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Traditionally submissive.. bollocks

I cannot be the only woman troubled by the audacity of white men. I cannot be the only person in the world to feel contempt for the white men who target brown and black women in racist crusades to provoke the men they ‘belong’ to, a retaliation that would be deemed fair and necessary if men of colour were targeting white women (see Rotherham). These tit for tat childish penis wars must stop (and it is white women alone who can make it happen).

The prime minister of Great Britain has commanded ‘traditionally submissive’ women do xyz in a bid to curb terrorism. They must learn to speak English because apparently not speaking the language can fire wannabe terrorists into action. This idea can be applied universally, after all there are many ‘native’ English speakers who cannot write/speak English very well at all, and you tend to find them at fascist demos where their sole purpose is to strike terror into the hearts of ethnic minorities but the key difference is we don’t blame the mothers of the EDL for their brutish comical ways, we lay blame squarely at the feet of the government which knowingly incites violent hatred between marginalised groups.

This attack on women of colour (mainly) has been relentless of late. Muslim women are ‘traditionally submissive’, they do not have agency so cannot make decisions on how to dress themselves, and if they do not learn English they can be held personally accountable for the radicalisation of their kids. It’s like feminism died and made white man ruler of the world. White feminists think this is a separate issue because they agree with white men that woc are submissive and downtrodden. They treat us as such themselves. They, like white men, want to tell us what to do and how to do it. Not only do we need saving but we must bow to the superiority of white feminism and let them do things the way they always have. This domineering behaviour is the fault of the control freaks in power not the people who are trying desperately to avoid conflict for fear of another war. Given the escalation in actual incidents of violence against (primarily) Muslim women, the narrative trickling down from the top ensures this will continue. If there were any cowardly racists unaware of the traditional submissiveness of Muslim women, the PM has issued a timely reminder they are there should one feel the need for an unprovoked racist misogynistic attack. They are in effect blaming women for the abuses carried out against them, and setting the stage for all future attacks.

All feminists, whether corporate or otherwise should be outraged at this.

We live in times shockingly reminiscent of a past we were not there to see yet heard about in great detail because learning and raising consciousness was supposed to free us from the evil perpetrated against humans by other humans for being a little different. ‘Never again’ loses all meaning when yet again, the most vulnerable in our society are being marked out for easy identification. Asylum seekers – another group of humans forsaken by Fortress Europe – need our love and space to heal not wristbands and red doors, markers that have already seen violence inflicted on these people we should be protecting. The Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust wore yellow stars, an eblem for the purpose of easy identification, which is how authorities are explaining away the modern day symbols of oppression. Do not be the person who tells their grandkids “you just did what you were told”, that excuse does not fly in a humane and civilised society. Nor does “we didn’t know” because we have been telling you this will happen for some years now and instead we were vilifed, silenced, marked out as bullies. It doesn’t change the fact we were right.


The denial of power and control dynamics by our ‘lefties’ who are really ‘righties’ has enabled the shift in public consciousness so that it’s ok to dehumanise a whole race. I haven’t been a Muslim for decades but have always hoped I’d find my way back to God, largely due to the atheist scene. However I will defend Muslims as though I am practising as one myself because the white supremacists sees me as one of them. We’re all exactly like the others. I do not wear a hijab and I speak perfect English in as standard an accent as you can get but I am still targeted by racists. It is with this in mind, I call to the white feminists of the 21st century in a plea to shut ‘their white men’ the fuck up. I’d really rather not play this ownership game but white people seem determined to target women when it is really the men they are afraid of so I’m gonna give it a go.

Words lose all meaning when you are confronted by the reality of this world. We can pretend the privileges afforded to a handful are representative of the world in general but sincerely, from my rung all the way down here, we have broken this world with our bullshit. The cheek of this man to suggest it is Muslim women who exemplify traditionally submissive women.. have you seen his wife?

