The Week in Racism

Nazi Swastika does not violate Instagram community guidelines.

They’re not even the same tone..

The BBC continues to prove it is a racist endeavour, just days after it showed an image of LeBron James instead of Kobe Bryant, Labour MP Marsha de Cordova was pictured in the Commons but the strapline identified her as Dawn Butler, MP for Brent Central. The BBC seems insistent on driving home the message all black people look the same to them.

Fool me once, shame on you or something.

“best evolve”.. after you, hypocrites

Let’s ignore the piss poor grammar and spelling mistakes, shall we?

Let’s not!

Practice what you preach, you utter melts.

Whilst I appreciate the response from the community who came together to reject the posters in a show of resistance and solidarity, the suggestion that it is a minority of English people who behave in this way is not exactly representative of the truth. About half of the country voted Brexit, because they thought it meant ‘Pakis out’. Those who have since changed their minds have done so because they did not realise it would restrict their free movement as whites. British hypocrisy strikes again. To deny the truth of the matter just prolongs its power.

Coronavirus brings with it a wave of hostility and racism towards people from Far East Asia and surrounding areas, like racists ever need an excuse. Interestingly the memes centre around ‘Asian babes’ and how predatory white males must think before they pounce on someone who may potentially be infected. Desgosted, to say the least.

George Reynolds taunted a black Spurs player calling him a ‘monkey boy’

For all my criticisms of football I have to hand it to the association, they seem to be making strides where the rest of society has stalled, or even regressed.

A Brighton fan was jailed on Friday for 8 weeks, following an incident on the 5th October where he racially abused players then threatened other fans when they challenged him. He has also been given a lifetime ban from the club as well as all other events associated with Brighton and Hove Albion.

Brighton’s chief executive was quoted as saying they have zero tolerance for racism. Well done, that man.

Such a brave patriot, that Sean Small

A 22 year old woman is facing surgery on her pelvis after jumping out of a 1st floor window with her toddler when an armed racist attacked them in their home. A 50 year old man from Co Tyrone in Northern Ireland has been charged with with a total of eight offences including making threats to kill, grievous bodily harm with intent, possession of an offensive weapon, criminal damage, and harassment.

Doesn’t it make you proud to be white, violence against foreign women and children?

Whilst not exactly a racist incident, the extremely racist and fascist government must be called out for its attempts to suppress the freedom of the press. Even Laura Kuenssberg walked out in solidarity with her fellow reporters, which was surprising given it is in large part thanks to her and the BBC that the Tories have lasted this long.

Laura pet, what did you think was going to happen? They’ve already broken a bunch of laws, and lowered standards for us all, did you really think your profession would be exempt? Or have you been forced to act in the interests of your colleagues lest they turn on you for having the morals of a tiger shark foetus?

Last but by no means least, we all cheered the news Hatie Slopbins had finally been removed off Twitter but a couple of things piqued my interest; firstly, that this move came about as a direct result of talks between Rachel Riley and Twitter bosses (just exactly what kind of power does she wield?) and the time it took to get it done. I guess if she’d spent less time attacking a lifelong antiracist activist for being a socialist, she might have got somewhere sooner.

I don’t think Riley is an anti racist, I think this is a calculated move to win back some of her fans, now they’ve seen her for what she truly is; someone who uses racism to score political points when she is actually a privileged blonde and blue eyed white lady with immense power. It can’t hurt in court either can it, to pretend to be someone who does good things? Even if it is just bullshit.

Speaking Partial Truth To Power

There has been a slight surge in traffic to this blog in the last couple of days, specifically with regards to my many Twitter suspensions. A cursory glance at the news joined the dots for me; Twitter had suspended Ralf Little for spreading disinformation but the blue ticks kicked off and he was reinstated 4 hours later. Oh, how the other half live.

I read back some of my posts and away from the cesspit that is Twitter and perhaps slightly rejuvenated in the absence of all those monsters, and as a result, more centered, I felt differently about the things I’d said (although I have no regrets). In this post, my offending tweet is altogether awful, without context, it makes me cringe and yet I wrote it with the best of intentions. I wanted my attackers to see what it felt like to be targeted themselves and in exactly the same way. This is just how I deal with the world around me, when a dog bit me once, I bit it right back. As a child victim of violence I was barely 10 the first time I retaliated. It was empowering and made me a survivor.

