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Genocide is still on the cards

Conservative Party Conference, Day One, Manchester, UK - 01 Oct 2017

Mandatory Credit: Photo by James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock (9101397q) Theresa May in the Conference Hall Conservative Party Conference, Day One, Manchester, UK – 01 Oct 2017

Theresa May’s hostile environment has succeeded. Muslims are afraid, asylum seekers are afraid, the Windrush generation and their descendants, the disabled, young people, students, those holding a European passport.. the list goes on. Following her frankly aimless announcement the other day when she shifted the blame for the Brexit farce on MPs, leaving journalists and the general public agog at her impending statement only to dash any hopes they had of resolution or her resignation, we woke up to the news on Thursday that five Birmingham mosques were targeted in a racially motivated terrorist attack. This comes on the heels of a government pledge to double the security fund for religious buildings in the wake of the New Zealand terror attack, following several credible reports that the UK is next.

These apparently random attacks are anything but. Look at the way in which the Brexit debacle has been fanned out to build a sense of urgency and resulting impatience, the rollings news is relentless in its breakdown of every little seemingly irrelevant twist and turn. I’m so jaded by the mainstream news I watch as regular folk are swept up by the narrative because they still think they’re playing by the rules and the comedown they experience when yet again, Teflon Theresa issues a non statement and lives to see another day. She fucked the mandate and survived. Her party, embroiled in tax fraud scandals and electoral fraud continues to hold onto power, despite bringing the country to its knees, at home and on the world stage. Regular folks are plodding by in a daze, completely bamboozled by it all and if they’re criminally minded, as white supremacists are, they’re going to take matters into their own hands. Even her own MPs are speaking out against her toxic narrative, labeling it divisive and an incitement to violence, proving that parliamentarians know exactly what they’re doing when they allude to problematic groups.

Brexit means Brexit they said, which translates to ‘pakis out’. The longer they eke this out the more regular fascists are going to react, because they have been indoctrinated by the media and politicians. Theresa May is a narcissistic sociopath. She didn’t get to where she is through hard work and dedication, she’s manipulative and ruthless. She doesn’t meet with victims of terror attacks, look at the way she treated her own citizens after Grenfell. Even the queen, albeit begrudgingly, rolled up to pay her respects but not the tyrant Theresa. She’s a snake charmer. Her knowing looks down the camera and sneaky side eyes might work on her gammon henchmen but she must be apprehended for her crimes, which are countless. What use are security measures on an environment of her own creation? This is like a really badly written script with no thought for continuity and the only reason it has so far prevailed is because we have let it. Similarly, Farage and his (reportedly) 100,000 strong Brexiteer army are already causing chaos across the UK. Their ‘go slow’ protests on busy motorways are a sign of things to come. This is the entitlement of little Englanders, caked spittle in the corners of their thin lipped gammon traps, who’ll threaten violence against workers striking for better working conditions but turn up like Morris dancers with bells on when there’s some racism to be had.

We can’t afford stuff apparently so 100s of 1000s of needy and vulnerable British citizens have died but throwing millions at mosques because the hostile environment was successful, we’re going to just ignore that are we? Think about how that will impact on fascists. Not because we care about their feelings but because we want to stay alive. Think about this attack on a young person in Stanwell, just going about his business only to be confronted by a horror movie monster wielding a knife and baseball bat. Sajid Javid says he is with us, which is ironic given that his party is squarely to blame for the hostile environment all around us. Add to this the revelation that police forces in the UK are failing to identify almost half of all suspects in racially motivated attacks and you can probably understand why it feels like the worst is yet to come.

Google ‘racially aggravated’ and select results for the last week. These page 11 stories are dotted through national and local newspapers, sporadic and understated so we’re never alarmed at the rate with which they’re happening. If these attacks were being committed by men of colour they’d be splashed all over front pages, given the centrefold, we’d read nothing else for weeks. White ISIS has been allowed to brutalise minorities unchecked and now they’re grown too large to slam on the brakes. I still maintain there simply aren’t the numbers to for one nation to carry this on their own, which is why Nazis have joined forces all over the white supremacist west. This process took years, and could have been prevented.