Britain is racist, fact

If you were one of those people sharing the video of James May speaking for his knob friend as an example of the way we should all be feeling about this then take it from me, you’ve a stack load of unchecked privilege and a hint of the ol’ white supremacy about you (white people do not get to define what is and isn’t racist, rather the victims do). Hear me out..

Jeremy Clarkson assaulted a colleague. You’d be hard pushed to find an employment policy which does not recommend an immediate suspension in cases like these, if not the sack. That’s not all Clarkson has done though is it? If anything, this occasion may have been the straw that finally broke the camel’s back but if you’re a minority you could probably think of at least another three examples of problematic behaviour, for example, his defence of the sale of golliwogs through his family business. Or the fact that he asked for public sector workers to be shot in front of their families. Do you remember the time he used the N word and then issued a half arsed apology because no doubt a BBC producer insisted he do so? Perhaps his obsession with black lesbians would convince you of his complete fuckwittery? How about the time he ‘joked’ about the recently deceased passengers of flight MH370, leaving his sickofans to deal with me on his behalf? No? Well I suspect that is because you are also a bigot, and an insidious one at that too. It is people like you who maintain the status quo. You minimise the abuse people suffer, exhibiting some kid of psychosis where your beliefs do not reflect the external reality.

The petition to save Clarkson is a shameful indictment of ‘Great’ Britain. It marks us out as an intolerant, bigoted people excelling at nothing more than hypocrisy and entitlement.

Oh, how they crowed that I was just an idiot for calling everyone a racist..  Wasn’t too fucking wrong though, was I? When the Prime Minister of the country counts one of the most bigoted faces on the planet as one of his nearest and dearest then you know you’re fucked. To deny this fact at this late a stage, well, I think they’ve stopped denying it to be honest. They tested the water with all the rhetoric of the past few years, and Britons, starved and homeless still blame the immigrants and not the banks because white is right and the rest of us are just wrong even if we’re smarter, more truthful and respectful of life. Especially because that.

An open letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain

Dear David Cameron,

I am writing in response to the letter sent by your Pickles to the people of the Islamic faith and whilst I don’t think you will ever set eyes on this correspondence, it helps me to get things on paper and to act as if I do matter and am being listened to (otherwise I’m prone to suicidal ideation).

I would like to understand why our prime minister is oblivious to the incongruence between his spoken/written word and his actions. For example, you say that what is happening in terms of extremist terrorism has nothing to do with the true religion of Islam yet by sending these letters to Muslim’s places of worship, your actions suggest otherwise. I do not recall your writing to the Vatican and indeed every single Catholic Church during the paedophilia revelations. Whilst it is only some priests who engage in this depravity, in the interests of consistency and integrity, one would hope that all British citizens were treated equally and disciplined in the same way. It concerns me that this has not been the case.

It has been over a year since I went out on my own. This is largely due to the fact that I have been racially abused both online and on the public transport system. Check my name on police records and you will find numerous calls with regards to me but also others. I do not hesitate to call for help in violent situations, being an ex women’s worker but more recently I have reported racism, rape and death threats – all of which I believe are illegal – committed against me and the police response was to caution me instead for using the phrase ‘kill all men’, whereas the abuse I was subjected to was within the limits of taste and decency. I find this incomprehensible and believe it to be a malicious tactic by the police who do not care for ‘British Muslims’, much like yourselves or else you wouldn’t be gaslighting us in this way. If what I said justified a warning then surely the many thousands tweeting ‘kill all Muslims’ should have caught your attention? Or is it plausible that a disabled woman of colour could massacre 4 billion men all on her own?

Will you be writing a letter to Tesco demanding answers as to what it was about their displays that made a white supremacist hack at an Asian man whilst shouting ‘white power’? Perhaps pumping in the smell of freshly baked bread reminds bigots of their duty to white loaves everywhere, pining for the days when they sliced their own bread.

