Yes, kill all men

UPDATE: Hey Redditors, of both misogynist and liberal feminist varieties.. I love how y’all pick apart ‘kill all men’ yet not a single one of you has mentioned the worldwide trend ‘kill all Muslims’. I love how mental illness is used to discredit me and how much of your pathetic little lives you’ve wasted analysing my words. If mental illness means giving a damn then I need to be sectioned.

I am a 33 year old woman who spent a decade in women’s services, supporting women in domestic abuse shelters so trying to discredit me by calling me a ‘teen’ was a bit of a miss too.

I say kill all men because saying things nicely never worked. If y’all can dismiss my anger like this, I doubt very much it would help my cause by being polite. No, I as a disabled 33 year old woman of colour could not kill all men even if I wanted to because there are 4 BILLION OF THEM. Are you really that dim, all of you? My speaking up has you more agitated than the systematic abuse suffered by women? Pathetic. I don’t care about your conservative wankers, I have enough trouble dealing with my own.

Also Reddit feminists coming here via that link, do you all bow down to the men in real life the way that dude is running circles around you on that thread? Cos that’s not feminism, yo.




(Cry wanking redditors in complete irony fail)

I’m used to arguments being derailed by accusations of reverse racism or reverse sexism but I’m damned if, on this occasion, that becomes the focus rather than the heinous shit that we, as women, have to put up with on a daily basis. ‘Kill all men’ is a frightening thing for most menz to hear, the poor little lambs; more frightening than 70% of the world’s women experiencing domestic and sexual violence in their own homes. It’s affected them so much because they actually believe our small group of fems will in fact, kill all men.

Why is it so difficult to understand that power and control is something very much in the possession of the patriarchy? Would it be better for the menz if we were more specific about which menz we want to kill? How about kill all Yewtree paedos? Or kill all traffickers? Maybe kill all men who are systematically physically, emotionally, sexually and financially abusing women? But you see, in saying these things, I’ve already covered a large proportion of the world’s manz population. Wouldn’t it be something if the menz complaining about these ‘death threats’ actually opened their eyes and acknowledged the world for the patriarchal shite hole it is? I am waiting for the day that a random man approaches me at an event and apologises sincerely for the abuses perpetrated by his sex. Instead of freaking out that a woman might do to you what men have been doing to women this whole time, tell the fucking truth and make the world a better place.

It is telling that there is more of an emphasis on these three words that empower us somewhat with your reactions, and not the crimes perpetrated by those we are addressing. You’ll have to forgive me for laughing in your face and telling you Google is your friend. While you whinge about the feminazis, we’ll be supporting women who have been beaten and displaced, slut shamed and controlled in the name of honour. You could think about this for 5 minutes. If it’s a resounding no, then get fucked and die. Oh and btw, dead men don’t rape.


  1. What you say in There is no anarchism without feminism is important but you are wrong to say “Kill all men”. You associate Men with Rapists but this ignores that woman can also be rapists.


    1. There are significantly more people raped by men then there are by women. You cannot ignore this fact and make out as though it has an equal impact on society as a whole. It is not just because of the raping you know. It’s the whole fucked up system that is geared towards men and what makes them happy. We can’t escape it, patriarchy dominates everything and if you can’t admit that and see where this is coming from..

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      1. You’re just another morbidly obese, bitter, angry, shrill, histrionic, irrational, delusional, uneducated, financially destitute tumblr cunt. Enjoy hell. 🙂


      2. Wait a second.. I just googled you and you’ve got the nerve to comment on MY personal appearance?! I am positively GODDESS like next to you. Buy a fuckin’ mirror! 😉


