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The Week in Racism

Nazi Swastika does not violate Instagram community guidelines.

They’re not even the same tone..

The BBC continues to prove it is a racist endeavour, just days after it showed an image of LeBron James instead of Kobe Bryant, Labour MP Marsha de Cordova was pictured in the Commons but the strapline identified her as Dawn Butler, MP for Brent Central. The BBC seems insistent on driving home the message all black people look the same to them.

Fool me once, shame on you or something.

“best evolve”.. after you, hypocrites

Let’s ignore the piss poor grammar and spelling mistakes, shall we?

Let’s not!

Practice what you preach, you utter melts.

Whilst I appreciate the response from the community who came together to reject the posters in a show of resistance and solidarity, the suggestion that it is a minority of English people who behave in this way is not exactly representative of the truth. About half of the country voted Brexit, because they thought it meant ‘Pakis out’. Those who have since changed their minds have done so because they did not realise it would restrict their free movement as whites. British hypocrisy strikes again. To deny the truth of the matter just prolongs its power.

Coronavirus brings with it a wave of hostility and racism towards people from Far East Asia and surrounding areas, like racists ever need an excuse. Interestingly the memes centre around ‘Asian babes’ and how predatory white males must think before they pounce on someone who may potentially be infected. Desgosted, to say the least.

George Reynolds taunted a black Spurs player calling him a ‘monkey boy’

For all my criticisms of football I have to hand it to the association, they seem to be making strides where the rest of society has stalled, or even regressed.

A Brighton fan was jailed on Friday for 8 weeks, following an incident on the 5th October where he racially abused players then threatened other fans when they challenged him. He has also been given a lifetime ban from the club as well as all other events associated with Brighton and Hove Albion.

Brighton’s chief executive was quoted as saying they have zero tolerance for racism. Well done, that man.

Such a brave patriot, that Sean Small

A 22 year old woman is facing surgery on her pelvis after jumping out of a 1st floor window with her toddler when an armed racist attacked them in their home. A 50 year old man from Co Tyrone in Northern Ireland has been charged with with a total of eight offences including making threats to kill, grievous bodily harm with intent, possession of an offensive weapon, criminal damage, and harassment.

Doesn’t it make you proud to be white, violence against foreign women and children?

Whilst not exactly a racist incident, the extremely racist and fascist government must be called out for its attempts to suppress the freedom of the press. Even Laura Kuenssberg walked out in solidarity with her fellow reporters, which was surprising given it is in large part thanks to her and the BBC that the Tories have lasted this long.

Laura pet, what did you think was going to happen? They’ve already broken a bunch of laws, and lowered standards for us all, did you really think your profession would be exempt? Or have you been forced to act in the interests of your colleagues lest they turn on you for having the morals of a tiger shark foetus?

Last but by no means least, we all cheered the news Hatie Slopbins had finally been removed off Twitter but a couple of things piqued my interest; firstly, that this move came about as a direct result of talks between Rachel Riley and Twitter bosses (just exactly what kind of power does she wield?) and the time it took to get it done. I guess if she’d spent less time attacking a lifelong antiracist activist for being a socialist, she might have got somewhere sooner.

I don’t think Riley is an anti racist, I think this is a calculated move to win back some of her fans, now they’ve seen her for what she truly is; someone who uses racism to score political points when she is actually a privileged blonde and blue eyed white lady with immense power. It can’t hurt in court either can it, to pretend to be someone who does good things? Even if it is just bullshit.

Let go of your Brexit woes

If, like a number of my friends and family members, you have spent the weeks since the election despairing for the imminent future, compounded by the Brexit shambles in recent days then I have a few suggestions to ease your suffering, because there really is nothing the working classes, leftists, people of colour, the disabled or any other marginalised group can do right now, apart from sit tight.