A Muslim is to a mosque what a rabid knifeman is to Tesco, actually. The building made of bricks and mortar is open to all, it has no code of conduct except for that which is expected in all public spaces; wipe your feet upon entry, try not to stare at anyone for more than 5 seconds. At Tesco you purchase food for your stomach whilst the mosque feeds your soul. If the government can write a letter to all mosques making them complicit in any terrorist attacks committed by anyone professing to be of the same faith then I propose we treat all Tesco shoppers the same. Amongst the big leading supermarkets it is one of the more evil ones, we all know this. It positively encourages violent behaviour with its outrageously tight aisles and substandard finest range. What if they are not Tesco customers but Waitrose incumbents in disguise and this is all just a big smear campaign to ruin Morrison’s? Who knows, far be it from me to speculate or advocate collective punishment.

Lastly this assertion that Muslims simply have not done enough to condemn terrorism (since 9/11)… What if you are not Muslim and you deplore the taking of human life, especially on grounds of religion and condemn any who should think to align themselves with the murder of innocents and yet still the white people and governments of the commonwealth punish you with racist abuse and threaten to take away your passport, what then? Suicide? Or stay alive and suffer more torture?

Mr Prime Minister, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that as non-white citizens of this country by way of empire, we are terrorised.  We are housebound. We suffer. The people of this country take their lead from people like you and you have made it clear terrorism is something that only affects whites.

I and many others would be interested to know what you intend to do about this.

Thanks in advance,



British Values for British People

As a member of my family, a friend of many circles and a citizen of the patch of land on which I made my entry into the world, I share a common set of values with the people I choose to have in my spaces. They’re old, young, black, white and brown. Some of them practice a religion but a significant number don’t. They come in all shapes and sizes, genders and sexualities. Oddly, they do not share the same political beliefs necessarily but they place the same values on the things we all think are important; like treating each other with respect, for example, and dignity regardless of borders and stereotypes.

Honesty also scores fairly highly in our value system. It takes courage and humility to admit when you are wrong or when you may have hurt someone, unintentionally or otherwise. Recognising humanity in others is something I need to see in the people I surround myself with. I can tell when people are lying, consistency is difficult to achieve, even for sociopaths after a while. I guess this is why I am having difficulties imagining what a British value looks like, when the atrocities carried out in the name of Great Britons are neither honest nor humble.

When David Cameron dictated that British values were not an option but a ‘duty’ did he mean we should all be a bit more like this? If so I’d like to take this opportunity to respond emphatically with good grief, fuck no, strip me of my passport and send me to Cyprus (or Hawaii). I don’t really mean the passport bit, I cannot begin to imagine the hell at Yarlswood and the stories the press will spin that justify making a person stateless (even if they are only suspected of being a domestic extremist) and if calling your prime minister out for bullshit is considered a terrorist offence, then I’m hoping the United Nations (for what good they are) are keeping an eye on things as they develop over here.

If equality (and I mean true equality) is not one of your values then you probably don’t know how to do the other values properly either. Empires are built on arrogance, deceit and bloodshed. Those are not values but traits of a corrupt Machiavellian core of elites manipulating the peasants into doing their dirty work for them (because they share the same skin colour, ffs), and the thing is, empire or not, they’re still at it! I’m being asked to perform these duties but they do not come naturally to the kind of person that I am. It’s my calling to point out these loathsome idiosyncrasies not perpetuate them.

For what it’s worth I think we should strip paedophiles and rapists of their passports but if we did that, the state itself would collapse. Instead, to keep the Great Britain functioning and doing things the British way, the way things have always been done, let’s lie about the truth and point the finger over there and stir up some shit occasionally so that everyone’s too busy fighting each other to notice they just sold their souls to the white devil.

You cannot tout your values as virtuous (or even values) when they include dehumanising people you don’t like through coercive power and control.

We see you. 