      3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA who the fuck worships you, you silly pathetic cunt? you call for the genocide of an entire gender and don’t even have the fucking genitalia to call it what it is. When you die old, alone, and bitter I hope your corpse is forgotten along with your archaic, blind, and retarded ideals. Keep pining to your followers on twitter and spreading your hate, i’m sure you’ll be real popular. Because thats what you want isnt it? to be popular? have fun with your miserable life, and all the ‘popularity’ im sure you’ve wanted all your life. when everyone sees you for the hate filled, morally skewed, irrationally minded, comically violent, hopelessly pathetic individual you are, and you’re finally left all alone, I hope you end your fucking life. die in pain, in a puddle of urine and menstrual blood.

        im a girl btw


    2. First off, way to miss the fucking point: we’re *not* saying that.

      “The hottest pits in hell are reserved for those who, in a time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. There comes a point at which silence becomes betrayal.” – MLK, Jr.

      Secondly, thanks for wasting women’s time making us reiterate the point for your lack of reading comprehension: Pretty much all rapists are men, it’s not like y’all are doing a goddamn thing about it, and you have yet to furnish any reason women should bother differentiating. It’s not like so many men don’t collude in jerking off to porn that there exists any realistic possibility we might cast the net too wide.

      “Have you never wondered why it is we are not just in armed combat against you? It’s not because there is a shortage of kitchen knives in this world. It’s because we believe in your humanity, against all the evidence.” – Andrea Dworkin, “I Want A 24-Hour Truce In Which There Is No Rape”

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  2. What you say in There is no anarchism without feminism is important but you are wrong to say “Kill all men”. You associate Men with Rapists but this ignores that women can also be rapists.


  3. You had me at your tag “dead men don’t rape”. I don’t condone murder, but I wouldn’t blame or press charges against a woman if she killed the man who raped her (or a man who killed the man who raped him).

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  4. It’s interesting that you equate the patriarchy with men because that seems false to me. The patriarchy is a *system* that favours men. It’s not the same as men. It’s not reducible to men, or the actions of men. Even if, say, a virus killed all men on the planet tonight, the patriarchy would still be in place tomorrow. After all, not all women are feminists, and many would (I think mistakenly) enforce patriarchy in the place of men. Just as we wouldn’t destroy the patriarchy if all men were feminists, we wouldn’t destroy the patriarchy if all men were dead.

    My point is: the patriarchy will only be destroyed if we change attitudes, and that includes the attitudes of men, women, trans people, etc; so the slogan ‘kill all men’ isn’t going to be helpful in the long term. I take that the slogan ‘kill all men’ is meant to be an empowering call to arms to signal the injustice that women face all of the world. I can see why you’d resort to using that slogan in the situation you described in your previous post. But I think it’s important to acknowledge that men are victims of the patriarchy too. And, of course, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that many men benefit from the patriarchy in some way, and even use the position it grants them rape/control/abuse women (and other men). And while most women are victims of the patriarchy, some benefit from it and those that do benefit, as with men, are likely the one’s who are prominently anti-feminist. It is the attitudes of all these people that needs to be changed. Killing all men, even metaphorically, won’t do that.

    The general worry here is with rabid generalisations. I’m not denying the injustices that women face every day. But claiming that almost all men are perpetrators of those injustices isn’t helpful. Generalisations like that just lead to further strife. Generalisations like that are (arguably) what underpins racism and sexism, and those who are trying to combat such things should be especially weary when analogous generalisations are being used to purportedly support our cause.


    1. i have to remember that, whilst most of them men i have encountered have been violent/sexually abusive controlling, and most of the women i know have had similar experience, there is a wide world out there and women are capable of these things too. but there is active, societal support for men to behave in this way. they are less severely punished for more serious crimes than women. i worked as an advocate and was astounded at what actually gets noticed and what is considered ‘normal’ and maybe something that can be changed with an abuse intervention programme when societal hardwiring and male privilege ensure that they will reoffend and in many cases be rewarded for their machismo. we have to recognise this.

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    2. Equating the patriarchy with men


      who the fuck else does that leave? Space aliens?

      Sometimes it helps guys to think of “The Patriachy” as a proper noun, because that’s how we’re using it. It’s referring to the systemic, institutionalized violent oppression of women by men, propogated by men for men’s benefit. It’s a transfer mechanism that converts women’s human rights into male privilege.