We should remember we have always been good at organising and taking care of each other. We are still communists, anarchists, socialists, whatever position the state takes. If anything we are more of these things, because they rejected the compromise many of us made, to find a comfortable centre for genuine leftists (centrism is not and never will be leftism). Many of us de-radicalised ourselves because the option of a Corbyn led government was by far the best solution, for all except the 1% and wannabes, or at least it would have been a good starting point for a more egalitarian society. We have never been more radical than we are right now, we have undeniable proof democracy is a lie. It is no longer just a theory espoused by privileged middle class white kids, easily dismissed as a puerile response to authority.

Instead of living each moment in dread of the next news cycle, switch your notifications off and ignore the headlines. I have done since the day after the election, when the sneering got too much. The odd tidbit of information trickles through but I’ve stopped poring over every detail, because I haven’t the power to affect anything. As a non believer I still pray because they’re affirmations of one’s own spirituality and inter-connectedness with everything, and they’ve taught me patience, for eg the serenity prayer really strikes a chord with me in these trying times. Can I change anything? A resounding no. I tried to prevent it, dedicated a decade of my life to it, I could not have done anymore. Do I have the courage to step up if I am needed? I think I’ve proved to myself I have and will. I have the wisdom to know the difference too, it is futile to work myself up into a state right now.

Communists, anarchists, socialists, we will be ok. We share. We are innovative. We are battle ready. Muslims live in a perpetual state of charity, so if you’ve got a Muslim friend, you’ll be fine. Brexit is going to adversely affect the very same knuckleheads who voted for it; those who shun outsiders, and think sharing and caring is for snowflakes. It’s going to affect the skilled white working class, and the non skilled white working class. Land Rover cut 500 jobs just the other day and many more are to follow suit. Industry was pretty much dead in the UK anyway but it’ll be nonexistent soon enough.

Whether it is a car or a computer, parts are sourced from all over the world, and added on to products as they make their way through the supply chain. Without free movement and trade deals, those revenues are lost, those jobs are cut. We don’t grow enough food, we don’t make enough medicine, and the immigrants who were willing to do it for us are no longer welcome. We haven’t got the clout to demand things as we have been, we are the world’s toilet. We are a laughing stock, and the world is about ready to turn its back on us. Yet I am the most peaceful I have ever been.

I realised that a lot of the fear I have is for other people. I felt everyone’s oppressions as though they were personally happening to me but with a little distance I realised I could easily exist in a bubble, and recuperate before I am useful again. I tell my folks to make themselves strong, lift weights, pick up a martial art. You could buy a book on the art of foraging, and familiarise yourself on walks to the woods, it’s actually a fun thing to do. There is no better time to become self sufficient, we cannot trust the state to care for the people.

If there’s anything I learnt from the past decade, it’s patience. Love on your nearest and dearest, have fun, go a little wild and stop reading the comments. We’re in it now. It’s on the middle classes and upwards to use their structural power to change things but if they fail, we will rise up to the challenge, batteries re-charged. The fascists, the little Englanders, they’re about to learn the consequences of their humanity hating actions and I for one am going to revel in the pettiness and laugh at their misfortune. The Tory party should prepare for complete and utter annihilation at the hands of their own supporters.

Be kind to yourself, comrades, no one else has the power to make you happy.

The People United Will Never Be Defeated

Do the centrists, the red tories, blue labour, old new labour, or whatever the fuck they’re going to mutate into have no shame whatsoever? For years they have undermined the Labour movement, and its leader, conjuring up lies that were debunked 1000 times over yet it made no difference to the narrative because it was always in their hands. It didn’t matter how many times Corbyn apologised for antisemitism, not when they controlled the flow of information, backed by billionaires and obscenely powerful people devoid of conscience or care for anyone other than themselves. They’re still at it, even though they’ve ‘won’.

Frankly, does anyone give the slightest fuck what Neil Kinnock thinks about the direction the Labour Party should go? As if we need to hear from someone who was such a catastrophic failure himself. They’re chomping at the bit to forcibly expel Corbyn, to make way for someone of their choosing. Far from what the media has been telling us, it was middle class voters, not the working class, that lost us this election. Now they want to install one of the MPs who ensured this defeat, as leader of the party, effectively stifling the spectrum left of centre.

