I really resent writing about Helen Lewis but she makes it impossible to ignore with her unrelenting diatribe against whoever it is she wants to demonise that week. I get a lot of satisfaction from ignoring her but it’s dangerous to do that sometimes being as she is someone with an unhealthy influence however much she denies this.

Helen would like to know why there isn’t a UKIP of The Left. Not why isn’t there an alternative to the Labour party or why aren’t we supporting the existing leftists the Greens (not that I agree with any of these statements) but specifically, why isn’t there a racist immigrant bashing nationalist party white socialists can get behind? If her question reads differently to you then you’ve not been paying attention for the last decade at least.

“What on earth would a left-wing Nigel Farage look like?” Probably a bit like Hitler, even if I am Godwinning a bit. Why this sudden desire to imagine a Left where representatives reveal themselves as the racists we already know them to be on pretty much a daily basis, where we find ourselves in some kind of time warp aghast at white people calling non-white people things you hear in nature documentaries? It must be a helluva privilege having the space in your brain to imagine a solution to the travesty that is British leftism with suggestions of nationalism, safe in the knowledge that your white skin guarantees immunity against the more questionable policies say around immigration and the framing of what is and isn’t racist.

Despite the many attempts at Educating Helen on why The Left is a sham and how she contributes to it with her structural power and control, she is determined to get the message out there that it is not racism and erasure of people she thinks are unequal; trans women, women of colour etc. but the “esoteric economic arguments and in fighting” as suggested by an academic who has been following the rise of UKIP. Nowhere does it mention that the rise of UKIP is tied in very closely with the normalisation of othering people the able white majority cannot abide. Wherever fascism has thrived it has done so with the support of its moderates and liberals who ultimately affect the opinions of the lesser peoples via their blogs and columns. We KNOW that is what they have been doing these past few years. Not only do they not admit it but they carry on regardless which is why I find it difficult to believe Helen makes these inane statements out of naivety.

Let’s say for one tiny moment that she asked this question earnestly, that she is genuinely interested in the policies UKIP has to offer and believes that kowtowing to racist/xenophobic voters is just the thing this country needs, surely she should have at least mentioned UKIP’s objectives regarding the EU and how this is something that could potentially reel in those voters she’s so terribly worried about? Those people exist on The Left. It would have made sense to address this at the very least but she doesn’t even hint at it.

To top it all off, there is a UKIP of The Left, Hel; it’s called New Deal and was set up by Professor Alan Sked who founded UKIP. He did this because he felt that UKIP had become “a far right extremist and racist party”. Don’t tell me you hadn’t heard..


  1. It’s almost like she wants some sort of socialist nationalism … national social…? It reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on O_o


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