An open letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain

Dear David Cameron,

I am writing in response to the letter sent by your Pickles to the people of the Islamic faith and whilst I don’t think you will ever set eyes on this correspondence, it helps me to get things on paper and to act as if I do matter and am being listened to (otherwise I’m prone to suicidal ideation).

I would like to understand why our prime minister is oblivious to the incongruence between his spoken/written word and his actions. For example, you say that what is happening in terms of extremist terrorism has nothing to do with the true religion of Islam yet by sending these letters to Muslim’s places of worship, your actions suggest otherwise. I do not recall your writing to the Vatican and indeed every single Catholic Church during the paedophilia revelations. Whilst it is only some priests who engage in this depravity, in the interests of consistency and integrity, one would hope that all British citizens were treated equally and disciplined in the same way. It concerns me that this has not been the case.

It has been over a year since I went out on my own. This is largely due to the fact that I have been racially abused both online and on the public transport system. Check my name on police records and you will find numerous calls with regards to me but also others. I do not hesitate to call for help in violent situations, being an ex women’s worker but more recently I have reported racism, rape and death threats – all of which I believe are illegal – committed against me and the police response was to caution me instead for using the phrase ‘kill all men’, whereas the abuse I was subjected to was within the limits of taste and decency. I find this incomprehensible and believe it to be a malicious tactic by the police who do not care for ‘British Muslims’, much like yourselves or else you wouldn’t be gaslighting us in this way. If what I said justified a warning then surely the many thousands tweeting ‘kill all Muslims’ should have caught your attention? Or is it plausible that a disabled woman of colour could massacre 4 billion men all on her own?

Will you be writing a letter to Tesco demanding answers as to what it was about their displays that made a white supremacist hack at an Asian man whilst shouting ‘white power’? Perhaps pumping in the smell of freshly baked bread reminds bigots of their duty to white loaves everywhere, pining for the days when they sliced their own bread.

A Muslim is to a mosque what a rabid knifeman is to Tesco, actually. The building made of bricks and mortar is open to all, it has no code of conduct except for that which is expected in all public spaces; wipe your feet upon entry, try not to stare at anyone for more than 5 seconds. At Tesco you purchase food for your stomach whilst the mosque feeds your soul. If the government can write a letter to all mosques making them complicit in any terrorist attacks committed by anyone professing to be of the same faith then I propose we treat all Tesco shoppers the same. Amongst the big leading supermarkets it is one of the more evil ones, we all know this. It positively encourages violent behaviour with its outrageously tight aisles and substandard finest range. What if they are not Tesco customers but Waitrose incumbents in disguise and this is all just a big smear campaign to ruin Morrison’s? Who knows, far be it from me to speculate or advocate collective punishment.

Lastly this assertion that Muslims simply have not done enough to condemn terrorism (since 9/11)… What if you are not Muslim and you deplore the taking of human life, especially on grounds of religion and condemn any who should think to align themselves with the murder of innocents and yet still the white people and governments of the commonwealth punish you with racist abuse and threaten to take away your passport, what then? Suicide? Or stay alive and suffer more torture?

Mr Prime Minister, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that as non-white citizens of this country by way of empire, we are terrorised.  We are housebound. We suffer. The people of this country take their lead from people like you and you have made it clear terrorism is something that only affects whites.

I and many others would be interested to know what you intend to do about this.

Thanks in advance,





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