We exist. We matter. If it were not for people like us, we would have died out as a species long ago. Wherever humanity has made great strides it is through working together, with empathy and choosing altrusim, for the greater good. Without people like us there would be no society, no civility. If we all stopped caring for others, doing only what benefits us, we are savages, and savages pursue empire, and power, and coercive control. Do we stand by and allow this to happen, shrugging that it’s democracy? Is it democratic to run a dishonest campaign, to slander and malign your opponent? Why are we playing by the rules when there are none? We can try to analyse the why and wherefores but the system is broken and any information we take from it is spoiled. We need to snap out of this toxic interaction and stop bargaining with our oppressors.

Can’t bear the thought of more sick, homeless and dead? Protest. Worried for the safety of your neighbours friends and family? Organise. Set up your own watch. Make links with other groups. Police yourselves. Give food where you can. Try not to waste any of your own food.

Just because they won, doesn’t mean we lost. We don’t de-radicalise ourselves to fit better into the hellhole they construct, we resist even harder. We can still have our revolution y’know, we don’t need permission.

No Shit, New Statesman

The New Statesman has made the shock announcement it is refusing to endorse the Labour party at the next election, adding that Jeremy Corbyn is “unfit to be prime minister”. The supposedly left leaning magazine (I guess it depends on perspective, if you’re rooted on the far right then anything’s possible) has apparently for the first time since its inception in 1913 refused to back the Labour party owing to its stance on antisemitism and Brexit.

Never mind that Jeremy was officially put on record as having apologised on national TV on Phil and Holly’s sofa only yesterday, following on from the 100s of apologies he has made to Jewish groups personally and on social media, the NS continues to maintain the fabrication that he has refused to say sorry. They also persistently deceive readers on the Euro issue but then they are quite accustomed to making up the news in pursuit of power.

Never forget it was the NS who yearned for a Farage of the Left, at a time when violence against visibly Muslim poc was escalating, and a hostile tory environment was threatening the lives of all marginalised people, Helen Lewis was asking why there wasn’t a white supremacist fOr ThE lEfT. She acknowledged that most voters were to the left of Labour but hadn’t quite banked on a non racist like Jeremy. She wanted a less right wing Farage!

It was the NS that pushed the transphobic agenda of fascist white feminists. They gave nazi incels a platform, infantilising white supremacists with murderous intentions, like Milo who in his 30s, was anything but a misunderstood kid. They went for every vocal woman of colour who dared to object to their narrative of division and hate and with it brought a tidal wave of online harassment and stalking from white supremacists seemingly working in tandem to drive us off social media. The New Statesman has been a gatekeeper, a force for oppression, all whilst masquerading as the authority on all matters left of centre when a cursory glance at a list of their faves proves they have a very specific agenda that in no way mirrors that of the electorate.

They are a dying neo-liberal breed clinging on for dear life and pulling out all the stops, even risking the magazine’s entire reputation (as if it weren’t already in tatters).

In all fairness, Corbyn’s revolution has been in the making for as long as the NS has been around. For over 100 years the working classes and the actual left have been struggling to come to the fore, marginalised by old boys dominating the spectrum, leaving the majority of citizens despondent in their apathy, well “nothing changes anyway does it?” I said it myself for years and never voted, except this is the first time it might. For as long as the NS has been around, the establishment and their minions have constructed and infiltrated leftist institutions in order to control the flow of power. For the first time in over 100 years the conditions are right for an actual revolution, one that will transfer power to people who genuinely care about others and punish those who would greedily hoard the world’s resources for themselves. This is why the NS has taken a stand, nothing more.

I’m glad the NS isn’t voting Labour, finally the news is sounding a little less fake and more in line with reality. The NS is privileged enough to sit back and sulk whilst the poor, the disabled, single mums, students, foreign nationals, the unemployed, the employed but starving etc live the next few weeks on a rollercoaster of abject terror tempered with occasional hope.

The last decade has been a living hell and anyone who isn’t voting Labour hasn’t suffered enough. It’s good to know who your comrades are on The Left, the NS has proved unequivocally it is not and never was on our side.