What people took away from my activism was that it was actually I who was the real racist, because unconscious bias minimises attacks against me but amplifies my retaliations and in the case of Twitter, helps maintain existing inequalities with its inconsistent guidelines, no doubt moderated by chan styled white supremacist incels. Ralf thinks it’s a bit conspiracy nut to assume someone might have maliciously locked him out of his account to protect coercive power but I disagree, this is and has always been Twitter’s M.O, they just didn’t care when it happened to us.

Twitter doesn’t care about what’s fair and right, it has always been skewed in favour of power. The more power you have the longer it takes for this to become apparent. Ralf Little has a lot more power than I do. When I was at my most vocal 6 years ago Ralf and Co were directly opposed to what we were asking. I don’t mean to single Ralf out, but consider James O’Brien’s impassioned plea on his behalf. He would NEVER do this for someone who wasn’t white and immensely privileged, he would just assume we deserved it. This is the same James O Brien who revoked his sympathy for Grenfell residents as they worked their way through the Kubler Ross model.

You can’t be shocked at this stage, fellas, this is a world of your making. You thought we were liars and fantasists and trouble makers and attention seekers but never once a comrade worthy of empathy. We challenged YOUR power, because we know it has enabled fascism in the past, the mainstream media is a tool for the establishment to normalise bigotry and encourage violence and it worked. Now we’ve reached the inevitable conclusion and people are shocked and filled with unease? Shame you didn’t feel that way in 2013.

“Free speech!” they all cried as a justification for their bigoted views yet turned their backs when our speech was curbed.

They came for us first, never forget that, and you said we were stupid and wrong. What’s your excuse?

Facebook Censors Resistance to Nazis – Please Delete Your Account

It’s been at least 3 years since I deleted my facebook account. It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve never regretted it. I remember when facebook first came on the scene and how most people, including myself, readily bought into it. The majority of people saw it as a positive thing with a small proportion acknowledging it was evil but worth it. I came across maybe one or two people who’d flat out rejected it and recognised it for the data harvesting, face recognising privacy hackjob it was. Of course those people were mercilessly ripped for their paranoia and told they were losing it/out but I guess they won in the end.

I guess data wasn’t my biggest concern, being a nobody who had nothing. I hadn’t anticipated the racism or misogyny I now know informs the tiny minds of Silicon Valley tech bosses. I tried to tell people in 2013 the world of racist misogynist gamers from the chan networks was enhanced and supported by social media bosses and at that stage there really weren’t too many of them and we could do something if we put our heads together. I was convinced they were working with people at facebook and Twitter but was largely dismissed and mocked for it, because I was potentially taking attention away from the real issue. I had never felt so alone and crazy but as time has gone on I’ve felt less crazy and weird because I was right.

I reported this message to Facebook back then and was told it didn’t violate their community standards. It was the final straw and something I would never forgive. On numerous occasions members of my resistance group suggested I set up a fake facebook account to create a group to fight nazis, specifically Kiwi Farms, and I refused, because I detest facebook and its entire ethos, from banning the nipple to platforming fascists and repeatedly victimising marginalised users with their indifference to criminal behaviour. I knew they would not allow any resistance to fascism, given their pivotal role in the whole Cambridge Analytica facade and prominent support of fascists worldwide. Nonetheless a page was set up by a member of our group, because everyone is on facebook and the potential for information sharing is unparalleled.

Facebook responded by locking the creator of that group out of their personal account. They went in to their security details and changed the mobile number to one that is no longer active and so cannot receive security questions for authenticated login. This person has had to cancel their bank cards because they were associated with the account and if facebook is fucking about with security details then they are absolutely not to be trusted with any personal/banking information. There were over 4000 followers on the personal account, a following they’ve built through their journalistic work, all gone because facebook loves nazis, and doesn’t care that people have been murdered and pushed to suicide. There is no explanation, no recourse to dispute resolution, only a number for their London team that is permanently engaged.

