Shout your abortion

Following the campaign to defund Planned Parenthood services in America (state funded), abortion activists took to Twitter with the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion to counter the arguments made by zealous anti choicers. If you’ve ever followed the ever present attacks on family planning or been involved in actions to support your local abortion clinic you’ll have been confronted by some very strange people indeed. With this in mind I knew that tweeting in solidarity would provoke a backlash, I just wasn’t as prepared for the kinds of things completely random people on the internet would say to me (and me, a seasoned survivor of trolls).

I tweeted:

I didn’t say I’d had an abortion or that I agreed or disagreed with termination (for the record, it’s your body, your choice) but I knew it would reach those people whose lives it had saved, at least those who acknowledged the established life within the pregnant person carrying a promise of potential life (20% of first time pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion, 80% of those before 12 weeks gestation), which is in no way a baby or a person (person being a societal construct). When a foetus is squatting in your uterus it does not cancel out the life already in existence, without which the foetus wouldn’t exist at all. Bizarrely this fact seems to have escaped these people.


Nope, not what I said at all


Logic clearly evades you for refusing to accept there is life in the person carrying the foetus.


This tweet is particularly interesting because it feeds into the idea that pregnancy is essentially a woman’s fault. By opening my legs I am consenting to a foetus being installed in there. If this person could acknowledge the sperm provider and the condom issue many men have (yeah sure, they’re ‘too tight’) and spread that responsibility about a bit I’d be less inclined to believe they were woman hating scum.

For example all these people with their righteous war on people who carry foetuses (I doubt very much any of these people has even considered the fact that other genders are also capable of pregnancy, this is a specific hatred driven at cis women for not being masculine/male/patriarchal).






The idea that all unwanted pregnancies can be attributed to selfish promiscuous women is entirely misogynistic and anti woman. These people would probably accuse a woman of entrapment if she happened to get pregnant and wanted to *keep* the foetus. Similarly there is no sympathy for women choosing to abort because their life depends on it. Going back to my original tweet, I said it because I used to work as an advocate for women in abusive relationships and have seen firsthand the violence inflicted on women for being pregnant in the first place. 30% of all domestic abuse begins in pregnancy. This is because the pregnant partner is suddenly vulnerable and dependent. Controlling abusive people use this to their advantage. It’s not uncommon for perps to threaten forced miscarriage, the idea that they put the foetus in there and they can also take it out should the victim refuse their every whim. There are people who cannot grasp the complexity of human relationships, and crisis points, relationship breakdowns, never mind the systems we have created to control people according to kyriarchy so it is a bit of a reach on my part to expect compassion.



You are not representative of almost 8 billion people worldwide.


76% of women faced a further incident of violence for having the audacity to leave. The period after a survivor leaves the perp is the most dangerous, “if you leave I will hunt you down and kill your kids”. 




This guy thinks we should run all decisions by him because it’s all about him. It’s not and he is nobody.

This assertion that complete strangers have of themselves as the saviours of the unborn would have more merit if they were willing to consider the life of the pregnant person but they cease to be human from the point of conception instead acting as a vessel for the precious new life everyone’s going to forget about once it moves out of the uterus. The pregnant person will be left with the foetus they did not want.. What’s that you say?




Complete strangers think it’s ok to tell me to sacrifice my body and wallow in the guilt of my unwanted pregnancy which I’ll then have to hand over to a stranger, the system, uncertainty. Pregnancy can be life threatening, from the phsyical difficulties to the mental strain it can put on a person, no one has the right to torture you for having the misfortune of being born with a uterus. If pregnancy doesn’t kill you then labour might. Cis men have no say in the abortion debate because they will never carry a foetus or suffer the fallout if things go wrong. The reason they are so vocal on the anti-choice scene is because they are redundant if they do not exert patriarchal power and control. They won’t ever create life so they control it.

From the frightening to the downright ridiculous, opponents of bodily autonomy reveal more about themselves than the people they target, they’re nosy and perverse, poking around in strange uteri.


Ah, Americans.


I keep looking for the illegal thing I’m supposed to have said but to no avail.


If a person is feeling suicidal cos they’ve been forcibly impregnated, an abortion is life saving and I would go as far as saying therapeutic in terms of their recovery, and regaining control of their own life.

Every single one of these people and the many I didn’t document failed to see the hypocrisy in their words. The life of the foetus cancels out the life of the person carrying it, without whom the foetus wouldn’t exist at all. Personally I’m not here to change your thoughts on abortion or bring you round to my superior way of thinking – something anti-choicers may want to examine in themselves – but to ask you to cast the first stone only when you can say you are completely sin free.

Also, this stance on abortion seems to be as far as they’ve got in terms of a world view and how that actually works in practice. They’re all ‘save the foetuses’ but how many of these advocates shared the same enthusiasm for the precious lives of Syria’s existing children, rejected by Europe, asleep in the freezing cold, barely surviving? Or the fully formed babies with given names blown to pieces in Palestine? How about the severely disfigured infants of Fallujah? Selective outrage makes a mockery of the whole pro-life movement. The planet is exhausted by our reproductive efforts, live viable children are treated as though vermin, domestic abuse blights the lives of some of those foetuses saved by those ignorant of life in its entirety, yet hellbent on power and control. That’s all it is.



  1. Although I do think there are other options in 95% of abusive situations and do not agree with your statement; I cannot help but to be sick at the comment made by Michael Coughlin. To feel the need to speak for Jesus himself and demand you repent? But I’ve always believed my relationship with my own spirituality is between myself and my spirituality.

    The problem with twitter and sketchy situations is that, is so much is ambiguous and left to the imagination.

    I also agree with you in the fact that it is too often the blame is passed 100% to the women. Excuse me in some cases we did not open my legs, but instead found them ripped open. Yes, I do believe there are other options, and I believe it is, just like religion, a personal choice.

    I remember when I was enduring an emotionally difficult pregnancy I asked my doctors to run the tests to make sure the baby was healthy and perfect. I told the doctor if the baby is perfect then that means I was meant to have her…and here she is.

    I didn’t think I would survive, I didn’t think I would be happy. I was not in a domestically violent situation but no one has to stay in one. I’m not saying it is easy to leave, as I have described before of my legs being ripped open ten years ago in April, I was also beat, stalked, followed, life threatened for a long time. I had to move, disappear fresh start, but it was possible to start new. I built a support system to help with the insecurity and fear. But all the same child or no child I could have survived. So in that I disagree with you, abortion isn’t the only logical answer to a pregnancy in an abusive situation.


  2. The lack of empathy from these people is truly eye-opening… Not just hideous misogyny but massive ignorance and mental health ableism going on when you imagine someone can ‘just leave the abuser’ smh

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  3. I love how those who keep pushing “you can always give your baby to a stranger” seem to have some magical fairy-tale image of what the adoption industry actually is, rather than the reality of how overwhelmed it really is and how many children are already being forced to grow up “in the system,” with no loving family that sees them as a “precious gift” to be found.


  4. Y’know what? Some people find it impossible to understand what a deeply painful decision abortion is…because they do not feel or think on that level,

    You have to go case by case, and the only person who has enough information to make the decision is the person who is going to abide by it.

    These people throwing abuse at you are assholes who get a power kick out of hurting someone and can smell vulnerability the way a shark can smell blood.

    My time on twitter has been part of a rollercoaster for me as an activist and a human being…I follow people sometimes, and sometimes I have wiped out whole “following” list just to isolate from it.

    The only thing I know about you is that I followed you recently because I like the things you have to say and immediately recognised you as a stranger I used follow before for the same reason. I am very picky about people…that has to mean something in terms of your worth..


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