden Age of the Moor, ed Ivan Van Sertima, US, Transaction Publishers, 1992, p.336

Sure, the Moors were probably a frightening spectacle when they invaded Spain in the 8th century but as is the way of empires, wealth and security leads to knowledge, and peace, and eventually empathetic non violence. Empires reach their end when the leaders peak in terms of civility, unprepared for savage invading forces, unable to defend themselves against the onslaught of rabid violence. Perhaps this is why Britain can never just sit back and relax, always pre-emptively asserting itself with made up wars.

The world has chosen to focus on the demise of the Moors as a natural conclusion to the decree ordained by the lord almighty. They had provoked God’s wrath with their salacious ways and fallen out of favour. It is this notion that has sustained the skewed version of history from both sides of the conflict. Europe has effectively slut shamed Muslims into submission who cannot respond with a clear conscience because they bought into the propaganda (having suffered such a humiliating defeat) and now conduct themselves with the same terror inspiring zeal of medieval Christian soliders, whom God allegedly favoured, to appease Him.

Without the Moors, there would be no ‘Spanish’ guitar (guitarra morisca). This is what we mean by appropriation; the Moors are not celebrated like the British or Romans or Greeks, despite their many contributions in the advancement of humanity, they have been denied their historical dues by usurping Europeans who took all the credit. Moors pioneered many medical treatments, identifying hemophilia as a condition, inventing anesthesia for the purpose of surgery, and treating hydrocephalus for example. Groundbreaking and lifesaving methods such as how to perform a ligature were first documented in Al Andalus.

The Moors invented watches, a fact all Europeans should remember when they tell the time, especially given they also invented the first sundial to show time in equal measures where previous models varied according to the seasons. Where would we be without this vital innovation? If the Moors had never existed newspapers/books might never have been a thing. They invented a printing device 100 years prior to the ‘invention’ of the printing press. Ibn Firnas invented the metronome in the 9th century, during a time the Europeans referred to as ‘the dark ages’. Where would the human race be without any of these black and brown Muslim visionaries, for whom the dark ages meant a golden age?

My own ancestors, the Mughals, were a creative trailblazing peoples I am determined to resurrect. The first sugar rolling mills appeared during the Mughal empire. They invented the first hookah or water pipe, for the purpose of smoking tobacco. According to Wikipedia modern metallurgists “thought it was technically impossible to produce metal globes without any seams” until they were rediscovered in the 1980s, 20 or so seamless celestial globes created during the Mughal empire. I learned very recently that my ancestors had built Lahore fort and Badshahi mosque, not forgetting the Taj Mahal. Ah, that universal symbol of devotion, a wonder of the world, steeped in Mughal history yet neglected for that very fact, denied the care and attention that should be afforded to a world heritage site. India hates Muslims, it is quick to condemn and even kill them, for eating beef, among other things and stripping citizenship from millions yet it reaps the world’s praises for the creation of something it had nothing to do with. The Indian government has let it rot. The Taj Mahal is a painful reminder of the erasure and appropriation of Muslim ingenuity, pinned together by enemies of enemies, whose party line is a collective resistance to the creeping shariah of Islam, despite their own grievances and in-fighting. These relics are stripped of their roots, co-opted by coercive powers and serve as a reminder of how we (Muslims) have been subjugated.

I’ve never liked being a part of a group, I can only be myself one to one. I think group behaviour is terrifying. When groups of likeminded people band together, it no longer matters whether something is right or wrong, the majority has the power to claim up is down. I’ve seen adulterous affairs justified in this way, and sex abuse cover ups. I’ve been groomed in this way, isolated, misrepresented, because I wouldn’t toe the party line. A similar malfeasance has been inflicted on Muslims.

In my almost 40 years of experience on this earth I have learnt the difference between what they say and what they really mean. Christians invading India were shocked at the inhumane practice of sati committed by fanatical Hindus, whereupon the female spouse jumps, or is thrown, onto the funeral pyre, because she cannot exist without her husband. They condemned them as idolaters and savages and appealed to Muslim Indians as they (rightly) believed in the one true God. To the Hindus they condemned the Mughals as occupiers and destroyers of Hindustan, a country for Hindus. In this way they divided and conquered and continue to do so to this very day. Far right Hindutva and their mascot Modi brutalise millions in their quest for a Hindu state, supported by western nations who look the other way when Muslims are being slaughtered, see also the Rohingya in Burma being summarily executed by Buddhist monks (ffs) for an example of one modern day atrocity. Religion of peace they scoff, when mocking Muslims yet Buddhists extinguishing life in cruel and unusual ways has escaped everyone’s attentions. See the Israel/Palestine conflict for another example of white supremacist divide and conquer, effectively polarising Muslims and Jews who have historically fought together against the scourge of Christianity (see Moorish Spain).

