Interview on the Headscarf ‘Ban’



  1. I agree Sam, that these decisions; and the way in which they are subsequently reported; have a terrible knock-on effect that is completely missing from discourse.

    I am shocked, but sadly not surprised that attacks by white men on women of colour increase in the aftermath of these decisions. The streets of our neighbourhoods and the journeys we take should be free from this misogyny.
    I can only imagine the fear of being forced to lock myself in, and/or change my appearance rather than face violence and harassment from bigots.

    With regards to companies, their brands and their dictats about “corporate policy”, my view is this; If it isn’t an absolutely, necessary, health and safety issue, then a company has no right to demand removal of a headscarf.
    In fact, only a couple of generations previously, many women workers would have worn headscarves to work. This policy, as with the grossly offensive “burkhini ban” under the pretext of the French “la├»cite” or secularism law last summer is specifically aimed at marginalising further, Islamic women of colour and has nothing to do with religious symbolism and everything to do with state and corporate chauvinism.
    Companies who are found to be targeting workers with these “bans” should be named, and hit where all capitalists fear to be hit. Their bottom line. A full boycott of these latter day, East India Companies!

    As an addendum, you speak as beautifully as you write Sam. You gave a very strong interview. Well done, comrade.


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      1. G4S? now there is a nefarious, mercenary, militia that is secreting itself widely through all security apparatus.
        The dystopic answer to the future question, “didn’t you see the signs and similarities to brown shirts?”
        I well imagine their policy would prefer skinheads to hijab…

        The good news is mercenaries don’t work for free (divestment) and corporations have addresses too (sanction)!

        take care, comrade.

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