Intense human suffering is on the horizon. Atrocities we said we’d never see again are billed for the foreseeable. Sadly I don’t think we are going to avoid it. Only once they have committed the unimaginable will we be able to justify a violent retaliation. The Silicon Valley trials has a particular ring to it. I can think of several world leaders I’d like to see rotting in The Hague. I can only hope I will survive long enough to see them brought to justice.


(One of the comments posted after I blogged on Kiwi Farms and their response to New Zealand authorities request for data)

Knife Crime is a Symptom of the Hostile Environment™

The rise in knife crime across the UK is baffling only to those who never consider the impact of their actions on others. Perhaps those who find it incomprehensible are lying, they know exactly why, they just don’t care. The government has promoted an hostile environment, it is of their creation, the current crisis.

Our young people are growing up in a society that has actively encouraged division and sowed discord where they could have fostered tolerance and understanding quite easily. I know, because that was my childhood in the 90s, a multicultural melting pot where brown and black people were rooted in British culture and Britain absorbed the best of ours too. It was some kind of rose tinted utopia pre 9/11, when laws protected us and racists were afraid. There was a clear sense of right and wrong. No blurred lines on racial slurs and racist propaganda. It’s not that racism didn’t exist (which it always will) just that measures against hate were enforced by the system somewhat. Slurs were asterisked in print for example. ‘Accidental’ racists were shunned not excused. The BBC exposed the institutionally racist police force, ffs.

The Bobo doll experiments in the 1960s demonstrated that children learn by observing adult behaviour. 60 years of knowledge we have so far failed to implement in the running of our societies. Kids today are witnessing hatred and bigotry on mainstream news channels from mainstream politicians. They’re being told their differences make them a target. Safe spaces are denigrated, we’re special snowflakes for insisting on them and toxic patriarchy is all about ‘real men’ who don’t carry babies in papooses. There is no end to the constant violence and posturing, grown adults are upping the ante everywhere, no compromise, no resolution, just a burgeoning threat that is overwhelming our children’s senses, affecting their ability to cope, leading to poor impulse control, because they’re frightened and have not yet learnt to channel that appropriately. Grown adults in the government are actively targeting children in their policies; so many plunged into poverty this past decade, so many denied an opportunity to learn, their days passing by in a blur of boredom and fear. Is it any wonder they’re dying?

Sajid Javid said we should treat knife crime like a disease when it is just a symptom of another kind of affliction, that is, social cleansing implemented by his government. It can be treated. Their hostile environment has seeped through to the children who will suffer most as a result of Tory policies, long after the monsters are gone. As a child born under Thatcher I know only too well. That brief period in the 90s when we had positive black and brown role models on TV on all of the terrestrial channels, when shows like Goodness Gracious Me clapped back at the white population and it was received in good humour, when we actually believed that hard work and motivation was all you needed to succeed, we felt we had a place in this world and only time would reveal our fortunes. Children these days have no hope, that’s the message they’re bombarded with, that the planet is dying but experts are no good. They’re going to school to learn but they’re being told learning is worthless. There’s no guarantee of a job, or a life. They matter to no one. They’re injured by these feelings and they react.

This tyrannical government must be removed from power and held to account for the many thousands of British citizens who’ve died under this administration, by any means necessary. Fuck calling the army in, oust the unelected tyrant and choose community. End austerity and replenish local services. Bring back the education maintenance allowance and cut extortionate uni fees. Invest in our young people, they are tasked with rescuing the planet and what remains of our humanity. One day they’ll have to look after us.