Tyrants all over the world look to the British empire for inspiration. Hitler himself was an admirer of the British rule in India, it was what prompted him to enact his own genocide. The holocaust is widely taught and accepted for the most part, because the teachers are white supremacists who exemplify divide and conquer of ‘minorities’ and use it as a tool to silence other ethnic groups. When an African person speaks of King Leopold and his slaughter of 10 million Congolese and questions why this isn’t taught in schools like the holocaust is, they are not denying Jewish history or cheapening it by comparing it (as I was once accused when I warned that current events were a catalyst to holocaust levels of genocide) they are appealing for consistency. When I highlighted the similarities between the targeting of Jews in Germany and modern day Muslims in Britain I was chastised for daring to compare. 11 million Indians were starved to death by Churchill who redirected grain to British forces during the war. Was this not a holocaust too? Not when the history book writers are white, evidently.

In a world where white supremacy holds all the power and writes the narratives, a maleficence of biblical proportions has been committed against believers of the one true God. Christians have employed idolaters to act as their proxies, to protect their global interests, and will shun them when they are no longer effective. Historical allies have been pitted against one another and the flames are fanned periodically to ensure their estrangement. Muslims are caricaturised as uncivilised, barbaric, wanton in their misogyny and to be fair, many of them are, but they weren’t always like this, they weren’t always so broken and reactionary, they were made that way by Christians.

Perhaps if we acknowledged the real truth, the many contributions made by Muslims to the sciences and arts, and the pursuit of pleasure with inventions like chess, poker, and alcohol (how many words do you know prefixed with ‘al’?) such inventions that changed the course for humanity and propelled Europeans to their ‘enlightenment’, Muslims might not be so angry or even perceived as such. Europeans weren’t beamed down to earth by God as naive fledgling angels innocent of all crimes and wrongdoing, hitting every branch of the enlightenment tree on the way down, no, they appropriated the hard work of Muslims and denied the historical truth, leaving those famed rivers of blood in their wake.

The transference of white supremacists must be called out for what it is, the fear of a comeuppance, of the chickens coming home to roost. They keep the conflict alive.

The Muslim Empires They Tried To Deny Ever Existed

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I first started questioning my place in the world but I was very young, still in infant school, not yet a personality in my own right. I remember I still believed in Santa Claus and Christmas was an event that I was very much a part of, from the towering twinkling tree in the school assembly hall to the black bin sacks brimming with toys on Christmas morning. I accepted the nativity as fact, Mary and Joseph had plodded along with their heavy load and Jesus was born in a stable, and the festivities celebrating the day of his birth were meant for everyone. At this age I wasn’t too heavily indoctrinated in the faith ascribed to me by my family, they loved Christmas and celebrated it, coming together as a family but also extending kindness to our neighbours, sharing a box of quality street with the elderly white woman who lived next door, and cheerily welcoming everyone with the season’s greetings.

I wondered why we didn’t go to church. I was taken aback when I was corrected about the virgin Mary and how she was actually called Maryam and married to Yusuf. Isa hadn’t died for our sins but he would be returning. As I grew, in size, and as a person, I very quickly came to the conclusion that religion was a bit like Chinese whispers (or something less racist) and it seemed, to me at least, a way for people to claim they were better, more informed, superior even, compared to the people they didn’t like; for a bunch of other reasons usually, like the colour of their skin or the country they came from. I learned in RE that sometimes brown people were Christians, and sometimes white people were Muslims but I never came into contact with these outliers until I was much older. I was fascinated by history and learned about the Egyptians, albeit on a very basic level but it was enough to spark my interest in world history and how each empire shaped the world. I liked to read in my own time, checking books out at the library but I could never find anything remotely related to my ancestry. I was already in the process of hating myself, my folks, our clothes, and food and perhaps was desperate for something that would set us apart from the rest. We weren’t like all the others, I was adamant about this.

Children might not understand the reasons people are hostile but they certainly perceive it. I noted the aggression with which certain people responded to what seemed like perfectly reasonable and softly spoken requests, at the bank, or job centre, or store. White people who wouldn’t make eye contact and lacked manners. I noted the ways in which my folks ignored the harsh tones and doubled down in their apologism, always feeling slightly embarrassed for their intrusion – often achieving the results they were after, but at great cost to their sense of pride and well-being. They had accepted their lowly status, whatever the reasons for it were and I was acutely aware of how this would impact on my opportunities. I guess that’s when I started to dissociate, splitting my personality. I wasn’t about to bow and scrape for the bear minimum, I was going to assimilate.

I remember learning all about the Spanish inquisition at school but never was there ever a single mention of Muslims. A tremendous feat given they were the primary victims. Even Wikipedia says it was the rulers of Spain who asked the pope to drive out Jews who were pretending to be Christians, and that’s it. Jews were also being targeted but they lived in Al Andalus, Moorish Spain. No mention of the Islamic books and heritage they burnt, or how Islamic Spain had managed to create a peaceful state where Muslims and Jews lived peacefully alongside Christians until the rabid Catholicism of the day slaughtered entire villages, drowning and decapitating children in their beds, raping then stabbing Muslim women through the heart because any offspring would be spoiled. We learned all about the Romans, and Greeks, and the British empire yet nothing of the Moors, or the Mughals who ruled for many centuries and were such learned cultured peoples conducting themselves in genteel ignorance during the middle ages they had no way to anticipate the savage barbarism of cold and hungry Christians, raised by the rod and indiscriminately slaughtered by both state and neighbour alike (much like the East today).

