Justice is for white people

This is the response I got from West Midlands police after I asked them to escalate the complaint to superiors. I called the police to help me. They didn’t help me. Instead they gave me a warning.

I knew when I was raped that I could not go to the police because they’d probably say I deserved it for inviting the rapists back. It doesn’t matter that they were just friends when I let them into my home and an entirely normal thing to do when you trust people (who are friends) but in the context of a rape investigation, it’s almost like the purpose of the police is to discredit victims, especially when they are female and almost certainly when they are not white.

The police don’t give a shit about non-white women; I knew this from my work. They don’t much care for white working class women either but they still have the edge over poor brown women. The police can communicate better with people who speak their language, not just spoken but also cultural and unspoken, in the way they’ve been taught to react to things, like, how to be a worthy victim. Whether they self-identify as racist or not, suggesting that non-white perpetrators of violence against women are entitled to that power and control because their religious beliefs are protected by law allegedly and then shrugging as if to say “what can you do with these savages?” IS racist because if they did a little research, picked up a book or two, they’d realise violence against any person who is not your physical match is forbidden. It is racism that allows these people to turn a blind eye and in some cases gleefully abandon vulnerable people because of their immigration status.  This is something I learnt through my work, that the police are inherently racist and sexist.

I don’t like the police. I don’t care if they don’t like me either. I just want to know why I spent my whole life believing racism was illegal and that this meant something could be done about it. Also I know how serious (also illegal) threats to kill are because of the work I have done in the past, yet the police expect me to believe they cannot do anything about the abuse I face because Twitter won’t do something for them. How did they make Twitter oblige when it was the blonde middle class Caroline Criado Perez with her media contacts who was being targeted? She was in all the papers, her face flustered from the stress of being a woman on the internet and we learnt she was clinically depressed from the ordeal. I have CPTSD. I am on medication for mental and physical disabilities. I often have thoughts around suicide and yet the police have dismissed the threats and abuse numerous people subjected to me, even though there was money missing from my bank account.

(TW threats/racism)

“I will slit your throat and hang you upside down bitch, don’t tempt me”

“People are going to hammer you”

“Please shut the fuck up or I will murder you”

“Please shut up you paki”

“If you don’t like Britain go back to your own country you ungrateful whore”

“…You stupid, laughable cry-baby cunt”

“Begging for money on your blog I see…typical Paki girl”

“Proof you can’t be friends with a Paki”

“I’m going to kill you”

“Hahaha you ugly little slag, lol”

“I’m gonna slice you up bitch”

“I’m gonna cut you up”

“Please just drown yourself now please. Still gonna kill you”

If saying “kill all men” is incitement to murder than what is this^ person doing to me? Or the various search terms actually telling me to kill myself? They’re not saying all people should do this, this is a direct threat aimed at me, Sam Ambreen (not all women of colour). No one else, just me. CPTSD makes you hyper vigilant because you feel like you’re going to die most of the time. In the balance of harm, how can West Midlands police have the audacity to follow up a refusal to support me with a warning that I am committing a criminal offence and that they don’t believe me or cannot defend me for saying a few words (regarding 4 billion strange men)?

I’m not sorry that I cannot play the right sort of victim for you. The police are notorious for their inconsistency when it comes to believing victims. If you didn’t fight back, why not, did you on some level enjoy it or give them the impression you were consenting? If you did fight back, well, you’re clearly not a victim and can take care of yourself. In fact now you’re the problem because you’re hostile and a loose cannon. Well, he’s the one with all the scratches on his face (self-defence is only an option if you’re white and middle class, as we reminded Criado Perez only a few days ago).

I cannot fight back; I must leave the internet if things are that bad otherwise I haven’t the right to complain. Helpful advice from the police who are definitely not trying to silence me, say because of my political beliefs and utter distrust of the police. I didn’t want to go to them; I was encouraged to do so by people on Twitter who were horrified at the stream of nastiness I was subjected to. I wasn’t confident they’d do anything but I did not expect to be reminded of how I may be breaking the law for reacting to abuses perpetrated against me.

I don’t want to be in this country. It’s not safe. There is no help here for people like me, only more violence in future. I have nothing positive to say about any of my experiences with the authorities (or the majority of white people). I get it ok, you don’t like me because I can see you’re looking down on me and I know that I’m above that so you do your best to punch down and push me into a corner where no one can hear me. This only means I will keep screaming until the opportunity presents itself to leave this living nightmare. I know my worth (and the law) and you don’t get to call it.

If I now wished global warming would hurry up and drown this tiny island, would you consider that incitement to an act of God?


  1. No, Sam. Wishing Britain would drown in rising oceans isn’t incitement, it’s merely ignorance of topography. Take a train to Fort William and climb Ben Nevis. The fresh air would do you good.