Our resistance fighter has cut their losses and learnt a valuable lesson, in their own words:

“I think we need to accept that we can no longer rely on these platforms as they clearly have their own right wing agenda. Seems to me the best thing to do is to create our own platforms?”

You don’t need to tell me, I’ve been waiting impatiently for everyone to get with the program instead of wailing about it (as I did in 2013) like the doomed Cassandra I am.

Facebook and Twitter are platforms for white supremacists. Personally I’m banking on a doomsday glitch that wipes out the entire internet and forces us to reconnect with the earth and each other. Imagine how long these dorks and dweebs would last without security gates and crypto-currencies? In a survival of the fittest apocalypse scenario these popped collars aren’t gonna last every long.

Facebook isn’t passively disrupting our work, it is actively clamping down on resistance. It has picked a side and made an enemy of us too. Show victims of Kiwi Farms you care by deleting your account and possibly giving them a call – 0203 386 6000 – and registering your disgust, if you can get through to them that is. Solidarity, altruism, working together for the greater good, that terrifies the nazis and their sympathisers/enablers but there hasn’t been enough of it and yet it’s the only thing that will turn the tide.

We, the victims and resisters of Kiwi Farms desperately need your help.

Twitter is Dead to me

I’ve been asked a bunch of times when/whether I will be returning to Twitter and so I’ve decided to announce it here; I have never been more repelled by the idea and most likely won’t. I haven’t really been paying any attention to the news though the odd bit of information seeps through, like the deliciously shadenfraude week piss-haired Boris had recently, and the entitlement with which he boasted of his plans to break the law, a call to civil disobedience if ever there were one.

There’s no point to Twitter for me anymore. When I first joined I was completely unaware of the extent to which white supremacy would inform its ethos. I think about who I was in 2009 and how much I wanted to tweet Stephen Fry and how far I’ve come since. I no longer get star struck by the rich and famous. Twitter revealed the ugly side to celebrity, the self interest and wilful ignorance of the immensely privileged, which ensures their status.

Tokenisation of minorities was never more glaringly obvious. Gnasher Jew and theDSGGroup are both minorities themselves but these tokens denied Britain is oppressive to poc, just because they hate socialism and believe they are exceptional amongst their respective diasporas. They had me, a lifelong anti racist, removed for hateful conduct against minorities. The many racist rape and death threats I experienced were disregarded, apparently not violating their misogynous white supremacist guidelines, aided by the notoriously racist West Midlands Police (to whom I reported the threats against me) who claimed racist rape and death threats were within the realms of taste and decency but I could face criminal prosecution for saying kill all men. I stopped saying it, and surprisingly, managed to kill not even one of the jeb ends to which I referred. Meanwhile, nazi incels who were just crywanking gamers back then have gone on to kill a number of people, in prolific incidents that don’t seem to have any effect whatsoever on law enforcement and their sense of urgency.

Everything I’ve ever tweeted or blogged was to raise awareness of fascism and how we are all complicit and hurtling towards it without a care in the world. We have pointlessly racist organisations like Prevent targeting minorities who resist assimilation whilst an actual fascist government pushing racist campaigns and agendas sit in power and no one has thought to refer them to our award winning anti extremism program. Proof that Prevent is a racist endeavour targeting minorities to subdue them and enforce assimilation with the hodge podge white supremacist culture on rainy fascist island.

I never wanted to tweet about racism, when I first joined I’d mute anything connected to it, because I was afraid and never wanted to acknowledge it and make myself a target. The London austerity riots put an end to that. I had to speak up against the racist and classist punishments being meted out to the poorest of people. 6 months for looting a crate of water seemed a bit excessive and served as a stark warning that if we tolerated this outrage, worse was to come, but this has always been the cruel harsh world of the Tories. At the time I was completely flat on my back recovering from my second discectomy and felt so helpless at what was happening to our country. Collective punishment is a recognised step in the process to genocide but I barely managed to scrape together 1000 signatures condemning it. I did meet a lot of my closest friends as a result, these people cared when most didn’t, and I wasn’t going to let them go.