Medieval Europe was a grim fucking stage for the origins of white power. By all accounts they reveled in torture. Ah yes, there was the Magna Carta (England) allegedly holding everything together, but I can bet more people know about it today than did back then. From the peasants to the clergy (who were all powerful) everyone was in it for themselves. If they hadn’t been so wretched they would never have won, in all fairness. To be devoid of humanity is the only true guarantor for success in the pursuit for world domination. You can’t love thy neighbour and feed the poor and be at all comfortable with coercive power and control. Yet this is what they did, the Christians. They lied and manipulated. They forcibly converted Muslims and Jews (the converts were referred to as Moriscos and Marranos, respectively) then killed them anyway. Nobody talks about this, or how Isis and the Taliban are a poor imitation of the conquistadors.

When you have no history you feel untethered, floating in the air with no clues as to where you’ll end up. I have a recurring dream in which I’m trying to get to places, one example being from that old primary school to my family home but I have to measure my stride and watch how I place my feet otherwise I bounce up into the sky, terrified at the velocity sometimes, which can throw me sideways, afraid I will come crashing back down and hurt myself or even die. My attempts at controlling my pace via lucid dreaming have yielded some results, some journeys have even been pleasant but I am not yet a master. I am convinced this is my brain trying to resolve deep rooted anxieties around identity and powerlessness over it. Sometimes I’ll panic because I’m wearing a skirt and no pants and if I don’t control the buoyancy effectively enough everyone on my street might get a flash of my lady parts. Other times I don’t care if they do. Once in a while my granddad is waiting on our porch and I’ll suddenly have to straighten myself out and stand very still, because he cannot know that I have this skill.

I felt as though we can’t have just transpired out of thin air, as a teen, and was determined to learn of my roots. I asked my grandparents, with whom I lived, who my great grandparents were and they gave the name of a great granddad on my granddad’s side and that was it. No great grandmas or great great grandparents. No lineage, no roots, no establishment. I wanted to know what we called the language we spoke at home because it didn’t sound like Punjabi to me. They replied Sikhs had a different dialect and that’s the difference I was hearing. Only, when I grew up, I met other Muslim Pakistanis who said they spoke Punjabi and they honestly did. I came to understand my ‘mother tongue’ is actually a lingua franca of sorts that enabled me to access at least 7 other South Asian languages, with its roots in Farsi. I had always managed to understand my South Asian friends whatever language they spoke at home but they rarely understood me. I had spent my life being told it was a cursed tongue, that it sounded dirty, and worthless, when it was actually a priceless tool. No wonder I found language so interesting, I had exceptional roots.

I registered the slight hesitance in my grandparents whenever I broached the subject of ancestry. They’d tense up. I thought they were embarrassed, especially when they snapped that it was enough. I reasoned it had to be a secret, whatever it was, otherwise they wouldn’t be so eager to change the subject. Perhaps we had been Hindus and this was a fact they had buried, because it was no longer of any use and they did not want to risk reversions.

It was many years later, long after both of theirs passing that I learnt the truth. Muslim history has been effectively erased in Europe. We don’t learn about it in schools, it is not spoken of much in pop culture, any allusions to it, like for example in The Spanish Princess, are post victory, when they are subjugated and at the behest of Catholic monarchs. Queen Isabella enacted a genocide on Spanish Muslims and her daughter Catherine of Aragon married Henry VIII. These moments in history that tie together the bigger picture, the union of these two countries for the sake of all Christiandom, Henry being a cornerstone of British history that is over taught in my opinion, from the many perspective of teams for and against the Tudor tyrant, and his many wives and their friends and foes; to so brazenly leave out the connection to how Europe was shaped by the sword and owes a debt to the world for its ignorant destruction of culture, is surely deliberate and intended to mislead. The Tudors weren’t just special because Henry was a literal ladykiller (what a thing to focus on though, how this country was spearheaded by a domestic abuser), the empire began with his devil spawn. Oh we all learnt about Walter Raleigh sending back spuds from the new world to flatter his queen but they left out the genocide of Native Americans on the curriculum. I guess it would lead to questions about other ethnic majorities on other continents, displaced and erased by the same people. I can see why, teaching a bunch of hormonally charged teenagers the reason they are here today is because you were there for 500+ years and you still haven’t left is asking for trouble. Kids tend to have a stronger sense of injustice than adults who’ve spent a lifetime lying to themselves about what is and isn’t virtuous.

