No, you’re the racist


The way things have gone the last couple of years you could be forgiven for thinking I am the issue. I use the word white a lot and it has begun to sound like a slur in itself. I’m sure many people with white skin will stand by their belief it was all going so well till I opened my mouth but that’s bullshit and you know it. All I did was contribute to the movement that made it ok to talk about you the way you talk about us.  I am a champion for equality and whist the majority of the world suffers from a distinct lack of everything we take for granted in the west, this means sharing in their misery being as they are not permitted to share in your knowledge and material wealth. Not gonna do anything about the world in which so many people of colour are scorned for looking/speaking/thinking a little different? Well only fair we return the favour. White is not exempt from criticism or ridicule. In fact, white taught us how it was done.


“You’re the racist, Sam”

Nah. Racism is not just about picking on people for the colour of their skin (or using the word ‘white’ unironically). It’s the perception that a group of people is inferior and therefore does not deserve access to resources which in turn justifies starving those people to death (for example). Take Churchill. Oh he provided good soundbites for white people who didn’t believe they were as important as him (perhaps as a result of all free thinking English sorts being summarily executed for speaking out against the medieval toffs and leaving behind the docile, easily manipulated underclass that jumps into action the second the ruling classes activate the kill the Pakis chip) but he also put 4 million to death by starvation, piping up only to ask if Gandhi was dead yet. What a spiffing nice chap eh?

No, what I am is not a racist. What I am is disappointed and fed up. I’m angry and disgusted. I do admit to feeling prejudice every time I see a white face the short walk from my front door into a waiting taxi. You see white people represent unchallenged violence and deception. I definitely do not trust the majority of white people. If you read up on enough history you won’t trust them either. They like to promise things in exchange for compliance and then they kill you. I am prejudiced but I do not have the power to discriminate and without that, you cannot be a bonafide racist (never mind the fact that all of my best friends are white). Racism is built on power and power allows for discrimination. When you are powerless, and even the poorest of white people have more power than non-whites, then you do not have the ability to manipulate perceptions. You do not call a single shot. Oh they’ll say you do, as they use their infinitely more powerful powers to berate and scapegoat you for all their shortcomings. They’ll say you’re a racist and that justifies an attack on your whole family, which they do in the knowledge that the white authorities will side with a white citizen no matter how deplorable or violent their attack on you. This is because white people do not see us as human. How can you empathise with an individual if you don’t even believe they feel things in the same way? I am convinced there is a connection between those assholes posing gleefully next to the carcasses of lions on safari and the kind of person who’ll justify genocide of indigenous peoples from an economic perspective. I’m sorry (not sorry) if this offends you but this is what white people do.

When I say white people are violent, it is because they are. When I say they are hypocrites, it is because they prove it again and again. If you find it difficult to understand where I’m coming then maybe breaking it down will help.

I do not have the power to refuse you a job or affect your prospects by manipulating public opinions of anyone who shares the colour of your skin.

I do not have the influence to encourage genocide of all white people (or men) in the way the architects (G8 governments) of #KillAllMuslims do.

I cannot access state support in my alleged intentions against the millions of white people I fear.

I cannot demand you identify yourself when you’re cruising around in your flash car at midnight cos you can’t sleep, or whatever.

I cannot say ‘white’ without a honky saying I’m racist.


My words are such a threat they believe they are at risk of violence if I continue to garner support despite my using the the word ‘white’.  The reaction is so violent, so angry, white people fear you’re about to do to them what they did to you. They are so angry and violent because they believe you are capable of the same systematic monstering they subjected your ancestors to. They are still being violent and their fractured minds have justified it by labelling it survival.

It’s not survival; it’s a deadly virus, consuming all of the good it comes into contact with because ‘survival of the fittest’ means atrocity. Except I believe we’ve evolved past that and survival is no longer about being a selfish knucklehead but ensuring we do not take more than we need, from the planet and our brothers and sisters. It makes sense to maintain the life giving things by being respectful of that life force, in all its forms.

If we cannot do this, then none of us deserve to live.

Who are these geeks randomly looking at my LinkedIn?



Ahhh, now I get it. The girls, they really don’t go for it.

Why is it misogynists look exactly the way you imagine they would? 12, distinctly average and like they’re cupping their balls for protection off camera?

You fuckers think it’s fair game to bring underage members of my family into the firing line to keep me down, I swear you’ll get yours.