      We, yes “we” as in I’m speaking for all of us collectively as feminists so help me, have never denied that the patriarchy also harms men. Ever.

      No, what you’re noticing is our refusal to make the harm patriarchy inflicts on men in any way a central focus of our dialogue. Because this is feminism, and feminism is about women.

      No, it is not about “equality.” That’s because men don’t cha with what is actually equal; anything that does not favor men is perceived to discriminate against men, because the entire world skews that wildly in men’s favor.

      Men love to try to rebuke women about feminism and say the word “equality” a lot, while referring to false equivalence.




      Equal is if half the Justices of the Supreme Court were women.

      Fair is if the next 212 Supreme Court Justices in a row were women.

      Now extrapolate that into every other walk of life and extend for at least six thousand years. Allow to chill until gelled, then top with violent enforcement and serve.

      No, we don’t actually give any kind of a fuck whether or not y’all learn to cry. If you can’t, it’s among the many things y’all are doing to each other. Because patriarchy is done by men. This includes when it harms men. Trying to mansplain why women are responsible for y’alls deficiencies doesn’t make it our problem and we are not required to prioritize anybody / everybody else’s issues before our own are valid and legitimate. There is absolutely nothing women ourselves have the power to change that will alter patriarchy at all. Because we’re not the ones doing it. Y’all are.

      If you actually have any kind of a problem with that, for any fucking reason,


      Telling us just proves our point.

      So here’s some unsolicited advice: don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you get to tell us what feminism is about, because above all else, feminism is about women. That’s right. Feminism? Is not about you. The next time you feel compelled to define feminism as being about “equality,” realize that you’re wrong because you wouldn’t recognize equality if it reared up and bit you in the ass. In thinking we’re wrong, you’re almost certainly trying to explain to us why shit rolls uphill and some tough-love radical is going to find out if your bullshit blends (protip: it absolutely does.)

      We’re not making “rabid generalizations.” You’re characterizing women’s totally realistic conclusions as crazy absolutely is. Well, we’re not crazy (don’t pretend “rabid” doesn’t go straight there, cos liars get an even harder landing than tone-policing concern trolls), you’re just trying to tell us why we should have to shut up and stop presenting you with that uncomfortable nagging sense that you have indeed played an active fucking role consciously and deliberately more than once. (And I’m giving you way more benefit of the doubt assuming you aren’t thinking of specific instances in your life where you have done EXACTLY THAT, knowing full what you’re doing and did it anyway. This is an order of magnitude more credit than any man getting up at women in a feminist space could possibly hope to receive. Be aware that you are a dude stepping up to tell us collectively that our lived experience is just not as important as the fact that y’all think you are unique. Undoubtably, as unique as you feel. Protip: it won’t happen twice, so don’t push it.)

      As a rule, if any portion of your reaction involves any reference whatsoever to exceptions you feel like we failed to derail long and hard enough over, you are almost certainly fucking up. Your premises are many, and have been debunked countless times over the course of the last three hundred years. Yes, three hundred years. Catch up, and when you’re done, be advised that we are the only ones insisting that men are indeed human beings – not werewolves, not shaved apes, but human fucking beings just like anybody else, with free will. Y’all have the ability to make fucking choices like any other rational adult.

      Theoretically, y’all could choose to stop this nonsense at any fucking point, and act right.

      We haven’t stabbed y’all in your sleep -yet.- This indicates our patience is not quite completely exhausted. But really, dude. Maybe you should focus on giving us less reasons why killing you makes more sense than trying to peacefully coexist in any world y’all inhabit.

      Protip: the problem with that isn’t and never has been women. Whenever you guys finish fixing whatever’s wrong with you that makes you do this shit, for fuck’s sake, let us know.