Cat Rant

We’ve all heard the one about the asylum seeking cat (he had rights to family life presumably). Or the one where foreign scroungers are bleeding the benefits system dry with their flash new disability motors and state funded mobile phones. Their strange foreign ways, imposing cultures and customs. They’re only seeking asylum because they can, because of those rotten human rights.

But the reality of seeking asylum in asylum seeker hating Britain is one that is tainted with a blatant disregard for the human soul, where people are numbers filling quotas or not people at all. The perception of an asylum seeker is of one who wishes to reside in this country because of everything they can leech from it, an easy ride. Applicants cite various reasons; persecution on grounds of politics, religion, sexuality. They all get the rubber stamp, if we are to believe our newspapers and politicians. But we never hear about those people that will quite probably be refused. The single women. (I use the term single to imply without partner, she may still have children).

Women entering the country on a spousal visa have no recourse to public funds for the first two years of their marriage (the aptly named ‘two year rule’). When some of these relationships become unbearable or threatening and the woman has no choice but to escape, she suddenly finds herself cornered. Most domestic violence refuges cannot accept these women because they simply do not have the funding to do so. There are a few but allocations are rare and time limited. If they have children, social services should legally assist under the children’s act or national assistance act but it isn’t uncommon to spend the day batting between various agencies, trying to establish duty of care.

When services are strapped, women with no recourse fall to the bottom of the pile. Of all the clients I assisted in applications to the home office for indefinite leave to remain on the basis that they were being subjected to spousal abuse, not a single one was granted the privilege. In fact, one of the cases was initially granted leave following a lengthy court case, but was then subjected to an appeal after which her status was revoked. How cruel and unnecessary.

The courts would argue that, as the contract for marriage between the two parties had severed, so had the applicants needs or right to remain in the country and therefore, she should be deported back to her country of origin. What they fail to take into account is the handling of women as property. Married, used and then beaten and shamed into returning to her parents is a slur on the ‘good’ family name and for her to return would result an equal threat to her safety and wellbeing. But the home office has no time for bleeding heart stories.

There is a domestic violence concession to the two year rule. In order to satisfy the courts that you are telling the truth, you must provide:

  • An injunction/protection order
  • A conviction against the perpetrator

If that is not immediately possible, which it probably won’t be considering legal aid is not accessible, then:

  • Letter from a hospital doctor and confirming injuries are consistent with abuse
  • Police reports confirming attendance as a result of abuse
  • Confirmation of social services involvement
  • Supporting statement from domestic abuse agencies (again, possibly not with no recourse)
  • Psychiatrist report
  • An affidavit from anyone else that may have witnessed the abuse.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Women in this position may not even have English as a first language.

Even with all the supporting evidence, however, she is still at risk. It is a race against time to locate funds for the application to the home office; before they find out she is not residing with her spouse and pursue the deportation process. No public funds, just, if you are lucky, the support of good natured strangers; pro bono solicitors, grassroots charities and Methodists (a strange mix but they are out there). To provide food, clothing, shelter, warmth, comfort, guidance and stability at what is truly a harrowing time for a vulnerable woman and possibly her children. Not that the home office or Daily Fail have noticed. No doubt these women are just a drain on the economy with their numerous social needs.

Judgment day, the court date that will irrevocably change someone’s life is heart-breaking and shocking and quite unbelievable. If the application is denied, she doesn’t get to come home and get her things together, (she is to present at court with all she can’t leave behind), she is sent straight to the deportation centre, children in tow. The children, if British, have a right to remain. Our authorities have no qualms suggesting that the children can be taken into care if the mother loses her argument for her right to family life. What could be more human than keeping a mother and her children together? Is this is not a basic human right? One that we do not need to prove we are worthy of, one that is born alongside the child.

We do have a human rights issue in this country. We are not human enough. They want to take human rights away to appease those confused souls that don’t understand that they too are human. What they want to say but can’t, because it’s presently illegal, is that they don’t want gay rights. Or black rights. Or disability rights.

Since when did a cat have anything to do with it?