Halal? Is it me you’re cooking for?

There are 2 billion Muslims in the world, the majority of them observing halal practices such as the slaughter of animals for food or redistribution of wealth (for example). Halal means permissible, whether this refers to consumption of food products or platonic interactions between the sexes or a bank account that does not accumulate interest, these conditions protect the rights of all human beings to a fair and healthy life.

Muslims, like Jews, and even some Christian factions do not consume pork which is deemed haraam, a sin. Contrary to popular myth it is not because it is a dirty animal but because pork is a perishable meat and prone to parasites like trichinella. From a health perspective it made sense to avoid it 1500-2000 years ago in the middle east but in these times of modern refrigeration and advances in microbiology this argument falls short for those of us who trust in science. God gave us the guidelines, sure, but he also gave us a brain. However, halal does not only refer to the animals that are permitted but the way in which they are slaughtered. There is nothing inherently haraam about a chicken but it is not halal until it is drained of blood in a specific way, whilst the butcher also recites a prayer. Chicken that is prepared for human consumption using western methods is referred to as ‘makruh’, a ‘disliked’ or ‘offensive’ act but in my personal experience, it is not so offensive to some Muslims. In places where halal food is not readily available, makruh is acceptable. The consumption of meat is sunnah; a tradition or way of doing things as the prophet did. There are guidelines for halal marriage and a sunnah to observe, the wedding party should be fed a meal of at least one sheep. Meat consumption is central to a Muslim’s way of life (although there are further hadiths – kinda like the gospels – warning of the dangers of consuming too much).

It bothers me then, that so many white supremacist westerners see fit to take issue with the way other people conduct their faith. Halal rage is a tried and tested trick to whip fascists into a frenzy over faux concerns for animal welfare and Toblerone is the latest to face their ire. A halal certification does not mean a product contains halal ingredients necessarily, it just means it is not haraam. Air is halal. Water is halal. Breathe and drink to your heart’s content unless you are a white supremacist I guess.

It’s not animal welfare they’re concerned with though, if it were they’d start closer to home and consider all the horrific animal abuses Europeans are guilty of, and do something about it. Take Ortolan, the French ‘delicacy’ whereby the bird is placed in a dark cage where it reacts by gorging itself on grain. Once it is sufficiently stuffed it is thrown into a vat of Armagnac where it drowns and marinates. Diners place a napkin on their heads to hide their shame from God yet this practice evades the attention of rabid racists. The French are frogs except when they are white nationalists and allies to other white supremacists. It’s perfectly fine to force feed geese and ducks until their livers are so fatty and diseased they can be sold as a delicacy for exorbitant amounts.

The French are not alone in their barbaric butchery. In Spain lechon, or suckling pig is slaughtered between the ages of 2 and 6 weeks. The method of slaughter is harrowing, the squealing babies are impaled then thrown onto a heap of dying gurgling piglets. It is slow and torturous, from the moment they are torn from their mother’s teat – hence the name lechon, leche meaning milk – and slaughtered without a glance back to witness the suffering or even acknowledge it as such. With hellish conduct like this it is bizarre to consider the comparatively humane method of halal slaughter – and indeed kosher – as somehow more offensive to the genteel sensibilities of the enlightened European. Plucking newborn animals from their mothers maximizes suffering, whether lechon or veal, and it is forbidden in Islam.

No, the fascists don’t care much for the wellbeing of animals, they care only about white supremacy. The idea that there is a company going around, offering deals to manufacturers in exchange for favours, in this case halal certification, is not new. The fascists are afraid Muslims are doing to them what they did to the Muslim world (and beyond). They’re thinking about the East India Trading Company and all the sly manoeuvres they made, coming under the guise of merchants doing business, upending entire nations in the creation of white supremacist imperialism. Without the East India Trading Company there’d be no USA, no British empire, no divisions between the colonies they would subjugate and raze to the ground.

White supremacists don’t care if you kill animals for food, they want everyone to eat bacon sandwiches. Nope, they’re just afraid the chickens are coming home to roost.



  1. All animal cruelty, torture and killing is wrong. All monotheists need to address this and not quote their books to justify any cruelty. Granted, White Supremacists are particularly vile. #GoVegan


    1. Veganism thrives in societies where human inequality is established and widespread. That empathy we’re supposed to have for humans is transferred to animals. Take India for example, with its beef killings. Or the Buddhists with the rohingya in Myanmar. Not surprised when vegans routinely come out with racist things in support of their animal rights views, and it happens too often, just look at PETA.

      Not everyone can go vegan, due to health reasons for eg, nor should we expect it from cultures that have respected the land.

      Non white cultures were living within their means and respecting the cycle for 1000s of years before white supremacist industrialisation.


      1. What society is not home to human inequality? How do you explain Socialist Vegans? I know why there are few if any Tory Vegans. Veganism is or should be about standing up for the innocent, voiceless and vulnerable- many people are in those categories.

