BoohooMoon Pigs

Bohomoon have this necklace on their website and it looks to me like it may be a surah from the quran, although it is quite difficult to discern what is actually written. They refer to it as ‘paradise necklace’ and this makes me think of ayat al kursi, a verse in the quran about the throne on which God sits. Muslims often have pieces of jewellery inscribed with quranic verse, particularly the ayat al kursi and also the four quls, but they aren’t usually permitted to wear it on their person because the word is pure and people often aren’t. Growing up I had a silver bangle with the ayat on it that I kept on top of a wardrobe as a sort of protection I guess?

I wish the image were sharper so I could make out what it says. I might be completely wrong about the nature of the inscription but it looks and feels hella appropriative at this stage. In the west, this entitlement to foreign cultures without giving them the respect they deserve is the crux of the many grievances poc have against their colonisers. They degrade our cultures then make a quick buck out of them. Meanwhile it is ruined for us and we cannot do anything to protect it because then we’re the savages who can’t take a joke.

As a reluctant agnostic (I wish more than anything God is real, because someone needs to right all the wrongs in the world and people are seemingly incapable) I am not personally riled by the audacity of infidels who deliberately set out to fan the flames in this clash of civilisations then cry victim when their targets kick back but I feel for the Muslims in my family, for whom this is of great importance.

Why do westerners have such a blatant disregard for all other cultures when they have no real culture of their own? I guess I answered my own question. Easier to plagiarise and appropriate stuff when you have the power to deny other cultures were ever capable of great things.

White westerners exemplified loot culture for 100s of years and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Loot – a stolen Hindi word an all.