A racist procession marking a time when the Moors ruled Spain (click image for more information) from the 8th century to the 15th yet Wikipedia refers to the Moors as ‘Muslim inhabitants’

Take sexual freedom as one example of the clash of civilisations in medieval Europe. Cold and hungry white Europeans hated sex. They believed it was a sin and a chore, even in marriage, where it was a method for procreation and not pleasure. Perversely a lot of their torture methods centred on the genitals, the pope even had a ‘pear’ for such purposes (google but nsfw). It is sexual freedom among other vices that was cited by Christians as a reason for their victory against the savage Mohammedans. Such lax attitudes concerning pleasures of the flesh had led to their fall from grace in God’s eyes and that is how they lost their empire. To this day, Muslims repeat this harmful life to justify their misogynous control over women and their attitudes towards sex in general. Sick of the way black and brown men/Muslims treat their women? But they learnt from the best. Muslims were making art about how sex was a gift from God before Christians turned that light out in them for good.

Published 15th Century

So what can we do about it now we know? For my part, I’d like to know more about who collected taxes and crops from my ancestors and our land, forcing them to bury grain so they wouldn’t starve. That chap’s descendants owe me and mine. As part of the decolonisation process, reparations are crucial to the healing process, to feeling grounded. Reparations come in lots of forms, acknowledging the histories they tried to erase is a good starting point. As a descendant of Mughals myself, I was only made aware very recently of my rich history. When there is denial and erasure even in families (because the ignominy of having it all and losing it, for not being pious enough, is too much to bear or acknowledge) it’s even harder to begin to unravel the chaos that ensured ten generations of trauma and toxic shame, the true legacy of the British Empire.

Twitter is Dead to me

I’ve been asked a bunch of times when/whether I will be returning to Twitter and so I’ve decided to announce it here; I have never been more repelled by the idea and most likely won’t. I haven’t really been paying any attention to the news though the odd bit of information seeps through, like the deliciously shadenfraude week piss-haired Boris had recently, and the entitlement with which he boasted of his plans to break the law, a call to civil disobedience if ever there were one.

There’s no point to Twitter for me anymore. When I first joined I was completely unaware of the extent to which white supremacy would inform its ethos. I think about who I was in 2009 and how much I wanted to tweet Stephen Fry and how far I’ve come since. I no longer get star struck by the rich and famous. Twitter revealed the ugly side to celebrity, the self interest and wilful ignorance of the immensely privileged, which ensures their status.

Tokenisation of minorities was never more glaringly obvious. Gnasher Jew and theDSGGroup are both minorities themselves but these tokens denied Britain is oppressive to poc, just because they hate socialism and believe they are exceptional amongst their respective diasporas. They had me, a lifelong anti racist, removed for hateful conduct against minorities. The many racist rape and death threats I experienced were disregarded, apparently not violating their misogynous white supremacist guidelines, aided by the notoriously racist West Midlands Police (to whom I reported the threats against me) who claimed racist rape and death threats were within the realms of taste and decency but I could face criminal prosecution for saying kill all men. I stopped saying it, and surprisingly, managed to kill not even one of the jeb ends to which I referred. Meanwhile, nazi incels who were just crywanking gamers back then have gone on to kill a number of people, in prolific incidents that don’t seem to have any effect whatsoever on law enforcement and their sense of urgency.

Everything I’ve ever tweeted or blogged was to raise awareness of fascism and how we are all complicit and hurtling towards it without a care in the world. We have pointlessly racist organisations like Prevent targeting minorities who resist assimilation whilst an actual fascist government pushing racist campaigns and agendas sit in power and no one has thought to refer them to our award winning anti extremism program. Proof that Prevent is a racist endeavour targeting minorities to subdue them and enforce assimilation with the hodge podge white supremacist culture on rainy fascist island.

I never wanted to tweet about racism, when I first joined I’d mute anything connected to it, because I was afraid and never wanted to acknowledge it and make myself a target. The London austerity riots put an end to that. I had to speak up against the racist and classist punishments being meted out to the poorest of people. 6 months for looting a crate of water seemed a bit excessive and served as a stark warning that if we tolerated this outrage, worse was to come, but this has always been the cruel harsh world of the Tories. At the time I was completely flat on my back recovering from my second discectomy and felt so helpless at what was happening to our country. Collective punishment is a recognised step in the process to genocide but I barely managed to scrape together 1000 signatures condemning it. I did meet a lot of my closest friends as a result, these people cared when most didn’t, and I wasn’t going to let them go.

With each handover in this utter shambles of a government they have become increasingly more hateful and violent in their power and control. This is what I hoped to prevent. This is something I never wanted to see and it is why I spoke out against the so called leftists and liberals who were tacitly encouraging the rise of white supremacist nationalism via their hot takes on how a Farage of the left would ease all our troubles (never forget Helen Lewis is a dyed in the wool racist with the power to claim she is not despite all the evidence to the contrary) to how Islam was an conspicuous failure (Richard Dawkins picking up where his barbaric ancestors left off in medieval Europe burning books and slaughtering those who wouldn’t convert to Christianity by denying and erasing 1000s of years of scientific and cultural excellence in one egregiously dishonest tweet). White westerners would still be afraid of water and flinging their shits out of a bedroom window for their neighbours to wade through, were it not for the ingenuity of Muslims.

