Gnasher Jew the White Supremacist

Last night at around 3am my account was suspended by Twitter

I was reported by Gnasher Jew and their followers after I called them out for misrepresenting the truth with regards to the devastating terrorist murder of 11 Jewish seniors at the hands of a white supremacist. This detail is in fact very important and I was attempting to underline it for Gnasher, who seemed to struggle with the truth, as ever unrelenting in their campaign to slander Labour as somehow the inspiration behind a white supremacist’s attack on Jewish people in the US, they deliberately left out the bit that recognised the murderer was a white supremacist, instead using this tragic incident in a cynical move to score points against their political opponents. Their followers quickly piled on.


(Note the dehumanising use of ‘it’, particularly pertinent given the reasons for my suspension)

It had not escaped my attention in the past, links between Gnasher and various far right terrorist organisations and hate figures. For a group concerned with Jewish rights they have an awful lot of fascist friends and when I put this to them I was asked for proof. I set about about obliging them (search for Brexit Tory, one of their nearest and dearest supporters) but then I saw they had linked to Kiwi Farms. In a bid to mine my personal information, Gnasher had picked a nazi forum full of incels awash with antisemitism, Islamophobia and and some of the most horrific descriptions of sexual violence, not only about their targets ie people like me, but minors. The have threatened to rape and kill me and doxed my family and Gnasher Jew made that information available to their 18000 followers.

Anyone with an ounce of awareness knows that Kiwi Farms is a stomping ground for some of the most vicious and violent white supremacists, threatening the kind of violence that’ll make you shake. Mumsnet on speed? Yeah, if Mumsnet like to threaten to rape vulnerable adults and give Muslims a good genocide. You’re right not to want to go back to a site that calls anyone a Paki, Martin mate, it’s usually a sign they’re fascists.

Perhaps that is why Gnasher had my account suspended, because my timeline last night was all the proof anyone needed of Gnasher being aligned with a neo nazi white supremacist site that targets vulnerable people for their mental illnesses. They were discussing it like it is a reputable source for them, that they believe the slander that is second nature for these depraved criminals.

Who looks at a site that says this known activist is a terrorist, a paedophile and god knows what else and uses it ‘expose’ them instead of reporting it to the police? If I am all of these things then surely you need to report me? No, instead it was like Gnasher and friends, formerly friends of Labour, were actually legit best friends of neo nazis Kiwi Farms. Apparently there are Jews on there too. Odd considering Joshua Moon has often spoken about how he wants to collect Jew fingers.

How horrifying, that a front for antiracism and prevention of antisemitism would rely on a white supremacist site that is responsible for the murder of two students after William Aitchison, a forum member, shot them to death at a high school in New Mexico? Other forum members have been investigated for their attacks against Jo Cox’s widower, whom they targeted following her murder, by one of their kind. Aitchison had formerly shared his intent to commit a mass murder on the site and was encouraged by its admin and other shit posters. They have been implicated in the suicide of at least three more, Julie Terryberry was just 18 when she was goaded to suicide by Kiwi Farms members, Chloe Sagal self immolated because she felt it was the only thing she could do, to express her distress. It is perhaps even more worrying there are people who purport to know Joshua Moon with links to Gnasher. I’m not at all surprised that someone with those particular flags in their avi is defending the likes of Moon, there is a toxic white supremacist patriarchal feel about Gnasher.

I have always stood in solidarity with my Jewish siblings. I always will, but Gnasher strikes me as the enemy. When I said he was a rat, I meant him specifically, for being a dirty rat and muddying the waters. A white supremacist killed 11 religiously conservative Jewish elders for the fact they were assisting Muslims refugees to settle in America. That is a very significant and important point. White supremacists hate Jewish Muslim solidarity. There are Jewish white supremacists just like there are Muslim white supremacists. Gnasher is a white supremacist front. They objected to me highlighting the white supremacy that informed the attack on the Tree of Life synagogue. They couldn’t believe I would dare to draw a line between them and the white supremacists attacking Muslims and Jews. If Gnasher really cared about antisemitism they’d be honest about the threat from far right white supremacists instead of attributing that violence to socialists. They wouldn’t use antisemitism to further marginalise woc like me or degrade it by using it dishonestly. Look at his followers for  chrissakes:

And that’s why I called him a rat. He knows this which is why it is so underhanded of him to suggest I was conducting myself in a violent manner. They weren’t afraid of me, they were just appalled at my temerity, that I did not back down like a good little brown girl and they proved they have power, by having me suspended.

I’m not going to appeal it. I am fucking done with nazi site Twitter. It is and always has been a platform for white supremacists. It proves it time and time again.




  1. I’m sorry for you experience I saw some of it as it was happening

    In the end all I had the energy to do was call out the use of a smiley face on the 6 tweet in a thread by ‘G’

    I pointed it out and reminded them people had been killed and to have some respect

    Someone jumped back at me and was pretty aggressive and full of angry self-righteousness

    We live in dangerous times and people are being deliberately wound up (the bomb scare at Jackie Whitaker’s event in Liverpool for example)

    I’m worried that whilst the rage is happening out front some real damaged character(s) like happened in Pittsburg will sneak around the back and it will happen again

    Let’s keep hold of the fact that there are more decent people than not and that we are the many not the few

    In solidarity


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  2. Hey, it really sucks they did you this way. You didn’t deserve that treatment and Twitter is garbage for suspending your account. I shared this article btw. Solidarity sister

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  3. Hey. Noticed you’d disappeared off twitter and got a little worried, but didn’t know where to find you. Stumbled across a tweet from Stavvers, which led me here. Just wanted to say sorry about the trolls and the hate that you’re facing. Sending love, solidarity and hugs (if you’d like them). xx

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  4. So sorry you experienced this.
    Did you ever get any more info on them?
    They’ve just released a map of ‘Labour Anti-semites’ with road/town info. Seriously dodgy.
    We have to start playing them at their own game.
    I’m not expecting you to want to put your neck on the line AGAIN!
    BUT, please, if you wanna help in anyway, get hold of me. (twitter: YakButlerNHF)
    Solidarity, Comrade!

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