With each handover in this utter shambles of a government they have become increasingly more hateful and violent in their power and control. This is what I hoped to prevent. This is something I never wanted to see and it is why I spoke out against the so called leftists and liberals who were tacitly encouraging the rise of white supremacist nationalism via their hot takes on how a Farage of the left would ease all our troubles (never forget Helen Lewis is a dyed in the wool racist with the power to claim she is not despite all the evidence to the contrary) to how Islam was an conspicuous failure (Richard Dawkins picking up where his barbaric ancestors left off in medieval Europe burning books and slaughtering those who wouldn’t convert to Christianity by denying and erasing 1000s of years of scientific and cultural excellence in one egregiously dishonest tweet). White westerners would still be afraid of water and flinging their shits out of a bedroom window for their neighbours to wade through, were it not for the ingenuity of Muslims.

I saw this coming in 2013 and instead I was silenced, and ridiculed, until I was left shouting hysterically into the ether, ignored even by ‘my own side’. There is a tendency on the left to assimilate with the gatekeepers of your chosen profession. I watched as previously supportive comrades faded from the sidelines once they’d been published in the Guardian, no longer eager to RT everything I tweeted. Solidarity is like, actually, the hardest word. It’s difficult to side with the belligerent, I get it, but people are rarely so animated when life is good. I had hoped Pastor Niemoller had cleared up the dangers of self interest for us but apparently not.

There is nothing more I can say about our circumstances. I have never had the structural power to really affect change. Instead I had hoped to appeal to people who do, but the more power they get the more drone like they become, never really telling the radical truth, instead conforming to an idea of the deserving. The most marginalised are edged further out, instead of being welcomed into the fold. We’re all focused on Brexit with each camp claiming the other is fascistic but from where I’m standing, they all look the same. Yes, Brexit is bad, but so is a Europe for Europeans.

I’m done fighting for the 2013 status quo. I’m quite happy to fade into obscurity and put all my energy into the specialist psychotherapy I’ve been referred to, on the NHS! Even my GP was amazed and couldn’t understand how it had happened. I am grateful for the opportunity to work on myself as I should have been in 2010 instead of freaking out about gross human rights violations and the shameless lies that allow them, asylum seeking cat indeed. Imagine throwing a whopper on that scale and still being allowed to become an unelected prime minister. Democracy? As a side dish, perhaps.

If we were mutuals and we share at least one other mutual and you want to stay in touch, give your details to the mutual in common. This is my only regret regarding Twitter, the thousands of likeminded keepers of truth and guardians of beauty I can longer reach. Y’all made Twitter just about bearable and I am grateful for all your support. Ironically, all those who bemoaned radicals for creating echo chambers (because we had zero tolerance for bigotry) ensured Twitter itself became a white supremacist echo chamber. Future generations will use it as an example of how not to do business. Heck, rules and standards might make a comeback if we reject white supremacy.

Beware: @TheDSGGroup is a woman hating bigot

A couple of nights ago I told a misogynist to fuck off because he said that there is no oppression in the UK, today my account has been suspended. I gave him 10 examples and he responded with misogynous fatphobia. One of his white followers immediately added me to a list ‘fugly’ and a bunch of others liked the abusive tweet.

In a week where right wing Asians have been demanding we all find the appointment of tokenistic South Asians in a racist cabinet a win for the disapora, Dick Swinging Git fulfilled his tokenistic role by denying oppression faced by the majority. I had to object.
“creatures like you”
This is what we mean when we say tokens are put in place by the white supremacist state to further oppress marginalised groups by denying their experiences. As if I’d want to ‘come together’ to talk oppression with an oppressor.

Non violent non abusive men would never speak to anyone like this, even in an argument. Not saying he would be justified if in fact I was fat, but as a slim size 8, it hits home even more, because it doesn’t matter what the reality is, gendered violence is so ingrained in society, men use fatphobia to neg us into submission. To be so casual in his attack, he wasn’t in the least bit worried that it would backfire, it’s probably served him well in the past.

Tokenistic poc have the power to flip it back and claim we are the real racists, for daring to broach the subject of oppression.