I saw this coming in 2013 and instead I was silenced, and ridiculed, until I was left shouting hysterically into the ether, ignored even by ‘my own side’. There is a tendency on the left to assimilate with the gatekeepers of your chosen profession. I watched as previously supportive comrades faded from the sidelines once they’d been published in the Guardian, no longer eager to RT everything I tweeted. Solidarity is like, actually, the hardest word. It’s difficult to side with the belligerent, I get it, but people are rarely so animated when life is good. I had hoped Pastor Niemoller had cleared up the dangers of self interest for us but apparently not.

There is nothing more I can say about our circumstances. I have never had the structural power to really affect change. Instead I had hoped to appeal to people who do, but the more power they get the more drone like they become, never really telling the radical truth, instead conforming to an idea of the deserving. The most marginalised are edged further out, instead of being welcomed into the fold. We’re all focused on Brexit with each camp claiming the other is fascistic but from where I’m standing, they all look the same. Yes, Brexit is bad, but so is a Europe for Europeans.

I’m done fighting for the 2013 status quo. I’m quite happy to fade into obscurity and put all my energy into the specialist psychotherapy I’ve been referred to, on the NHS! Even my GP was amazed and couldn’t understand how it had happened. I am grateful for the opportunity to work on myself as I should have been in 2010 instead of freaking out about gross human rights violations and the shameless lies that allow them, asylum seeking cat indeed. Imagine throwing a whopper on that scale and still being allowed to become an unelected prime minister. Democracy? As a side dish, perhaps.

If we were mutuals and we share at least one other mutual and you want to stay in touch, give your details to the mutual in common. This is my only regret regarding Twitter, the thousands of likeminded keepers of truth and guardians of beauty I can longer reach. Y’all made Twitter just about bearable and I am grateful for all your support. Ironically, all those who bemoaned radicals for creating echo chambers (because we had zero tolerance for bigotry) ensured Twitter itself became a white supremacist echo chamber. Future generations will use it as an example of how not to do business. Heck, rules and standards might make a comeback if we reject white supremacy.


(This piece is a collective statement from various victims and resistors of cyberbullies, stalkers and potential mass shooters Kiwi Farms and their cult leader Joshua Conner Moon. Further down there is a section on how you can help, whether you are directly impacted or not)

We call upon employees of Brave Software to cease employment with Brave Software and Brendan Eich and to tell Brave Software and Brendan Eich to stop enabling neo-Nazi white supremacist pedophile Joshua Conner Moon and his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying website Kiwi Farms via his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying podcast Mad at the Internet.  Brendan Eich and Brave Software have ignored many messages apprising them of the circumstances and have chosen to disregard the piles of evidence we have sent their way.

Mad at the Internet is a podcast of Kiwi Farms and Joshua Conner Moon.  Mad at the Internet bullies people being bullied on Kiwi Farms.

Mad at the Internet, Kiwi Farms, and Joshua Conner Moon are violating the terms of service for Brave Software by inciting violence.  Joshua Moon has made a mass killing and mass rape threat, promoted violence against women, Jews, and Muslims, and incited five people to commit suicide by cyberbullying them, then celebrating the suicides and assigning bonus points for each suicide.  On Kiwi Farms, Joshua Moon wrote that if he had an autistic son, “it” would be quickly dead.  However, Brave Software and Brendan Eich still haven’t cancelled the account for Mad at the Internet, the cyberbullying podcast of Joshua Conner Moon.

Our previous appeals to Brendan Eich and Brave Software:

Brave or Enablers of Nazis?

Brave Software Cashing in on Our Misery

An Open Letter to Brendan Eich

Spotlight Newspaper

Why are employees of Brave Software working for garbage like Brendan Eich?

Most Recent Dossier on Kiwi Farms

Joshua Conner Moon, son of John Moon and Candice Lynn Potter (a.k.a. Candy Potter), is running a notorious neo-Nazi, white supremacist hate group and cyberbullying website called Kiwi Farms.  Kiwi Farms targets disabled people, especially people with autism, transgendered, Jews, Muslims, black people, Hispanics, vulnerable people, highly accomplished people, and other minorities.  Kiwi Farms has ruined the lives of countless people with defamation and cyberbullying.  Kiwi Farms had a forum called “Brown Town” in which they expressed their hatred for black people.  Joshua Moon (a.k.a. Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon) called for the genocide of Muslims and solicited fingers of Jews for necklaces.  Joshua Conner Moon uses BitChute, which is owned and operated by Ray Vahey, for Kiwi Farms videos to cyberbully people already being cyberbullied on his Kiwi Farms website.

Joshua Conner Moon lives with his grandparents Linda Cherry Potter and William Anthony Potter for free while cyberbullying people. 


Kiwi Farms user William Atchison committed school shootings in which he shot two Hispanic kids and himself.

Kiwi Farms user Lindsay Kanittha Souvannarath attempted a mass murder at a mall.

Kiwi Farms has been promoting violence against different minorities. 


Kiwi Farms had about 200 web pages bullying a teenage girl named Julie Terryberry and she committed suicide:

Julie Terryberry committed suicide after Kiwi Farms bullying

Now Kiwi Farms is proud of  causing this suicide and brags about it.

