Are you Islamophobic?

If you think Muslims are all the same, you are Islamophobic.

If you think all Muslims are ISIS, you are Islamophobic.

If you think it’s fair and right to demand all Muslims apologise for terrorist attacks committed by completely random people who also happen to be Muslim, you are Islamophobic.

It is undoubtedly Islamophobic to make the connection between Muslims and terrorism and ignore the terror inflicted on everyday Muslims by white terrorists.

If you think Shariah Law is out of control in western countries there is a chance you might be Islamophobic.

If you espouse enlightenment values and secularism as a cloak for praising western liberal democracy over the global south then you are most likely Islamophobic.

If you think it’s ok to demonstrate your feminism with a misogynistic attack on a Muslim woman’s right to choose what she wears then you are definitely an Islamophobic wankjob.

“Islam is not a race” is an inappropriate response to being told you’re a racist. White people assume black and brown men with beards are Muslims but white men are hipsters. Heck I’m routinely targeted online for being a Muslim when I’m an atheist and I can only presume it’s because I look like a Paki. It wasn’t always racialised but it has become that way; white people, in their ignorance, target Sikh people for looking Muslim ie brown and wearing something on their head. White people have racialised a belief system because it’s easier to claim supremacy over all of us that way.

If you think Muslims are the only rapists and paedophiles and have chosen to ignore the many white victims of (off the top of my head) Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Gary Glitter, Ian Watkins, Max Clifford, various establishment perpetrators and their co-conspirators; the police, media and social care staff plus the many millions of victims who never do report because of aforementioned rape culture then you are an Islamophobic shit heel and I hate you with every cell in my body. It’s your fault victims of sexual violence are denied justice because you’ve decided the problem’s over there.

*Inspired by David Schneider’s “Are you anti-semitic?”





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