    Also, here’s a bit of advice. The police don’t care about anybody. The same men who send police to maim black babies in cribs whilst searching for proscripted drugs will send hit squads to kill a middle-age white Christian church leader stopping at a convenience store for the crime of giving money to a drug addict.

    The problem’s got nothing to do with race or gender. We’re all potential victims.


      1. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when someone threatens to kill you? When people break the law, society says they should be punished for it but it is proven time and time again, justice is for white people.

        A better question to ask would have been “why don’t you like the police?” Well, as you asked so politely, I don’t like the police because they’re institutionally sexist and racist. This is not something I’ve seen only in the things I have personally reported (and not reported because I’ve always known the police don’t give a shit about people like me) but through everyday experiences of them in my work. The police really don’t give a fuck about women of colour.

        To answer your question further, I’ve suffered over 2yrs of this and not reported for the very reason that they wouldn’t do anything about it. On this occasion I was urged to report the abuse by numerous people who were shocked at how the abuse had escalated.

        Hundreds of people have witnessed criminal offences committed against me and even the liberals are all acab now, so, erm, thanks for your concern.


  2. You spout so much actual bollocks its frightening.

    Let me get this right, you are pissed off at the police for not acting on Twitter threats you’ve kicked up a fuss about.

    Yet when you are raped, actually raped you do absolutely nothing about it or report it in fear because you’re ‘brown’ they wont help you? Then you say people do nothing to help women? Based on what?

    I’ve worked in courts and seen first hand that the police, CPS and Witness Service all work hard to help rape victims regardless of colour. But in your imagination they dont?

    I doubt you was ever raped. But youre such full of bullshit and out of touch with reality you haven’t the first clue what is really happening in your life.

    If these threats are that bad, why not delete twitter? Let me guess ‘I won’t be silenced’. I think you secretly love it. And you fish for bites to prove a point (what ever your point is, you got a bee in your bonnet about different things every day).

    Get off twitter and do something productive like go to work or something.


    1. Also fuck off aye? For someone who’s worked with rape victims you’ve got a funny way of showing it. People who give a fuck about women believe all women. Now jog on with your 2 bit manz bullshit.

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  3. @tteclod, You’re the one who is sleeping sweetheart. Oh yeah cos racism doesn’t exist anymore does it? It’s all just those pesky ethnic minorities and their silly little imaginations isn’t it? How dare we point blame at nice, white people who would never do anything wrong? We must know our place I’m sure, and not worry about racism. Well; ofcourse you would say that. You’ve probably never been the victim of it. If 20 policemen jump on a black man and call him coon, oh that’s not racist. But if a black man gets a promotion, let me guess. That’s reverse racism right? Hypocrite. Just because police sometimes target white people too, it doesn’t mean they aren’t racist to people of colour. Oh and as for your pedantic little point about topography? Really? That’s the best you can come out with? You like trolling comment boards don’t you?

    As for you Sam, PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING. Maybe you should consider getting legal advice. Have you approached any alternative media outlets about her situation? I’d certainly be interested in it – I am a journalist and I’ll make damn sure it gets published. This must be exposed to a wider audience as things like this need to be addressed and the police must be embarrassed into taking action. If you just keeps it to yourself, the problem will continue. Maybe if you approach a human rights organisation, they can advise you on how to get a lawyer. You may even be able to get it on no-win, no-fee, because they are essentially ignoring a crime report, which is illegal. Keep a record of the Twitter convo, and get yourself some legal advice. I’d suggest you join activist groups as well, because it looks to me like you are facing a lone battle. DO NOT TAKE UP THIS TYPE OF FIGHT ALONE!!! This is how they pick people off. Is there a copwatch or wearechange organisation where you are? I’d look for one, you can try the local meetup groups. The whole point of joining a group is you get all kinds of advice on how to deal with obnoxious police, court cases, bailiffs etc without breaking the bank. Believe me, there are many effective ways to deal with these people. Do seek legal advice first though – but from someone who is known for their human rights cases. You don’t want lawyers who are pals with the pigs. Are there also black or Asian activist groups aswel? You definitely want the power of the community behind you as well, and I’d suggest sending in a complaint to the police department, and escalating it. Ofcourse, the pigs won’t do anything, but it is just so that you can say you have followed procedure. Maybe also write a letter to your local MP. I’m an activist and I can tell you more and more people from all different types of backgrounds are starting to come together. People are tired of being targeted by crooked cops, debt collection agencies, bailiffs, and seeing criminals get a free ride, while innocent people are put in handcuffs. They are simply sick of it. I know of some groups in Wolverhampton I can link you to if you are in the West Midlands. Stay safe, and remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Oh and don’t let online trolls get to you too much. I know its easier said than done, but they are sad little low-lives who talk tough on the screen but are probably weedy little geeks in real life, who probably don’t even live in the UK.

    Also, I suggest taking self-defence classes too. It will give you confidence and hopefully some skills to use if you ever do come across a violent, thuggish aggressor – as I have. Make a fuss, stand your ground and don’t let ANYONE bully you into silence. Not even the filthy cops.

