It is because I feel

A piece I wrote for @TheFementalists

The Fementalists

Sam blogs at Left at the Lights and tweets at@SamAmbreen

[Content note: Discusses child abuse and racism]

It’s been a while since I locked my bedroom door. There really is no need with just the two of us in this big house but not so long ago, this didn’t matter.  When I was in the room, the door was always locked. I spent 23 hours of a day in this room, the window barely open to let in some fresh air. I knew my aunt was downstairs, running her business, pottering about and this gave me a little comfort, sometimes. Mostly though, I was in on the inside, counting as I inhaled, holding briefly, exhaling for a set amount of time. I spent most of this time trying to remember how to breathe.

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  1. the permanent internal shivering (from fear, not meds) combined with forgetting and remembering to breathe…the exhaustion this resulted in. SIGH. Hit the nail on the head with this one.


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