Graham Linehan

Nazi sympathisers on Mumsnet?


When I first started this blog I affiliated myself with the Mumsnet brand and even had a couple of posts selected to feature on their forum, driving the sort of traffic to my work that I wouldn’t have managed by myself in the early days. I thought it was a reputable front dealing with the sorts of issues I was interested in. Then came the feminist wars when intersectionality finally broke through to the mainstream and white cis middle class feminists were sidelined for the first time in over a century. There were black feminists, trans feminists, sex workers and many other shades and persuasions standing up and demanding their dues. White feminism doubled down. They had no time for our oppressions and claimed our pleas for liberation were oppressing them (and the mainstream media backed them up).

Mumsnet prides itself on being a forum for all women, but it didn’t escape anyone’s attention when a large number of their users used this as an excuse to platform anti trans bigotry under the guise of womanly empowerment. I distanced myself from their brand, and questioned their practices publicly. I fell out of favour with most of the white middle class cisters and this was fine with me. I had never felt the requisite bile towards my trans sisters in order to qualify as a ‘real woman’ with important opinions. No, being a handmaiden of the patriarchy, it was easy enough to silence me. ALL women they said, but only if you toe the feminist party line.

(Robert Webb is a fine icon for feminist Mumsnetters even though he is a prize bigot and thinks rape jokes are hilarious)

screenshot_20190122-184514_samsung internet

It boggles me that Mumsnet would allow their users to link to nazi hate site Kiwi Farms when they are mums, apparently, with dear children to protect. Nazi forum Kiwi Farms is concomitant with paedosadism, rapists who’ve expressed a desire to harm women and children. Here, a bunch of them discuss raping me.

incel threat

‘Be a real man’ it says. I suppose the ‘real women’ of Mumsnet have no objection to sexual violence if it is targeting unsavoury types they don’t like.

But this isn’t the first time I’m making a connection between Mumsnet and Kiwi Farms. A short while ago Gnasher Jew linked to Kiwi Farms in an attempt to dox me. One of my attackers likened Mumsnet to Kiwi Farms.


When she says brutal does she mean rapists? Does she mean nazi incels who’ve goaded vulnerable adults to suicide and even been linked to a fatal school shooting? Did Mumsnetters, like Kiwi Farms, hound Jo Cox’s widower after she was murdered by a nazi? Do they routinely out LGBTQ people in countries where they can be put to death? These are a few of the things Kiwi Farms have done. 

Of course when you try to demand accountability for these worrying links, everyone’s favourite feminist cis male comes galloping to the rescue.

screenshot_20190122-184643_samsung internet

To clarify for our Graham, Mumsnet is enabling nazi site Kiwi Farms by linking to their content and legitimising it. They may or may not be a hate site, depending on your perspective. ‘Gender activists don’t go after Kiwi Farms’.. I know who is and isn’t going after Kiwi Farms. ‘Gender activists’ have been amongst the bravest and most committed in this battle, because they are targets (in this respect they are the same, Kiwi Farms and Mumsnet). Graham hasn’t done a helluva lot, if anything he has allowed for bigoted abuse of minorities to go unchallenged. He could have, with his massive platform, given this issue the attention it needs years ago but he didn’t, because his enemy’s enemies etc.


*looks to camera*

This dudebro with his 100s of 1000s of followers is snarking at people with a much smaller reach, suggesting they are to blame for some conspiracy theory cover up in a plot to attack white cis women. So the people who are being victimised by Kiwi Farms have a kind of Stockholm Syndrome and have allied with their abusers just so they can slander Mumsnet? Can someone please change his Twitter password? Take him for a walk, go feed the ducks or something?

This revisionism won’t do any of us any favours. Now that Kiwi Farms is being thrown about in everyday parlance, perhaps someone will do something tangible about it? No excuses now Glinner, you’ve made a point, what are you going to do about it?

‘Gender activists’ and even cis women like me have been systematically targeted, silenced, covered up and erased for as long as rich cis white Glinner and pals have cried oppression at our hands (since 2013). Meanwhile we’ve been housebound, medicated, just trying to stay alive. Too many have already succumbed. Don’t let Glinner’s bigoted ignorance and wilfully obtuse meanderings fool you, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s very much a part of the white cishet supremacy that has enabled full-blown nazism today.



All that Glinners is not gold

Another shit thing happened today and tedious as it is documenting every twist and turn of this debacle, it is what I am going to do.  I understand it is difficult to have a nuanced conversation on Twitter so I’ll just put my version of events up here. You don’t have to read it.

Last night I found a tweet calling me a ‘vile paki cis cunt’. My initial response was a spike in adrenalin, as always the p word has this kind of effect. I am lucky in that I had my wonderful friends close and so was able to talk through my emotions and recognise them so they didn’t take over. As the rush subsided, I felt like I didn’t want to exist. That’s a common comedown from racial abuse, it’s not something I can do anything about, I can’t paint myself white, I am stuck. When you have complex PTSD these feelings are amplified. Why should I have to feel near suicidal every time a white person controls me in this way? It is control because they KNOW the history of that word. They KNOW they are powerful. They KNOW they can reduce us to an anxious nervous mess because of the history of subjugation that they still maintain today. WE’RE not stupid.

This is serious abuse. Most decent people surely recognise this? So when I tweeted various members of the cis commentariat clan, it was for some recognition that I am subjected to abuse too, especially in light of their ridiculous Twitter silence. It was bitter but rightly so, I cannot understand this double standard they have going on. So imagine my surprise when @Glinner responded “I know! Somehow blame Caitlin Moran!” No acknowledgment of the hateful racism and misogyny, no consideration for what I was actually asking, just another opportunity to prove a point. Firstly, ‘Glinner’, we don’t ‘blame’ Caitlin Moran for things she hasn’t done. It’s not her fault that my bus was late today. However, she does quite often say some horrendous shit that most people of the same generation grew out of before they finished their GCSEs. It’s something I wish ‘comedians’ were more honest about, that somehow saying something outrageous boost the ratings cos they’re so radical and interesting when in fact they are just a bit bigoted. It’s not about being ‘politically correct’. It is treating people with human decency. What puts them above the rest of us?

For an avid supporter of all things Caitlin related and the Twit silence, how we must tackle trolls yadda yadda, I was seriously underwhelmed by his reaction. When I asked for some consistency, this was what I got as a reply.

“I have *nothing* to do with you receiving abuse. Please leave me alone and stop attacking people who are anti-abuse.”

Mate, if you’re so anti-abuse, would it hurt you to condemn the shit I have to deal with every day? Was the sarcasm really necessary? Why is it so difficult for these people to understand what we are demanding? Why is equality such a difficult concept to understand? When white women get death threats, the clan disappear in an arrogant show of white solidarity. I get accused of ‘attacking’ them when they say stupid things.

How is this fair?

Also interesting to note, my white cisters have not responded personally at all. Teh white menz do all of the talking.