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    1. Jay, please forgive the late reply. I’ve been busy caring for my child and didn’t get around to reading these comments again until after Sam referenced them in her next blog post. I’d be interested in your thoughts, Sam, if you’ve further comment.

      I wrote, “Sleep, Sam,” when I recognized the time she responded to my comment. Based on my post time alone, it was clear to me she was up well into the wee hours of the morning. I can comprehend how that may not have been obvious to you some time later.

      I’ll address your other thoughts in a reblog, later. My child wants to play checkers now.


  4. @ “Sams A Tambreen”

    Stupid, daft nickname. Couldn’t even be bothered to ocmment using your real ID and instead are trying to put down a woman talking about her experiences.

    You sound like a cop or a troll to me. I bet you don’t even live in the West Midlands and I’m sorry but until you have experienced what Sam has, then you should leave your spiteful, little comments to yourself.

    You’ve worked in CPS courts have you??? Hmmm, I think I smell a cop. And as for “I doubt you were ever raped”. Well YOU are the reason why many rape victims never come forward. Ironically, you have proved Sam’s point better than she could have hoped too. So thank you. Now fuck off back to the Daily (hate) Mail or the Sun or whatever your particular brand of bullshit is.

    So because Sam writes about things you disagree with, you are going to spread your bile are you? Says more about you than her I’m afraid. I wonder if you were one of those nasty Twitter trolls that helped to give rise to this blog in the first place.

    Isn’t it very interesting how any blogs that dare criticise some white people attract these types of comments? And yet not a day goes by when there is some racist bullshit written in papers like the Daily Mail or Telegraph (which you probably read) is written about people of colour or Muslims.

    You nasty piece of work. Slither back under the rock you came from.

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    1. Yeah I have experienced racism From Muslims and people of colour funny enough.

      You got no idea how it is to be Jewish in a Muslim area.


      1. No they don’t.

        Court cases are the Crown Vs Defendant.

        The police present evidence but they can’t sit in a court room and they don’t work for the courts.


      2. Well, now you sound like defense counsel.. Nah, still a cop. I’ve sat next to coppers in specialist domestic violence courts when they’ve needed to ask for special measures. For someone who ain’t a copper you sure are trying to convince me you’re not (like your life depended on it or something)


  5. “Yeah I have experienced racism From Muslims and people of colour funny enough.
    You got no idea how it is to be Jewish in a Muslim area.”

    Yeah course you have. Funny, racist BNP types always say that they were the victims of racism. By the way, Islam isn’t a race. ROFL Police may not work in court rooms, but they are often in them when there is a case involving them. Try harder dear. Oh and er, what are your thoughts on Israel? Hmmmmm? Now there’s racism if I ever saw it.


  6. “You got no idea how it is to be Jewish in a Muslim area.”

    No but I know what it is like to be black in an all-white AND all Jewish area. The racism was unbelievable.


      1. I love how you cunts (of all denominations) can read a blog where I’ve been threatened with death and allsorts and deduce from it that I am an anti-semitic shitlord. Your mask is slipping.


  7. Haha me neither. Oh and as for the troll: Still making silly pedantic little points are we? Ok, stupid, let me make it nice and easy for you.

    I was the only black person in an area that was otherwise white. See? Wasn’t hard was it? ROFL

    Oh and er, if you were Jewish, how can it be a Muslim area? Daft question ofcourse, but then you like daft questions don’t you. Oh and btw if you’re gonna post under two different names, at least be smart about it lol


  8. “Calm down Tolken”

    Apologies. I feel like I was too harsh with you. Please next time, if you do not want grown-ups to get angry, you shouldn’t stay up past your bed time. Does your mummy know you are using her computer? You should probably ask her for permission first. Don’t be mean and nasty to the other children, and make sure you do your homework next time. There’s a good boy.


  9. I just want to say, as a white Jew who has lived both in spaces where most people were POC Muslims and areas where most people were white Christians or non-religious, I’d choose to live in a Muslim majority area over a white non-Jew majority area any day. The Anti-Semitism (note: not quite the same thing as racism) I’ve experienced from white people has always been much worse than anything any POC has said to me about my religion and the place in my current town I feel safest right now is actually in the Mosque with the local Muslim community who treat me as a brother.

    Hate crimes, anti-semitic, homophobic and disablist, are part of my normal every day life – overwhelmingly committed by white non-Jewish people and then poorly investigated and blamed on my clothing, actions or demeanour by white non-Jewish police. What Sam describes in this blogpost is entirely familiar to me and seems typical of how seriously the police *don’t* take hate crimes and harassment in this country.

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  10. U prob know how what I think about all this, just want to say in ref to ur 2nd 2 last para, I’m gladu know ur worth. U r precious & ur pals very much value u. I hope knowing this is some comfort & u can gain strength from this my dear pal xxxxx

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