Tim Walker MP Has Proved His Humanity

When Nigel Farage revealed his fascist party would not be challenging any of the Tory’s seats it was as though a line had been drawn in the sand, placing all of the fascists both in and out of parliament firmly on one side. This was an unwelcome development when I had laughed just days earlier at Boris Johnson’s response to Trump and Farage’s proposal they form a pact to push Brexit through. He said no, which was actually quite surprising but it seems as though Farage just won’t be deterred.

It was heartwarming then, to see Tim Walker the Liberal Democrat candidate for Canterbury announce he would be stepping aside because he did not want to split the Remain vote. Reassuring is also how I would describe it, because it seems as though he has an accurate grasp of the political climate and isn’t so arrogant to assume his party has any chance of competing with Labour. He has realised party politics is second to the potentially catastrophic effects of a fascist run brexit and his conscience is literally not letting him sleep at night. Ironically I want him to be an MP because he is not ruled by his ego but his humanity. He knows that Jeremy Corbyn is essentially a decent man and whilst he would not vote for him, he could live under his rule. He has chosen humanity over more of the same divisive and life threatening policies inflicted on the British people by the Tories and their radically entitled counterparts UKIP and co. He could not live under a fascist leadership and so took a stand. He chose love not hate and he will probably sleep more soundly for it. I wish him the sweetest and most pleasant of dreams and send my best to him and his loved ones.

Sadly we cannot trust the Liberal Democrats as a party. Following Tim’s news they released a statement suggesting they would field a candidate against Rosie Duffield because power is more important to these weasels. They actively want a hung parliament because they know they have no other chance of being voted in, it’s what they do best, pretending to stand for something, proving time and time again they’re just Tories who expect a thank you. Do people still not understand what is at stake here? I guess when you’re not personally affected by austerity or fascism, there’s no drive to prevent it.

How you vote in this election will define you for the rest of your life. it will have an effect on your children and your grandchildren; from healthcare to early years provision, consequences for tax dodging billionaires and free education for all, these policies will impact on each and every one of us. Aren’t you done with austerity and the deluge of hate that hasn’t let up at all?

Tell the Lib Dems you care for more than just Brexit, that’s just one of our many problems. What happens when they’ve achieved Remain, if they do at all with their shoddy election promises?

Vote for peace. Vote for equity and equality. Or instead vote for more death.

This decision DEFINES you.

(PS: It must be very comforting for people who have political theory to fall back on, and a comfortable job they got because of their elite education, which affords them the time to sit around reading books and judging people who have nothing, for daring to vote at all. If you can seriously hold on to your radical principles at a time when most people are mobilised and ready to vote because their very lives depend on it, I’d suggest you take a long hard look at your privilege and accept you’re just not desperate enough to do whatever it takes.)

Band of Bollocks


It’s been an embarrassing week for Britain’s armed forces. Following the news that soldiers were using Jeremy Corbyn’s image for target practice, 6 more have been arrested for an ‘alleged’ sexual assault against a teenage female soldier. I quote alleged because I believe her. In response to these events an army chief Sir Mark Carleton-Smith released a video in which he condemns such actions as “downright unacceptable”. He went on to say it was inappropriate to remark further on the individual cases but added:

“But I will say this: where serious allegations are proven against members of the army, including allegations of a violent or sexual nature, it demonstrates indiscipline that is wildly at odds with the values and standards that represent the fabric of not just our army but the nation’s army, the British army.”

I wonder the leaps one must take to actually believe the British army is a force for good that doesn’t routinely engage in sexual assault as part of their hazing rituals and only employs good decent non bigoted people to carry out their duties. The main objective of the British army is to keep the world prostrated to its superiority. They have outposts all over the world, during peacetime, and why? To remind the world the empire is still live and kicking. White people, without a single desirable trait, join the army to feel superior about themselves. All the domestic staff employed by the bases abroad are brown, they clean up after their white superiors and take orders, however small and so even the lowliest of personnel in terms of rank, feel like they’re the master.