        Causing pain, terror and death is wrong. Eating meat is not good for health but certainly contributes to the profits of the 1%.


  2. Reblogged this on A Life Un-Lived and commented:
    No, Sam: you misunderstand (or perhaps misrepresent) the typical Christian and secular Western opposition to halal (Muslim ritual) slaughter.

    The Christian objection to halal slaughter is that the meat is sacrificed to a false deity, “Allah.” A small minority of Christians also abstain from certified kosher packaged food (common in the USA) for the same reason; conversely, some Christians embrace kosher food, such as Seventh Day Adventists, who (generally) abstain from meat altogether. [A full explanation of 7th-Day beliefs literally comprises volumes of writing, so it exceeds what I can present here.]

    A strict reading of Christian scripture reveals that eating halal (and kosher) slaughtered meat is not a sin, per se (all food is lawful for Christians because false gods have no power and therefore cannot make food sinful), but may cause a less confident Christian to indulge a diet which in turn leads to other sin. Note: these rules apply to all Christians, regardless of ethnicity and correlating skin color.

    So, among Christians, prohibition of halal (and kosher) slaughter and refusal to accommodate halal (and kosher) dietary rules follows from religious prohibitions against participating in the worship of false gods, like Allah or a deity which is not the Father of the Son of God, such as Judaism’s god, and against creating circumstances which may tempt another Christian to sin. If you then comprehend that the UK is a (historically?) Christian country assembled from among 2-4 (historically?) Christian nations (English, Irish, Welsh, Scots), then it makes sense that the (historically?) Christian nations of the UK would object to alien nations settling within the UK borders which practice sacrifice to false gods: it constitutes condoning idolatry.

    Most Christian religious considerations fall under the general command that Christians remain “above reproach,” that is, so innocent that they cannot be believably accused of wrongdoing, even (NOT especially) by other Christians. If Christians are living in a place that becomes so hostile that it is not possible to peaceably live as a Christian (arguably how things are in the UK), then the Christian is obliged to flee, if possible. “What if a Christian can’t flee?” That’s a question among Christians much more unsettled to answer so I won’t try to answer it myself, but the various and conflicting answers have something to do with what you’re observing in the UK.

    Among “secular Westerners” who are not Christian, the objection is to ethnic and religious exceptions from otherwise universal legal requirements for the slaughter of animals. While Western laws may be contradictory and allow for cruel slaughter, the issue is not the cruelty of the slaughter, an argument you correctly ridicule, but the permission of an exception from the law which is purported to apply equally to all persons. Among Westerner nations, unequal application of the law (and the ensuing imbalance between responsibilities and privileges) historically leads to civil war, and then often to revolution, so tolerance of exceptions by seems a particularly self-destructive policy for the government.

    Sam, if I remember correctly, you were born and raised in the UK, so you know all this – or at least the secular argument. I’d be interested to know why you think these explanations I’ve provided aren’t the motives of the majority of ethnic English/Scots/Welsh who object to halal slaughter. Even if the motive is entirely “racist,” racism itself requires a motive, that is, an internal logic that motivates the racism; “skin color” isn’t an adequate explanation.

    Do you really think this is a case of unmitigated “white supremacy?”


      1. The United Kingdom does not have a secular government: Anglican bishops sit in the House of Lords and its monarch vows to uphold Christianity. Where is “white supremacy codified in its laws?

        “Secular government” might be a plausible assertion for the USA (Federal government) or France, but there’s plenty contrary evidence for the UK.


      2. I’ve lived here my whole life.

        There’s evidence to suggest people put down the religion they were born into on equalities monitoring forms but don’t actually believe and that’s true enough in my experience. I’ve met less than a handful of true Christian believers, most are just hedging their bets (as one guy put it) and a large percentage are agnostic or atheist. It’s not America for chrissakes. One could even argue religious zealots over the pond have heavily influenced the media coverage on this supposed modern day crusade.

        You can only see things through your own lens. As an active outsider and observer I’m here to point the hypocrisy and nonsense of white supremacy.


      3. I acknowledge (having lived in Glasgow) that most Brits are atheist/agnostic, but that doesn’t make the whole country or its government secular. The argument you’re making regarding the presence of bona fide Christians is accurate for every major metropolitan city in America and most smaller cities. Most purported Christians aren’t, even those which are devout.

        I’m still not comprehending how you see “white supremacy” in the UK. There’s nothing like it to compare with the racism (not white supremacy) in the USA which has several quasi-racial wars and the aftermath worth of animosity to reconcile, or the “white supremacy” found throughout Eastern Europe. The UK has no internal racial divides other than Welsh, Scot, English, and Irish – all “white” – so the only basis for your assertion seems to be for non-indigenous ethnics or perhaps the small population of relatively un-assimilated descendants of former slaves or captives from former colonies remaining after the abolition of slavery. Am I overlooking something?


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