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  5. Yeah, I think that’s correct. Negative attitudes towards women are often encouraged among men – or LADS, eugh. Because these attitudes are so pervasive it, women are often going to be treated as lesser than men (often implicitly, if not explicitly), or punished more severely because the divert more clearly from “what a woman should be like”. Since men are thought to be violent and aggressive, it isn’t that much of a problem (for many) that men act violent and aggressive. Though, on the flipside, in the world work, I’ve noticed lots of men being victim of (admittedly mild) sexually harassment by (usually) older women. In these jobs there have been more women than men. The whole attitude is the whole ‘”it’s just a bit of fun; it’s just a joke; etc”, and that I think is worrying.I’ve also been sexually harassed by men in the workplace, and it’s been laughed off ‘as a joke’ I think this indicates problematic attitudes in across all different types of people. And that is something that we need to reverse, because it’s only a small step from a bit of fun, to ‘hey, he/she was asking for it!’. The “banter” attitude of today’s culture is something I think we should work to destroy.

    I’m always a bit hesitant to engage in ‘privilege’ talk. I agree that all men have privilege in some sense. But we all have privilege in some sense – for example, we’re all privileged to have been born now rather than a thousand years ago. I think the privilege that is usually associated with men is a privilege that macho/alpha male types (and those willing to pander to such types of men) tend to benefit from. Those males that do not fall into that category are not obviously privileged in the same way. They are still privileged in others ways, of course, but not in the sense that seems to be at issue.


    1. I’m not happy. I’ll never be happy. Not until every man on Earth is destroyed. I expect I will be happy then because I’ll no longer need feminism & there’s nothing more miserable than being a feminist believe me.


  6. Kill all men lol…we are so scare of pathetic little women who can barely lift 20 pounds ! And now you are going to kill 3.5 billion males? Give me a break … you’ve been weak since the days of the caveman and now all of the sudden your the strongest? Youre just a bunch of crybabies ! Crying about everything ..people are fed up with feminism !… I can’t wait till we develop the artificial womb …and you will see how a true genocide is done …women have been the most privilege class in human history … the more you fight for women’s rights the more men hate you …but not only men but a lot of women despise feminism … I hope you start killing men on a large scale so you can witness the biggest revolution the world as ever seen …but I doubt it because you don’t have the balls or the brains to pull off something like that …this is a man’s world , be grateful we let you live in it !


    1. Ahahahaha. I’m a woman and you are amazing. Fuck feminists scums who depend on men for anything on their life. Police, firefighters etc. Ungratefull sluts all of them.


  7. Your blog is so full of shit and false facts. Women are not “systematically” oppressed. You feminist fucking wannabes always seem to pull facts out of your fucking empty heads. I don’t know of ANY WOMAN near me that has been raped, let alone the “70 percent” you fucking claim get abused “on a daily basis”.

    The patriarchy is not real, you fucking faggot.

    Please kill yourself so someone else can have what little IQ you have, you stupid fucking slut.

    Die please


      1. Bitch please. Your everyday life depends on men. If tomorrow there is no state to protect you, you and those idiots feminists like you will be fucked up because by your self ,you are weak as fuck. You are powerfull only in internet. In society, without men and state to protect you, you are a cockroch. Remember that. You depend on men. Be gratefull of that.


    1. Patriarchal Masculinity teaches men that their identity is rooted in their ability to dominate less powerful men, women, children, queer, etc.

      By calling Sam Ambreen a “faggot” you are using homophobic language to exert your perceived dominance over her. It’s laughable because it’s not even contextually correct, and it reinforces the idea that patriarchy is alive and well in our society and people are very unaware.

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  8. If I depended on men I wouldn’t be stuck indoors the way I am through various mental illnesses because the same men you speak of are the ones most likely to violate us; police, fathers, husbands, boyfriends etc. I am MENTALLY UNWELL because all my male care givers were abusers and all the ones I have been taught to rely on are abusive also. You fools make me laugh with your “where would you be without men?” noise because without them I would actually have a life, one where I can exist free from physical/sexual violence.