For a short while in my late 20s I was engaged to a British armed forces man. Before he went on his first tour he was kind, or at least that was the impression he gave me. Coming from an army family myself (Pakistani) there was something of the familiar in him that I was drawn to although now I appreciate this wasn’t necessarily a good thing. He was from an army family too, going back at least two generations. He had fought it himself, didn’t want to join the forces because he believed it to be a mug’s game for people who didn’t have any other option. When his heavy metal band failed and he could no longer hold off the stern direction of his retired army dad, he joined the royal air force, unlike his younger brother, who had joined the paras as soon as he could (all he ever wanted to do was please his daddy).

What an eye-opening affair it was. Up until I met him I actually believed I was British and loved my country. I felt like I had a place here and white people on the whole were accepting of British born foreigners. It was he who put me straight. He said most white people put on a face for non whites, but the second our back is turned they switch. They’ll refer to us as the paki or coloured one, even if the person being referred to is a pilot in the royal air force. He came to me with a conundrum once, what to do when his staff sergeant refers to brown people as pakis? He felt a little put out because he felt it was personally disrespectful to him (because he had a paki in his possession?) but at the same time didn’t want to rock the boat. What could I say to this, I was still busy trying to survive well and didn’t want to draw attention to myself.

There were many things I let slide, or laughed off. He had a friend, Jamie, with a massive bald head and northern accent. When sober he’d make inappropriate remarks like “can I have a go on her next?” to my ex but when he was drunk, there was no filter. He’d call me a paki to my face and laugh at my ex saying our kids would be ugly. This was banter you see and I couldn’t get upset about it because then I didn’t have a sense of humour or he might get violent about it. There was a respect for bullying toxic patriarchy in that crowd that ensured victims never spoke up. I found out this ex had been disciplined for telling a female solider he could smell her period. I only found this out after I asked why she and her partner and friends were giving me daggers. I guess they couldn’t believe someone would be so desperate and pathetic as to legitimise him by being in a relationship with him.

There were some good people, I cannot deny this but they tended to be few and far between. I liked the corporal who was his immediate superior and his wife. They seemed to have an understanding of racism, even in the forces and made an extra effort to be inviting and friendly, I even cat sat for them once at Christmas. There were another couple of wives I really got on with and I still stay in touch with one of them.

I knew someone else in the army, on the clerical side and he always gave a good impression on behalf of the forces and condemned the people I told him about, saying they were bringing the armed forces to disrepute. For example, my ex and his brother would constantly talk about the tricks they’d pull on their peers, the rituals that almost always bordered on sexual assault. On a few occasions I had to object and call it what it was, rape, and how it wasn’t funny and how they were complicit in enabling and covering it up. I was told to get a grip, that “it’s only gay if they push back” and how this process was meant to sort the wheat from the chaff, if it really is too much for newbies they were always welcome to leave. I saw a clip his brother shared once on fb and was actually triggered by it, being a survivor of sexual violence myself. A young lad, couldn’t have been more than 19, clearly distressed but smiling as his pals piss all over him whilst he’s sat there naked, tied to a chair. They were throwing things at him and pawing at his body and all this kid could do was grin and bear it. Only real men take it like a real man, that’s their mantra in a toxic mostly male environment that is rife with non consensual activity.

After doing a tour in Afghanistan he came back with a sort of cocky confidence that scared me. Whilst he was there he’d commissioned an Afghan to make me a luggage tag with all 22 letters of my very Muslim sounding name on it, like he was saying “we’ve got one of yours”. As he described this unspoken exchange between the two men it made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach cos I had felt a bit like a trophy right from the beginning. He’d say things like “you’re safe now you’re on the white side” and “they’re always taking ours, so now I’ve got one of theirs” like I was just a piece of property to be coveted and appropriated by the best man, naturally white British.

I don’t know where Sir Michael got the impression the events of the past few weeks sit at odds with their values. Domestic abuse is 5 times more likely to occur in the armed forces, in an environment where toxic patriarchy thrives. When they return from tour they have a couple of weeks to holiday in a hot country to ‘decompress’ before they come back to the UK. They’re given a talking to by the padre on how to act when they are reunited with loved ones. They’re reminded that wives and girlfriends are human and probably don’t want to have rough sex for hours on end. They have to be TOLD. My ex’s mother would say it was part of the armed forces job to break the recruits down so as to rebuild them again into the soldiers they need. She and the rest of the family would roll their eyes at her boy’s exploits and even titter but no one ever called it out for what it was.

