A note to the critics

I’m not middle class or a student or mixed race or even white.

I was born to immigrant parents, a mechanic and housewife bought here for the purpose of marriage. He worked but she raised us on child benefit. She remained in an abusive relationship until aged 16 I made her seek a divorce. I ended my education after my GCSEs.

For the next 12 years, I would live in over 30 different addresses.

I have been out of work for a few years now with PTSD and a spinal injury.

You don’t know me, you cannot dismiss my experiences with accusations of bourgie aspirations or reject my experiences because of my physical appearance. You cannot derail my lived oppressions with your judgmental and often wrong opinions.

Why would you believe me? You are after all, the oppressor.

Update: You can’t take a line from one blog without reading the rest and again assume my actions are dishonourable by way of association (once you’ve established I am not the cis white het woman you think I am). You cannot then become defensive when your oppressive assumptions are called out. You are the oppressor, accept it and grow.


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