I’m Asian. I’m a genuine leftie (none of this neoliberal tory in disguise nonsense) working class, I left school at 16 yet despite this my last salary was almost 30K. I have what it takes to ‘make it’, a better grasp of English than most of the natives, I can sing, write and draw, I am hard working, diligent, and I look for solutions, I fix things or I can create new things. I have not been rewarded for my skills and abilities because I refused to step on the heads of my peers to achieve personal success.

@theDSGgroup has no such scruples, he is a small business owner who claimed to be a socialist and has amassed something like 8000 followers. He was all on board the Corbyn train until Jezza announced he would be introducing a living wage, then his principles dissipated and suddenly went full Brexit. He is everything that is wrong with Britain, the selfish attitude of someone who has only ever put his own needs first. Someone who plays the game because actually, he couldn’t bear it if people didn’t like him.

He doesn’t think I am racist but he got me suspended for racist misconduct. Can’t make it up.

When I blocked him he started hounding me from another account. Bearing in mind I have just been suspended for directing hate towards privileged right wing Asians, in a move that is entirely predictable on the part of Twitter, I was advised that harassment against me did not break the rules.

I’m done being upset by Twitter’s arbitrary rules that consistently reward bigots and disproportionately affect already marginalised people.

There is absolutely no point in my challenging this, or reacting emotionally because it will fall on deaf ears. I’m just going to make another account when I’m back from holiday and can be bothered.

In the meantime I would advise all conscientious socialist minded people raise awareness about this weasel on the left. I found I shared 5 followers with him, some of my mutuals had many more. Just give his TL a read and see for yourselves.

On the matter of oppression:

Footnote: Is it a coincidence my suspension comes on the same day Mark Field has been excused for his violence against a woman activist?

Brave Software Cashing in on Our Misery

For the past fortnight or so, victims of Kiwi Farms have been reaching out to Brendan Eich and staff at Brave to see if we could appeal to their humanity and make them understand, that a group of nazi incels who’ve targeted over 1700 people for the purpose of harassment and stalking – owing to their protected characteristics – is wrong and should not be enabled via their service. It has taken many months if not years to have Joshua Conner Moon and his merry band of fledgling terrorists removed from social media platforms, they’ve had free reign for so long.

We’re not stupid, we know there’s a high likelihood we are appealing to the very same people who set up and bankrolled the nazis. They’re all white men, from the same corners of the world, with the same chip on their shoulder about their alleged supremacy. They run Twitter and Facebook, as I found out this morning when I tried to log on and was met with this screen.


They reported these tweets, clearly hyperbolic, but they will argue their feelings were hurt and it gave them undue stress because if there is one thing white men are good at, it’s playing the victim. That second tweet it looks like I’m advocating for the killing of Muslims, that I’m targeting Muslims, but I was referring to Aung San Suu Kyi and how she will never kill all the Muslims, they will prevail. Imagine punishing *me* for attacking Muslims.. These tweets are old, nothing to do with them. That means someone went through my entire feed to try and find *something* to beat me with. They sure are rattled.

Brendan Eich referred to us as trolls and reported us for harassment, which is a fucking irony given that this is exactly what we have been subjected to for a number of years, abuses that Eich himself is extending by allowing Kiwi Farms the means by which to get funding. Eich wants to get rich off all the nazis, paedophiles and terrorist monsters the rest of the web have been forced to reject.


He’s found his niche, having invested $30 million of his own money into the business, Eich is neither ignorant to the pernicious nature of these forums nor does he care, he just wants to profit off them. It would seem as though Brendan Eich is building a business for the sole purpose of funding Nazis like Joshua Conner Moon when other streams run dry. Eich refuted the claims on Twitter saying:



Considering it’s on the front page of Yahoo News, I’d think about suing.

Brendan Eich and his ilk need to be reminded we live in a world where tolerance is a peace treaty; in a civilised society we have laws to remind us of our limits, otherwise the entire structure falls down. If we are attacked we have the right to self defence. If our friends and families are fair game, then so are theirs.