So the smeghead I had SUSPENDED from Twitter is back on there and gloating. At least people want to sleep with whores.



I am done

*Barfomenz pricks, heads up. The popo might not give 2 shits about me but you crossed a few lines even the cops can’t ignore. I know you probably don’t understand family or love so you have no concept of protecting the ones you love as a result but this isn’t just about me. This is much bigger than that. When you go down, it won’t be one or two of you, it’ll be the entire cocking thing. I’m just gonna wait for that to happen and let you have your sick little fantasies in the meantime because let’s face it, you have nothing else. You’re not smart or beautiful or sporty, you’re just pond scum. The sort I would happily stab a million times with a blunt pencil for kicks (ooh, go on, report me for my threats to fill you with lead).

You had an advantage targeting me because I’m ill, cos pathetic little boys like you can’t take on someone the same size or on an equal footing, so you sit behind your little screens and kill/fuck cartoons with your stupid joysticks and threaten women and kids with sexual and physical violence. You are the definition of subhuman*

I am done with social networking or antisocial as the case has been. I threw myself out there because I felt like I could make a difference with everything I’ve learnt in my life and work but when I spoke up, the very people I was complaining about attacked me in their droves. The people purportedly on my side enabled them to do this. The same people who will commission Indian people to talk about India’s big rape problem without acknowledging the horrific rape and abuse on our own doorstep. The sorts who deny the racism inflicted on us every hour of every day without exception and in fact encourage it as a means of shutting us down. Those ‘lefties’ bent on defending their right to joke about rape and pour scorn on the imaginary race card without ever once reflecting on their whiteness and privilege.

You’ll have seen the new story regarding the woman beheaded in the street in Egypt. Such a brutal loss of life, such a horrific tale of male dominance and violence. We don’t treat our women like that.. Except we sorta do, (in a not immediately fatal sense, at least not always). The law may have been changed barely more than 50 years ago, to end capital punishment but the process of humiliation and voyeurism remains unchanged. The act of being tortured (physically or verbally) in front of your peers, to remind them of what happens to those who do not play the game is what they did to me, and everybody just stood around gawping, some too timid to speak, others revelling in their recently uncovered powers of impunity. That racism and sexism and privilege I was banging on about, they denied it by doing those exact things.

“How terrible to accuse someone of racism! I’m not a racist you fucking Paki”

“What do you mean you have an opinion? I’m going to kill you, you slag”

They twisted everything, they abused us and enabled others to abuse us with their huge fucking platforms and all the while a load of white people who have nothing going for themselves other than also being white, were listening and waiting for the time it was ok to call you a Paki online, and in the street.

Theresa May recently unveiled plans to make emotional abuse, controlling and coercive behaviour a jail-able offence, with up to five years in prison and a fine. Within an intimate relationship she described it as being ‘tantamount to torture’. I have had those relationships but I have also felt similarly being on the receiving end of racists and misogynists online, the point being that they attach to an existing collage of male violence and license to abuse. I already suffered from a condition affecting victims of torture before I’d even discovered social media.

To me, that image of the decapitated woman lying dead on the ground hurt my heart because she could have been my sister. Heck, she could have been me. I may not have had my throat slit but many have threatened to do exactly that to me. The frog in my throat that makes it difficult to breathe and speak is distressing. The idea that I might lose my mind again brings me back to the woman they beheaded. Her head was physically removed from her body by men who do what they like. The constant stream of white men telling me to kill myself, or threatening to doxx me or my family, or rape and slaughter me, sharing pictures lifted from an underage cousin’s profile, of her and my precious baby nephews, and bombarding me with images of torture, violence, images so gruesome any truly human person would feel shaken to the core is an attempt at a beheading of the emotional kind. The intention is to push me to the point where I do kill myself, a thing they feel is certain if they can only push me far enough. I don’t need to look to Egypt if I want to feel sorry for women; I have my fill of patriarchal misogyny in the apparently civilised west.

I am deleting these profiles now cos I do not want in on any platform that favours and benefits white men; the ones that delete the accounts of breastfeeding mothers but inform me that my rape threats do not violate community standards. I couldn’t give a stuff about ‘social’ networking. I do not attach easily to material possessions or ideas of what it means to be cool or current. When I reported these same fuckers to the police over 6 months ago, they cautioned me for kill all men. Now here we are, you’ve seen the images and how futile it is to expect justice when you are a woman of colour speaking truth. It is ok to threaten me with physical and sexual violence; this was confirmed to the abusers when the police and the platforms did fuck all about actual laws being broken. The thought of this makes me want to kill myself before someone else does. I may not have any control over a single thing in this godforsaken country but I am damned if I don’t get to call how it ends. I haven’t spent time teaching myself to breathe only to die a violent death at the hands of a fucking manz.

