Thanks for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award nomination


I have already thanked Natalie’s Corner for my nomination and will thank her again so you can all find her and follow.

I am grateful for all the support you have shown me Natalie, many thanks.


1) I am the older twin by 4 mins. Probably a good thing considering my twin came out bum first.

2) I had finished all the reading material in my primary school by the age of 9. I missed out year 5, doing year 6 twice. Got to do lots of painting. English is not my first language but one of my great loves. 

3) I can speak 4 South Asian languages. They’re quite similar so not that much of an achievement. 

4) I was the resident relationship expert for Asiana magazine (for the progressive Asian woman).

5) I did salsa for five years. It is like riding a bike, a skill for life.

6) I can’t swim or ride a bike. “Asian girls don’t do those things”. I’d be up for learning though. Any offers?

7) I can sing. I thank my aunt for this. She wasn’t allowed to pursue music because it wasn’t very Muslim. Now, in her 40s, she has a successful entertainment agency and sings in a few of the bands herself. She inspired my feministing. (


1) Another Angry Woman –  (Love her politics and her words)

2) FemActionCamb –   (Feminism and how to do it properly)

3) Natalie’s Corner –  (For saying what I’m feeling sometimes)

4) Sisters of Frida –  (Feminism in Disability)

5) Stella Marr –  (Brave and inspiring. Hear this woman roar)

6) Paula’s Pontifications –  (She ponders well. Features on abuse and healing)

7) Glosswatch –  (Witty feminist musings on popular culture)



  1. I can’t ride a bike either… I weren’t allowed one… “there’s no space for it” was always the response I got. lol 😦


    1. I remember my dad getting bikes for himself and my brother, who is four years younger. When we protested he said he would get bikes for the three of us girls too. Never happened.

      I think my father would have been a little less strict than my grandfather but as he reigned supreme, bikes were out, as were swimsuits, oh, and bowling. Quite improper for pre-pubescent girls.

      Probably why I went all out when I finally got away 🙂


  2. Congratulations! Sorry this is late, but thank you so much for nominating me – that’s really lovely. I can swim and ride bikes, but am being very slow at imparting this knowledge to my children. In years to come they will blog about this but the reason will be “mummy couldn’t be arsed”.


  3. Hi. I just found your blog today and I’ve been reading a few posts that have caught my eye. Did you do anything about the wanting to learn to ride a bike and swim yet? I’m in Edinburgh so I can’t teach you, but I can probably find a feminist Londoner to teach you to ride a bike. And most local authority pools offer swimming lessons. I used to cycle a lot but broke a bone in my pelvis about a year ago which has made it just too sore to be on a saddle for long. So I’ve returned to my first exercise love, swimming, and finally learnt front crawl. I only learnt breast stroke as a kid, but I started learning front crawl in September and I’ve done 55km already this year – I’ve blogged about it quite a bit.
    Do let me know if you’d like me to see if any of my cycling feminist London friends would be willing to teach you to ride a bike.


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