Why ‘feminist infighting’ is coded language for ‘pipe down I don’t want to hear about your intersectionality’


By black feminist, Yasmin Spark

yas1This is a response to Hadley Freeman’s article ‘Feminist infighting only takes our eyes off the real struggle’. This response is centered around the piece and the twitter exchange afterwards. It acknowledges that academic arguments put forth by the author have room for more explanation/details. 

Today, noted UK feminist and yes, I said it – media mouthpiece, Hadley Freeman posted an article on feminist infighting and why it’s really, really bad. Bad for whom? Freeman doesn’t say. But it is quite clear as the article progresses and her follow up tweets that these issues are about Freeman and White Feminism ONLY. Or at least that’s what I, as a black woman read within the burbled vaguery of her paragraphs.

The basic structure of the article was:

  • Using Assange as a comparative example of how feminists attack those closest to them.
  • yas2Paying lip service…

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