Silencing is what brought me to Twitter and it is why I leave it now too. The world hasn’t changed for the better these few years, it’s gotten considerably worse. Your allies are not your friends, all coppers are bastards and I really think we should kill all men (as in not just the black ones).


Women as a weapon of war

Delving into a suppressed history whitewashed by the colonial masters was never going to be an easy task but a crucial one if I was really going to understand my place in the world today. I had anticipated the usual cock wars but I wasn’t prepared for the consistent narrative in which women are simply possessions used to adorn/soothe men, weaponised in the war against the other’s way of life. In this respect, very little has changed since the first crusades.

White Europeans poured scorn over the lustful appetites of the Saracens, their numerous harems filled to the brim with nubile concubines, sowing their seed in all who crossed their path, furthering the heathen patrilineage. Yet history, as they taught it in the curriculum and the kind passed on from friendly service staff keen to extol the spoils of empire (after they’ve asked you where your grandparents come from) chose to omit the rampant sexual deviancy on this side of the religious divide. A little thing like a vow of celibacy was not going to prevent the clergy from illegitimately fathering countless bastards and keeping lovers as wives more or less (bar the paperwork). Everyone knew but no one said it out loud.

When all is said and done, human minds haven’t evolved much at all. Men are still abusive to women wherever they are in the world. Racists will point the finger 1000+ years into the past at the paedophile prophet who wouldn’t have been known as a paedophile at the time cos they were all doing it, even the ‘nice’ ones, yet completely fail to add that their elite are still at it and as a society we’re letting them get away because on a scale of things significantly more Britons (feminists) find nipples offensive. A politician once told the dutiful white public it was the Pakis who stole all the doctorates, and now they’re convinced the dinosaurs met their demise in a river of blood. If you look like a Muslim, well, that’s your fault for being brown.

When I make a statement about the violence men subject women to, be they black brown or white, I say it from almost a decade’s professional experience and a lifetime of suffering it myself. In my last job I had 70 clients at any given time. SEVENTY. Domestic abuse charities were stretched and that was at a comparatively comfortable time because despite the credit crunch the Tories hadn’t gone to town just yet.

My clients came from all walks of life, oppressively wealthy to council estates, every shade of skin on this earth, from monotheists to idolaters, drug users and ex-convicts; I have literally seen them all. They all had two things in common though; they were women and they were suffering domestic violence from an intimate partner or family member. The gender of their partner was irrelevant; but what did exist in every single case was the patriarchal dynamic of power and control and dominance. Whilst there were some lesbian relationships this was true of, the majority of violence was male perpetrated and went by unpunished because of the many ways in which society excuses violence against women because it is the norm (and more harshly punishes violent women for deviating from the gentle care giving stereotype). Violence and aggression from men is the norm, not the exception.

I have been as vocal as I can be about the dangers of whitewashing white male violence in a bid to maintain white supremacy. I have seen the people who suffer the consequences. The many thousands of young victims of the establishment are still struggling to find justice many decades on from their ordeals and every time one of the perps snuffs it or is acquitted wounds are torn open for all who’ve suffered similarly. I have never once said I don’t believe Asian grooming gangs exist, I believe they do as sure as I am that all men have the capacity to be entitled and abusive in a patriarchy that supports that behaviour, all I have insisted upon is the truth when it comes to your home-grown rapists and child molesters.

Children were murdered by modern day self-proclaimed chosen ones. Their survivors are bravely stepping forward despite the constant din of the Great British rape apologist (well I suppose there is much to apologise for). It’s always about money or fame or spite though why a rape accusation would be her first choice if she was bent on revenge or monies, I don’t know.

You cannot end violence against women and children (and men) until you are honest about its prevalence in society. We need to move past slinging shit at people for the colour of their skin and dismantle all of the structures that enable abusers to violate those deemed vulnerable. Whether white supremacist feminists want to admit or not, it’s all connected, one cannot expect to live in a perfect world when so many suffer.