A second Kiwi Farms victim named Chloe Sagal committed suicide after being relentlessly cyberbullied on Kiwi Farms.

Transphobic Bullying of Chloe Sagal

Suicide following acts of cyber-bullying

Game Developer Takes Her Own Life

Self immolation of Chloe Sagal

Kiwi Farms caused an individual named Chance Carmichael to commit suicide by cyberbullying him.  Kiwi Farms celebrated this suicide.

Kiwi Farms caused an individual named Nicholas McCrary to commit suicide.  Kiwi Farms celebrated this suicide too.

After causing four suicides, Joshua Conner Moon proudly posted a kill count on his Kiwi Farms website, which suggests that Joshua Moon is trying to cause as many suicides as possible.

Kiwi Farms caused an individual named Desmond Amofah AKA Etika to commit suicide.

Kiwi Farms also caused a suicide attempt.


Report Moon and his forums/podcasts to the FBI, by filling out this form to file a criminal complaint against Moon for violating U.S. Code Section 2261, for information click here

For proof of threats Moon has made, you can attach this link. The authorities have made hundreds of arrests in recent weeks of potential shooters who have threatened mass violence. Why is Joshua Conner Moon any different? 

According to, Australia’s number one news website which reaches over 9.5 million Australians, “Before he founded Kiwi Farms, Moon was sacked as an administrator for 8chan for allegedly promoting paedophilia. He is notorious for his online stalking and harassment campaigns, which have featured threats to “rape, murder and dismember” his mainly female victims.  In 2016, Moon was linked to a series of online threats to harm children in Florida, where he shares a home with his mother, forcing dozens of schools into lockdown.”


See the following articles on Joshua Conner Moon and his promotion of the Christchurch terrorist attack:

Daily Mail

Even Hatreon, which allowed funding for white supremacist hate groups, found Kiwi Farms too vile to allow on its website.  PayPal, Uphold, Authorize.Net, Mastercard, Visa, Patreon, and Hatreon banned Kiwi Farms from using their services for donations. Google banned Kiwi Farms from using its banner ads service. RedBubble banned Kiwi Farms from selling merchandise on the RedBubble website. Bitcoin mining syndicates banned Kiwi Farms from using their services to raise money.  VK,,, and YouTube banned Kiwi Farms and Joshua Conner Moon from posting videos to cyberbully people already being cyberbullied on the Kiwi Farms website. Why should Brave Software be any different? Or BitChute for that matter? How are they above the law and standards on decency?

Kiwi Farms is owned and operated by Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon. This is Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon, owner of 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting, in a nutshell:

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon runs and owns a neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying website that bullies over 1800 people.

– Julie Terryberry committed suicide after being bullied with a 192 page thread on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Chloe Sagal committed suicide after being bullied on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Another victim attempted suicide after being bullied on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Chance Carmichael committed suicide after being bulled on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Nicholas McCrary committed suicide after being bulled on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– After causing four suicides, Joshua Conner Moon proudly posted a kill count on his Kiwi Farms website, which indicates that Joshua Moon is trying to cause as many suicides as possible.

– Desmond Amofah AKA Etika committed suicide after being bulled on the cyberbullying website of Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon promoted violence against women, Jews and Muslims.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said Muslims need a “good genocide.”

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon asked for Jewish people’s fingers to be cut off.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon asked a Jewish man if he had spare fingers or toes for a necklace.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moonn denied the number of people killed in the Holocaust.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon hosted fantasy fiction on child rape.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon admitted a sexual interest in young boys.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon posted emails from a web hosting company saying it was terminating his service for hosting child pornography.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon defended bestiality.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said he wants to kill and rape as many people as he can.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said he would rape and mutilate a young girl and shoot her dad after she rejected him.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon said he wants to kill his mother.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon publicly ridiculed his mother.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon used Nazi avatars.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon glorified Adolf Hitler.

– Joshua Conner Moon a.k.a. Joshua Moon a.k.a. Josh Moon celebrated a terrorist attack against people protesting a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

These are some evil quotes by Joshua Moon, owner of 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting:

Here is Joshua Conner Moon talking about viewing child porn:

8:58 AM - Joshua: God I feel so guilty about the CP
8:58 AM - Joshua: I wish it didn't turn me on to see that shit
8:59 AM - Joshua: It's not just regular child porn either, it's hurtcore now
8:59 AM - Joshua: I just like to see children suffer 😦
8:59 AM - Joshua: Oh well, no point in thinking about it too much
8:59 AM - Joshua: Time to find some more, lol!

Joshua Moon is an actual incel who said he wanted to mutilate Clara Lovett after being rejected by her.

Here a minor girl named Clara Lovett (userid Stocking) described Joshua Conner Moon’s reaction as follows after she refused to give him her address:  “I remember after he found out my last name, he said that he’d show up to my house while I was at school, shoot my dad, and wait for me to get home. Then he’d subdue me, cut off each individual digit with a knife heated in hot grease so that it’d cauterize as it cut and I wouldn’t bleed out. Then he’d cut off my clitoris and my labia, and then rape my ass until I shat myself. Then he’d just leave me to starve to death or something once all my appendages and my genitals were sliced off and he’d beaten me sufficiently.”

