I Was Right, Britain is a Racist Country

When I first made the decision to no longer ignore the thinly veiled racism and misogyny I found all around me, it was a massive shock for white people, especially those on the left. Every day I watched my Twitter follower count drop, even people I knew irl, even a therapist who’d taught me the emotional freedom technique, somebody I thought would have understood my reasons for making a stand. I came to accept that ALL white people, regardless of economic status, even the ones on your Christmas card list, are invested in the construction that is white supremacy, whether they know it or not or even care to admit it.

Around the same time I also decided I would seek justice for the numerous times I had been sexually assaulted, or been threatened with it, because it was frequent enough to instill a deep fear and distrust of men, to the point that it was affecting my day to day life. If I was going to get over this I had to get a grip on it and that’s why I resolved to disclose everything obsessively; once it’s out there you are forced to do something about it.

I had expected some resistance and trolling, after all, racists and rapists are real, but I did not for one moment consider the backlash from my own side. People who I’d considered liberals and lefties, feminists who’d praised my writing, calling it ‘powerful’ and ‘evocative’ were suggesting we were acting from a place of malice and denied they were at all bigoted in any way. They were simply beyond reproach. This was an act of white supremacy, to assert themselves as arbiter of the real truth, they didn’t need to be of colour/disabled/trans etc to have an opinion on policies affecting us but we were not permitted an opinion on them, for we were the real racists intent on snatching power from them.

These people, the journalists – Nick Cohen, John Rentoul, David Aaronovitch, Helen Lewis, to name a few – and the allegedly left leaning publications they wrote for – New Statesman, Guardian etc – rejected leftist values in favour of the neoliberalism that propelled them to their positions of power. People like JK Rowling, who’d be queueing up at food banks were it not for the welfare system under a Labour government, rejected any attempts to level out the playing field, presumably because she was exceptional and made it despite the government handouts she’d received when she needed them. Backed up by racist self serving politicians like Jess, Luciana and Chuka, the centrists refused to update their political status and shuffle the fuck on, instead undermining their leader and the entire worker’s movement every time they opened their champagne guzzling gobs.

We never had a chance with the virulently right wing Blairite faction steering propaganda to present Labour as an outdated and dangerous vehicle for fascism, especially when an actually fascist Tory government was killing people under our noses the whole time without so much as a whimper from the right wing press. Antisemitism is the only form of racism if we were to put any stock in what the papers were saying. Now these self serving ghouls are pointing fingers at Jeremy Corbyn and blaming him for this huge loss instead of acknowledging the fuel they poured on the fire, again and again.

Without Corbyn, as the red Tories are sure to find out, Labour is dead. I’m never voting for them again, and neither is anyone I know. I only ever used my vote (maybe 4 times in my lifetime) when I thought there was a chance for an actual Left government and before that, I voted tactically once for the Greens to keep the fascist UKIP out, because Labour under Ed Milband was a poor man’s Brexit Party, consumed with immigration concerns and little else.

No, I won’t be using my vote again because I plan to give my citizenship back to this rainy fascist island that was not of my choosing. I rue the day my late grandfather chose to make the move here. He thought he was choosing a better life instead of shortening his life expectancy by 20 years (the generation above him lived well into their 90s, living off the land and never taking more than they needed). His son, my father, died at 62. I am damned if I knowingly subject myself to this undignified existence at the behest of these slugs.

Let there be no confusion; yesterday, Britain proved it is a racist sexist hellhole that is weighted in favour of bullies and oppressors, this is now a fact no one can deny. They chose sex abuse cover ups, predatory royals and politicians and other celebrities, food banks and Victorian levels of child poverty. They chose chlorinated chicken and massively inflated pharmaceuticals where profit comes before dying people. They chose tuition fees so only the rich can educate themselves because learning is elitist. The white working class (and some poc too) tore the last shred of empathy I had for them from my heart, because these cunts would rather die avoidable deaths and eat shit than relinquish even a tiny bit of their self defined white supremacy. Make no mistake, this was always only about Brexit and immigration. Fascist Britain wants the Pakis out and Boris will oblige them.


I cheered for Corbyn because my friends and family convinced me I was wrong and Britain had a bit more going on upstairs, but I was always right, Britain is a racist country and there are not enough of us to challenge it. I said the liberals, just under 20% of the country would sway the vote one way or another and we needed to focus on them, the centrists, the “both as bad as each other” crowd, who when it boils down to it, DO pick a side, and that side is always fascism. Britain wants to stand alone in a nod to the days of the empire, when it had the world on its knees. It presents a threat to Europe in this state, and will be treated like an enemy. Europe should give Remainers a chance to settle in any of its member countries, before the final severance. It should give the hopeless an out from an impossible situation they absolutely do not want. Or else prepare for an influx of asylum seekers.

If you think things are bad now, give it a year. Hopefully, I will be long gone by then. If you’d like to join me, let me know.


Boris says we should find closure and let the healing begin, because if we didn’t I guess there’d be riots? There is no closure for someone like me, not under a tory government, not whilst they oppress my fellow citizens and deport them to their deaths, never whilst children starve and the disabled are neglected and poc are spoken over whilst fascists debate our right to life.

John Rentoul says we shouldn’t panic, instead choose to be optimistic because all this election palaver has ensured Boris will increase spending on public services.. what a load of horseshit. Rentoul voted Tory, didn’t he? He’s stood in opposition to most Labour voters and ensured a split. What kind of leftist thinks there is anything to be optimistic about in the face of a proven fascist government? Shame on him and all who think like him.


  1. really hope you can find somewhere less appalling to live Sam. I’m stuck cos of my shitty mental health

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  2. England is a failed country, at this point. The Tories have been taken over by a right wing coup d’etat that is anything but conservative. Even the few semi-decent One Nation Tories that survived even under May – Major, Heseltine, Clarke – have zero political influence, as of Thursday.

    And the electorate, or a high % of it, CHOOSE this.

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      1. Scotland or Ireland sound like good options for you, quite seriously. Btw, I’m not going to say there is no racism in Ireland, but in general the type of stuff – open and obvous racism – that goes on in England is just socially unacceptable, probably due to our history of being colonised. Even the right-of-centre commentators in the Irish press make a point of disowning and condemning anything approaching outright xenophobia. By contrast, in England, a former Guardian commentator, now successfully in employment’ with the Speccy, is a more or less open racist (Rod Lil Prick). It’s mainstream. We don’t have a Katy Hopkins here. We don’t have a Tommy Robinson. We don’t even a have a Farage, fortunately. Well, ok, we probably do have them, but they have no public voice.

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      2. I’m not as fussed by racists as I am the absence of a resistance. So long as we’re strong they don’t stand a chance, which is why I don’t want to stay here anymore, there’s too many of them and not enough retaliation


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