British Values for British People

As a member of my family, a friend of many circles and a citizen of the patch of land on which I made my entry into the world, I share a common set of values with the people I choose to have in my spaces. They’re old, young, black, white and brown. Some of them practice a religion but a significant number don’t. They come in all shapes and sizes, genders and sexualities. Oddly, they do not share the same political beliefs necessarily but they place the same values on the things we all think are important; like treating each other with respect, for example, and dignity regardless of borders and stereotypes.

Honesty also scores fairly highly in our value system. It takes courage and humility to admit when you are wrong or when you may have hurt someone, unintentionally or otherwise. Recognising humanity in others is something I need to see in the people I surround myself with. I can tell when people are lying, consistency is difficult to achieve, even for sociopaths after a while. I guess this is why I am having difficulties imagining what a British value looks like, when the atrocities carried out in the name of Great Britons are neither honest nor humble.

When David Cameron dictated that British values were not an option but a ‘duty’ did he mean we should all be a bit more like this? If so I’d like to take this opportunity to respond emphatically with good grief, fuck no, strip me of my passport and send me to Cyprus (or Hawaii). I don’t really mean the passport bit, I cannot begin to imagine the hell at Yarlswood and the stories the press will spin that justify making a person stateless (even if they are only suspected of being a domestic extremist) and if calling your prime minister out for bullshit is considered a terrorist offence, then I’m hoping the United Nations (for what good they are) are keeping an eye on things as they develop over here.

If equality (and I mean true equality) is not one of your values then you probably don’t know how to do the other values properly either. Empires are built on arrogance, deceit and bloodshed. Those are not values but traits of a corrupt Machiavellian core of elites manipulating the peasants into doing their dirty work for them (because they share the same skin colour, ffs), and the thing is, empire or not, they’re still at it! I’m being asked to perform these duties but they do not come naturally to the kind of person that I am. It’s my calling to point out these loathsome idiosyncrasies not perpetuate them.

For what it’s worth I think we should strip paedophiles and rapists of their passports but if we did that, the state itself would collapse. Instead, to keep the Great Britain functioning and doing things the British way, the way things have always been done, let’s lie about the truth and point the finger over there and stir up some shit occasionally so that everyone’s too busy fighting each other to notice they just sold their souls to the white devil.

You cannot tout your values as virtuous (or even values) when they include dehumanising people you don’t like through coercive power and control.

We see you. 



  1. Reblogged this on Opinionated Ms Me and commented:
    Great piece on British Values. I mean, really, British Values! I ask you, what the hell are they supposed to be? My top picks: 1. Oppression of minorities and women 2. one rule for the people and another for the private schools 3. fish and chips


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