Here is Joshua Conner Moon saying he wants to rape and kill as many people as he can to Clara Lovett (userid Stocking)

4:52 AM – Joshua: I swear to god I want to kill and rape as many people as I can

4:52 AM – Joshua: before getting gunned down by SWAT

4:52 AM – Joshua: That needs to be my life aspiration

4:52 AM – Joshua: You stupid fucking cunts need to suffer

4:52 AM – Joshua: All living things with a vagina

Here is a conversation in which Joshua Moon expressed his pedophile tendencies:

(8:11 AM) Joshua:   Alright, time to jerk off to some neko shota.

(8:11 AM) Joshua:   Yeah, I’m fucked up. I know 😦

(8:11 AM) Joshua:   brb.

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   0-0

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   Wait

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   I thought you hated furries

(8:13 AM) Joshua:   Neko =/= Furry.

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   I just googled it

(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   It was a half cat half boy

(8:14 AM) Joshua:   A single cat abindage is not equivilant to a dog with some human features.

(8:14 AM) Joshua:   And that’s not why I hate furries.

(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:

(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:   Also

(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:   They are all little boys 0-0

(8:14 AM) Joshua:   Hence the word Shota.

(8:15 AM) Colten v3.5:   Yes

(8:15 AM) Joshua:   You need to learn your lingo.

(8:15 AM) Colten v3.5:   But a boy jacking off to a boy?

(8:15 AM) Joshua:   Regular doesn’t cut it anymore.

(8:15 AM) Joshua:   I drench my sorrows in masturbation so often that it becomes too hard to get off to heterosexual intercoruse for the sole purpose of reproduction.

(8:15 AM) Joshua:   You need to expand your pornographic interests if you do it too often.

(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   Oh ok, so Ill go over to /me/ and start jerking off

(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   */men/

(8:16 AM) Joshua:   I’ve done iit

(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   0_0

Here is Joshua Conner Moon wishing death on a baby:

@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm

I fucking hate my friend’s sister’s baby.
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It’s a fucking cunt.
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It just sits there and glares at me
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It cries 24/7
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It’s woken me up every day since I got here
@ Null – Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
I hope it gets SIDS

Joshua Moon once stated, “Muslims need a good genocide.” 

This was archived at

Joshua Moon once stated, “Cut off Jew fingers.” 

This was archived at

Joshua Moon once asked a Jewish reporter, “Sir, I don’t mean to be a bother, but would you happen to have any extra fingers left for my necklace?  Toes maybe?” 

This was archived at

Joshua Conner Moon said Nazism is the best form of government.

Joshua Moon posted this disturbing statement on Kiwi Farms:

”I have begged my mother and my therapist to sleep with me out of desperation”

Here’s a podcast analyzing the pedophilia promotion of Joshua Conner Moon.

Despite mocking transgender people on Kiwi Farms, Joshua Conner Moon has a transgender romantic partner.

Joshua Moon (a.k.a. Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon), owner of 1776 Solutions, LLC doing business as 1776 Hosting, and Candy Potter (a.k.a. Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) are the subjects of much scorn on the Internet.  Following are some articles fully or partially dealing with Joshua Moon (a.k.a. Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon), Candy Potter (a.k.a. Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter), and Kiwi Farms:

Rational Wiki

“Candice Lynn Potter found to be a member of Kiwi Farms”

Candice Lynn Potter found to be a member of Kiwi Farms

Candice Potter arrest record

“Candy Potter defends son from harassment victim”

“Meet the cyberbullies of Kiwi Farms”

Joshua Moon calls for genocide of Muslims and solicits fingers of Jews for necklace

“Kiwi Farms, the Web’s Biggest Community of Stalkers”

Julie Terryberry committed suicide after Kiwi Farms bullying

“Cyber-bullying website hit by Google AdSense ban“

“Cyberbullying platform’s PayPal account shutdown”

“KiwiFarms host ‘concealed contact information’”

“Joshua Conner Moon’s Kiwi Farms website shut down”

John Moon and Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) have not stopped their son, Joshua Moon (also known as Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon), from operating this hate group.  Candy Potter allowed him to continue living with her while operating this cyberbullying group.  When contacted about Joshua Conner Moon and Kiwi Farms by numerous people who were cyberbullied and defamed, Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) just hangs up.

Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) had her own profile on Kiwi Farms.  After Crocels News reported on the profile of Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) at

Candice Lynn Potter found to be a member of Kiwi Farms

Joshua Moon deleted the profile, but it was archived

Information on Kiwi Farms co-administrator Andrew Auernheimer:

Why is a neo-Nazi and white supremacist like Andrew Auernheimer aka Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer buddies with and sharing an apartment with an admitted homosexual pedophile like Joshua Conner Moon?   Joshua Moon even had a transsexual boyfriend.  Joshua Moon said that he lives with Andrew Auernheimer now.  Why would Andrew Auernheimer invite Joshua Moon to live with him?  Andrew Auernheimer has native American and Jewish heritage, but is still a neo-Nazi white supremacist.  .  Andrew Auernheimer is a hypocrite.  Andrew Auernheimer has two adopted black brothers, but is still a neo-Nazi white supremacist.  Andrew Auernheimer became a neo-nazi white supremacist after his parents adopted two black kids and Andrew Auernheimer felt neglected by his parents.  You can read about kiwi farmer Andrew Auernheimer here:

SPLC Centre


The Independent

The Atlantic


Andrew Auernheimer said, “If you don’t let us dissent peacefully, then our only option is to murder you. To kill your children. To kill your whole families. There is only one thing absent free speech that we can do to express our dissent and that’s to slaughter you like dogs, and you’re gonna have it coming and your children will deserve to die.”

Below are the employees of Brave Software.  Once again, we call upon employees of Brave Software to quit working for Brave Software and Brendan Eich and tell Brave Software and Brendan Eich to stop contributing money to neo-Nazi white supremacist pedophile Joshua Conner Moon and his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying website Kiwi Farms through his neo-Nazi white supremacist cyberbullying podcast Mad at the Internet. 

We noticed Brave Software had taken down the contacts page for its staff but they were too late. This tells us they are aware of the resistance to Kiwi Farms and have actually read all the correspondence they have failed to respond to.

Brendan Eich – Founder & CEO

Brian Bondy – Founder & CTO

Yan Zh – Chief Information Security Officer

Ben Livshit – Chief Scientist

David Temkin – Chief Product Officer

Brian Brown – Chief Business Officer

Brad Richter – Head of Design

Catherine Corre – Head of Communications

Holli Bohren – CFO

Johnny Ryan – Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer

Brian Johnson – Principal Engineer

Brian Clifton – Software Eng Manager

Anthony Tseng – Sr Software Engineer

Sriram Venkataram – QA and Customer Support

Marshall Rose – Principal Engineer

Jon Sampson – Sr Developer Relations

Sergey Zhukovsky – Sr Software Engineer

Ryan Watson – IT & Operations Manager

Cezar Augusto – Sr Software Engineer

Luke Mulks – Director (Business Development)

Alex Wykoff – Product Manager (Brave Rewards)

James Mudgett – Principal Product Designer (Mobile)

Nejc Zdovc – Sr Software Engineer

Joel Reis – Sr Software Engineer

Lauren Wagner – Software QA

Kamil Jozwiak – QA Lead

Jenn Rhim – Director of UX Design

Peter Snyder – Privacy Researcher

Tom Lowenthal – Privacy & Security Product Manager

Chris Nguyen – Technical Operations Coordinator

Jocelyn Liu – Sr Software Engineer

Kevin Lawler – Sr Software Engineer

Jimmy Secretan – VP of Services & Operations

Artem Samoilenko – Sr Software Engineer

Alexey Barabash – Sr Software Engineer

Geeta Sarvadnya – QA & Support

Asad Syed – IT Support Engineer

Matt Bacchi – Sr DevOps Engineer

Jennie – BAT Community Manager

AmirSaber Sharifi – Sr Software Engineer

Michael McLaughlin – Sr Software Engineer

Nick von Pentz – Sr Software Engineer

Michal Buczek – Sr iOS Engineer

Taylor Campbell – Tor Engineer

Aubrey Keus – Sr Software Engineer

Emerick Rogul – Sr Software Engineer

Bartlomiej Lechowski – QA Engineer

Jan Piotrowski – Business Development

Pranjal Jumde – Sr Security Engineer

Pete Miller – Sr Software Engineer

Dimitrios Athanasakis – Machine Learning Researcher

Jason Sadler – Sr Software Engineer

Matt Evangelista – User Support Engineer

Ryan Lanese – Sr Software Engineer

Mandar Shinde – BAT Ecosystem Product Lead

Ross Moody – Design System Lead

Rafael Ebron – Product Manager (Brave Browser)

Hamed Haddadi – Visiting Professor

Max Karolinskiy – Sr Software Engineer

Dan Lipeles – Software Engineer

Karen Liu – Sr Product Designer

Scott Locklin – Blockchain / Machine Learning

Des Martin – Business Development & Community

Panagiotis Papadopoulos – Security Researcher

Mark Pilgrim – Sr Software Engineer

Dr. Antonio Nappa – Security Researcher

Terry Mancey – Senior Developer

Andrius Aucinas – Performance Researcher

Mihai Plesa – DevOps

Adrian Legardy – IT Support Engineer

Cory McDonald – Software Engineer

Ben Kero – Senior Devops Engineer

George Dregalo – Senior Software Engineer

François Marier – Senior Security Engineer

Matteo Varvello – Performance Researcher

Jan Seidl – Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer

Clayton Hartford – Brave Ads, Rewards & Creator Partnerships

Dan Murphy – Brave Ads Support Specialist

There has to be at least one decent person among your ranks, someone with a conscience.