Petitioners.. Lend me your ears

Avaaz, 38 degrees, Care2… We British love a good petition. We can save the forests, halt Rupert Murdoch in his dark and dirty tracks. If enough of us get involved, heck, we could even save the NHS! Couldn’t we? Dr Kailash Chand’s petition to ‘drop the health bill’ currently stands at 151,565, surpassing the 100k mark backbenchers need in order to discuss the will of the people. By a long shot. The people have spoken, it would seem. The NHS is saved! Isn’t it?

Mark Donne wrote an enlightening piece for the Independent in which he explains that our collective voice has been given a platform that is not all we perceive it be. ‘Clicktivism’, signing a petition, hashtagging,  is holding us back and merely “provide an extremely convenient holding centre for disgruntled or livid voters. Most are unable or just too busy/ exhausted/lazy to attend a demonstration or occupation, but click here, “like” this and you have resisted: you (and the forces you oppose) can sleep at night.”

A ruse to divert us away from actually acting.  As a nation, we’ve been forced to subscribe to this method of activism because we have seen what happens when we do vote with our feet. Armed police on horses charge into crowds full of children, politicians strike up dialogue calling for water-boarding and rubber bullets and people get beaten and detained, their identities embedded into systems that will hold them for however long the establishment deem fit. We live in a tyrannical state.

When the Prime Minister of this country holds a summit to discuss NHS ‘reform’ and how these changes affect GPs yet refuses to invite said GPs, he is making a statement that the matter is not open for discussion. Why haven’t the BMA and Royal College of General Practitioners been asked to attend? Could it be because they oppose the bill and fear that rather than reforming the NHS, they are in fact destroying it? So PM Cameron is actively denying a voice to anyone that might object to his make-the-Tories-even-richer-by-going-private scheme. When a number of Lords and MPs look to benefit personally from us all going private, it makes it all the more sinister.

A selection for your perusal:

  • The former Conservative Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley is a Director of BUPA, the health insurance, private hospital and care group.
  • Baroness Cumberlege of Newick, Former Tory health minister, runs Cumberlege Connections, a political networking firm that works “extensively” with the pharmaceutical industry
  • Baron Newton of Braintree – Advisor to Oasis Healthcare on dentistry and general healthcare matters.
  • Lord Ballyedmond – Chairman of pharmaceutical company Norbrook Laboratories.
  • Lord Bell – Chairman of Chime Communications group, whose lobbying clients include Southern Cross, BT Health and AstraZeneca. Tim Bell has a conviction for ‘wilfuly, openly and obscenely’ exposing himself ‘with intent to insult a female’ under Section 4 of the 1824 Vagrancy Act.
  •  David Cameron – Nursing and care home tycoon Dolar Popat has given the Conservatives £209,000. The Ugandan-born dad-of-three has amassed an estimated £42million fortune as founder and chief of TLC Group, which provides services for the elderly. Mr Cameron made the businessman a peer shortly after entering No10 last May, and Lord Popat’s donations include a £25,000 gift registered a week after the Tories’ health reforms were unveiled last July.

HT @socialindepth

(For a comprehensive list of MPs and Lords set to financially gain from the dismantling of the NHS, please visit http://socialinvestigations.blogspot.com/2012/02/nhs-privatisation-compilation-of.html)

With all of this going on right under our noses, we have a right to be angry. We have the democratic right to protest, apparently we live in a ‘democracy’. Mark Donne agrees, posing the question to Noam Chomsky “what he thought the outcome would have been if the nearly 500,000 who have signed a yet-to-be presented petition against the privatisation of the NHS had joined the other 3,000 in occupying Westminster Bridge in late October.” Noam simply replied, “You would have no bill”.

Although petitions are proving to be entirely useless, history will remember we opposed this bill in our hundreds and thousands. To ensure an outcome, we need a million (wo)man march. Somehow we must fight back against the scare tactics employed to silence us. Disgruntled citizens the world over are saying enough is enough, organising marches, rallying, making their governments fear them and the will of the people.

Why do we remain so afraid of ours?