I’ve had my share of scapegoating off the back of a 1000 year campaign of slander and propaganda. I am ready to end the patriarchy, the whole spectrum, without bias.

Are you?

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January is Self-Defense Awareness Month: Time to Learn The Top Five Self Defense Moves for Women

Sam Ambreen:

Pass it on

Originally posted on Individual Empowerment:

If there’s one thing I want women to take away after they participate in one of my self-defense classes it’s how they deserve to be safe and therefore shouldn’t hesitate to fight back. Society may still teach and expect us to be “nice like sugar and spice” but that hasn’t helped so far. It is time to fight back.

I was taught to use THREE STRIKES if attacked. One strike might cause the attacker pain and two might cause them to stumble, but three will likely disable the predator.

1. Gouge the Eyes!  Place your hands in front of you with palms out, make a W shape with your thumbs and fingers and use your thumbs to apply as much pressure as possible to the predators eyeballs. THis will cause pain and make it difficult to see which direction you are run.

2. Kick the Knee! The best strike is…

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An open letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain

Dear David Cameron,

I am writing in response to the letter sent by your Pickles to the people of the Islamic faith and whilst I don’t think you will ever set eyes on this correspondence, it helps me to get things on paper and to act as if I do matter and am being listened to (otherwise I’m prone to suicidal ideation).

I would like to understand why our prime minister is oblivious to the incongruence between his spoken/written word and his actions. For example, you say that what is happening in terms of extremist terrorism has nothing to do with the true religion of Islam yet by sending these letters to Muslim’s places of worship, your actions suggest otherwise. I do not recall your writing to the Vatican and indeed every single Catholic Church during the paedophilia revelations. Whilst it is only some priests who engage in this depravity, in the interests of consistency and integrity, one would hope that all British citizens were treated equally and disciplined in the same way. It concerns me that this has not been the case.

It has been over a year since I went out on my own. This is largely due to the fact that I have been racially abused both online and on the public transport system. Check my name on police records and you will find numerous calls with regards to me but also others. I do not hesitate to call for help in violent situations, being an ex women’s worker but more recently I have reported racism, rape and death threats – all of which I believe are illegal – committed against me and the police response was to caution me instead for using the phrase ‘kill all men’, whereas the abuse I was subjected to was within the limits of taste and decency. I find this incomprehensible and believe it to be a malicious tactic by the police who do not care for ‘British Muslims’, much like yourselves or else you wouldn’t be gaslighting us in this way. If what I said justified a warning then surely the many thousands tweeting ‘kill all Muslims’ should have caught your attention? Or is it plausible that a disabled woman of colour could massacre 4 billion men all on her own?

Will you be writing a letter to Tesco demanding answers as to what it was about their displays that made a white supremacist hack at an Asian man whilst shouting ‘white power’? Perhaps pumping in the smell of freshly baked bread reminds bigots of their duty to white loaves everywhere, pining for the days when they sliced their own bread.

A Muslim is to a mosque what a rabid knifeman is to Tesco, actually. The building made of bricks and mortar is open to all, it has no code of conduct except for that which is expected in all public spaces; wipe your feet upon entry, try not to stare at anyone for more than 5 seconds. At Tesco you purchase food for your stomach whilst the mosque feeds your soul. If the government can write a letter to all mosques making them complicit in any terrorist attacks committed by anyone professing to be of the same faith then I propose we treat all Tesco shoppers the same. Amongst the big leading supermarkets it is one of the more evil ones, we all know this. It positively encourages violent behaviour with its outrageously tight aisles and substandard finest range. What if they are not Tesco customers but Waitrose incumbents in disguise and this is all just a big smear campaign to ruin Morrison’s? Who knows, far be it from me to speculate or advocate collective punishment.

Lastly this assertion that Muslims simply have not done enough to condemn terrorism (since 9/11)… What if you are not Muslim and you deplore the taking of human life, especially on grounds of religion and condemn any who should think to align themselves with the murder of innocents and yet still the white people and governments of the commonwealth punish you with racist abuse and threaten to take away your passport, what then? Suicide? Or stay alive and suffer more torture?

Mr Prime Minister, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that as non-white citizens of this country by way of empire, we are terrorised.  We are housebound. We suffer. The people of this country take their lead from people like you and you have made it clear terrorism is something that only affects whites.

I and many others would be interested to know what you intend to do about this.

Thanks in advance,