    If you had an iota of intelligence you would think about where these intense feelings come from instead of taking it personally (because no doubt we’ve called you out and you’re feeling exposed and your violent way of life is in danger) because you engage in this patriarchal nastiness, male or female, being as your life is so devoid of mutual love and enthusiastic consent that you can speak to another human being like that without flinching.

    You’re sick, sicker than me, because my sickness is an appropriate reaction to yours and I have the ability to heal. When I witnessed the violence and domination growing up I VOWED never to hurt another person the same way again, this is why my wounds are on the surface and largely affect only me. You on the other hand identified with the abusers, the ones in control because it empowered you and you bought into hierarchy because it benefited you and only you, cos you’re a selfish fuck like that. You sold everyone else out just to save your own ass. You thrive on being a bully. You’re probably really lonely. But guess what, that’s not my fucking problem so keep your ass corked with that head of yours, it’s a good look for you and keeps the shite wafting into my spaces.


    1. Mental health issues, It all makes perfect sense now.

      Actually I have a certain respect for the killallmen supporters because at least they are completely honest about their objective, unlike most feminists. killallmen types understand and acknowledge that feminism doesn’t give a shit about anything else besides the interests of feminists. they don’t even attempt to dance around such lofty terms as gender equality because they don’t give a fuck about it. unfortunately they do recycle the same lies, stats, and hypocrisy as the other feminists, but the direct ownership of their misandry is quite refreshing.


  9. the thing is MENZ are getting their boxers in a twist over women on the Internet saying ‘kill all men’ which is something said out of frustration & something women have little power to actually enact & is largely not literal. You’re crying over an abstract thing. Where as men killing women? That happens every fucking day it’s a REAL concrete danger. Look up the numbers, look at websites like counting dead women. Plus this kill all men thing started afaik in women’s spaces as a way of venting our frustration at men between ourselves, then men barged in & claimed it was unfair. Plus do all you holier than thou lefty men get quite so upset at phrases like kill tory scum or eat the rich? Nope.
    Tl;dr version; Internet black humour of an opressed group lashing out at an opressor vs opressors killing the opressed & largely getting away with it. One is an Internet joke thing the other is REAL LIFE.
    Perspective is a marvellous thing.


  10. Optimist – The glass is half full.
    Pessimist – The glass is half empty.
    Feminist – The glass is being raped.


      1. You’re obviously someone who follows me on Twitter cos you comment whenever I’m received well. And it’s the same ip for all the messages. You know I actually look forward to your comically bad comments cos it’s a sign I’ve upset you and others like you, no doubt. Keep it up stick dick 😉


  11. Sorry nobody wants to sleep with you either and I can see why.
    Ps: I’m not a man but I still hate all feminists.


    1. Lol ok. I think you’d actually die if you knew the truth but whatevs. I’m not sorry I bother you so much you can’t leave. I am sorry you’re such a coward you hide behind screens and walls. Sucks to be you 🙂 anyway, shart all over my blog all you like, I just ran out of time for you. Hope you find a life.


  12. Did you know you’re my favorite sexist, misandric, fascist, bigot? Sort of a female Archie Bunker. Sorry I bother you so much, I just find you so fascinating I simply can’t help myself, it’s like being drawn to a car accident. Life calls – now I must toddle along – Lots of luv and have a fab life.

    Betty “Boob Girl” Windsor has left the building – for good.


  13. Hahaha! Bitch, please! You have too many rights as it is and the world needs more patriarchy not less. It’s nature and there’s nothing you can do about it. And you know it. I love laughing at your misery. What a clown you are!


  14. Hello , maybe i did get everything wrong you said , wouldnt “kill all men” or “destroy all men” Count for your father too ? I mean would you ruin , destroy or kill your own father to achieve your Goal ? I´m just curious


  15. well as i said, i may have gotten it wrong since my english inst that good, thats why i asked a question, . so could you please answer the question is asked ?


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