JK Rowling and the Order of the British Empire

In this capitalist world where celebrity is everything, endorsements from the rich and famous can win or lose an election. Part of the reason Brexit was such a shambles was the utterly confusing mix of ‘idealist’ lefties and unapologetic bigots all on the same side. This is not to say I believe Galloway is an idealist or even a leftie for that matter but he says he is (even though I had some trouble reconciling this idea with the images of him sharing a platform with Nigel Farage). Whatever the leftie Brexiters thought they were doing, they weren’t prepared for the violent backlash against anyone deemed not English enough and in the weeks that followed there were some heartfelt retractions and apologies. Turns out if you ally with right wing fascists you only lend credence to their cause.

Perhaps this is why people like JK Rowling believe hard left and hard right are one in the same; they saw some of them mingling together for good ol’ Blighty and imagined the need for independence was unifying, they can work together so long as they kick back at the uber state. Personally I couldn’t understand how anyone could claim to be left yet relish the idea of having a national identity, separate from the rest of Europe because we are Englanders and we should be proud of such greatness. Nothing leftie about that if you ask me. Nationalism is not socialism but I can see why it could be so confusing for so many, this theory that the far left and the far right come together like a horse shoe. I can see why people would think in this way but I have to add, it is a bit of a reach and sounds like the opinion of people who repeat truisms parrot fashion. It sounds like the brain fart of someone who has never attended a counter demo against a far right rally for if they had they would know that the far right are always the first to attack and it is on the far left to defend. The far left resort to violence because it has been proven through history fascists only respond to this kind of protest; you can ask them nicely to leave and see where that gets you.

Far right knuckle-heads repeatedly threaten communities where the population is majority non white. Far left comrades; black, white, brown, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Atheists, LGBTQ, disabled and many others defend these communities because we know an attack on one group is an attack on us all. Do not tar these very distinct groups with the same brush, JK and friends, it only magnifies your political ignorance and detachment from reality.

Neoliberals, Blairites, Red Tories etc would like for us to accept this idea they know what’s best for us, even though they haven’t the slightest interest in what makes us who we are. I want to talk about JK Rowling specifically because she was presented as their ace card – surely no one would dare question the almighty creator of Hogwarts, they assumed. With such a huge following I guess they thought we’d listen to her. Well, actually, a bunch of us were going to notice JK making false equivalencies between antifascists and fascists especially when she has a track record of ignoring minority voices pleading with her to honour their cultural practices and not misappropriate native ideas. This white lady with immense privilege routinely blocks brown people for saying she is stealing their culture and not compensating them for it. Heck, she isn’t even acknowledging it. It does feel suspicious doesn’t it, when we say it out loud and join the dots? A white lady picking and choosing how she would like to represent ethnic minorities, ignoring their protests at being misrepresented, hinting at the fact they and their supporters are just as bad as the white supremacists who would have us all wiped out.. It’s not just me, is it?


Couple this with the fact that Blairites seem to glaze over whenever you bring up the Iraq war and the devastatingly harrowing legacy we left behind, choosing instead to vote for more bombs then gushing sycophantically about how much richer they got under Blair.. We cannot lay claim to greatness as an island until the war criminal has been held to account. We cannot claim to be a democracy when up to 2 million people were silenced when they marched to Stop the War. We cannot turn our backs when generations of Iraqi children are condemned.

When racists mock non whites for having a chip on their shoulder, for rinsing their oppression dry with the excuse “it was all a very long time ago and I wasn’t there, don’t blame me” they are choosing to ignore the ways in which non white cultures are still being carved up for mass consumption, rewarding the Columbusing white purveyor whilst various ethnic majorities struggle to ensure our basic survival. All she had to do was listen and come to an agreement with the people she is using to propel her successes; to give back what she took from them, in a manner befitting the native tradition. She actively chooses to ignore them. It’s why I had to interject when I saw JK conversing with an old time hero of mine, Sanjeev Bhaskar, in response to a Twitter user asking how he felt about JK supporting racist Blairites. His response was in earnest but coupled with the subsequent tweet from JK it presented Sanjeev in the light of a token brown person, his testament erasing the many voices who feel JK has profited from our ideas and stifled debate from the very people it concerns. Kudos to Sanjeev, I appreciated his frank replies to me, and the exchange prompted me to write this post, something I have been avoiding this past week, partly due to the inevitable white knighting from scary dudebros if they chance upon it but also because it would be ignorant of me to leave out the bit where I admonish the usual suspects for their erasure of the important points being made here. Of course Helen Lewis and Laurie Penny were going to circle jerk their support for this beloved children’s author of whom we’re all just jealous, for being so smart and original. The same faces who’ve systematically erased and silenced poc protesting erasure and silencing have propped each other up to the exclusion of everyone who is not rich, white and not famous.

They can’t have Sanjeev Bhaskar, not when already they have Panju.



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  1. Very interesting article – thank you. JKR has passed me by pretty much. I attempted to read one of her books to my daughter almost 20 years ago but found her style indigestible so know next to nothing about her other than she doesn’t like Corbyn (I do) so my nanometre of interest in her shrank even further. Corbyn and McDonnell come across as so genuine and smart that I reckon endorsements against them merely serve to diminish the popularity of those supporting Tory-lite.

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  2. >”Perhaps this is why people like JK Rowling believe hard left and hard right are one in the same;”

    Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde from “The Soul Of Man Under Socialism”: “No matter how far west you travel, you always end up in the east” so there is some truth but the failure of JKR is that she sees herself as walking the middle path, whereas she is a billionaire self preservationist, and will do everything in her power to maintain the economic and political status quo.

    >”The far left resort to violence because it has been proven through history fascists only respond to this kind of protest; you can ask them nicely to leave and see where that gets you.”

    “If you cannot convince with a fascist then acquaint their head with the pavement”

    This quote is always attributed to Trotsky but its from Alan Bleasdales “GBH” but it is still true.

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    1. Hi, I am the Fantasy novel guy that made an ass of himself on twitter about this. Just wanted to say I am sorry for misunderstanding what the criticism of Roweling is about. I am still kind of new to this social justice thing and I am having trouble wrapping my head around the definition of Cultural appropriation. I really though the mention I made was addressing the issue.

      Again, sorry for opening my mouth about something I didn’t quite understand.


  3. Look, the problem (and it’s only my opinion, so dont sue me because I am poor) is that JK is a British Nationalist, so she’s always going to lash out against an anti-establishment figure like Corbyn.

    Imagine being in her shoes for a second. She’s on Twitter chumming about with that Galloway guy who tweets under the pseudonym, or setting her army of 8 million kids on some poor sod who has the audacity to disagree with her. But her books have achieved massive global success. Everyone loves them.

    Harry Potter, a super genius special wizard lives among inferiors, but is The Chosen One. Harry must then develop her special skills within the inferiors’ country. And, hilariously, these grunts are so blind that they can’t even see the wonder in their midst. It starts off very nostalgic and celebratory (and very well written and brilliantly imaginative), but then the books, as far as I can see, basically turn into a massive fud-rub for the empire.

    This is someone who spent a million quid telling the Scots they were too stupid to run their own affairs.This is fairly strong nationalism. It is always going to fight Corbyn.

    I dunno what Fantastic Beasts is about, but if it continues on the same trajectory then I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve reached the stage when we get “infantile colonial buffoonery leads to trouble, but luckily a plucky Brit is there to sort it out”.

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