Britain is racist, fact

If you were one of those people sharing the video of James May speaking for his knob friend as an example of the way we should all be feeling about this then take it from me, you’ve a stack load of unchecked privilege and a hint of the ol’ white supremacy about you (white people do not get to define what is and isn’t racist, rather the victims do). Hear me out..

Jeremy Clarkson assaulted a colleague. You’d be hard pushed to find an employment policy which does not recommend an immediate suspension in cases like these, if not the sack. That’s not all Clarkson has done though is it? If anything, this occasion may have been the straw that finally broke the camel’s back but if you’re a minority you could probably think of at least another three examples of problematic behaviour, for example, his defence of the sale of golliwogs through his family business. Or the fact that he asked for public sector workers to be shot in front of their families. Do you remember the time he used the N word and then issued a half arsed apology because no doubt a BBC producer insisted he do so? Perhaps his obsession with black lesbians would convince you of his complete fuckwittery? How about the time he ‘joked’ about the recently deceased passengers of flight MH370, leaving his sickofans to deal with me on his behalf? No? Well I suspect that is because you are also a bigot, and an insidious one at that too. It is people like you who maintain the status quo. You minimise the abuse people suffer, exhibiting some kid of psychosis where your beliefs do not reflect the external reality.

The petition to save Clarkson is a shameful indictment of ‘Great’ Britain. It marks us out as an intolerant, bigoted people excelling at nothing more than hypocrisy and entitlement.

Oh, how they crowed that I was just an idiot for calling everyone a racist..  Wasn’t too fucking wrong though, was I? When the Prime Minister of the country counts one of the most bigoted faces on the planet as one of his nearest and dearest then you know you’re fucked. To deny this fact at this late a stage, well, I think they’ve stopped denying it to be honest. They tested the water with all the rhetoric of the past few years, and Britons, starved and homeless still blame the immigrants and not the banks because white is right and the rest of us are just wrong even if we’re smarter, more truthful and respectful of life. Especially because that.



  1. Because its only white people who are supporting this cock hole?

    And non whites are smarter, more truthful and respectful of life?

    Jeremy Clarkson is a prick and so are you.


      1. I saw the clip too, at the time, after being on strike the whole day, and he was NOT calling for the execution of anyone. He was making a tasteless “joke” about the need for balance in the BBC reporting


      2. No, listen to it again. He says BBC has to show balance which is why he’s bothering to comment at all, then he continues to remark on public sector workers. I have played it to myself a few times now and I don’t think you’re right.


      3. Like everything his Top Gear persona portrays. The guy’s an arsehole, but his comments on the strike were “it was great, London was empty, I could drive around and there was no other traffic, the strike was great, but for the sake of balance on the BBC I suppose I should say they should all be taken out and shot in front of their families” (not exact words, but that’s the gist of it). All he was doing was promoting his petrol-head “I should be allowed to drive as fast as I like wherever I like whenever I like” shit and then he said something tasteless (especially given that in some places trade unionists ARE murdered) to make it look like he had an opinion. He’s a vile fuckwit, but he wasn’t calling for anyone to be shot, and I don’t understand how anyone who saw the clip can say he did


      4. When you look at something critically it’s not just about the words spoken or the speakers intentions but how the words will be perceived. A load of people watched American Sniper and then tweeted their violent intentions against Muslims. The film doesn’t explicitly ask that of you but it sure as hell inspires violence. Same with this git. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t look straight into the camera and instruct the masses, the mere suggestion was aggressive and inspiring enough for it to be problematic


  2. Why do you have to mention the “abuse” that you received in every vlog.. Seems like you’re more interested in being the victim and everything is white people’s fault – I’m a migrant a brown woman and i don’t see the hate that you see in everything and everywher.. Not everything is racism.. I’m guessing you won’t pupublish this


    1. Oh I’m going to publish you alright. It’s part of my plan to understand the kind of mind that would imagine a person likes being a victim, and the sort willing to play ignorant to actual facts as long as they have their privileges.

      When I am not heard the first time I usually carry on until I am. It’s that or die. Nice bit of victim blaming there, try to be a bit more original tho eh? And I don’t believe you’re a woman of colour any more than I believe you submitted that comment with positive intentions. Prove you’re who you say you are or get fucked, aye?

      The world would stop turning if you people actually listened and didn’t judge others by your own dark heart. We’re not all manipulative liars as no doubt you are and suspect everyone else of the same. Sad for you if anything, but thanks for your input, every little helps as they say.


  3. I Australia but lived in London for 6 years I just don’t see the racism that you see everywhere.. I’m.not blaming you but I just see the same old.story all the time on Anyway.. Forget that I wrote you ok.
    Not interested in debating..


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