Everyday Sexism for a WoC

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White feminism and its inappropriate use of the word girl to describe brown adult women

This isn’t an exhaustive list. There are the persistent trolls I have chosen to ignore because what they want is a reaction from me, even the slightest indication they’ve hurt me arouses them, chauvinists like Nazarat Hussain and Elevatorgate. Never mind the countless egg accounts that are deleted before I get the chance to gather evidence. This is my everyday sexism, where run ins with white feminists produce the nastiest catalysts to outright misogyny and malice from predominantly white men. What do projects like Everyday Sexism do for me people like me? Am I not a woman too? Oh, it’s not about me, but for the greater good. The greater good for them, the white pen pushers cashing in on their self serving campaigns.

I have been silent because I thought I’d give the “greater good” concept a go. Maybe a project like Everyday Sexism could help every other woman, if not me. However, it is failing to do even that.

I appealed to the project myself one day (a long time ago now), well, me and a bunch of other people. Despite numerous tweets from my Twitter account and from others pointing to my tweets as well, I was expected to believe the reason for not engaging me but RTing a white face with the same information was down to luck and not a decision affected by the colour of my skin (or my reputation). Apparently the founder of the project was bombarded with thousands of tweets everyday so it was impossible to extract me from the sea of faces yet somehow she saw the tweet where I called her on my suspicions that she was prejudiced in her practice. Of course I was wrong and she was deeply hurt, after all she suffers all this abuse for being so selfless in the fight against the patriarchy. Even though she publicly admits she has only identified as a feminist the last couple of years. I left it there really. Until just now.

Here, if you haven’t already read it, a nice analysis from a white woman (is she bitter too?) explaining why I was right to feel uneasy.


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