We refuse to be victimised anymore, we’re taking back that power. Anything else would mean admitting defeat and letting these cowards win.


(Well Brendan, if the world was actually working and rules mattered, and laws had been applied, you’d have a point. No justice, no peace)

Toxic Twitter is for White Supremacists


Yesterday I posted a tweet regarding the suicide of Carl Sargeant, who took his own life following allegations of sex abuse.

I stand by this tweet, at a time when media vultures are desperate to create a narrative that will help cover up the true extent of sex abuse in our society we must take it upon ourselves to maintain the truth even when it makes us uncomfortable. I wasn’t surprised when the usual suspects – white men – turned up in my mentions to tell me to go see how I liked it in Delhi, a nod to the gang rape a few years back and how I was a bitter woman and an attention seeker.


I didn’t go looking for this man, just to be clear, he found my tweet and approached me just to say I was an attention seeker. I replied:


I would suggest this was a fair enough rebuke given that he was doing exactly what he was accusing me of, seeking my attention. He went on to say:


This random on the internet was just looking for an excuse to bully me and so I muted him after the swiftest of exchanges and thought nothing more of it. In fact I had many tweets attacking me for standing in support of victims of sexual violence:

alan clark con

I can just imagine Alan wanking furiously to the thought of brown women being violated in foreign countries, it’s a fetish of his. He blocked me before I could report his account for targeted harassment and abusive behaviour aimed at my perceived race/religion etc.


This is a perfect example of white power, subjected me to hateful language and harassment whilst claiming I’m the racist.

alanconalancourseOnly an entitled white male with zero self control/awareness would think it ok to suggest I give a shit at all about whether he finds me attractive or not. Never mind the infantilisation that comes with it, quite sickening when you think of it in the context of sex abuse. He thinks he’s attacking a girl, not a 35 year old woman and this makes it even more despicable.


This take.. correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the PIE filled with right wing establishment types, like prince Andrew’s best mate? As if I’ve ever made a distinction between the sorts of men I’d like to see dead and buried. ALL men are capable of sex abuse and ALL men must be held to account.


White men do not care about victims of sexual violence, they object to non white predators. You can draw a parallel with the ‘coming over here, taking all our jobs’ trope, they’re only upset there are fewer victims for them. This is why you never see white men demand action against all predatory sex attackers.


That’s SIR Jimmy Savile, 1300 child victims of sex abuse, and everyone knew about what he was doing but no one said a thing, not the BBC, nor the government or the mainstream media. A mentally ill sex pest who used his elite networks to abuse white children at whim but all is forgiven, the real issue is those darkies who’ve been hardwired that way. Timmeh’s account is live still despite directing hate at a group of people/members of a religion. What a fascinating double standard Twitter seems to operate.

Later in the day I went to log in to Twitter only to find myself locked out. The prat who’d said I was an attention seeker reported me for two tweets which I happily deleted upon being prompted by Twitter and yet my account was still restricted, effectively silencing me for a week as I am not able to tweet, RT, like or send media in my DMs. I can read my TL and I can send DMs to mutual follows.


There are Nazis advocating genocide on Twitter but we must allow the marketplace of ideas for civilised debates even if that means inciting hatred and violence towards minorities but I can’t be hyperbolic and suggest a man eat his own weiner, what if I tracked him down and made him do it..?


He sent me a tweet calling me an attention seeker and routed a bunch of other white supremacist misogynists my way and when I tried to return the favour (at which point I also muted his account because he wouldn’t stop tweeting at me) he reports me for abuse and I am punished for a week? I don’t think this is just crappy algorithms, in recent weeks I’ve seen many of the prominent woc I follow have their accounts suspended because they were reported by a fragile fuckin snowflake and Twitter has done nothing to rectify this. I don’t think the Twitter nerds are ignorant, I believe they are actively supporting white supremacy behind the scenes – wtf is the Trump account about? – but cannot sieg heil in public because nazism doesn’t pay, at least not this century.

Update: Twitter has verified the account of the Nazi who organised the Charlottesville klan rally where Heather Heyer was murdered by a white supremacist. Twitter is telling us what it is, it’s time we listened and accepted it.