I’m glad I had that experience, in hindsight. It was revealing and formative, it made me into the person I now am. I am damned if I ever sit by and just listen to any of that shite ever again. I will object to racism every single damn time, I don’t care if it is a ‘joke’, I think ‘banter’ is for shit people who haven’t a single funny bone in their body, who invoke it when they’re being called out for being a nasty little bigot. I don’t care if you do think I’m a vampire sucking the fun out of your undeserved entitlement, look at the state of you will ya? And I will call a rapist a rapist and a toxic patriarchal environment when I see one.

They don’t get any more toxic or patriarchal than the armed forces.

Goodbye and Good Riddance ya melts

“History tells us that when the Labour Party splits, it leads to the Conservative Party winning the next election and the one after that and the one after that.” It’s important to notice the words politicians use because they inform our opinions as much as they express the beliefs of the speaker. Sadiq Khan there, reminding us this cynical move by neoliberal entryists is political and can mean only one thing, they’d rather we lose to the tories than take care of each other the way we used to (as Chuka suggests “It is time we dumped this country’s old-fashioned politics and created an alternative that does justice to who we are today and gives this country a politics fit for the here and now – the 21st Century.”)

So the 7 MPs who defected did so with the full knowledge this might irrevocably damage the party and we’re supposed to mourn their exit?

“Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson, in a video message on Facebook, urged the “hard left” to stop celebrating the departure of the seven MPs, saying it was “a moment for regret and reflection not for a mood of anger or a tone of triumph”.

No, Tom Watson, we couldn’t give a flying fuck. I let out a ‘hallelujah’ on reading the news this morning. About bloody time, I thought. Many of us on the left have been renewed by Corbyn’s Labour, not least because he achieved the unexpected, that is expanding the party’s membership to take place as the largest political party in all of Europe but because he is actually a socialist and does actually care about people. Never before have so many ordinary people been compelled to get involved politically because, and I am one of them, there was no one to speak for us before, no one to put our trust in and believe. Politics was for power hungry narcissists in sharp suits with expressive thumbs who promise the world and never delivered. The sort who resign from a political party because of antisemitism yet don’t seem to acknowledge the horrific anti black sexist racism committed against their own MPs, often by other MPs, never mind the many types of racism routinely erased by mainstream politicians. It is laughable that the focus remains on antisemitism because this defection tells me one thing; all the attempts at slandering Corbyn’s left, all the op eds on Labour’s antisemitism to the exclusion of all other injustices, has to date fallen flat. This latest move is as desperate as it gets. Yet still, I can pretty much guarantee, this will not have the slightest impact on Labour’s prospects. People are bored and tired of the same old hypocrites raising their mugs above the parapet, insisting they know better than Labour members whilst demonstrating how completely out of touch they are with voters. We’re not stupid, we know when we’re being manipulated and we’ve had enough.

Sadiq Khan for eg wouldn’t have stood much of a chance if people hadn’t voted for him out of loyalty for the Labour party under Corbyn. I’ve seen the same said about Jess Phillips. There was something very rotten about the way the Labour party conducted itself under Tony Blair, the sorts of things they accuse the hard left of, a hostile takeover with no prisoners. It is these very same Blairites who threaten to destabilise the party with their antics. It is more important to the 7 deadly sins that Labour fails under a truly socialist leader than it is to win. They would rather the Tories stayed in power. Says it all really doesn’t it?

I hope there are more to follow. Frankly I’m a little peeved it’s taken this long for them to haul ass, their presence has been the most tedious. I hope they’re deselected before the next election, I can’t imagine their constituents will vote for the new independents. Alternatively they could just join the tory party and be done.

Update: so Angela Smith decries antisemitism in the Labour party but thinks nothing of referring to poc as having a funny tinge? Get tae fuck, you raving hypocrites, we see you.